Me duermen para abusar de mi

Me duermen para abusar de mi
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I mean let's be honest, not very many siblings can say they have honestly never at all thought of fucking each other at one point in their life, however I simply never thought it would actually come down to it.

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My name is Mary, iv just turned 16, I'm roughly 5'1 and more on the curvy side. Full hips, round ass, and tits thatre 40 DDD (hard to believe, I know.) And then there's my older brother, cody, hes 19 and who physical wise, is my exact opposite. He stands 6'2, extremely buff as he's now captain of the foot ball squad, and can bench press 275 without blinking. Throughout the majority of our years, we were tight as could be.

Though he's the popular athlete, and I'm that girl who going to comic con's and would rather sleep all day than lift a finger, we both are completely the same. Things have changed since we were little. We used to spend all day every day playing together. Now we've both grown up a little, but we still always find time everyday to chill together. Were both HUGE horror fanatics, and also both satanist.

Two of the things we have most in common. No we don't hail Satan and sacrifice infants, we simply believe Satan and god are on the same level of good and evil as each other. Once I hit the age 11 I had already hit puberty and my hormones were out of control. I had no idea what was happening or what to do until one night I was about to sneak into Codys room to cuddle as I was scared, and through the crack of the door I could see he was still awake.

Me being the sneaky snoop I was, had to see what he was doing. I was at complete disbelief at seeing my big brother stroking his shaft while watching people fuck on his TV. I was completely confused as to why his hand was on his dick and didn't know what to think and I soon felt a tingling sensation between my legs and didn't know what was happening so I ran back to my room.

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I went to go pee thinking that's what was wrong and I seen a large wet spot in my panties and I could tell it wasn't urine. It was slick and I didn't know what to think.

A few months went by, and within those months I was exploring my own body, I matured so much within 3 months it was unbelievable.

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I had discovered porn and was addicted, and I had learnt how to please my own body, but after a while, it wasn't enough. Basically ever since I had seen him touching himself, and finally realized why, iv been drooling over him. Our bodies are now completely mouth watering and I can't help but think of him fucking me like a whore every time I close my eyes, yet I'm always at complete disgust with myself knowing I think that way of my brother.

Us now being teenagers, didn't have much time to spend with each other. One Thursday our parents came and sat us down and said they would be out of town for a few days on a spa trip, so it was up to us to take care of the house. Normally a teenager would be stoked about the idea, but being around Cody always made me nervous.

Friday night I expected Cody would be ready to go and hang out at some dumb jock party but instead he came into my room asking if I wanted to hang out with him all day.

"MARY!" "What??" "I got house of 1000 corpse and devils rejects I ordered online. Wanna watch them with me tonight?" "Yeah sure! I haven't seen them in forever!" A few hours rolled by and I heard the flat screen down stairs turn on and the surround sound system blasting "ARE YOU ABOUT TO START IT?" "YEAH HURRY UP!!" I had just gotton out of the shower, and could tell he had already started it so I just threw on a one of Codys tshirts, no bra and his boxers laying around.

I started coming down the stair quickly, which made my tits bounce around a little "Haha, nice tits there Mrs. Bounce a lot" "Oh haha very funny" a light red shot across my face out of embarrassment I could tell he noticed me blushing as I could see him smirk.


"Come sit close to me" he says as he pats the spot next to him "Okay" I say as I playfully hop next to him then I start focusing on the movie. It was at a bit of a bloody scene and I couldn't help but feel myself getting tingly, as horror movies do that to me.

I felt myself slowly grinding against the couch, forgetting Cody was around. "Ahem, what're you doing?" Another flash of red shoots across my face as I snap out of it realizing what I was doing "I.uh.nothing haha sorry" "No. I'm pretty sure you was just grinding against the couch. Something wrong?" He chuckled "Oh just shut up and watch the fucking movie" Without seeing it coming his hand was around my neck and he's strattling over me "Never, EVER talk to me that way. Understood?" I was at total disbelief yet I could feel the sensation between my legs growing.

My face turns red from his tight grip as I nod my head " sir" I mutter He smirks at Me and I feel his free hand sliding down my side, I try to kick him off of me and he just grips tighter "Stay the fuck still, you bitch" He slowly works his hand down to inbetween my Legs.

"Oh. What's this? Hm? It looks like someones wet" he let's go of my neck and laughs "I uh. I don't know what you mean" He slowly slides a finger into the Boxers and runs it across my slit making me shiver as I try to choke back a moan.

He pulls out the finger and shoves it in my mouth "That's what the fuck I mean. You're so fucking wet. Why are you so wet, eh?" "I. I honestly don't know" "It looks to me you need a good fucking. Wouldn't you agree?" I didn't know how to react, the thought of him fucking me over whelmed me to the point I was dripping.

And the way he was treating me, made me want him more.

The next thing I know his fingers are in my hair and he's dragging me up the stairs making me scream. He picks me up and throws me on the bed and I lay there watching him strut slowly towards me with this scary hunger in his eyes.

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"You have no idea how long iv waited to take you. There've been so many night iv thought about this. The only thing that'd been saving you from me brutally raping you is our parents, and they aren't here now, are they? No one can help you." "M.maybe I don't want to be helped." "Oh really now?" A grin comes across his face "You mean to tell me you wouldn't mind your own brother taking you, right here, right now?" I just sit there staring at him unable to say a word through the aching sensation between my legs needing to be touched.

"God. You're such a little whore.


I see you in Here fucking your little cunt every single night." "I.I'm sorry" "Oh you will be sorry. You know what you'll be sorry about?" "W.what.?" "Not being a good little bitch and riding me instead of fucking your cunt all the time" As soon as I could blink he had already torn all of my clothes off as well as his.

My eyes widen as I see his 10 1/2 cock standing straight up. I had no idea it had gotten so much larger, I was in total shock.


"ITS HUGE!!!" I say staring at it unable to look away He had started slowly stroking at looking at my body laying naked and vulnerable before him. He motions for me to spread ny legs, so I obey orders. "Mmmm fuck baby you look so fucking tight" " that bad?" "Fuck no.

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Mmmm you want my big cock shoved inside of you, don't you you little whore?" "I uh. Y.yes sir." "Ill fucking make your pussy rip.

I'll make you cry like the little bitch you are. You're such a little whore you even like the thought of your brothers cock being shoved balls deep inside of you." "I can't help it" I say slowly grinding hips against the bed "I just need your cock." Before I could say anything else he was between my legs with his cock shoved inside of me as he screams in pleasure and I scream in pain "FUCKKKK YOURE SO TIGHT HOLY SHIT" "YOURE TOO BIG!

TAKE IT OUT!" He wraps his hand around my neck as he slowly starts pumping himself him and out if me making me mutter screams out ever time as a tear trickles down my cheek "Awwww what's wrong? Huh? Can't handle my cock?" I shake my head no hoping for him to stop "GOOD!" I feel him pumping harder and faster making me yelp and him grunt loudly and choke me harder making me nearly pass out.

"You're such a good little whore mmmmmm you like that baby? You like me tearing your pussy up? Mmmmm you do like it don't you?" He takes a few more fast, hard thrusts and I feel him pull out and yank my hair hard, slapping the fuck out of my left cheek "Be a good little worthless girl and swallow my cum and I MAY nor destroy your ass" I whimper softly and grab his cock, guiding it into my mouth as I slowly suck on it getting ready to swallow as he thirsts deep into my throat making me joke and fag on his cock.

He feels my throat tighten around it "ARRRGGGGGGGGHHH FUCKKKKKK" he shoots his load of cum deep into my throat making some spew out of the corners of my mouth. He take 3 long thrusts then pulls out if my mouth and looks me in the eyes "Oh. You're such a good little girl. Now be a good slut and okay with my pussy for me. And just you wait until I get ahold of you tomorrow" A faint smile come across my face ad he left the room, as I started to fuck my pussy to the thoughts of what had just happened, and what's soon to happen again.

**********will be a followup story if this is well liked*************