Sexy fuck special for gorgeous babe with melons naturaltits and hardcore

Sexy fuck special for gorgeous babe with melons naturaltits and hardcore
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Sex Notes: In my school locker &hellip.I'm Chad. I was Senior in High school when they first started. It was just a hand written note saying how she admired me. She thought I had a sexy body and would be fun to get naked with. It was a very sexy girls type writing…and of course it could be a great trick on me from one of my buddy's wanting me to think some girl had a sexy crush on me.

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……From then on the notes were from a computer. I saved the hand written one in case I saw that beautiful feminine handwriting again. &hellip. This 'supposedly' girl had a big crush on me. Each note got bolder into talking about us making love together and being a couple. Of course they were never signed. With all the students in that school it was impossible to tell who it was. This went on day after day, week after week and I was getting hot for this 'girl', (I hoped,) whoever she was.

.I had no way of knowing what she looked like, or anything about her. I figured she was not pretty or something, but damn, the notes were so hot sounding, I had to track her down. &hellip.She knew about my art work, but I did lot of school newspaper, yearbook art so everyone knew I could do art stuff.

The notes were always left after school and appeared the next morning. &hellip.The school had security cameras. The head maintenance guy controlled them. He was cool and I got him alone and showed him some of the notes.

He smiled big and said: "So you have a secret admirer, she sounds like she's got it bad for you. Come with me." He took me to the hidden room where all the tapes and camera controls were kept. We sat down as he put the camera and date in for the last note. Nothing for a while…then a quick figure left the note in the vent slats.

He stopped the picture, and backed it up. &hellip.It was a 'Guy' nerd I knew. We both laughed. A 'guy'? He warned me not to start any trouble with the nerd. I said I wouldn't, I'll just ask him to stop. He said very good and if he doesn't stop let me know and I'll send him to the office.

&hellip.I waited for the right time to corner the little nerd geek and tell him 'one more note' and it's a fight after school for us. He spotted me walking towards him. He looked away and acted like he was doing something in his wall locker.

I said: "What's with the fucking notes, Benny?" His face went white and he said quietly. "I'm just leaving them for a girl.

She can't leave them herself and she's real nice and you should be happy she likes you and&hellip."The name Benny!, what 's her fucking name!" "Oh…I can't tell you that because I don't know." "Benny!, don't bullshit me, where do you get the notes, and from who." &hellip.He explained how he was just a delivery boy for the notes, for real.

Another 'person' supplied the notes in his locker, with a note to pass them on to me. He just delivered them. &hellip.In the tapes I remembered seeing Benny's locker and a girl putting something in the vents his locker.

It was a female nerd named Carla Spangler, or 'Spankie' we called her, 'Spankie' has the hots for me??&hellip.ukkk!

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I told Benny: "We never had this conversation, you got it." "Oh sure, I get it," he said. &hellip. I said: "We'll just let things continue as they are, you just keep your mouth shut…OK?" &hellip."Spankie" always smiled at me and tried to be friendly, so I decided to just let it go. I'll say one thing for her, she wrote very romantic notes, and were very sexually suggestive. The notes continued and kept getting hotter.

The last one said: …"…I would love to take a long walk with you, then lay in the grass and just look in your eyes, hold your hands to my breasts and we could just hold each other, then let 'nature' take it's course…&hellip.I would love to feel your bare skin, touch your lips and face and let kisses flow between us." &hellip.Damn, these notes were making me horny and I found myself looking forward to getting the next one.

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I thought about lowering my standards and get with 'spankie' away from school. Pussy is pussy, I told myself. &hellip."Benny!…come here. I want to pass a note back to my 'secret admirer'.

Can you handle that?" I said. "Oh sure Chad, I can do that." I handed him the bright yellow envelope to deliver. I had a plan, and I sneaked and watched him go right to 'spankie'. They whispered and she took off. I carefully followed her. She went into Miss Goodson's science class room. &hellip.I could only dream that the notes 'might' come from Miss Goodson.

She was one of the hottest women teachers in the school. I thought back, or rather my teenage 'ego' thought&hellip.Miss.

Goodson has always been friendly to me&hellip.hmmmm&hellip.could it be? Time to either pop my dream or maybe&hellip.make some arrangements to talk to her. &hellip.I watched 'spankie' leave Miss.

Goodson's classroom and walk away. She hadn't stayed long. Last class was now and Miss. Goodson's too. I was hoping 'spankie' would go somewhere where no one could see us. She saw me, stopped and ran back in Miss. Goodson's classroom. I entered her classroom and there Miss. Goodson was reading my bright yellow note. She quickly stuffed it her pocket and smiled at me. "Can we talk, Miss. Goodson?" I said. Spankie immediately ran out of the room. &hellip. "Why yes Chad, sit right here." She went over and locked the door I noticed.

She sat at her desk and waited. She definitely was breathing a little heavy. I reached in my shirt and pulled out the latest note I had received. I smelled it, I smiled and leaned over and smelled her.

It was the same aroma, a heavy lady's perfume. She just sat there staring at the note I held. "Do you like to take walks in the park, Miss. Goodson?" &hellip.She knew… I knew&hellip. and began to smile. &hellip. "Chad, I need to explain some things to you. I could get fired if anyone found out those notes 'may' have come from me. Do you understand?& 'if' you never tell anyone about them, and you want to, I think we 'might' meet off campus and have a long talk.

Would you like that Chad?" I looked at her beautiful long blond hair, beautiful face and nice tits and smiling eyes at me&hellip.I was melting fast and said: "I would love that Miss. Goodson" She leaned over to my face as said: "Very well Chad, you 'may' receive a notice of when and where for us to meet to have a 'private' talk.OK?" &hellip.All I could do was nod my head as I was inches from a beautiful woman face who I think liked me.

She reached up and brushed some of my hair across my forehead. "We'll talk soon…" she whispered. She stood up and held out her hands to mine. I held both her hands as I stood up. "Were going to have a real good talk, aren't we Chad.

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I'll be wearing my jogging suit and sunglasses. My hair will be tied up in back so nobody will really know it's me…ok?" I could only smile and nod my head. I whispered finally: (".god your beautiful Miss…a…") "Laura" she interrupted.

I wanted to kiss her so bad as she turned and held my arm, and walked me to the door. She unlocked it, letting go of my arm and opened it. "I want that report by Tuesday, young man!" she said as I left. &hellip.I kept checking my locker and then a note was left. 'Riverside park, Saturday night, 8pm, to the right of the waterfall, under the trees, wear a jogging suit, bring blanket.' it read.

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Needless to say I was walking on clouds thinking about it all day. Making out with Miss. Goodson was a dream maybe coming true. &hellip.I waited at the spot with nervous anticipation like never before. It was getting dark and I see a girl jogging toward me. It was her. Her blond ponytail bouncing with a big smile on her face. &hellip."May I sit here sir, I'm kind of winded.


She looked like a goddess as she lay down facing me. Her big tits moved up and down with her breathing. "What did you want to talk about Chad?", as she grinned. "I just wanted to look at you Miss." "Call me 'Laura', but don't slip and call me that in class, ok?" I nodded while looking at her beautiful face.

"Well…I want to just look at you too." Her eyes sparkled as they looked me over. Her hand moved up to touch my face. She scooted closer. .She zipped down my jogging jacket and felt my bare chest. Her lips were just inches from mine. She started giving me little kisses on my face.

I felt her sweet face. We both leaned in and kissed a long wet and wonderful kiss. Both our hearts pounding away. She closed her eyes and began to moan softly as her hand went down my back to my butt cheeks. I let my hand drift to feel her full tits. We pulled each other together and the passion let go as we locked arms and legs. We squirmed out of breath.

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"Oh god Chad,&hellip. I've been watching you&hellip. all school year, I dreamed of a moment like this." She started rubbing her pussy on my boner real tight.

She tried to whisper her moans as she pushed her pussy hard into me. Finally she said: "I only live a few blocks from here, let's go there." I gave her one last thrust of my boner into her pussy, squeezed her big tits, and we picked up and moved out.

&hellip.I parked half way down the block in case anyone saw my car in front of her house. I saw her car in the driveway and went to the darkened porch. She opened the door and quickly pulled me into a dim living room. &hellip.There she was…smiling. She was wearing a sheer black night gown, a red bra and red panties. Damn she looked so hot, my cock slammed to hard, in my jogging suit. &hellip.We walked toward each other. Our arms came up as we held each other tight.

She whispered: (…"I've waited so long for this moment Chad, just hold me for a minute.") I smelled the aroma of her beautiful hair and felt her hands go up and down on my back. I felt two wonderful tits squeezed up against my chest. Slowly our lips met, soft at first then passion took over. We our knees began to sink to the rug. Our mouths opened as we felt our warm tongues. Her hand slipped down to feel my erection and my hand felt her soft pussy.

It felt like all the oxygen had left the room as we both breathed hard. …The next hours are hard to describe. Removing our clothes, feeling our body's, kissing her body all over, feeling her beautiful lips go down over my cock, so warm and slick. Letting my tongue feel her pussy for the first time. Feeling her jump as I licked her sweet clit up and down. My minds memory became so full, so fast with all the special thing I want to remember forever. Laura…… ……I had managed to ignore any personal feeling for any male students&hellip.until Chad came along.

I tried my best to ignore him too. My natural attraction to him would not&hellip.go away.


He just had all the things I wanted in a man, but he just happened to be a student. I decided I would just wait until he graduated and wait for him. I had to know how he felt about me.

I came up with the notes to find out. . It worked, but I never got to the waiting part with him. I never even talked to him about it. The risk was worth it as I now feel his naked body beside me.

I now have that cock I fantasized about in my mouth. I love hearing us both moan with peak sexual pleasure. His warm breath on my pussy is over the top with excitement. He's made me orgasm already and he's not letting up. He's making me crazy and I love it. I have to turn quick as I want this cock in me. I know he's ready to cum, I can just feel it. Turn baby, hurry I want you so bad&hellip.that's it …let me guide you&hellip.Oh my God!…deep baby deep, cum with me oooooo I'm going crazy&hellip.crazy…I have to pull him deep in me as our hips are going fast &hellip.oh&hellip.Oh&hellip.Yes…Yes where is my mind taking me&hellip.YESSSSSSS!

Chad…… &hellip.I hope I didn't hurt her but she made me pull her so tight to me as I had the best cum of my life go off in her warm pussy. Things went crazy from there.

Our bodies thrashing, twisting and all our moaning made life a blur for a while. Her pussy can do wonderful things to my cock as I feel it move around inside. She's still shaking, I hope she's alright. My hands still keep feeling her wonderful soft tits over and over. Her arms are still so tight around my neck, but I love it. &hellip.All night we continued as we both wished it would never end.

. Tears of joy on a woman's face… it doesn't get any better than that…&hellip.