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Black gay porn fuck with young boy tube and two emo teen boys fucking
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STORY I was walking home late one evening and I was thinking "Nikki you stupid girl who walks down a dark ally in the middle of the night while it's pouring rain".

I hear a crash from behind and do something more stupid then walking down the alley I turn around, in that second he has me pushed up against the wall and his muscular body is pressed up against me preventing any escape.

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Breathing heavily against his chest I look up to see who my captor is, my jaw drop's shocked as I thought this man not even that this boy at the age of 17 would do something like this.

Prince Justin of Holland bends his head down to place his lip's against my ear, I can feel his warm breath and it send's chills down my spine. "Oh Nikki" he says quietly and softly into my ear, my breath quickens at the fact he remembered my name, I am his little sister's nanny at the castle I have no ties to him there, "Nikki what are we doing walking down a dark ally at night in the pouring rain" he says while he caresses my cheek and the side of my body, I start hyperventilating out of fear, Justin get,s annoyed at the fact and tries to bring my attention back to him by placing his lips on mine in a hard passionate kiss.

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I pound on Justin's chest to get him away from which he does, but only by a couple of centimeter's he start's to laugh deeply and continues what he was saying before "I might take you back to the castle you will be nice and safe from those dangerous people you will make a great addition to my collection" as he finished his sentence I felt something cool running through my finger tip's and started to feel woozy but Justin meant for this to happen, he easily through me over his shoulder as he started to walk back towards the castle.

I'm lost in darkness but surrounded by soft comfyness, my eyes start to open and I realize where I am.

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This is not my bedroom and this is definitely not my bed, I jerk to jump off, but I am tied down to the four poster's off unable to move,accept to raise my head to see Justin stalking over to me. He walks to the side of the bed and slowly climbs on top of me, his face is now an inch from mine, and he is staring into my eyes which are turning fearful by the look of lust in his.

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Justin slides both hands up the side of my ribcage "now I have my two beautiful girls I get to chose which one of you will get to spend the next month with my big bro" Justin grabs my chin and turns my head to face a beautiful long blond haired naked girl for a second and then pulls it back so I can see his face " you think you can bet that, cause Tyler turns 18 this week so I thought I might give him the better girl for a change, let's see if you can top Cassie over there" Justin leans down and start's to kiss me then I feel the cool metal of his knife run up my stomach and cut my shirt off, he kiss's me deeper while the blade run's across my chest to cut my bra off.

Justin leans out of the kiss and looks at my bare chest and smilies, I try to leave and go someplace else close my eyes, but he slap's my cheek and grips my jaw so I can look into his eye's "your a much better kisser Nikki but you can't deny that Cassie has better boob's then you, she's got to be like an 8E your 8D are wonderful too though" He slides his knife down my stomach to underneath the side's of my pantie's while he say's "so I guess it's up to whatever is going on down here to make up my mind" with that he had cut my pantie's loose and I was completely naked.

Justin leans into kiss me once again this time he slowly makes his way down my neck and across my chest and take's one nipple into his mouth and the anther he kneads with her finger's, a small moan escape's my throat, and I realize aim giving into easily here and I start to thrash around a bit to escape him but he grips me tighter and works down my stomach he get's to my panty line and stop's to look at my pussy.

Justin runs his hands up my inner thighs and to my pussy, he separates my lip's to get a better look at my hole, a wide smile cross's his face, then he leans down and licks my pussy, and insert's his tongue into my hole, I let a small cry of displeasure as he does this "and we have a winner" Justin get's up from between my leg's unties me from the bed and drags me over to the wall and tie's my hands behind my back to it, right next to Cassie, Justin smilies takes a step back and looks at the two of us " and the winner is." Justin takes a step towards me and cares the side of my face " the 16 year old brunette with the 8D boob's" Justin runs his hand down my stomach and over my pussy, he turns to loll at Cassie, all of the sudden he shoves two of fingers up inside of me, causing me to scream out in pain and fall to my knee's releasing me from his grip.


Justin runs the fingers that just fell out of me down Cassie's check and say's "sorry Cassie but you can't mess with a virgin there just to good to be true theses day's, very rare" Justin release's Cassie from the wall and drag's her over to the bed throwing her into the bed instantly pushing him self into her once she landed, she didn't,t cry out in pain but for help, at that moment I felt the sensation running through my finger's again and blacked out It's a cold dark place this time afraid to open my eye's but I do anyway, I open my eyes to see Justin sitting next to me I shriek and jump backwards bumping into Cassie who is tied up next to me again she groans in pain when I touch her in the slightest and by the look of her I am glad I lost the fight, Justin just smilies and pull's me in closer to him " your going to love my brother Nikki he is excellent at braking little dolls into sex slave's you look like Cassie within an hour, he'll fuck your little sexy ass of and rip your hymen to piece's with the first thrust, and by the end of the night he will have you begging for more even though you won't be in good condition he'll be nice and rip your whole hole to piece's instead" Tear's are starting to form in my eyes, and hear someone come in through the door,and walk towards us "and here he is know" Justin says to me getting up and walking over to Tyler.

Tyler was always the best looking in the royal family I suppose it was to be expected eh is next in line for the throne but, he is tall with dark toned skin and very muscular, he's all ways admired by any girl of any age everyone would want him even he wasn't of royal blood, but now I know what he does to women I despise the guy and will not be begging for sex from at all "happy 18th Ty I got you a virgin this month you should have great fun with her" As Justin says this he walks over unlocks me from the wall and throws me towards Tyler, he catch's me by my upper arm and holds my steady in his strong grip "thanks bro" Is all Tyler says in his wonderful deep dark voice I can feel myself starting to lust over him as he back's out the door dragging me with him.

Once outside the door I start to attempt to un-pry his hand from upper arm, finding this useless I start to pound my fist on his arm and repeat " let me go, take your hand of me" In the hope that someone might come to my aid, after about five minutes's of this Tyler turn's to me with a feared look in his eyes "SHUT UP" he tells me loudly, me berth quickens his head comes down close to mine and he says "he's still watching and if you don't be quite he will follow now hurry up" He continues me on the long walk to his side of the castle.

We arrive at his bedroom door and there are to guards standing there guarding it he walks up pushing the door's open and me in he follow's closely behind and slams the door I hope you liked please comment if you want more and any improvement's needed ;)