Hot lovers make out at home and film it

Hot lovers make out at home and film it
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This one started around the time my best friend started dating Emily. She was a very pretty girl, about 5 foot 6, read hair, 32 C cup tits, cute little heart shaped ass. Their relationship was pretty good until my buddy found out Emily was cheating on him with several other guys.

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I somehow knew she was a slut, right from the moment I first laid eyes on her and when I found out about this I was just about as pissed about it as my friend was. After they broke up I didn't hear anything about her until one day I got a little lonely and started browsing the personal ads on craigslist. One ad I read was hers, she included a picture. I responded, pretending to be someone else thinking I might finally have a chance to give her the punishment she deserved.

We arranged to meet at her apartment for a good fucking, but I brought a few toys I didn't tell her about. I brought with me some nipple clamps with a chain connecting them, a ball gag, some duck tape, and a flogging whip.


I walked up to the door of her house with my thing in a duffel bag. I knocked on the door and when she answered the look of surprise on her face was priceless. Before she even had a chance to say anything I forced my way in and grabbed her by the neck.

Looking her straight in the eye I told her "I'm going to punish you for being a slut." She didn't say anything but just looked at me terrified; she looked so cute when she was scared of what was going to happen. I forced her into the living room and threw her down on her couch. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked, looking like she was on the verge of tears.

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"Shut the fuck up, and take off your clothes," I told her with a slap across the face. She reluctantly obeyed me. As she did I opened up my duffel bag and first toot out the duck tape.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up.

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I tapped her arms behind her back. "Please, don't hurt me," she begged. "Oh, I'm going to hurt you plenty," I informed her as I put the ball gag in her mouth. Once that was in place I gave her another slap on the face.

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"You're getting just what you deserve, do you understand?" She nodded slightly. When she did I felt her pussy.

I was practically dripping it was so wet. "Oh, what's this, are you liking this?" she shook her head no. "Bull shit" I said and pinched one of her nipples.

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She screamed at this, which I liked so I did the same to her other nipple. Then I grabbed her by the hair and forced her onto her knees. I reached in my bag and took out the nipple clamps. I put them on her and I could see the tears starting to make her mascara run down her face.

"Oh, what's wrong little girl," I said observing this "it this too much pain for you?" She nodded yes. "Too bad, bitch, because there is still more to come." I said as I took off my pants and let her see my 7 inch dick. I took the chain and looped it over my cock.

Then I took the ball gag out and let it rest around her neck. Then I made her suck my cock as the chain pulled her nipples. "That's a good little slut" I told her, "you like sucking cock don't you." She kept sucking, and I have to admit, it was probably the best head I've ever gotten.

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It didn't take long before I felt like I was going to cum. When I did cum I took my dick out of her mouth and came all over her face, and some of it even got in her hair.


Without even bothering to clean it up I just grabbed the back of her head and threw her onto the ground. She hit the ground pretty hard and started crying pretty heavily.

"Please, just leave me, I did what you wanted to" she said between sobs.


"I could," I told her, "but what makes you think I'm done with you." I put the gag in her mouth and commanded her to get her ass up in the air.

She was reluctant about it, but she did. I then took out my whip, and started to whip her ass.

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Whipping her ass like that was enough to get my dick up again and I started stroking my cock a little as I whipped her. I whipped her until her ass turned into a mixed display of red and a little bit of black and blue bruising. This satisfied me to where I felt like she'd been punished enough. "Okay, I think that's enough pain, now for the pleasure." I said as I put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her, and pulling her hair. She must have really been more of a slut than even she would admit because by that time her pussy was so wet that I slid right in, and it was surprisingly tight.

She screamed as I fucked her, but I'm not sure if that was from her orgasm or from me pulling her hair. This time when I came I did inside her pussy.

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I kept my dick in until every last drop of cum I had was inside her. Then I gathered up my nipple clamps, my gag, my whip, and what was left of my tape, and put them in my bag.

Without saying anything else, I left her there just as she was. I haven't heard anything from her ever since then, but rumor has it that she had a kid about a year later, and she was never married. I'm not sure if it's my kid or not, but I'm glad she never told anyone about it.

But to this day I have no idea how she got her arms free.