Amazing gay scene Aaron said that he was straight and has a

Amazing gay scene Aaron said that he was straight and has a
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The three of them walked out of the restaurant. Deana brushed against Phred repeatedly and knew he was as excited as she was. She hoped he could sniff her aroused state as the sexual juices ran down her legs. When they entered the elevator, there was no one else on it. John turned toward her, winked, and placed his hand on her crotch and knew she was more than ready for some hot sex! He looked at Phred and said, "Check her out; she is not wearing any panties!" Phred swallowed hard, and tried to act like this was all new to him.

He slid his hand up under Deana's dress. "Hot-Damn, you're drenched." She moved her legs apart and purred seductively as Phred's fingers tantalized her bush.

When he slid his finger inside her hot hole she gasped, quivered and said, "Oh my God, finger-fuck me baby. Yes that's it, harder, ooooooooh fuck, I'm going to cum!" John noticed they were almost to the floor where their room was. He turned to his wife, kissed her deep, then whispered, "Let him finger your hot cunt baby, all the way to our room." Mmm, I like the way you think honey.

I think I will raise my dress and really turn Phred on!" Phred gulped, trembled, and shifted his hard dick in his pants. "Baby, make sure we do not get into trouble with you flashing me. However, I must say, if you keep this up, I going to have to fuck you right there in that hallway!" The door opened, and an elderly couple was waiting for the elevator.

Deana shifted her dress, winked at the old guy and got off the elevator. The older man winked and brushed up against her as he got on. After they got off, John looked around and said, "Well no one is in the hallway honey. Raise that dress and let Phred finger-fuck that pussy all the way to our room." She flashed his and Phred a seductive smile raised her dress, spread her legs and uttered, "Phred finger my hot cunt, make me cum!" Now how could Phred resist such a sweet temptation?

In the back of his mind he wondered, "Is she thinking about birth control? I hope not because I want to make her pregnant this weekend." Deana's mind went back to the time when John began suggesting that she start fucking black men. The idea wasn't a turn-off to her. She had seen some black men at work and they were constantly hitting on her, but she always turned them down. She wasn't really looking for someone to have an affair with, it just happened, one night, right after the office Christmas party.

Her husband had to work that evening, and was unable to attend. He suggested she go anyway. She was glad she did, the party was a blast. She was about to phone home for a ride when one of the black guys, named Phred, offered to take her home.


She didn't see any harm in that, even if he was always bugging her, because wanted to make out with her. As it was, he lad her to his car, caressing her body every chance he got.

Between the wine and soft caresses, Deana's body began to become very aroused. Phred opened the car door, she got in, and he went around and went into the driver's side. On the way home they laughed and talked about the party. Then Phred made his move. "Why don't you sit a little close to me Deana, that way I can hear your conversation better." She slid over, close enough to smell his cologne. She signed, shifted her soaked panties and then brushed up against him.

"Is this better?" Phred winked, placed his arm around Deana, trembled, and answered, "Yes, much better. I hope I don't offend you, but you smell good, makes me want to eat you!" When she felt his arm go around her, she quivered all over, clean down to the center of her womanhood. Her clit screamed, "Touch me, oh fuck someone rub me now!" Phred felt her response and said, "Let me pull off this main road for a minute." Deana started to resist, but the wine, was making her say, "Yes, oh yes, take me, play with me, fuck my brains out!" " Please do, I want to talk to you, about something serious." Phred looked at her with wonder and puzzlement.

What on earth was she trying to say? Was she going to reject his gestures? Once they were safely off the main road, he turned off the engine, and moved so he was looking into her eyes.

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"Now tell me doll, what's on that pretty mind?" Deana was too tipsy to think rationally and blurted out, "I was just wondering what would happen if you kissed me?" Phred laughed, put his arm around her shoulders, and drew her into his arms.

He then placed his lips on Deana's. He kissed her deep and even slid his tongue into her mouth. She accepted his kiss and nervously put her hand on his crotch and felt an enormous cock swelling there. They kept kissing and getting aroused, beyond the point of turning back. Phred slowly maneuvered her legs apart and slid his hand up under her dress.

Oh fuck, she was more than ready to screw. "Let's get away somewhere where we can fuck," With a million thoughts running through her garbled wine soaked brain, she replied, "Why not make sure the car is in a secluded spot so we can finish what we started." He moved behind the wheel, started the engine, and looked for an isolated place.

When he saw a large grove of trees, his cock twitched as he pulled into the area.

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He shut off the car again, moved over toward her, and uttered, "Is this place ok?" She responded yes, and he almost swallowed his tongue when she raised her dress and removed her panties. "Like what you see, baby?" " Hot-damn, yes!" She pressed her lips against him hard, then uttered, "Fuck me!" He guided her into the back seat, and kissed her deep and hard as they laid down.

Her kiss told him she was more than ready, to have this black man fucks that white cunt, deep and hard! She proceeded to straddle his lap and shoved her wanting pussy down, hard onto his cock.

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She purred in ecstasy as his cock gravitated against the walls of her vagina, growing harder with each thrust. His big, thick, long, charcoal black cock pulsated deep inside her.

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She held it inside her like a vice. It wasn't long until he spewed his seed deep inside her. Phred pushed her against the hallway wall, jolting her back to reality and roared, "I ought to fuck that hot cunt right here!" John interrupted him and suggested, "Let's go inside our room, then we can strip her and make her do what we want!" Phred nodded in agreement as John unlocked the door.

Once they were inside the room, there was a flurry of hands, mouths, and clothing.

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John didn't bother to close the curtains, after all who would see them? He stripped and drooled as he watched Deana and Phred do the same. Phred's big, long black cock made John wonder if Deana could take it all, it looked to be about twelve inches and very wide.

Deana licked her lips, shivered and with a shaky voice lied, "Oooh god, you're so fucking big! I don't know if I can take it all!" John climbed onto one side of the bed, and Phred the other, with Deana sandwiched between them. He looked at Phred and said, "Have your way with her man, and don't worry, she is on the pill." Phred positioned himself between her long, lovely legs and exclaimed, "I need to taste this sweet cunt, before I fuck it." As Phred zeroed in on her pussy, John concentrated on her large tits and succulent nipples.

When Phred's lips crossed her swollen slit she shrieked, "Mmmmm, eat me baby!" She couldn't believe how good it felt to have John watch Phred making out with her. She just hoped when she admitted to having known Phred from work, John would not get too upset. She forgot the idea when she felt Phred rub his hard dick across her pussy. When he entered her, she loved the way it filled every nock and cranny of her pussy.

Phred told her to spread her legs wide and guided his dick toward her pulsating hole. He sank it all the way down, grabbed her hips, and began rocking in a fucking motion. John had one boob in one hand, and his mouth attached to the other, suckling it like a baby. Holding it between his thick lips, chewing, and biting it just the way she liked. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and rolled her hips, while purring with sexual delight. Deana opened her eyes, looked down, and quivered when she saw her hairy pussy against his black belly.

They fucked like that for several minutes, then Phred groaned, "Let's change positions; I want to fuck her doggy style!" He changed position as she moved up onto all fours. Phred rubbed his cock up and down her open pussy and ass.

God did she feel wonderful. He watched John, who was sliding his hard dick into Deana's mouth, and exclaimed, "That's the way to do it, fuck her mouth, as I fuck her hot cunt!" Phred slid his cock inside her once more.

Ooooh it felt so good to be filled completely with his large black cock.

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Holding her white ass cheeks he started grinding into her. In her mind she knew that since the first time they fucked, she just couldn't get enough of this black stud. She reached down, rubbing her pussy, and climaxed so hard she almost collapsed. She felt Phred tense up as John fucked her mouth hard bellowing, "Oooooooh shit, I'm going to blow my load down your sweet throat!" She sucked him harder and thrust her hips into Phred.

Fucking and sucking each man with uninhibited lust. Phred rammed his cock deep, and began shooting his warm sperm inside her. "I hope this makes you pregnant, my pretty white whore!' When he dismounted, his semen ran from her open pussy and dripped down her legs.

She just knew that she loved sex and the very idea of fucking a black man. What she didn't remember was that she didn't have any birth control pills to take, nor did she use a condom. As they all sat on the bed, calming down from the hot fuck session, John looked lovingly at his wife. "Did you enjoy yourself honey?" " Oooh god did I!

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I'll admit I love fucking black men!" John smirked, "Don't get upset now, because I have a serious question to ask?" Deana lowered her head and said to herself, "Here it comes, the truth, I hope John understands." " Okay, ask me, I will try to be calm, cool, and collected." " How long have you known Phred, now be honest, I promise not to blow my mind…even if I should." " I-- I-- met him at the boss's Christmas party." John frowned, felt like slapping her silly if his cock didn't just have one hell of a good fuck session.

"And?" She could help but see the hurt in John's eyes. With tears streaming down her face, she replied, "I got drunk, he offered to drive me home, and one thing led to another and we fucked in his car.

Oh God, I hope you don't get mad love. I never intended to hurt you." Phred looked hurt and rejected, lowered his head and added to the conversation. "Yeah man, she never intended to hurt you. I was the one who seduced her. Forgive me if I caused any problems." John pulled her into his arms.


God, he hated to see her cry. "Now, calm down. Listen to me closely the two of you… Do you remember me suggesting you find a black man to fuck?" " Yes, I remember, and how much it affected our love life. I can recall you cumming in buckets." " Ok, then stop the tears, I am glad you found Phred.

We can fuck and play with him all weekend." " Do you still want to look for other men, besides him?" " Hot-damn, no, he is just what I wanted in a black man. I am dying to see what else he can do to you." Phred almost swallowed his tongue; he now had his favorite fantasy come to life.

Fucking a pretty white woman, with her husband joining in on the fun…his dick began to swell with excitement.

All weekend, the three of them played and fucked in every position imaginable. In the following weeks, Deana went about her business as usual. It wasn't until after a month that she realized her period was late. She sat down on the bed, held her head in her hands, and sobbed, "What am I going to do?"