Brünette Frauen mit Schwanz saugt Hahn und wird gefickt

Brünette Frauen mit Schwanz saugt Hahn und wird gefickt
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SUBTERRANEAN August 2012 The team proceeded as a group into the cavern, flashlights flared out like the spokes of a wheel. The chamber was similar to the others they had crossed in their journey here. Stalagmites littered the floor, stalactites stabbed downward. Except for one new feature. Ashley rubbed a snowflake from her eyelash. "Damn. It's snowing in here." A small flurry of flakes fluttered through the light beams. Maggie held out a hand and flakes settled on her palm.

"They are not cold or wet." Lisa shouldered her way to Ashley's side. Brushing at the sifting of flakes. "This is bad." "Why?" "It's not snow. It's gypsum crystals." Lisa pointed her flashlight to the branches of gypsum crystals festooning the ceiling of the chamber, like twenty-foot white chandeliers. "They are fragile, delicate structures. Body heat can cause them to weaken and flake away." Ashley brushed flakes from her shoulders.

"I still don't see the danger." "For this snowfall to be happening now, a lot of body heat had to recently pass through here." Ashley's eyes widened with the implication. "We're not alone down here." Perhaps a few of you readers recognize the above opening excerpt from the thriller novel SUBTERRANEAN by author James Rollins, published in 1999. I had fun adapting his story into an short "adult" thriller minus the bloodshed and adding the gratuitous sex. By the way, I highly recommend James Rollins thriller novels as a great read.

All his stories are full of adventure in outdoor settings involving modern day explorers, geologists, archaeologists, lost temples with powerful artifacts etc. Now, on with my adaptation of his story. Maggie and Lisa met at the university they attended and quickly became lifelong best friends having so much in common.

Both Maggie and Lisa loved strenuous weight training, mountain biking, extreme winter sports, camping, backpacking, horseback riding and jogging which keeps them in peak shape with toned bodies and well defined and ripped abdomens all of which came in handy as both were also very experienced cave explorers. On a lark while in university, both women had entered the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest and both were selected as Hawaiian Tropic models whose company activities and promotions they performed during their undergraduate university years until the job pressures interfered with their beginning graduate academic work and their scholastic studies were more important.

Lisa earned her advanced degrees as a geologist while Maggie earned hers as a biologist/botanist. Maggie is five feet eleven, stunning dark cinnamon-red auburn hair, bright sparkling emerald green eyes, dark skin complexion, with very firm high set full large breasts with a very pronounced European up-tilt to them as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry, and a tight shapely muscular ass.

Lisa - five, feet nine, has long beautiful blonde hair that shimmered like yellow-white gold, and sparkling bright almost unnaturally blue eyes. Her breasts likewise are large yet very firm, lovely slim curvy hips and a small tight shapely muscular ass In the small spelunking community, both women were widely known for their exceptional caving skills and their advanced degrees enhanced their reputation. In the caving community they met two others whom they quickly became good friends with Linda and Ashley.

Linda was another geologist while Ashley was a small invertebrate biologist. Linda and Ashley were similar to Maggie and Lisa tall, statuesque, extremely attractive women with generously well endowed firm breasts and highly toned physiques as benefiting their active lifestyles and cave exploration activities.

The four women were selected as an exploration team to explore an extensive deep cavern network in a region of the Transylvania Alps. It was thought to rival in extent the Mammoth Caverns in the United States. The exploration is to include mapping, cataloging, collecting samples and recommendations on preservation.

As part of their preparation they immersed themselves in Romanian since their above-ground support team would mostly be Romanian. Due to the rugged mountainous terrain and the very sparse population, which never recovered after World War II, and in fact declined drastically as the post-war population trended to move from rural to urban areas also affected this remote mountain realm, the government saw the importance of protecting this beautiful rugged area of the Transylvania Alps and recently designated the mountains as a National Park.

Part of this was to map and catalog the underground natural resources so it could be protected, as well as developing as a tourist attraction under strict controls. For centuries myths and legends abounded in these still sparsely settled extremely rugged mountains.

Even during World War II the German's feared to go deep in these mountains. Tales abounded throughout the German regiments of squads that had gone missing or been found mutilated. Superstitions spread as many of the German regiments had conscripts of people native to the area. Some of these tales were of the Blajini - creatures in Romanian lore, creatures that could be kind or malicious.

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Of pale-skinned monsters, powerful goblins and huge wolf-like hell hound creatures from the underworld that during the deepest nights raided small villages and isolated farmsteads for food, but also did unspeakable despicable things to womenfolk. Upon first discovery the caverns were found to be linked by a mysterious features that were dubbed "worm holes" - smooth narrow circular passageways just large enough for a person.

The were uniform in size and polished to a remarkable smoothness. For the exploration by the four women, someone had come up with a great concept of using individual skateboard like devices they were modified to expand and retract that could be laid upon and act as transport sleds to rapidly traverse the wormholes.

The caverns were also warm. And they got warmer as the cavern depths increased. To help combat the heat the four researchers/explorers had to restrict the amount of supplies they had to pack in and this included a very limited change of clothing.

They had to sensibly choose a very few items of lightweight clothing that would help them shed heat and perspiration as well as protect them. For each of them the clothing consisted of one Kevlar thread reinforced lightweight overalls, one thin wicking athletic bra, two thin ribbed athletic tee-shirts and two silk panties.

Several days of exploring the passageways and caverns that went deeper and deeper left them all with barely serviceable Kevlar reinforced overalls and tee-shirts. The remainder of the tee-shirts they all wore had multiple rents in it from being snagged during the numerous narrow passages they had to squeeze through. Two of the researchers had an overall strap torn loose and Lisa had a large rent in her tee-shirt and athletic bra that had almost completely exposed one large firm breast.

Even the overalls they wore were holed and ripped despite the Kevlar reinforcing thread. They had previously joked they would have to call ahead once they got back to their starting point or found another exit so someone could bring them some more clothes or else the support staff were going to get more than an eyeful! As they had proceeded deeper underground it continued to grow warmer.

Then they came across an amazing discovery in a cavern. Large translucent cave pearls, while not uncommon, the sizes were. But what the cave pearls contained inside that had acted as a seed to build up concretion shells like what a seeded oyster does that forms a pearl was the startling thing humanoid skulls, with heavy protruding brow ridges.

The geologists discussed this must have happened hundreds of thousands of years ago to have cave pearls of this size but exactly how the skulls became the seeds eluded them, except the former beings must have been cave dwellers.

As the two geologists studied a particular interesting crystal formation, Ashley thought she saw something move at the edge of her helmet light. Startled, she almost lost her grip on a muddy rock.

Swinging her light in the direction of movement, she searched but saw only the usual twisted stalagmites. Nothing was there. Maggie noticing she had stopped, turned to her. 'Do you need a hand?" "No, I just thought I saw something moving over there, but it was nothing, just shadows moving with my lamp, I guess. Suddenly a frantic hissing from Lisa drew their attention over to her and Linda. They had frozen into a crouch. Maggie pulled Ashley down beside her keeping hold of her hand.

Lisa held a finger to her lips and motioned them to come forward. quietly. There is something else in here with us, more than one.

All I can tell it sounds like they are large. We need to move as quietly as possible to the next wormhole entrance. As the four women slowly and cautiously proceeded they could begin to hear guttural, rasping sounds. A primordial fear began to arise within each of them, wanting to cower and flee.

Just as they neared the wormhole loud bellows erupted. As one they all swung their helmet lights and hand-held lights to the source and they momentarily froze at the sight that was unveiled by the light.

Monstrous creatures! They ranged in size from seven to ten feet tall with thick torsos, long muscular arms and legs, smooth slick oily skin.

Their thickly muscled arms ended with long hands taped with long claws. Their eyes were black as polished obsidian. Their nostrils, open wide, snorted the air, searching. Each of the researchers could not help immediately noticing the creature's nakedly exposed prominent genitalia most of the creatures were all very obviously male with huge thick penises the width of a soda can with lengths that ranged from fourteen inches to horse-size eighteen inches, each with equally huge dangling testicular sacks the size of a large bull!

"What the hell" Ashley began, but Linda silenced her with a hand over her mouth. She whispered in her ear "slowly move to the wormhole and prepare to jump in." Maggie and Lisa noticed Ashley and Linda easing over to the wormhole. Luckily they all had their transport sleds out ready to dive in the wormhole once they got to the entrance.

One of the creatures bellowed sensing their quarry was about to escape and started advancing. Quickly each of the four women launched themselves into the wormhole. After several hundred yards they came to a small cavern where they quickly discussed they should push on non-stop for the next several hours to try to get as far away from these creatures as possible.

But after only two hours they had to briefly stop as they came into a wondrous cavern. They stood stunned. Before them opened a chamber the size of a ballroom.

Iridescent crystals, some as small as thumbnails, others the size of watermelons, encrusted the walls and floor, casting back the lamplight in scintillating sparks. Rainbows reflected everywhere. Maggie crossed to the center of the chamber, her mouth hanging open. "Do you know what this is?" Lisa stated. "We are in a gigantic geode," Lisa said. Linda, the other geologist numbingly agreed. Then Linda let out a loud gasp and inhaled deeply. "This is not quartz!" "What!" Lisa said.

"It's diamond, look at the angle of crystal fracturing." Thunderstruck, everyone looked again at the pure mass of stone around them. Lisa wondered aloud, "I wonder how many other, similar chambers there are down here?

This much wealth! This one alone would ruin all the major diamond corporations!" Linda's sharp excitement dulled with concern. She shook her head. "Before everyone starts counting their pennies, we still need to get out of here. Let's map these coordinates and get the hell out of here, we are still not far enough from those creatures as I would like to be!" Lisa was examining one large particular flawless specimen next to a wall with a small laser.

She turned off the laser and then she became aware of something just before she turned her helmet light back on, the crystal was still reflecting light. Lisa yelled "Everyone, turn off your lights for a second!" But their lights stayed off longer than that. As the helmet lights and flashlights were turned off the small cavern glowed with light.

Maggie said "Bloody hell, it coming from the walls, reflecting off the diamonds." Maggie crossed over to a wall and using a knife scraped with the edge of the blade, she studied the rock, then turned to them with the blade upheld. It glowed yellow.

"It's a fungus. What a find! This makes the fifth phosphorescent species I have found so far down here but this species far outputs more light than the others. This is almost worth being chased by the monsters." With this pronouncement everyone became somber and quickly agreed to push on for a few more hours. They came across several more diamond caverns and oddly each succeeding cavern had more ambient light.

As they exited into another cavern they shot through a stream of water which soaked them all. While not another diamond cavern it did contain a lot of large crystals, some up to fifteen feet in length and up to a few feet in width, like the other caverns, this one was also illuminated to an extent they did not need to use the flashlights, similar to a dim twilight.

They reconnoitered the cavern for other entrances/exists and determined none other existed except for three, the wormhole they came through, another wormhole on the far side, and a hole high upside the cavern wall about one hundred feet high which the stream poured out of in a waterfall which had soaked them as they exited from the lower wormhole. Determining they were far enough from where they got ambushed by the creatures, and the only entrance in the cavern the huge creatures could utilize was the one high up on the cavern wall that the stream of water poured out of, they made camp near the wormhole they would have to traverse the next day.

They removed their wet clothes to dry out leaving them in just the silk panties they all wore. They lit a small fuel pellet fire to heat their dinner and help dry out their clothes. The conversation centered on the creatures. Determining they all saw at least eight, two they believed were females as they did not have any external genitalia that could discerned except for what clearly appeared to be large firm breasts. Maggie said " I can't figure out what were those things.

The zygomatic arch was wrong and the pelvic structure was odd. And did you notice the way they moved? Ashley shrugged, sweeping her light across the boulders and large crystals in the cavern they were holed up in. "Hell, they been isolated here for centuries. No telling what evolutionary pressures created these monstrosities." Lisa then stated what was on everyone's mind but was afraid to broach the topic "My god, did you see how huge their cocks and balls are!

With a relief by all, this opened the topic discussing the grossly oversized genitalia of the huge creatures that had chased them. The biologists of the team, Maggie and Ashley, postulated the creatures were "overcompensated", just like a majority of cavern species competing for scarce resources, with a seemingly lack of females. When a male was fortunate to get a mate, the "overcompensated" genitalia would ensure a successful fertilization due to both the size/length of the penis and the huge testicular sacks that would produce a large quantity of semen.

Lisa snorted "just like a typical male who does not think their "package" is big enough and overcompensates!" A couple of hours after they had finished dinner, Lisa and Maggie went over by the wormhole to check on their drying clothes where they had hung them to catch the breeze blowing from the wormhole. Suddenly they all heard a loud splash. Ashley and Linda grabbed their flashlights and shined them over to the small pool that had formed by the waterfall from the stream pouring out of the hole high up on the cavern wall but nothing was revealed.

"I guess it was just a rock that got dislodged by the stream that fell" Linda stated. As pounding hearts started to settle and the girls gave each other nervous looks. Maggie collected their athletic bras and took them over to the fuel pellet fire.

They were proving more difficult to dry than the other clothing, then Maggie went back over to help Lisa still by the wormhole sorting thru the packs. A horrified scream whipped Lisa and Maggie around. What they saw almost made them scream as well but an immense sense of preservation prevailed not to bring attention to themselves. Two of the monstrous creatures were between Lisa and Maggie and the other two women.

The creatures were staring at Linda and Ashley in just their skimpy silk panties as both women slowly backed toward a large boulder. A nearby snuffling brought Lisa and Maggie's attention to two others of the monstrous creatures sidling their way on an intercept course to Lisa and Maggie.

Linda and Ashley were cutoff from any escape by the wormhole and Lisa and Maggie instantly realized that in a few more seconds the other creatures would be upon them as well! Lisa whispered "we have to get out of here, we can't help them!" Lisa and Maggie were able to quickly grab their overalls and tee-shirts and then barely had time to grab their two transport sleds and get to the wormhole. As Lisa and Maggie jumped onto their sleds, they could hear their two colleagues began screaming, then ominously their screams turned to even louder hysterical shrieks which propelled them down the wormhole, Linda's and Ashley's piercing shrieks continuing behind them and diminishing with distance and time.

After a few hundred yards Lisa and Maggie came into a very small cavern where they stopped and quickly got their clothes on. A faint renewed shriek came down the wormhole. With a quick shaken glance at each other, both jumped back onto their sleds and continued down the wormhole.

Quickly both noticed their speed picking up. The wormhole not only led downward, but at a frightening steep slope! Maggie and Lisa attempted to slow themselves down by braking with their heels of their gloved hands and the toes of their boots, but succeeded in only slowing down slightly. Lisa shouted "It's like a slide.

Let's see those bastards try to catch us now!" Maggie did not respond, too shook up as to the fate of Linda and Ashley. By now their rate of descent was such that the friction burned their hands to brake. And as they flew farther down the wormhole, the glowing fungus began appearing in large patches on the walls. "We're in a big corkscrew!" yelled Lisa.

"Can you feel the centrifugal force?" Maggie did. Her transport sled climbing higher on the walls as their speed increased and the tunnel's curves tightened. To try to brake now was impossible. During their flying descent, the fungus had grown thicker and thicker, its glow almost blinding now in the close confines of the wormhole. The fungus had also made the walls slick so even the tips of their boots dragging across the floor failed to offer any significant breaking.

The tunnel exit appeared around the next bend. No time to brake! No time to slow down! Only time to cover their heads and cringe. Just as they exited the wormhole the two women shot under another stream that soaked them as they rocketed out of the wormhole into the cavern.

Blinded for a moment by the bright light, they jolted and bounced across the slightly rugged vegetated floor. When Lisa's eyes adjusted, she saw herself barreling toward a solid wall of yellow vegetation.

Closing her eyes, she slammed into the thick stalks of growth. Her collision tumbled her from her sled, but the field cushioned her fall as she rolled for several yards. Once stopped, she pushed to her knees. She was almost up when Maggie tumbled into her with a wild yell.

She fell in a tumble of arms and legs. 'Well, that was different," Maggie stated, speaking to Lisa's left knee. They untangled themselves and stood up with groans. Bruised everywhere, they glanced around. The field of yellow vegetation, like wheat, stood chest high and spread for thousands of acres across the rolling cavern floor.

Thousands of acres in a brightly lit cavern! The cavern was monstrous! The walls stretched for hundreds of feet above them. The cavern roof, far overhead, glowed with thick fungus, some patches glowing as bright as sunlight! They glanced across the smooth fields that undulated across the wide plain, broken only by tiny groves of spindly trees.

"I don't think we are in Kansas anymore," Maggie stated, with her mouth hanging open. Lisa, being a geologist, was dumbfounded by the magical sight, not even the barest comprehension how a cavern like this could be. Knowledge that this was the largest cavern ever discovered, all others around the world insignificant in comparison, not even mentioning the vegetation or the amount of ambient light given off by the fungus. A rustle of vegetation drew their attention from the panorama.

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From several yards away, something was working through the field towards them, maneuvering around clusters of trees. Too low to be seen except for the wake of bending stalks, like a shark through water. Lisa and Maggie backed away, then Maggie pointed off to the left. Two more wakes arrowed toward them. She studied the field more closely, now noticing three other trails moving in their direction.

Six in all. Maggie backed away, pulling on Lisa's coverall. They stumbled backwards until they stood by the wormhole opening. Their sleds lost somewhere in the field. They stared at the six trails inching slowly toward them. Not good. The nearest one was only ten yards away now. It had stopped and held its position. Waiting. Soon the others had drawn even with it.

The two women frantically looked around for something to use as weapons, but there were no large sticks anywhere and even the loose stones were too small except to be annoying.

"The wormhole?" Maggie asked. "Sounds good to me" Lisa replied. Their words seemed to jar the stalkers in the field. They rushed with lightening speed. With their sudden movement, both women froze crouched by the wormhole, like a deer in headlights. The six creatures burst through the wall of vegetation, then stopped in unison, hunkering on all fours, haunches raised, ready to spring, tails slashing.

They were huge! The size of Great Danes but thick in body like Mastiffs. They were over three feet tall at the shoulder and appeared to weigh at least 225 pounds. They looked like a cross between a wolf and a lion. Amber-furred, a cowl of thick mane around their necks, huge eyes, slitted pupils, long jaws bristling with fierce teeth, and like the other cavern creatures - grossly oversized genitalia the size of a stud pony.

"Freeze," Maggie whispered. "No sudden moves." Lisa wasn't about to move! Still frozen in her crouch, her eyes glued to the six sets of unblinking eyes that stared at her. And she was willing to stay that way for as long as it took, until something shot from the wormhole and grabbed her ankle.

A high-pitched scream in her throat. With Lisa's panicked scream, the furry grip tightened on her ankle, like a closing vise. What the hell? Lisa sprang to the side, yanking her leg and breaking the hold of her attacker. She collided with Maggie. Damn It Lisa! Maggie blurted, her eyes still glued to the pack of slathering wolfish creatures. "Something's in the wormhole. It g-grabbed me." Lisa stammered. Maggie darted a look toward the hole. Nothing was there.

"I don't see any ---Bloody hell!" It was Maggie's turn to hop away from the wormhole as something crawled out of the passage, No, two somethings! "Shit!" Maggie thought at first they were dirty children, naked and covered in filth.

But when they stood up and turned to the two women, she knew she was vastly mistaken. They stood four feet high, very compact, very well muscled, and unclothed. From the exposed grossly oversized genitalia, they were very obviously male. Their oversized monstrously large genitalia was especially contrasted given their small but extremely muscular compact size, their soda can thick penises were restrained upright against their bodies and over their hips, held in place with a leather penis ribbon around their waists.

The length of their penises appeared to be approximately fourteen inches, with testicular ball sacks the size of a bull dangling to their knees. Clearly both women could see the penises were ribbed along the length but also had large bumps evenly spaced along the penises.

Their compact bodies were thickly solid with corded muscles, with oversized thickly muscled disproportionate long arms with powerful hands with long powerful fingers.

The black hair of the two creatures was tied back from their faces with a leather ribbon. Their chests and legs were covered in coarse matted hair. Maggie's first thought was that they faced a hominid or protohuman. Maybe some type of dwarf Neanderthal.

Several of the features supported her supposition: the thick bony brow bulging above huge eyes, the wide blunt nose that sniffed in their direction, the protruding jaws and maxillary bones that created a muzzle-like countenance. Maggie, though, had studied the fossil record of all the hominid and protohuman species. And these breathing specimens conformed to none of them. The closest might be the Australopithecine species, but these creatures were vastly different., The bodies, though thick with corded muscle, was not as bulky as the early hominids, and the neck was too long and slender.

Their ears too were striking: slightly tufted and pointed, they actually swiveled back and forth, wary. None of these features matched the fossil record of any ancient protohumans! And lastly, what researcher would have projected any protohuman in a pictorial representation depicting such hugely oversized penises and testes!

They would have been the laughing stock of the community! Suddenly one of the creatures stepped toward them causing the two women to stumble backwards a step.

The creature turned away and waved a muscular arm toward the pack of beasts and grunted toward them "Unkh! Unkk!" Like a precision drill team, the six huge wolf-like beasts all turned and vanished back into the field. The creature turned back toward the two women, crossing his arms. Lisa spoke out of the side of her mouth. "What do you make of this, Maggie?" "I'm not sure," she said with wonder in her voice. " But I think we've just met another species of our cave dwellers." Damn!

What's with all these cave creatures and their oversized cocks and balls!" Lisa harrumphed. One of the creature's ears swiveled away from them. They both seemed to be listening, their eyelids drifting closed. After several heartbeats, their lids snapped back open, then both creatures began walking away with a rolling sort of gait. Maggie watched them, dying to run a hand over their pelvic structures.

It didn't appear right either, matching none of the hominid species. Who was this? What was this? The creatures walked several yards, then stopped and turned to them, one crossed his arms again.

Waiting. "I think they want us to follow," Maggie said, stepping forward. Lisa touched her elbow, stopping her. "We don't know where in bloody hell they are taking us," she whispered. Lisa raised her voice, calling to the waiting figures. "Hold it right there, hairy buddies. Where are we going?" The creature glanced at Lisa, then both turned and resumed walked away.

Maggie stared at the retreating figures. She had to find out more about these creatures. Deciding she had nothing to lose, she started to follow, calling over her shoulder, "I think it's safe, Lisa.

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They could have let those wolf things attack if they meant us harm." Lisa shook her head, but she followed cautiously. Trailing several yards behind their guides, they were led to a thin path in the field of yellow vegetation. Before the creatures started down the track, each took a long dagger from their leather penis wraps, which was the only article of clothing besides the leather headband ribbon.

The blades were long crystal shards. It was diamond! Lisa held a restraining arm against Maggie's chest, obviously worried that their guides were about to attack. "Dogaomarubi," one of their guides said, as if explaining, hefting up the knife. Lisa nodded. "Uh-huh.

Whatever, little fellas. Just keep those little pokers in your belts." "My god," Maggie said, "he's trying to speak with us.

Verbal communication! It's incredible." The two creatures swung away and led them into the yellow fields. The grain-like seeds at the tip of the stalky vegetation waved above the heads of their guides, while reaching only chest-high on the much taller women.

They had to push down the narrow path, shoving their shoulders through the barrier of vegetation on either side, while their guides seemed to glide down the path without disturbing a single stalk. After an hour they both stumbled more than pushed through the growth. Lisa followed, grunting with effort to haul through the dense growth. "I'd love a machete," she said huffing. "Or a four-wheeler," Maggie added. 'I need a rest." As if in answer, they entered a clearing in the field.

A small creek crossed the path, forded by a well-constructed stone bridge. Their guides waited at the foot of the bridge, sitting on a stone bench, daggers in their hands. "Dogaomarubi," one repeated. He pointed at two rocks.

Maggie looked at Lisa, mystified. Lisa looked at their guide. She watched as their guide pantomimed sitting down. "Dogaomarubi,"he said more forcibly. "He wants us to sit," Maggie said, crossing over to the stone, taking off her pack. "Dogaomarubi must mean 'rest break.'" Lisa sat on a neighboring rock, dropping her pack with a sigh. "Bout Time." The creature that had been trying to communicate crossed over to Lisa and offered her his dagger.

Lisa accepted the dagger. "Thanks.I guess. She turned to Maggie. "So this is a gift? Do I give him something in return?" "I don't know. Cultures vary. Sometimes it's an insult to give a gift in exchange for another." Their two guides stared at them during the conversation. Ears swiveling back and forth as they spoke. Finally, he grunted loudly and stepped forward, snatching the knife from Lisa. He knelt by Lisa's leg and yanked her pants leg up.

Lisa began to snatch her leg away then froze. Maggie saw it too and gasped. "What is that!" Lisa said in a panicky voice. Maggie crossed to examine it closer, bending down beside Lisa. A palm-sized black slug was attached to her shin. As she watched, its body quivered in a wave of undulating tissue; it grew a few millimeters larger. Their guide reached forward with his blade and deftly scooped the creature off Lisa's leg.

Its sucker caught stubbornly on her flesh, then popped free. Two small pink circles with pinpoint holes in the center marked Lisa's leg where the creature had attached. A couple of drops of blood oozed out. "Fucking leeches!" Maggie exclaimed, a shiver ran through her. She stood up and and frantically stripped off her overalls in disgust, standing there in skimpy silk neon pink panties and torn tee-shirt.

Three more parasites were attached to her body. Grimacing, Maggie noticed one had climbed as high as her right buttock. Lisa glanced down at her own coveralls. Suddenly it felt like thousands of the scabrous blood-sucking creatures were crawling up her legs. Knowing it was only her imagination, still she frantically undid her own overalls and climbed out of them, now clad similarly as Maggie, just skimpy silk turquoise panties and extensively torn tee-shirt.

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Holding her breath, she looked down. Two black patches covered her left thigh and there was one on her right. Shit! There was no telling what sort of diseases these slugs were carrying! Lisa, standing in skimpy neon bright silk panties and torn tee-shirt, looked green as her last parasite was extracted by the creature.

Once finished, the guide came back to Maggie with the knife. "I can do this myself," she said, holding her hand out for the knife. Their guide glanced at her hand, then up to her face. She pushed her hand out further, insistent. He paused and seemed to understand.even nodded! He placed the hilt of the knife in her hand. Before pulling her overalls back on, Lisa had decided to search for more of the leeches and had discretely turned her back to the two guides and searched under her tee-shirt making sure none of the nasty things had climbed any higher.

Unknowingly both women in their frantic and disgusted state had caused their nipples to harden in their excited state and were clearly visibly protruding thru the thin worn ripped tight athletic tee-shirts they were both wearing, perspiration had soaked the tee-shirts of both women as they had hiked, the wet tight tee-shirts had become sheer clearly outlining their firm well-endowed breasts, tan lines clearly visible.

Lisa's frantic reactions to get the leeches off had shifted her ripped tee-shirt allowing a small hard nipple to slip into view along with an bare expanse of large firm tanned breast from a large tear in Lisa's tee-shirt. Both women were slightly hyperventilating from the disgust of having leeches on them, not realizing that by removing their overalls and exposing most of their very well toned and muscled deeply tan-contrasted torsos, wearing skimpy panties and torn thin wet tee-shirts with no bras, combined with their frantic jiggling actions and heavy breathing, had instantly grabbed the attention of the two creatures.

The two creatures stared at large unfettered hard nipple breasts repeatedly shifting under the tight, thin and torn wet sheer tee-shirts of the two tall athletic voluptuous women. Their gazes then wandered over the flat muscular six-pack ripped stomachs and lower abdomens of Lisa and Maggie, the curvaceous tightly muscled firm buttocks that the brief silk panties did not fully cover, both creatures wondering at the strange decorative but attractive white contrast lines on the darkly tanned women, not knowing these were tan lines from the skimpy Rio-style bikinis both women favored.

Maggie turned around and let out a huge gasp and Lisa looked at what she was staring at, shocking Lisa to her core. "I think we are getting some very unwanted attention." Maggie whispered. Indeed both creatures had freed their cocks from the penis waist strings and now sported huge erections, swollen to the thickness of a soda can and a full fourteen hard swollen inches. Lisa and Maggie could see the grossly oversized penises throbbing powerfully, the tips of both copiously seeping fluid which dangled in long flowing stringy streams.

The evenly space bumps on the penises had also swollen to a larger size, swollen bumps that made the penises look rough and menacingly brutal. The unguarded blatant displays of sexuality was gripping to both women.

Both Lisa and Maggie looked at each other with trepidation as both women could not help images instantly flashing through their minds of the huge ribbed and rough penises trying to rape them.

Maggie's attention was then riveted to Lisa's exposed tan-contrasted breast and hard nipple. In a low whispered voice she told Lisa to slowly cover her breast back up. A look of horror crossed Lisa's face as she looked down and saw a large portion of bare breast and hard nipple exposed through a large tear in her tee-shirt.

Little consolation was to be found even as both women knew the humongous oversized cocks could not even possibly penetrate their tight passages but extremely fearful of what the two creatures would do in response to their frustrated coitus attempts if they did try to assault them. Lisa and Maggie could see both creatures breathing was agitated, their cocks beginning to flex up and down. One creature tried to touch Maggie, but she jumped back smartly at his brief scorching touch on her bare shoulder, shocked at the inhuman heat that emanated from his palm.

Slowly with unhurried movements the two women reached for their coveralls. The creature again reached with one large powerful hand and placed it firmly on Maggie's shoulder and yanked her toward him, grabbing her from behind and pressing himself tightly against his body. His monstrous erection pressing between the cheeks of her firm ass, reaching up in height, emerging over her tailbone, contrasting it's true enormous size against Maggie's body.

The look of horror on Lisa's face drove Maggie into panic as she could only feel the humongous massive rough organ start slowly and repeatedly sliding up and down pressing against her slick skimpy silk panties - up between the cleft of her buttocks, Maggie imagining in her mind the massive hot member as the size of a baseball bat!

She could feel the beginnings of the copious fluid seeping from his monstrous cock against her back, could feel it running deep down the cleft of her buttocks. She felt the creatures copious secretions run over her anus and then trickle onto her pussy, oddly she felt a tingling sensation begin in and around her intimate areas.

The creature pressed hard against her, Maggie could feel his whole body was vibrating, knew it was from his pent-up sexual tension, he was on the edge. Though both women were almost two feet taller than the two creatures and in outstanding physical shape, they were no match for the immensely strong small creatures. The other creature seized Lisa. Their fears realized, the creatures began stripping the remaining clothing from them. Their exceptionally firm, lithe darkly tan contrasted naked toned skin was exposed, generously full firm breasts topped with small diamond hard nipple and small areolas heaved into view.

Lisa felt a long finger slip inside her panties. With a single pull he shredded her panties, leaving Lisa exposed to the creature's advances, pawing at her exposed and bare genitals, the only hair just a thin decorative strip on her pubic mound. Like a majority of other women their ages, Lisa had grown tired of shaving and waxing her pubic area and had most of the hair removed by laser treatments. Stripped, the two creatures paused staring at their two exquisitely beautiful nude women, obviously fascinated with the skimpy Rio-style bikini tan lines of the two darkly tanned women as they slowly traced with long fingers each of the tan lines, thinking it was some strange but very attractive skin decorations.

Lisa tried to push her creature away but couldn't budge him. She flinched at the shock of one very hot hand clamping onto her left breast as the other slid under her left thigh lifting, dragging her tightly against him until she lay prone with her legs splayed widely on either side of the creature. His monstrously long cock lay on-top of her flat muscular ripped stomach - almost reaching her breasts.

Then, the creature began sniffing Lisa. Inhumanly hot breath upon the her neck. A long powerful thick very hot tongue that must have been six inches in length snaked out and began lavishing her small nipples which had already become diamond hard due to their dire situation and the rough handling they were being subjected to.

The creature repeatedly swiped his long hot tongue under and around Lisa' heaving breasts, alternating licking her small diamond hard nipples. As he pulled slightly back his heavy humongous cock dragged against Lisa's stomach. She could feel the tip of his cock copious weep its secretions onto her lower belly at a impressive rate. Her stomach was saturated and slippery and the leakage was covering her pubic mound and dribbling down onto her pussy, oddly she felt the beginnings of warm tingling sensations on her vagina, then Lisa was startled as she felt a slow heated pulse deep in her groin.

After a few very brief moments the pulse repeated. Then again she felt the hot pulse but this one came sooner than the last one. Just as she finished this thought another one surged powerfully thru her loins shocking her with astonishment at it's intensity, as a growing heat suffused her loins as she realized it was centered in her pussy.

Then without warning the creature pulled back and roughly yanked Lisa's legs widely apart and held them widely splayed, his encircling powerful finger tips around her legs reminding her of their danger as the creature suddenly buried his head between the juncture of her thighs. Lisa felt his hot breath repeatedly snuffling her exposed sex.

His head began pressing tightly against her, she could feel his hot mouth pressing with some force against her hairless pussy while his hot breath snorted upon the area of her clitoris.

Suddenly Lisa shrieked as she felt his long powerful hot thick muscular tongue shoot out and begin forcing it's way into her tight pussy! Lisa began thrashing and continued shrieking as the powerful tongue thrust ever deeper into her tight vaginal passage, ravishing the interior of her vagina, repeatedly thrusting in and out of her vagina. Lisa frantically thrashing and twisting her body heedless of the powerful fingers that kept her legs splayed widely apart as the creature continued savaging her pussy with his six inch long hot thick powerful tongue.

For at least a minute the creature lasciviously ravished Lisa's pussy with his powerful tongue. Lisa quickly became exhausted from her thrashing about trying to break free from the powerful creature and also from the shock of the oral assaulting of her pussy by a tongue that was just as large and long as the cocks of the few men she has had.

Maggie could see Lisa's long tanned legs trembling as the creature continued tongue-fucking her pussy, her hard nipple breasts heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, her flat stomach undulating and her abdominal muscles fluttering under the massive oral assault.

Maggie was astounded by the intense violent oral sexual assault upon Lisa, frozen as she watched Lisa's hips involuntarily began bucking up and down upon the rapine thrusting tongue, momentarily forgetting her own nude body and her own predicament, and of the unusual intense tingling of her most intimate areas where the creature's copious secretions had previously come into contact.

Maggie's own attentive creature seemed content, for now, with just smelling and touching her and tracing her tan lines. Occasionally an equally long powerful hot tongue would snake out and lick her neck or her bare breasts and nipples but it seemed more intent on watching what the other creature did to Lisa and Lisa's reaction - more like he was a spectator at a sporting event!

Suddenly the creature flipped Lisa over onto her hands and knees, Maggie soon found herself in the same position. Maggie felt the creature repeatedly snuffling her sex. Suddenly an incredibly powerful and incredibly hot tongue slashed through her swelling labia openly parting them. Again, and again the creature repeatedly slashed his powerful hot tongue through her parted labia and over her clitoris as he lasciviously licked her pussy.

To her disbelief, Maggie could feel her clit grow hard, what more she could feel herself become intensely aroused despite the horrible situation she and Lisa were in, the tingling sensation in and around her pussy and anus she had felt previously had exponentially increased. Then the creature began darting his tongue into her tight vaginal entrance. Maggie bore down with her Kegel muscles trying to keep his tongue out but his tongue was just too powerful. She began to feel it snaking its way into her vagina.

Disbelief at the size and the heat of the powerful organ, more incredible disbelief at the depth the tongue was delving to, sinuously repeatedly slipping in and out of her pussy. After a minute or so Maggie felt the tongue withdraw then was immediately shocked feeling the sensation of the powerful tongue tip circling her tight anus.

Quickly Maggie bore down with her sphincter creating a tight barrier to this most intimate erogenous area. But Maggie begin feeling the tongue tip batter away at her tight anal entrance, the tip of the tongue darted in and then back out, picking up speed as it thrust repeatedly forward and rapidly withdrew, only to be thrust forward again, the tip just barely penetrating past her anal ring.

It was not long before Maggie could no longer keep her sphincter tightly squeezed and her defenses slowly but rapidly began to break down as she felt the tongue delve deeper past her clenching sphincter.

Then her sphincter became involuntarily spasmodic as the tongue slowly began surging into her, her spasming sphincter allowing greater access. Maggie felt the powerful hot tongue began tongue-fucking her ass, she was shocked that the creature could get his huge long tongue into her small tight ass. It wasn't until some time had past that Maggie realized she was involuntarily undulating her hips onto the deeply ravishing tongue.

Inhumanely hot hands gripped the cheeks of Lisa's firm tan-contrasted ass as the diminutive creature mounted the lithe curvaceous statuesque blonde. The creature began to raise and lower himself against her body and her now widely splayed legs, all her erogenous zones bare and open to the hot massive body pressed against her. Shortly thereafter Lisa felt the just barely tolerable inhuman heat of his humongous slick cock against her pussy, than felt the slick ribbed rough cock began sliding against her swollen labia, the sensation making her labia involuntarily swell even further.

With a shock Lisa quickly realized her swollen labia had openly parted and now were parted and sliding on either side of the cock as the massive shaft was slowly thrust up and down her swollen parted furrows. Lisa could feel each ridge and bump as the huge cock repeatedly sluiced back and forth through her swollen openly parted labia, the way the creature was leaning on her was also forcing her hard clit against the sliding ribbed and bumpy shaft.

Lisa could not comprehend how her body involuntarily had responded nor the quickness of the response! Then Lisa felt the creature nestle his huge immensely broad penis head between her swollen labia lips wedging it directly against her tight vaginal portal. The creature than began exerting tremendous excruciating pressure as he attempted to slowly push the monstrous sized penis head into her small tight vaginal entrance.

Lisa found scant relief with the realization that his immense penis was too huge to ever be able to penetrate her. Lisa was suddenly startled by powerful explosive jets of hot precum blasting against and INTO her vaginal entrance, shocked by the intense heat of the copious fluid now jetting deep into her.

Instantly she felt her loins suffuse with a rapidly growing heat mixed with another unfathomable deep-seated feeling that in her dire straits she did not immediately recognize. Then to Lisa's utter growing horror, shock and incredulity she actually began feeling the soda can sized width penile head ever so incrementally begin to slowly forcing it's way past her tight narrow barrier entrance!

"NO! NO.No. nooooo." Lisa redoubled her efforts to break free as she felt penetration, now not concerned with the width but the length! Her intense struggles unknowingly facilitated further penetration also causing her to involuntarily and unconsciously spread her knees far apart to try to accommodate the massively oversized invasive organ as she began trembling as the pressure increased sending waves of pain through her body, feeling as if she was being split into two, incredulous that the huge thick cock could even enter her small tight vaginal entrance.

Lisa felt the creature lean upon her as it reared back pushing against her tight entrance. Lisa sucked in a deep breath as she felt the huge penis begin to slowly slip into her, stretching her beyond her widest limits, she was unable to let her breath out due to the tremendous force she felt as the monstrous penis slowly invaded deeper into her depths as the creature slowly and deliberately began to fuck her.

Lisa could feel every slow inhumanely hot quarter inch advance deeper as the 14 inch long thick ribbed organ that was visibly swelling to an even greater girth began to slide deeper into her with gentle repeated thrusts that eased a little more in with each thrust.

The brutal knobby ribbed member grated against her smoothly silken, tightly clinging narrow vaginal passage. His cock was only halfway into her vagina with seven inches still remaining to delve into her when Lisa was finally able to let her breath out in a loud drawn-out shrieking scream from being filled as she has never before been filled! With each thrust into her, Lisa felt the creature's massive penis poking far beyond where anything else had gone before, bashing against her tight cervical entrance.

Deep enough that she thought her insides will be forced out of her mouth on the next deep thrust. Low guttural moans escaped her lips as Lisa felt it incredibly slowly buried deeper inside.

Maggie was able to glimpse several glances at Lisa. She was astounded to see that the creature was able to penetrate Lisa with his horse-sized cock, even more shocked that Lisa was able to stretch enough without tearing to accommodate the huge width of the cock, now Maggie wondered if Lisa can accommodate the long length as well.

And what about her own predicament.

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The creature held Lisa tight, using her as his fuck plaything. Lisa was only able to to revert to breathless grunts and moans as she was fucked by the creature. Oddly she realized his knobby ribbed cock no longer grated inside her but had become actually extremely stimulating, each exquisite inch! Lisa was terrified but then became quickly outraged as she felt her body began to quickly betray her, could feel her body involuntarily start to move with the rhythm of the creature.

With a tremendous shock Lisa suddenly realized her clitoris had become hypersensitive! With a trembling hand Lisa reached beneath her and touched her clitoris.

Her tentative touch upon her clitoris sent her into a spasming orgasm, she found she could not remove her manipulating fingers as she unwantedly prolonged her orgasm, stunned finding her clitoris had become swollen way beyond any normal proportions, plainly standing out, visibly throbbing with each beat of her pulsing blood that she could feel between the vee of the two fingers that encircled her protruding clit as she continued the pleasurable ministrations of her fingers.

Lisa felt each rough inch of the impossibly large cock draw out of her tight passage with loud schulrping noises and then plunge back in, traveling deep inside her almost to her core, her firm buttocks quivering with each deep thrust as he repeatedly slammed into her, trying to drive the remainder of his oversized fourteen inch cock into her.

Lisa shifted her position slightly unknowingly aligning her cervical tunnel, the next deep thrust she felt with mounting horror the huge squirting cock slowly push past her dilated cervical entrance and then slowly fucked several inches into her womb feeling the head of the massive cock pushing against the back wall of her womb, then the creature gently began fully seesawing ten inches of his monstrous cock in and out of Lisa while still leaving four inches embedded into her on each withdrawal, fully fucking her with fourteen inches causing Lisa to let out a loud drawn out unhindered lustful groan.

Apparently to get a better angle on her, the creature began leaning backwards pulling Lisa up on him, the creature's new angle and depth of penetration propelling Lisa into an unwanted deep explosive climax as her hips involuntarily began bucking against the creature's thrusts intensifying and prolonging her orgasm. Maggie was shocked to her core with the intensity and loudness of Lisa's screams - orgasmic cries the likes of which Maggie had ever heard anyone ever emit before as the sensation of a thunderous racking orgasm shattered Lisa's trembling body!

Slowly at first and then with increasing intensity, a behavior their species shared, that being the rhythmic thrusting method of copulation of both species, Lisa consciously began thrusting against the creature. Swollen outer and inner labium's tightly clung to the massive organ as it was pumped in and out of Lisa's tight narrow vaginal sheath. The fucking was very human in duration and surprisingly tender, the humongous cock was now somewhat but still not easily being plunged into her, which further increased the passion as the hot member slowly pistoned into Lisa's powerfully contracting pussy, almost withdrawing then plunging deep into her tight rhythmical contracting depths.

Again and again the creature brought Lisa to numerous thunderous screaming climaxes, pounding away at the exquisitely beautiful voluptuous statuesque woman with inhuman vigor.

Maggie despite the horror of their situation could not help herself from becoming aroused as she watched her beautiful friend being raped by this creature with his monstrously oversized cock.

Watching the creature ream orgasm after screaming orgasm out of Lisa with his monstrously over-sized cock. With a start Maggie realized that what started as rape no longer fit this situation as Maggie watched Lisa enthusiastically and lustfully fuck back against the creature!

Watched as Lisa's overheated pussy almost totally engulf the entire 14 inch long thick cock, as it surged again and again deep into her! Lisa began feeling a swelling protuberance banging against her vaginal entrance, like a ball trying to be forced in, several thrusts later and with an intentional hard thrust back by her, it passed through and simultaneously she felt the deeply embedded cock tip push firmly against the back wall of her uterus.

Finally, fourteen full massive inches were gently sawing in and out of her as the thrusting again very, very slowly picked up tempo and as more and more cock was withdrawn with loud sucking noises and then fully thrust back in with loud squishing noises. "Fuck, Fuck, FUCK, YES! Fuck me you brute! Slam my cunt! FUCK ME!" Lisa howled, shocking Maggie to her core with Lisa's passionate outburst.

Shocked at Lisa's lust fueled furious primal actions as she forcibly fucked herself violently onto the huge cock! Maggie was astounded and bewildered how Lisa could take such a massively thick and massively long cock. Nor of the unrestrained primal lust and fury of the animalistic fucking that Lisa was exhibiting.


Never before had Maggie witness such a magnitude and intensity of primal raw intense sexual display the likes of which Lisa was displaying with every fiber of her being, nor was aware that a woman was capable of such a sexual fury!

For a moment Maggie was mesmerized by Lisa's firm heavy hard nipple breasts heaving back and forth with Lisa's furious assault upon the huge cock, then Maggie felt her own creature begin to be more attentive. The massive cock was now thrusting deeply in and out of Lisa's womb, powerfully stimulating her womb; amazingly the shaft was still slowly swelling in girth, gaining another inch to four massive thick inches!

Lisa now feeling the hot ejaculating fluid deep within, feeling not only the massive thrusting organ but a building pressure of fluid akin to a water balloon being slowly filled inside her womb, which combined will soon culminate into an intense powerful first ever uterine orgasm!

Lisa then became aware of a swelling to huge proportions at the inside entrance of her pussy that was exerting tremendous pressure against her G-Spot.

In her depravity, it felt wonderful, a hot hard fleshy bulge swelling to immense proportions, swelling to the size of a softball that she ground against with lust, feeling it press against her sensitive G-Spot, feeling powerful hot jets squirting deep into her body, a hot filling warmth developing.

Lisa loudly moaned un-abashedly and rocked her hips and ass into the humongous cock, feeling the huge bulge grind away at her G-Spot, feeling heavy balls resoundingly slap against her hard protruding hypersensitive clitoris, reveling in the jets of hot fluid that continued to spurt deep inside of her. She could not believe the overwhelming sexual hyper-sensations nor the ravenous insatiable sexual hunger she was awash in.

The only thing she wanted to do is FUCK, FUCK and then FUCK some more!!! She could not get enough! And it did not matter with who or with what! No cock was too long! No cock was too thick, to plunge into the incredibly tight, molten volcanic chasm that her vagina and uterus had become. The only thing that mattered in this moment of time was to feel the sensation of SOMETHING repeatedly thrust and plunge exquisitely deep into her - to assuage the uncontrollable and insatiable primal lust that emanated deep within her sexual core.

To trigger the cataclysmic orgasmic explosions churning within. She even felt an overwhelming hungry desire to feel a huge long cock slamming repeatedly balls deep into her small tight shapely ass something that was contrary to the few just bearable but uncomfortable previous experiences with anal sex. Lisa, lost in the throes of passion and pleasure, had mistakenly thought the creature had been ejaculating into her. Then the tip of the huge cock began repeatedly flexing upwards two inches from the force of each of the powerful explosive pre-ejaculations erupting from the tip.

Lisa deeply moaned each time she felt the tip moving deep within her and then again from the hot pre-cum blasting onto, then rebounding off the walls of her womb, triggering her first ever uterine orgasms.

The hot pre-cum was exploding deep into her womb like a fire hose squirting hot water in powerful explosive pulses; she could feel each jet of cum hitting the walls of her womb. It seemed endless. Lisa could feel her pussy and womb swelling even further from the inside, suffused with the blood rushing from other parts of her body to their sexual and reproductive organs as well as from the immense quantity of adrenaline and sexual hormones being dump into her system, triggered by the furiously intense fucking, and from the copious quantity of fluid being ejaculated into her.

The softball size bulge just inside her vaginal entrance kept the cock and pre-cum locked inside her pussy, there was nowhere for it to go. Suddenly Lisa was overwhelmed by the most intense repeated body racking earth shattering shuddering multiple orgasms she had ever experienced and loudly screamed with ecstasy as the triple whammy of uterine, G-Spot and clitoral orgasms overtook her which triggered the creature into his own immensely powerful orgasm.

Suddenly the creature let out a hot triumphant roar hot upon her neck. Lisa felt a powerful surge thru the long length of the thick cock tightly embedded into her, felt a large bulge slowly travel up the immense length of the cock toward the cock tip, then she felt an incredible pressure as the cock head suddenly flared to massive proportions inside her womb, expanding three times it's normal size, locking the flared head tightly within.

Lisa felt the bulge reach the deeply embedded cock tip and incredibly felt the head flare even more. Suddenly an incredible voluminous amount of hot cum explosively erupted directly into her womb with extreme force, she felt copious hot semen hydro-blasting the walls of her womb, instantly triggering another very vocal earth shattering orgasm, her womb filling and swelling.

A volcanic explosion of fiery incandescence blazed within her womb as the seemingly lava hot copious fluid filled her pussy and womb by what felt like endless eruptions within her!

Lisa felt an intense heat suffuse her abdomen, the increasing fluid pressure combined with her blood and hormone swollen sexual and reproductive organs, felt a tremendous pressure begin ballooning as her womb expanded from the immense endless volume being pumped into her.

It felt like a balloon was being inflated with hot water inside her uterus! These powerful copious ejaculations lasted for five full minutes, filling Lisa's womb completely and visibly distending her once flat taut and ripped muscular abdomen from the volume.

Finally after she thought she was going to explode from the fluid pressure, the creature's copious ejaculations diminished but did not quite stop as she could feel an occasional surge, cock twitch and then a jet of hot cum erupt inside her. The softball size bulge swollen inside the entrance of her vagina begin to shrink and after another five minutes, the creature started slowly tugging on the still quite sizable bulge: first one slanted edge of the bulge very slowly edged out side ways, then the other side slowly edged out, briefly hanging up at her tight portal, and then the still massively swollen cock very slowly slithered forth with loud prolonged schlepping noises, then the still flared tip begin to emerge, flared just like a horse's penis, again momentarily hanging up in Lisa's tight vaginal entrance, then began slowly easing out as it was gently tugged out with repeated small tugs, revealing a flared spongy cock head the size of a large orange, amazingly the humongous cock was still slightly ejaculating.

Lisa collapsed and with a loud moan rolled over onto her back with all her limbs splayed. With disbelief Maggie saw that Lisa's formerly small tight vaginal entrance was now agape from the size of the creature's massive cock but also from the pressure of the immense volume of cum now gushing explosively out of her pussy in a torrential waterfall! Maggie was astonished at how much cum was flooding out of Lisa! It seemed much more than a quart had flooded out and it was still pouring out!

As cum continued to pour out in torrents, Lisa was loudly moaning from feeling the hot liquid emerging. Her swollen distended labia lips were still opened like petals of a flower and pulsating slowly.

Each contraction squirted cum out in an arching stream as Lisa experienced a final very vocal earth shattering orgasm from the outpouring sensations. Then Lisa appeared to pass out. MAGGIE The creature was consumed with lust as he gazed at Maggie's tight tan-contrasted firm buttocks. A long thickly muscled arm reach out and the creature place a hand between Maggie's shoulder blades and slowly with relentless pressure forced Maggie's upper torso downwards causing Maggie's firm curvaceous ass to tilt up.

Maggie knew it was now her turn to be ravished by this creature. Once in position the creature again stared with lust at the beautiful erogenous zones laid bare to him, undecided which to go at first.

He stared at the small firm tan-contrasted beautiful moons of her parted ass-cheeks, his gaze drop lower over her small tight anus, then slowly lower to her hairless vagina, seeing that Maggie's swelling labia had partially parted in her head-down kneeling position.

Maggie felt the creature mount her and then with shock she felt him began slowly pushing his oversized monstrously inhuman sized penis against her tight anus. Maggie was terrified the creature was intent on ravishing her tight ass with his huge cock.

Then Maggie experienced jet after powerful jet of penile secretions rocket directly into her anal entrance and surge deep up into her. Within seconds and with a tremendous shock, Maggie felt her anal muscles start powerful involuntary contractions, which intensified as more jets of fluid were injected past her convulsing tight anal ring. Suddenly, like a tight, sucking mouth, the small tight anal ring of Maggie's ass began slowly spreading and then slowly begin slipping around the mammoth gently pressing cock head, then Maggie began feeling in exquisite detail each ridge and bump of the monstrous sized shaft as it incrementally begin passing her tightly gripping sphincter.

Shocked disbelief that something that huge could actually go in her tight ass! As Maggie felt the invasion began into her tightly clenching anal ring she began screaming from the initial pain, but the screams did not stop the creature - on the contrary it just encouraged him.

The pain slightly let up to being bearable as the humongous head got past her tight spasmodic anal ring, Maggie now feeling a pulsing flood of hot fluid jetting powerfully directly and deeply up into her rectum… The creature began slow short strokes into her tight passage, his strokes being slowed by the tight grip of her anal ring as well as her tight passage, relentlessly and gradually getting deeper.

Maggie felt her tight anal ring repeatedly expand and then contract with each bump of the ribbed shaft, akin to a studded dildo, as it slowly and incrementally began rippling in and out of her tight ass and tightly clinging passage. Maggie was still able to retain some reasoning ability despite her state and situation as she suddenly realized the huge penis invading her most intimate area should be by all reasoning causing her unbearable pain but the level of pain she was experiencing was bearable, and through the pain, Maggie detected to her disbelief an ever increasing undeniable state of arousal!

Despite her incredible situation Maggie had a sudden epiphany! The copious secretions from the creature's penises not along provided a very slick efficient lubricant but also must contain some rapidly acting sexual hormonal stimulant! What else could explain her own undeniable state of rising intense arousal despite the rapine situation both women had found themselves in and Lisa's inexplicable capability to completely accommodate the huge penis and her multiple orgasms!!!

Maggie herself unwittingly began evoking both moans of pain and desire as she became adjusted to his width and was able to slightly relax, remembering the visual images of Lisa and of Lisa experiencing numerous intense body racking volcanic orgasms - orgasms of such intensity, duration and frequency that she had ever seen anyone experience or heard of let alone herself! Orgasms that left Lisa physically and mentally exhausted to the point where she had fainted! Remembering what Lisa had just experienced prevented Maggie from succumbing to paralyzing fear, herself always having been multi-orgasmic and also having always enjoyed anal sex, even experiencing orgasms but never with anything as large as what this creature had stoutly slung between his legs!

Maggie glanced over to where Lisa lay in an emotional and physical stupor on her back with all her limbs splayed widely, her small nipples still diamond hard on her large firm breasts, her well-fucked gaping pussy in clear view, Lisa's clitoris as well in plain view visibly swollen to a surprising extent, Maggie could see her clitoris pulse with each beat of Lisa's heart, copious amounts of semen still pouring out of Lisa's pussy forming a large puddle, with a shock she realized it must have been over a quart forming the large puddle!

An intense inferno of sexual heat and lust began overwhelming and began consuming Maggie - indeed the creatures copious penile secretions did contain a powerful fast reacting sex hormone stimulant. Her own sex hormone glands artificially stimulated went into instant hyper-drive overproduction, dumping massive quantities of sex hormones into Maggie's system, Maggie feeling the unbelievable swelling of her reproductive and sexual organs to vastly enlarged states way beyond any normal human conception.

Intense, unbelievable levels of sexual arousal beyond any human experience began surging through her body, feeling her labia lips swell to fullness like never before. Her swollen, distended heated labia lips visibly pulsating had spread apart like the petals of a flower exposing her tight vaginal entrance. Her clitoris was also swollen way beyond normal proportions and became hypersensitive, plainly standing out and visibly throbbing with each beat of her pulsing blood.

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Maggie experiencing a sexual libido way beyond any human experience! Maggie found if she began to sinuously move her backside as she tilted her ass up further what little pain remained vanished and was overtaken by a great pressure of thrusting fullness that crept ever deeper into her as the creatures began feeding her long strokes as her now undeniable arousal rose. Maggie grunted with each slow sinuous thrust of it's long thick cock that gradually eased itself in a little deeper, opening up new virgin territory inside her.

Under the relentless buffeting of the creature, the sweaty grunting woman's mind secretly longed for the coming seminal flood that was sure to come as an unbidden smile came to her lips as again she remembered the numerous volcanic orgasms Lisa had just experienced! And with this thought Maggie experienced her first body racking orgasm.! Maggie felt an undeniable swirling zeal of pleasure, surging up from her clenched opening into her abdomen.

Then her muscles and inflamed passion just went wild, and she started slowly thrusting back, driving herself further and further down onto his very long and very thick massive member… Soon, Maggie realized she had taken in almost 14 inches of his length comfortably.

A shaky breath escaped her lips, and soon she felt him start to almost fully withdraw, slowly and deliberately, before plunging deeply in. Maggie felt her creature's tempo slowly build and a tingly feeling began in her swollen and hyper sensitive clitoris and deep within her rectum, then spreading warmth throughout her body signaling yet another orgasm.

Her breathing became quicker, each breath raspier, more labored and louder, much louder as her arousal grew. The incredible feeling in her clitoris, inside her vagina and deep within her ass was excruciating! Maggie wanted to explosively orgasm! Her pussy contracted involuntarily, clutching, grasping in time with her anal contractions.

She gasped again and then began rhythmically breathing in and out in time with the thrusts. The creature filled her in a delicious deep way; size and ribbed shaft creating a delicious friction and extreme fullness against the tightly clinging walls of her rectum, while her outer anal ring gripped his pistoning cock in a rippling pulsating tight intimate embrace.

Incredibly, she felt his cock growing even larger inside her, increasing the friction. Her sexual delirium mounted as another countless orgasm exploded in her brain and aftershocks reverberated through her nervous system and racked her shuddering body. Maggie was close to fainting from the onslaught her body was enduring and craving aken within her, causing her body to heat up further, her passage to become tighter and cause more secretions.

The creature began madly thrusting into her tight backside, pulling out until her tight convulsing anal ring grasped his broad cockhead before again thrusting his fourteen inch cock deep into her ass. With each quickening thrust, her heavy firm hard nipple breasts swayed with each pounding thrust. She bit her bottom lip to stifle a loud scream, and relaxed beneath the creature, allowing him to exploit every inch of her, as she rubbed her clit bringing herself to the brink of another orgasm.

She felt the creatures cock began to throb powerfully and unbelievably began to swell further. The creature powerfully pulled Maggie hard against him and kept her pressed tightly against him with his oversized cock buried to its hilt deep inside her backside. She could feel a bulge forming inside her just past her sphincter; a slight tremble ran through her body as she felt the size increasing, begin swelling to an unbelievable size.

As it continued to expand the beginnings of doubt and the edge of fear started emerging, and then Maggie felt the creatures hips shake, his head tilted up as he let as with the other creature, a sudden hot triumphant roar hot as he repeatedly drove deep into her ass.

With unbearable desire Maggie anticipated what was to come, and soon she felt the thick long shaft in her clinging tightness start to powerfully pulse, feel the progression of a thick bulge pass through the tight anal ring and felt every inch of travel as the bulge slowly moved up toward the cock tip, then felt even more incredible pressure as the cock head flared deep inside her rectum and expand four times it's normal size, then felt the bulge reach the deeply embedded cock tip.

Explosively Maggie felt seemingly endless titanic volcanic eruptions of tremendous pressure and molten heat explode deep in her ass filling her loins with seemingly endless explosions of hot copious semen, repeated hot shuddering blasts exploded from his powerfully lurching member streaming deep into her bowels - driving away and banishing any thought of the immense growing proportions of the bulge still swelling just inside past her very tight sphincter.

Maggie felt the hot voluminous streams repeatedly explode deep within her, could intensely feel blast after hot blast exploding deep within her, akin to a hot water hose being rapidly turned on and off, on and off, repeatedly, could feel an immense pressure building within from the hot voluminous fluid being pumped in.

She shuddered and started to scream, louder and louder with each mind numbing contraction and each powerful eruption of his cock deep within her, filling her as never before with an enormous amount of hot cum, throwing her over the edge into her own earth shattering body racking screaming orgasm.

As wave after wave of pure exhilaration washed over and through her Maggie slipped into a world not experienced before. All senses slowed down to a state of slow motion as she tried to press herself further down upon the massive shaft.

For a full 5 minutes the creature continued to pump Maggie full, she felt each powerful hot ejaculation deep within her, the hot volume building into an incredible pleasurable pressure and deep spreading warmth. Again Maggie screamed with unbefore heard passion with the sensation as another body racking orgasm shattered her body.

Finally, after a further 10 minutes the massive cock and bulge in Maggie started to reduce in size. The creature slowly exerted a continuous gentle pull as he held Maggie's hips, it still felt to Maggie like she was trying to pass a baseball. Fortunately the hormonal sexual stimulant was attenuating any pain and it was just a feeling of massive pressure trying to emerge but finally the ball size bulge shrank further to begin slowly emerging and the creature was able to slowly pull himself out of her tightly clenched ass, which was still involuntarily rhythmically contracting from the powerful sexual stimulant secretions.

Maggie gently moaned with pleasure, as he slowly withdrew. As the humongous cock slowly and sinuously withdrew it made very loud prolonged slurping sounds, as inch by slow inch withdrew from deep within Maggie.

As the still flared cock head hung up at her anal entrance, a powerful orgasm ripped through Maggie and during the release of the orgasmic contraction a final loud suction slurping POP! was heard as the cock head was violently expelled by another contraction. Maggie's flat muscular abdomen was visibly distended from the volume. Her tight anus was still repeatedly contracting slowly.

Each contraction/relaxation cycle explosively jetted a powerful stream of hot cum out of her convulsing ass for several feet; each stream elicited a gentle moan from her as she felt the hot voluminous liquid repeatedly erupting like a hot geyser… her contracting abdomen visibly going down with each powerful squirt.

Maggie experienced a final earth shattering body racking orgasm that was loudly shrieked echoing and rebounding from the cavern walls and then Maggie collapsed almost senseless. Lisa and Maggie laid almost senseless. Both women slowly and sensuously writhed in a sexual stupor, slowly caressing their bodies. Their minds and bodies in extreme sensory overload, awash in massively artificially induced sexual hormones and endorphins by the creatures secretions.

An insatiable sexual inferno blazed through every inch of their beautiful statuesque voluptuous athletic bodies. An undeniable and overwhelming wanton primal need to be be repeatedly fucked, coursed hotly through their lithe firm bodies.

The two creatures themselves were just temporarily satiated. Both creatures heard noises and looked up to see a few more males from the village coming down the path. Accompanying the new arrivals were two of the huge wolf-like creatures. As these new males saw what awaited them they freed their own penis waist ribbons and by the time they got to where Maggie and Lisa lay in sexual euphoric stupor, all were sporting full copiously weeping erections.

PART 2 Maggie and Lisa awoke to find themselves in a small intimate dim cavern laying nude together on a large crudely made but stout soft bed with some type of light woven covering over them. Maggie opened her eyes to see Lisa looking at her, Lisa gave her a weak smile. "By some miracle Linda and Ashley are here with us but they are still asleep." Lisa stated and pointed over to a dim part of the cavern. Linda and Ashley were laying in a similar bed against the cavern wall, their nude bodies entwined with each other.

"Damn! My pussy and ass are sooo sore! It feels like I have been fucked by a stud donkey No, make that a herd of donkeys!" Maggie stated. "And how would you know what it is liked to be fucked by a donkey?" Lisa inquired with a silly inquisitive grin with one highly arched eyebrow cocked at her.

Maggie laughed as she lightly punched Lisa in her shoulder. "Well those creatures are certainly hung the same as donkeys!" Maggie replied with mirth. "I think I may have had my curiosity satisfied about all those Tijuana donkey stories and then some!" Maggie added.

Lisa gave Maggie an incredulous look and then both dissolved into laughter! Miraculously they saw their backpacks were also present against the far wall along with a jumble of their boots. They both hopefully wished the backpacks still contained their gear, samples and what little clothing they had, already knowing that if any clothing remained it was the ones they had placed at the bottom of the packs as they were no longer wearable with the extensive rips and tears in them.

A noise came from the opening of the dim alcove they were laying in and Lisa and Maggie saw one of the creatures sitting in the doorway. As he came to his feet with the aid of a stout staff and the way he shuffled towards them they could tell he was obviously old.

He stopped and reached into a niche and brought out a partially enclosed bowl with a wick in it. He struck some sparks from a flint and lit a wick which barely provided enough illumination to see the dim features of the small cavern. As he shuffled closer a low chuckle came from him as he observed Lisa's and Maggie's consternation. Slowly he sat down cross-legged about five feet from the two women while Lisa and Maggie sat upright cross-legged, clutching the covering to themselves.

Surprisingly, in halting and barely understandable Romanian he began speaking to Lisa and Maggie telling them to calm themselves as no harm would come to them. Lisa inquired who are you? The Old One slowly shook his head and then explained. "Many, many, many thousands of years we were forced underground by your ancestors as they appeared and then spread throughout our home range. We could not compete with their skills, their adaptability. .their intelligence.

So we retreated into these extensive caverns as our refuge. Over the intervening centuries, during rare occasions when our food sources became scarce, we ventured to the above-earth at night to forage for food at isolated homesteads and small villages. Unfortunately our young males could not control their lusts when they came upon the above-earth women. These forays gave rise to the above-earth superstitions, which, until recently, protected us. The above-earth folk call us the Blajini.

Suddenly four of the male Blajini appeared and tried to get past the Old One but he barred their path with his staff. Both women noted these males were clean and groomed unlike the other two they first encountered. The intentions of the males were quite obvious by the looks they gave Maggie and Lisa but made unmistakeably very clear by their physical reactions and the state of their aroused genitalia. Words were not spoken but Lisa and Maggie could see the intensity of the Old One eyes staring down the four males and the four males went quickly away.

The Old One turned back around to the two women and resumed speaking "I am here to protect you from any further ravishment by my people, unfortunately due to my age I was unable to get to you sooner and the males had taken each of you several times. Usually after the first ravishing it leaves the above-earth women temporarily senseless. At times, continued ravishment had left some above-earth women addled for long periods, with only one driving mad thought to - copulate over and over again until they are exhausted!

As you can see we were also able to rescue your two companions from the Big Ones. Unfortunately it is too soon to tell if they have been affected like this but they had been with the Big Ones for some time and subjected to numerous ravishings - and they are much larger than us in all aspects.

The Old One said this with a very direct look at Lisa and Maggie. Maggie asked "who are the Big Ones?" The Old One shook his head "the Big One's are also Blajini a few of our wayward children who chafed at our strict regimes that we have had to establish over the many long years to keep our existence secret as well as to conserve scant cavern resources - thus our reduced body size.

They ran away from the village to live away from us and became "Wildlings". There is a food source in other caverns that we long ago identified that would cause a drastic increase in our size and cause other alterations to the body as well as the mind. It is one of our prohibitions to not use it because of these effects as it would affect our scant natural resources if our body sizes increased, not to even mention what it does to our minds. The Wildlings utilize this food source as well as what we supply them.

Luckily the food source makes them sterile so it balances out our very restricted ecosystem. "What about those six animals that almost attached us?" Ah! Those are called 'LUP', descendants of cave wolves, only much larger as they too partake of the food source of the other caverns which affects their body size. While it is true they would have attacked you, it would only be to ravish you as well! They are somewhat docile from our attempts to domesticate them but they retain a wildness about them.

We have to protect our own females from them. They are few in number but they like to ravish females of both of our species if they are able to.

Occasionally one or more of the Lup venture from the caverns to above-earth, helping perpetuate above-earth superstitions about huge underworld rapine beasts roaming the mountains and dense forests terrorizing the females of your species. The Old One explained their small village is overseen by a few others like himself - elders that also possessed genetic memories and like him, have some rudimentary capability in the above-earth language.

The Blajini were few in number because of poor fecundity. As the discussion and explanations continued, both Lisa and Maggie had unconsciously slowly dropped the bed covering to their laps, heedless of their nude state, exposing the upper half of their bodies, so engrossed with what they were hearing and learning.

Then Maggie, ever the evolutionary biologist, hesitantly asked the Old One "Can you explain how the big and small Blajini as well as the Lup possess such extraordinarily large sexual organs that is in such disproportion to the body sizes?" The Old One gave Lisa and Maggie a small amused smile and then said "As I have already mentioned, there are not many of us because we are not a fertile people but we are long lived.

From the old stories and memories passed down from generation to generation it has always been so, and it is told we males have always been very well endowed when compared to your own kind. The elders have always supposed that it is again due to competition for scant resources even when we lived above ground, and combined with our low fertility, we had developed the way we are to improve our chances for successful fertilization.

Hence, not only our large endowment but also the large quantity of seed we produce. It was also another contributing factor that drove us underground the jealousy of your male ancestors.

Your female ancestors loved to rut with Blajini males when the opportunities arose! Maggie hesitated asking the next question "But your females are the same size as your males, how is it not painful for them to copulate with the males? How is it they not injured? Why was it we did not feel any pain beyond the first few moments???" Surprisingly the Old One started chuckling "Ahhh, you wonder about the great mysterious secret?

Perhaps you yourselves are not forthcoming with what all four of you exceptionally alluring females actually experienced? If only you could have stepped out of your bodies and observed your own selves rutting with great enthusiastic unrestrained passion with the males! The intense passion, the sexual bliss! Do you not recall the great flaring of our thick penis heads deep in your wombs? Our hot seed exploding into you and flooding your interior, expanding your wombs with the immense quantity?

The massive knotting of the base of our penises locking you to the male? Our women tell us it is most sexually rewarding feeling these things - especially the knotting as it grinds at a most pleasurable point in our women! Based on your reactions, the female of your species have this same pleasure spot! Do you not recall the immense sexual satisfaction each one of you experienced over and over again?

Do you not recall straddling a male and taking on two males at once! How furiously you drove yourselves repeatedly onto the massive shafts until you were fully embedded on both in each of your two tight entrances! Do you not remember the Lup? The animalistic frenzy the Lup released within you! Within all of you! Maggie and Lisa was furiously blushing as they did somewhat remember the initial time, the sexual physical events that transpired.and the overwhelming insatiable ravenous sexual hunger that took over mind and body hazily they began remembering the numerous others times that the Old One stated had happen, Lisa and Maggie developing deep blushes as hazy details began coming forth.

Lisa was holding hands with Maggie under the cover, her hand deep in Maggie's lap, Lisa could feel an increasing heat emanating from Maggie's naked loins. Maggie leaned over and whispered in Lisa's ear "he is describing their penis head flares out and locks in the uterus when it ejaculates just like a stud horse, donkey or pony, and the knotting is like what happens with canines, the base of the penis swells to a large knot and locks inside the female.

Some species like Great Danes and Mastiffs can have knots the size of a softball! Both are evolutionary designs to ensure a successful breeding. And he must be talking about the knot rubbing against our G-spot! Lisa felt herself furiously blushing further. She had instantly figured out what the Old One was talking about, and hearing Maggie relating it to horse and dog sexual anatomy and behavior, as well as their own shared G-spot anatomy with the Blajini females, was fanning the uncontrollable growing heat she felt in her pussy and the undeniable, unbelievable feeling that she was getting intensely aroused!

Maggie's hand was tightly gripping Lisa's hand under the cover, tightly holding hot hands deep in Maggie's lap. The Old One noted the acute embarrassment of Lisa and Maggie, the deep red flush that had crept down their necks to their chests, their small nipples hard on the large firm exposed bare breasts of both women, their increased respiration's, as they constantly shifted in their sitting positions.

Then the Old One continued speaking with a wide friendly amused grin upon his features "I will tell you what this secret is. If you remember, our penises copiously weep prior to copulating. These secretions as well as our seed contain a powerful fast acting aphrodisiac, and as you both know all too well - that it is extremely effective on females of your species as well!

Even more effective than on our own females even your two friends could take on the repeated ravishings of the largest of the Big Ones without injury and with great pleasure and enthusiasm! Did you not feel the sudden heat suffuse your loins, the heated pulsing in your most intimate areas, the sudden intense arousal, the undeniable desire, the deep primal lust that arose and consumed you the primal sexual need, the ravenous sexual hunger that took over your bodies and minds demanding to be repeatedly satiated?" Suddenly Lisa realized that Maggie was pressing their held hands tightly against Maggie's own hotly aroused bare pussy!

Lisa could feel her hot slickness, her slick labia swelling and parting, Maggie's hard protruding clit rubbing against her knuckle! To Lisa's astonishment she felt her own hand involuntarily respond, the knuckles of her hand begin pressing tightly against Maggie's hard clit, her knuckles slowly moving up and down between the openly parted labia repeatedly bumping Maggie's clit. Neither women could find the tiniest amount of willpower to stop their increasing arousal nor their physical actions!

Discretely both women tried to conceal what they were doing but flushed faces and necks, exposed hard nipple bare breasts, increased breathing and subtle movements under the covers did not escape the keen observations of the Old One.

Seeing their reactions the Old One's chuckles dissolved into guffaws. "Don't mind me, I may no longer be able to rut like the young ones but at least I can still talk like I can and still get a reaction from two extremely pretty females! I can see that the both of you are still affected to some extent by our great mysterious secret and it still remains to what extent your two companions are also affected but I already suspect it will be to a greater extent!" "One last warning about the Lup." the Old One stated.

"They also possess the same aphrodisiac qualities as our males and it works cross-species as well. The Lup will take you if given another opportunity, and they are not as gentle as our males, especially if they are in a pack. Once under the effect, you will not be able to control yourselves!" Startled, Lisa and Maggie quickly glanced at each other and saw that the other had a renewed blush upon them.

Both imaginations instantly rampant of visions of the Lup with pony sized cocks and balls, the knotting ability of a canine. The last triggering visions of the Lup, cornering them, no one to help. "As you have already notice we recovered your belongings and we have not touched anything except to wash what little clothing we found and these were already worse for wear. We know the above-ground folks wear clothing and as you have already discerned we do not because of the constant temperature in the caverns and our high internal body heat.

I'm afraid what clothing you were wearing at the time was pretty well shredded in the lust of the moment by our males except for your footwear. It would be best if you cover yourselves as well as you can when I take you around our village and the surrounding area, as is you will instantly attract the lust of our males.

I will have to be constantly with you or my To-Be-Elder-In-Training - if not for our protection, they will ravish you again, and repeatedly. I can provide cutting tools and some of these covers to make clothing if wish. And remember there are the Lup. Even though they are somewhat tame, a few live in our village having been adopted. Our females have learned to drive off the solitary Lup males when they get too interested, but two or more Lup and it becomes a different situation.

Once your two companions regain their senses and hopefully not be too addled and regain their strength, my To-Be-Elder-In-Training will lead you the way out back to the above-earth.

Once we extract promises from you regarding our existence." Lisa said would make do with what clothing they had, she and Maggie were anxious to see the village and surrounding area and did not want to waste the time making something to cover themselves with.

Maggie then explained how they came to be in the caverns on the research expedition and explained what a National Park is and how this area has been designated as such. With their documentation they could get an international governing body (United Nations) to also designate the area as a World Heritage Site with extensive strict protective measures and restrictions of future people into the caverns.

The Old One said he would take this to the Elder Council of which he was head. There would be no disagreement, they were an extremely peaceful folk never having known violence or jealousy with the exception of the proclivity of their lustful males and the rare occasional foray to the above-earth to sate themselves with human females. He then told Lisa and Maggie to get dressed and he will await them on the outside of the alcove and then will take them on their first foray while To-Be-Elder-In-Training safeguards their two still sleeping companions.

Lisa and Maggie pulled out their sorry torn clothing that they had discarded days before as no longer fit to be worn and had stuffed down in the bottom of their backpacks. While the clothing had been cleaned by the Blajini, each of them only had the one set of overalls, extensively ripped and torn, likewise their tee-shirts, and even their silk panties. Each of them had only brought one athletic bra and none were present - lost back in the caverns where the Big Ones initially assaulted them.

They sorted through Linda and Ashley's packs and their clothing was no better condition and no extras. "Perhaps we spoke too hastily about not making something to cover ourselves." Lisa said Maggie stated "To Hell With This! I'm not sitting in here making something to wear when we have this astounding discovery to explore and document!

We will just have to make do with what we have. Maggie and Lisa donned the pitiful clothing they had but still there were a lot of intimate areas and expanses of bare breasts left almost totally exposed. There was only one intact strap on each of the coveralls they each had, the others having been ripped off and no way to improvise another strap. The torn tee-shirts they had, had to be tied off under their breasts.

As they walked exploring the small village with their escort they constantly had to pull on and shift their ripped tee-shirts to recover bared breasts and nipples. It was another day before Linda and Ashley awoke. The two women ate ravenously then went back to sleep curled up naked with each other. They re-awoke in the early afternoon and Maggie and Lisa then had an opportunity to fully explain what happened and the current situation.

That night Lisa and Maggie were awaken by the noises that Linda and Ashley were making having sex with each other! As Maggie lowly and hotly whispered into Lisa's ear, "it is one of the side-effects that the Old One told us about, I can feel myself becoming aroused listening to them, but I have been that way ever since we got in bed together!" Lisa whispered "Me Too!" Listening as their two companions went after each other and the lustful un-restrained noises they were making, Lisa and Maggie both felt their own arousal increase exponentially - an arousal that would not be denied, then Lisa and Maggie quickly experienced their first of many bisexual experiences.

It took another day of recovery for Linda and Ashley with a repeated night of passion between all four women. At one time, each of them had discussed the wonder of their newly found bi-sexuality. None of them had ever done this before with their other girlfriends beyond some playful kissing and groping while in high school and their university years, usually while intoxicated at parties.

All admitted it felt natural and a great way to release pent-up sex and stress. Linda and Ashley had recovered sufficiently to accompany Lisa and Maggie on their little excursions, escorted and protected by either the Old One or Elder-To-Be-In-Training.

The small village had well over a hundred dwellings, carved into the cavern wall. The grouping of homes was crowded in a scalloped declivity almost a mile wide, forming a natural amphitheater. The level of homes in some cases climbed several tiers up, carved stairways joining landing to landing, thick ropes and crude pulleys draped down the face of the cliff in several areas, yet the whole layout looked very naturally ordered and planned.

The carved dwellings had been transformed into comfortable-looking homes. The walls were festooned with multicolored weavings; entryways draped with blankets in intricate designs; woven banners hung from various levels depicting strange animals.

Stone pottery in various colorful hues dotted my landings. As the four women followed their guides, an increasing throng of spectators grew each day. All the Blajini were naked liked their guides. A few, however, were adorned with various crude necklaces. Unlike the males, the Blajini women were not unattractive. They lacked the thick bony brows and the wide blunt noses of the males.

Like Beauty and the Beast in contrast. In appearance, the Blajini females appeared to be a modern homo sapiens female except for their small stature. They had no body hair unlike the hirsute males, except for the carefully groomed hair of various lengths upon their heads.

The females had sparse pubic hair that naturally grew in a small neat triangle just on their pubic mounds while their labia area was entirely devoid of any hair. The older females and even the elderly Blajini females they saw were still slim and firm of body with excellent muscle tone, their bodies not visibly giving away to age, not even a wrinkle. The older males did exhibit some old age but not to the extent an elderly modern human male would. Even the most elderly of the males and females were in remarkable great shape.

The four women lost count of the numerous times they came across males and females openly coupling with each other regardless of their surroundings. A few times they observed such couplings go on for a few hours, with the females taken multiple times by different males and sometimes by two males at once.

The females were not passive at all. On the contrary, all the females showed great enthusiasm during sex. Even with the numerous displays of sexual activity as they walked around, they noted few children - proof of the poor fecundity of the Blajini.

Males had to be constantly fended off the four women but after a couple of days it appeared to the women it had become a game with the males, and could even recognize amusement in them as to how far a male could go before being driven off. Still after two days of grabbing and pulling there was hardly anything left of the tee-shirts the four women were wearing that could even stay on, and the holes in their overalls had been broadly ripped open even more by grasping pulling fingers, exposing vast areas of their firm muscular thighs and asses.

The great rips in the seats and crotches in each of their coveralls showed plenty of the flashy vivid neon bright silk panties they each wore as they walked and climbed. The Blajini seemed particularly fascinated upon seeing this, colors never before seen by the Blajini, who grabbed and ripped even more to expose more of these amazing colors. The four women were surprised and shocked when some of the young Blajini females started joining in the attempts to strip the four women of their clothing.

On two separate occasions, one astute and very perceptive male was able to sneak up and ambush Maggie and Ashley, snagging their silk panties thru the great rips in the overalls and tearing the panties off the two women! Each time the male held them aloft as if some great prize had been won, to the great vocal glee and amusement of the Blajini of both sexes! At times they saw one or more Lup lounging around the village, somewhat tame but still possessing a wildness about them.

As the four women passed by a Lup, it would begin following with behavior just as bad as the Blajini males but more emboldened, and they could not be driven off - diving noses in crotches and butts when afforded the opportunity. Maggie and Ashley in particular were very vulnerable to these ambushes since they had great rips in the crotches and seats of their overalls and had no panties on.

It was quite apparent the Lup had extremely high above average intelligence for the canine species. Actually stalking the women and then sneaking in when the women were not being observant, silently dashing forward driving their muzzles forcefully into unprotected and/or bare crotches, sniffing and long powerful tongue lashing, to the great glee and amusement of the Blajinis, especially when a Lups powerful hot tongue struck a very sensitive and very intimate bare area startling one of the women!

Each time the four women came across the Blajini rutting they felt a renewed irrepressible surge of arousal. Each was amazed they lacked the willpower to force their gaze away, their eyes drawn and mesmerized by the huge thick cocks plunging and thrusting, the intense passionate fucking male and female alike exhibited.

Maggie explained it must still be a residual affect of their own exposure to the aphrodisiac fluids. Linda made a comment it was like watching a "Planet of the Apes" porn flick with gorillas fucking human females! Linda and Ashley continued sleeping with each other as well as having sex.

However, Lisa and Maggie themselves became subjected to very intimate caresses by their two colleagues which they did not refuse and offered their own. After a few days of exploring the village and surrounding areas, Linda posed a question to the other three. "Have y'all noticed anything unusual about the Blajini females we have seen?" Linda inquired.

"No. Except for the fact it appears the females are just as bad in behavior as the males in trying to strip us, and I must say they have pretty much been successful.

I even had one female try to get intimate with me!" Ashley stated. Why?" Maggie and Lisa replied. "In primitive cultures, women do not use any type of bra-like clothing to support and hold their breasts, so even young women have breasts that begin sagging at a young age.

All the Blajini females we have seen have large perfectly formed attractive breasts, and regardless of age, their breasts are perky and have a firmness to a point of being hard, even the most elderly of the females!" Linda stated. "Damn! You're right! I wonder if its hormonal or genetic that allows them to retain firm, youthful large breasts? If it is hormonal and it could be isolated and synthesize, it would be worth a fortune!" Maggie exclaimed.

"Now that you mention it, the firm breasts on the females, regardless of age, is not the only thing all the Blajini females possessed - all the females, even the very old ones, all had firm well muscled and toned youthful bodies.

There was not a wrinkle or sag to be seen on any female, or any other indication of advanced age, with the exception of the slight graying of hair on the older ones. The old and young females were indistinguishable! And the gray haired females seemed to engage in sex just as often as the younger ones. Only the older males seem to exhibit moderate aging but not to the extent our own men do." LEAVING After five more days it became clear it was no longer safe for the women to stay, the males became more forceful and daring in their approach while exhibiting a higher level of amusement as well as unrestrained arousement.

It took more and more discipline from the Old One and the To-Be-Elder-In-Training to drive off the males. The four women were basically walking around in just badly torn overalls that exposed lower intimate areas due to torn crotches and seats and all four were topless with just the overall straps and makeshift straps over their mostly exposed breasts.

No tee-shirts remained intact enough to wear from the Blajini continuous yanking on their clothing for any of them to even partially clothe their very generous and firm tan-contrasted breasts - their tan lines seemed to be of great fascination as well as attraction to the Blajini of both sexes.

The final impetus to leave came when a group of six males set on the four women - already sporting full weeping unrestrained erections. Two males each targeted Maggie and Ashley while two other males blocked the Old One.

Maggie and Ashley were obviously targeted as with their panties ripped off them a few days earlier, their most intimate areas were broadly exposed through the torn seats and crotches of the overalls as they walked and climbed. The Old One actually had to physically knock some sense into the males with his stout staff but by this time Maggie and Ashley had been pinned down and were thrashing and writhing under two of the males.

Maggie and Ashley each had a humongous cock tip just barely wedged into their tight pussies, already feeling powerful jets of precum shooting up into them - the two Blajinis not yet able to penetrate with their humungous cocks until their secretions started affecting the two women, only then could the two males begin to very slowly and incrementally begin working their huge oversized cocks into their small tight pussies.

Lisa and Linda were unable to pull the short but immensely powerful Blajini off their colleagues but they themselves were in imminent endangerment of being set upon and ravished as well until the Old One's stout staff repeatedly thwacked the male's skulls driving them back.

By the time the four women got back to the sleeping alcove, Maggie and Ashley were in the full throes of the aphrodisiac, and in base terms - Maggie and Ashley sexually assaulted their other two colleagues! Not that Lisa and Linda bothered to strenuously object.! It was at this time Lisa and Linda discovered the aphrodisiac could be orally transferred when they found hotly inflamed highly aroused pussies pressed against their mouths and delving tongues.

DEPARTURE At mid-morning the next day, the four women, exhausted from the sexual excess and ravishment of each other the day and night before, slowly set off with the To-Be-Elder-In-Training as their guide and escort. The women were astounded at the size of the immense cavern the Blajini resided in.

They conservatively estimated they walked at least seven miles before they were guided into a small side passageway, and they estimated the cavern must have gone on at least three more miles past the turnoff.

They could only guess at the width but at it narrowest it must have been four miles and about ten miles in length. They spent five more hours following their guide thru narrow twisting passages and small caverns, gradually ascending until they had to halt, thoroughly exhausted, to get some sleep in a very small cavern that was dimly lit by the glowing fungus.

The women were totally exhausted but unfortunately too tired to immediately get to sleep, falling asleep and then waking a few minutes later. During one of these waking moments, Lisa saw Maggie with To-Be-Elder-In-Training going into the passageway they would follow later after they had awaken. Knowing Maggie was more restless and seemed to have boundless energy despite her exhaustion, Lisa assumed Maggie was just scouting ahead with their guide/escort but still Lisa decided to remain awake until Maggie returned.

Maggie and To-Be-Elder-In-Training came back in about forty-five minutes. All three women noticed her flushed state and her bright eyes. Lisa immediately accosted Maggie "Surely you didn't! Tell us you did not fuck him!" Lisa demanded.

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No, I did not! But I had to obtain samples of their pre-ejacualte and semen to take back with us! But to do so I had to jerk him off! Evidently the Blajini do not know about self-pleasuring. Unfortunately jacking him off was not working well or he was too afraid of being caught when he had been specifically forbidden not to touch us.

So I had to get naked to get his full attention. But I was not prepared for the explosive force of the ejaculation or the quantity! It was like a geyser exploding and he must have ejaculated well over a quart of fluid, if not more! Quite a bit splashed on me.

Suddenly I realized some of it had run down my body and across my pussy. I could feel it affecting me! After a few moments I could barely restrain myself from not fucking a humongous cock like this, one last time. or any cock regardless of species as long as it was big and hot! I would have even let one of those wolf-like Lup fuck me, again, if one had been around!

"But, But!" Lisa loudly stammered, drawing the attention of Linda and Ashley with her loud exclamation.

"They're wolves, wild dogs! Huge! And what do you mean, again?" Lisa said with astonishment. "Remember the Old One talking to us about being ravished by the Blajini males and the Big Ones? He insinuated, twice, that the Lup had fucked us as well.

Lisa stood there silently, shocked with sudden remembrance as repressed memories burst forth thru institutional mental barriers, her jaw dropping. Linda and Ashley too looked like a light bulb just went on, a very bright one. "I do not care what the the Lup are! I am so overwhelmingly horny! They have a huge, hot donkey sized cock with that wonderful canine knotting capability - not to mention the same fantastic aphrodisiac capabilities as the Blajini!" Maggie hotly stated Hey!

Sex is Sex! If it feels good and harms no one or no thing, why the hell not!" Maggie loudly exclaimed. Lisa was quiet for a few moments, searching deep within herself, trying to reconcile what was coming unbidden and unwanted to her realization, and to the others as well.

The other three women went quiet as well, remembering. Maggie in particular still astounded in trying to understand how Linda and Ashley could have taken on the Big Blajini with their horse-sized eighteen inch cocks without being injured while she and Lisa themselves had fully engulfed fourteen inches not just in their pussies but anally as well. Linda and Ashley's thoughts as well briefly touched on the huge cocks they were fucked with but also that had responded by fucking back, until their thoughts dissolved totally and then re-centered - on how each of them had turned into insatiable sexual fucking banshees.

Hesitantly Lisa replied to Maggie, Ashley and Linda "I think Maggie's right. I myself have been so damn horny with the need to be fucked repeatedly by a huge hot fat cock, but I was not going to do it again with a Blajini. I lost all control each time when that happened, and I could feel myself dive deep into an uncontrollable mindless sexual frenzy!

"Thoughts about the Lup also had crossed my mind" said Ashley. "I remember the raw primal unquenchable lust I felt unleashed within me, and the immense power of the Lup pile-driving into me with primal savage bestial lust - with a donkey size cock! The force, speed, intensity and size that no man could ever possess!" "Now, the more I think about it and what Maggie just said about "harming no one or no thing", that the bestiality taboo is probably pure nonsense and always has been!

Probably conjured up sometime in the ancient past when men saw women being fucked by animals, enjoying the experience, and becoming orgasmic. Men were jealous that they themselves could not match the intensity, pace, size and volume that a dog, donkey, pony or horse can give a woman! And then they concocted it as some religious western taboo." Lisa stated.

"Lisa does bring up an interesting historical point." Ashley stated. "In ancient Roman and Greek societies, bestiality was a commonly accepted practice by both sexes.

In the not so ancient times it was also prevalent in Indo-Asia and other areas of the world. There are just too many artifacts such as statutes, frescos and surviving temples that have been discovered that proved it was an accepted wide-spread practice in most parts of the world.

It wasn't until the mid-16th century when European missionaries first began going with explorers that it started to be repressed in societies that have long practiced it." "I can't believe we are talking about this." Linda stated "But it does explain some things I myself have experienced." I have had a couple of boyfriends that have hinted around this very subject. At first I was shocked when it first came up, then I realized I was being baited to see if I had any interest!" The other three women nodded, silently acquisitive that they too have had boyfriends that had hinted about bestiality.

"I used a laptop of one of my boyfriends at times when I was staying over at his house. I found he had a stash of porn on it - it also contained bestiality." Ashley stated. Linda gave a startled look that all of them noticed. Realizing this, Linda in a low voice said "I have come across the same thing more than once using computers of my boyfriends. They had files saved, did not clear web browser history, and had web favorite folders established." "Did it ever occur to you that maybe your boyfriends intended for you to find porn and bestiality on their computers?

After all, we are extremely smart and highly educated women and the men we date are the same.


They would not be that careless unless it was intended. Besides, it sure beats the hell out of the alternative when we are between boyfriends. maybe even while we do have boyfriends!

Our dildos sometimes just don't cut it when at times we just need a hot pounding furious fucking from a real cock, and none of us are promiscuous to go bar-hop just to pick up a guy to get laid, especially when we are in a relationship." Maggie boldly stated. With Maggie's bold pronouncement, it was crystal clear to the other three women that another avenue for sexual enjoyment and release was available for them, and always has been, except for a repressive society that propagated misbegotten sexual mores.

Stunned at Lisa's logic and supposition, Ashley's historical perspective, and Maggie's deductions and revelations, the four women stared at each other. Then Maggie cracked a slight grin which rippled among the three other women, then they all started laughing. "No more silly taboos for us!" Maggie loudly stated and all four dissolved in hysterical tear-laced laughter.

Relief in shedding a cruelly repressive and maliciously conceived sexual taboo, a shared consensus reached, of a new dimension that had just opened up of new sexual pleasures to be experienced by all of them.! They all managed to get some sleep but each of the four women had vivid dreams that fully explored the conversation they had, vivid dreams that turned into sexual fantasies, dreams each of them determined to make fantasy real. Upon awakening, the Elder-To-Be-In-Training led the four women through the wormholes and caverns for seven more hours, taking them on a different route than the one they came in from, gradually ascending.

The Elder had explained to them they would be taken to a concealed entrance far away from where the village resided, but within several miles of where the four women began their journey. The caverns they passed through were very small, each with multiple entrances, which their guide stated eventually ended in dead ends.

They emerged in a high hanging valley closely surrounded by cloud shrouded mountainous peaks that seemed so close you could reach out and touch them. The entrance was concealed by a overhanging ledge of rock. With the surrounding mountain peaks enclosing and overshadowing the hanging valley combined with the overhanging ledge, no satellite or aerial imagery could ever detect the concealed and protected entrance.

EPILOGUE Upon analysis of the sample that Maggie had obtained from the Elder-To-Be-In-Training, it was determined the penile secretions of both the huge and small Blajini, as well as the Lup, contained a powerful and extremely potent fast reacting sex hormone stimulant.

Maggie was able to isolate and synthesize the sex hormone and then proceeded to apply for world-wide patents. In diluted prescribed form it quickly cured any woman, regardless of age, that lacked reduced or no sexual desire.

The drug was also found to have other positive and extremely profitable benefits women found their bust sizes increasing by one cup size and their breasts became extremely firm to the point of being hard.

Even much older women whose breasts began going South years ago found themselves with large full, firm perky breasts, gaining a benefit of once again having a firm attractive rack as well as a renewed and enhanced libido the likes they never have experienced before.

Soon there were a lot more cougars on the prowl! Women also found their bodies transforming into well-toned firmly muscled bodies, regardless of age or weight. Word and aggressive marketing touting the multiple benefits of the drug including the breast size increase, breast rejuvenation and body toning became so well known with a huge marked corresponding increase in drug sales, that plastic surgeons noticed a decline in breast augmentation procedures and liposuction!

This also had a severe impact upon the diet weight loss products manufacturing industry A huge black market in the drug also bloomed. It took only three of the prescription pills to equal the natural concentration. Once dissolved and absorbed, it reacted almost instantaneously it also had a side effect of turning a heterosexual woman into a raging, horny bi-sexual one! Latent tendencies persisted after the drug wore off but it was found to impart a permanent proclivity for bisexuality with just a few repeated dosages of the full concentration.

Repeated usage was found to also drastically reduce other inhibitions to sexual taboos and mores - that the four of them had laughed about when Maggie had come back from collecting the sample back in the cavern to take back with her. Men who repeatedly utilized the black market concentration found their penises grew thicker and grew up to three to four more inches in length with a corresponding increase of the volume of ejaculate.

It was also easily determined who these men were as it had the unwanted side-effect of making their testicles vastly over-sized to a point of absurdity and ridicule. Within a year of releasing the drug into the market, Maggie became a multi-billionaire with her three other very well-compensated cavern colleagues serving on her board of directors of the privately owned corporation, becoming multimillionaires in their own right.

The corporation also established a foundation in cooperation with the national government and the United Nations to ensure the protection of the Blajini, and to allow limited research for select researchers to explore the cavern mysteries under the strictest restrictions and protection. Maggie and her three friends also created another extremely successful animal pharmaceutical company. The drug also worked very effectively on other species, having the ability to vastly increase the size of the male animal penis and testes as well as vastly increase semen quantity.

Superstitious tales of horrible huge beasts, goblins and huge wolf-like rapine creatures that roamed the mountains assaulting women still persisted, but also began thriving, with the opening of the new National Park and its small but numerous isolated campgrounds, as tourists starting coming to the new park in droves - some very adventurous tourists driven in some part by the rapine notoriety of the tales.