Tara Ashley cries out as she cums on the studs throbbing dick over and over

Tara Ashley cries out as she cums on the studs throbbing dick over and over
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This is my first story on here, so please leave all the criticism you want, I can take it. Dylan walked into his room, locking the door behind him. He knew what he needed after a hard day at school. As usual he turned the TV on, and walked to his chair, where he pulled his laptop over to his lap, whipped out his semi-large dick, and began to stroke lightly as he opened up a video of an eighteen year old girl, who grabbed a light pink colored vibrator, which she used to pleasure herself while making slight moans and groans.

*Knock Knock Knock* "Hey Dylan! You in there?" "Uh, Yeah hold on!" Dylan said frantically as he pulled up his pants and closed the laptop. He knew that if he didn't Jessica would instantly tell their mom what he had been doing. "What is it?" He said as he unlocked and opened the door, to his little sister.

He couldn't help but notice that her small little nipples were bleeding through her tank top, with the green skull logo.

Her dark black hair, was falling just past her solders and she was wearing a frilly pink miniskirt. Her legs were long and slender, and her breasts were small. Dylan didn't pay much attention because she was his sister, he didn't want to do anything to her. "I need help with my math homework, I don't understand inverse operations." She said innocently. "Well I'm watching TV right now, so could you-" He began "No, I need help and whenever you get distracted, you end up forgetting to help me at all!" She whined stomping her foot on the ground causing her pink miniskirt to show just a slight gimps of her rainbow colored panties.

"Fine." He said "Go to the kitchen, I'll be out as soon as the next commercial." "You better be!" She said angrily, as she stormed out of the room down the hall.


Dylan quickly closed the door and jogged over to his laptop opening it and starting up his porn video once more. He skipped the slow stuff, If he wanted to finish he was going to have to be vigorous. He watched as the young blond woman began to groan loudly into his headphones. He yanked his now very stiff member and finally reached the point of climax when. "Dylan how long is-" Dylan froze, and looked to his door, Jessica was standing in the doorway with a face that said "Oh, your in for it now!" "Get out!" Dylan screamed, covering his raging hard on with the laptop.

"How did you unlock my door anyway!" He shouted to his sister. "It wasn't locked!" She said still staring at his boner. She was right, in all the rush, He had forgotten to lock the door, how could he be so stupid!

He thought to himself. "Stop staring and leave!" He said sternly, trying to hide his softening cock. "Fine fine, but you better get out there and help me with math" She said and casually walked out. "MATH!" He thought "How can she care about math at a time like this, she just saw my complete and total boner!" Regardless he put on his pants, positioned his halfey so that it wasn't as noticeable.

As he walked out into the kitchen, he wondered if she was going to tell their mom. There dad wasn't home until late, but mom worked at home. "Okay this is what I need help with." She said, sitting at the kitchen table.

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Dylan noticed that her miniskirt was raffled up and that he could see her rainbow panties again. "Which one?" Dylan asked trying to keep her occupied from telling their mom.

"All of them I don't know what to do!" She said whimpering a little. "Well here this is what you do." Dylan helped Jessica finish her math and she seemed like she was going to let it go, without telling their mom, or even talking to him about it again, maybe it was just too awkward for her. "That's it you got 'em" He said pleased that she was able to finish the math and that he could leave the awkward table and head back to his room to think.

"Okay thanks" She said closing her math book "Hey Mom!" Jessica screamed alarming Dylan that she was about to tell his little secret "Jessica NO!" He whispered loudly "Yes sweetie?" Her mom said walking out of the kitchen wearing a bright read dress and applying lipstick.

"What's for dinner?" Jessica asked causing Dylan to breathe once again. "Oh you can call a pizza, I'm going out tonight, I'm meeting your father at that new place on Brice street. We should be back by 9 or so, but I have to wait for him to get off work so I'm going to get a mannie pettie " Her mother said grabbing her heels, but actually wearing her tennis shoes.


"Okay, did you leave money for us?" Jessica asked looking at the clock and reading 3:30pm "Yes hun, It's on the counter in the kitchen" He mother said, snapping her gold earnings with the diamond studs into place. "Okay love you" Jessica said "Love you too, and I love you as well Dylan!" The mom said, walking out the door. "Love you have fun." Dylan said, but he wasn't thinking about fun.

He was wondering if Jessica was going to talk about what she had seen or if they were going to act as if it had never happened.

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*Click* the door was closed, and a few seconds later they heard the engine of the car come to life and speed away down the dirt road in the middle of the woods. "Okay we need to talk." Jessica said. Oh no, she was going to talk after all.

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"First off, what were you watching on there?" Jessica asked "That's none of your business, why do you even want to know?!" He asked loudly "Because I do!" She shouted back "And if you don't tell me I'm going to tell mom!" "No!" Dylan shot back!

"Then what were you watching?!" Jessica asked with a slight shy grin growing across her face.

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"I.I was watching a girl masturbate with.with a vibrating dildo." He said, ashamed when he realized how bad it sounded. "Why would you watch that?" Jessica asked with a look of genuine confusion. "Well.it feels.good" Dylan said, avoiding direct eye contact with his sister. "What do you mean it feels good? Jessica asked. Then it hit Dylan, she was only 13, she didn't know about sex at all, she just knew that he would get in trouble for whatever he was doing, otherwise he wouldn't have yelled at her.

"Well.it's like.here let me show you." He said walking into his room and grabbing his laptop. "Watch this." He said, pulling up a sex video of a strong looking man and a young looking teenager. "What is this feeling?" She said, reaching down and rubbing her rainbow panties.

"It feels so.good!" She said starting to rub herself harder. "Its pleasure." Dylan said "Its suppose to be the best feeling ever, but your only suppose to do it with someone you really love." "Oh." She said, pulling her hand away and then looking up.

"Well then we can do it." She said smiling. "This way we both feel good right?" "No, we can't do it because we're brother and sister. He said shocked by her question.

"Well you better do it anyway, or I'll tell mom!" She said with a touch of anger in her voice.

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"I cant its not right!" He screamed "Well then I'm telling mom!" She said, reaching for the phone. "Wait!" Dylan said thinking over what was happening in his mind. "I'll.I'll do it." He said hold on. He got up and walked sluggishly to his room, finding his wallet and grabbing the condom he kept tucked away, just in case.

"Okay lets do it in your room." He said to Jessica. Still trying to get out of this. "Okay." Jessica said walking down the hall and taking a right into her pink bedroom. "what first?" She asked. "Well you're suppose to take off your clothes, and then I'll take off mine." He said starting to get a little turned on, knowing that he was about to see his first naked woman (well girl but still) "Oh, Okay." She said as she pulled her green skull tank top off, and revealed her small little tits and to his amazement, they were perfect.

He had never seen a rack this nice in his life! All the doubt he had had about sleeping with his sister was vanishing quickly as her little boobs bounced around as she pulled of the pink skirt, fully reviling her rainbow panties.

"Wow Jessica!" He said "Your actually hot!" He said, giving into his 16 year old hormones. "Really? Thanks." She said as she pulled off the rainbow panties reviling a small patch of pubic hair that had only started to grow. "Ok now what?" She asked "Sit on the bed!" He said pulling off his pants and once again reviling his raging hard on. "Take off your shirt too, that's what the guy in the video did!" She demanded, he could sense the power in her voice, but he didn't object. "Now hold on." He said, pulling out the condom and rolling it over his hard on.

"This is going to hurt a little at first but it'll feel good at the end. "Okay." She said with a sudden look of fear in her eyes. Dylan knew that if he drove completely into her she would want to stop, so instead he nudged into her with just the tip of his penis. "Uuuh." She groaned slightly to the feel of him. "Okay here I go!" He said pushing his head into her tight young vagina.

He couldn't believe how tight she was! It was like nothing he had ever felt before.

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"Uh, oow" She groaned quietly "You okay?" He asked, not wanting this to be over before it began. "Yeah.I'm fine" she said "Go all the way." She whispered. Dylan thought about objecting but eventually just thrust once and waited for her reaction. Her pussy squeezed so tightly against his cock, he almost came right there, but he held on, savoring the moment.

"AAAAH OOOW OW OW STOP PULL IT OUT!" She shrieked loudly to the pain. "It's okay, its okay." Dylan said, just wait it'll go away. He then slowly pulled his dick out and slowly put it back in. She shrieked at this for a couple of minutes and then she began to moan and groan with pleasure.

"Harder!" She said as he pulled out! Dylan did as he was told and then she said "FASTER!" *BOOM!* Dylan went into overdrive, he held her legs over his shoulders, and began to thrust violently into her tight little pussy, feeling the lips react to the sudden stimulation.

"Stop!" She said suddenly.

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Dylan stopped and then wished he hadn't, he had been so close he could almost taste it. "Here switch me places!" She said standing up. "Oh, okay." He said laying down on the bed.


"Now what else can you do to make me feel good?" She asked with childlike simplicity. "Well I can lick your pussy." He said "My pussy?" She asked confused with this new word. "Your vagina." Dylan said, quickly acknowledging her question. "Oh, but wont that taste bad?" She asked "No, it'll taste good, and it'll feel good too trust me." He said with a smile "Okay, fine" She said climbing up and putting her wet pussy up against his mouth. As he began to lap her juices he realized that he couldn't even fit his tongue in it was still so tight.

"Ooooh OOOOH!" She groaned "MMMM THAT'S SOO GOOD!!!!" She said Then Dylan stopped to say how it would feel better on his dick, but she simply replied.

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"Did I tell you to stop?" "Great!" Dylan thought, She dosn't even know it but she likes to be dominant. "MMM YES YEEEESSSSS" She said, then Dylan felt Her pussy tighten even more than he tough imaginable around his tongue and then she climaxed all over his face.

"OHHH That was SOO good." She said "Wait here I'm going to clean up and Then I'll want some more.