Me showering and jerking off

Me showering and jerking off
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Clark sat down on his patched up, worn out recliner and opened up an ice cold brew. As he gazed around the room, Clark wondered how it all came to this. It had been 3 months since his brutal divorce from Karen, after which he lost everything except his own personal belongings, and his 2000 Dodge pickup. Despite catching Karen in bed with her co-worker, Clark still lost it all because his wife was a lawyer and had powerful contacts.

Even she was the one that filed for divorce! Clark wound up in Casa Noche, a "singles" apartment complex, only the apartment was a giant room, furnished with old nasty furniture. There was a small bathroom, a mini-kitchen, a futon, recliner, table with two chairs, a TV and a high loss of self esteem for all who entered.

During the day, Clark was a successful History teacher at a coed catholic school, teaching high school kids. By night, Clark had become a lonely, dark, depressed man, often hitting the gym, coming home, making a small dinner, and drowning his sorrows away in a six pack of miller lite. The moment he set foot in his new home, Clark pledged he'd get a girl, save some $ and get a nice house and his life on track. Only problem is that an idea of that magnitude could take months and even years!

Life could not get any worse. However, this night, things began to get a little interesting in the life of Clark.

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Lenny, his neighbor across the hall, who had been divorced for over a year came by. Lenny went through a similar situation. Lenny also happened to be a decent business man, so he blew all his extra money on hookers and strip clubs. Poor guy.

Lenny came by with the usual "Clark get off your ass and come to this club with me! We're getting laid!" routine. Clark, already buzzed decided he'd gone too long without pussy and his cock needed some loving. They left and went down to the "Clubhouse for Men", this ghetto little place.

Finding it a bit empty at 10 at night, they quickly ordered some drinks, whipped out their cash, and settled in. By 11, Lenny had his usual girls and was off getting some ass. Lucky bastard thought Clark. Then she walked in.

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This hot little vixen with a gorgeous set of tits and an ass to die for. Long black hair down to her mid-back, and through her masquerade mask, these piercing green eyes. Clark was in love.

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Clark sat in the back corner, in a darker area, and knowing nobody was watching began to fondle his growing cock in his pants. This girl was incredible. All Clark could think of was sucking on those luscious nipples and pounding her pussy into oblivion!

But he also wanted to see her face more than anything. The girl walked off the stage after a hot routine, right by Clark still in the dark, and to the dressing room door. Right before it closed Clark heard the magic words he'd been waiting for. "Hey Shelly, I am off for the night! Have some homework for tomorrow!

Bye girl!". With that, Clark looked for Lenny, who was nowhere to be seen. Fuck. Clark said screw it, waited a few minutes then went out. The bouncer was tied up with a bunch of young looking kids, so he didn't notice Clark waiting by the door. The door burst open and out she walked. She had her back to Clark and Clark knew he had to have her, right then and there! He thought to himself, "Maybe this broad isn't so bad and maybe for a little extra, she'd do some more!".

He ran up and said "excuse me, miss!


May I have a word with you?" With that, his Goddess turned to face her stalker, only to have both of them nearly shit their pants. Clark knew who she was, as did she. He was her teacher, and she was one of his students, Jen Sanders. After an awkard, awkard silence, Clark finally stammered, "umm, nevermind, wrong girl, I gotta go!" "Um, me too, bye Mr.

Hopkins, I mean sir!" With their parting words, they both turned the corner and ran. "Shit, shit shit shit shit!" thought Clark sitting in his truck. I just saw my student from 6th period in a strip club. "Oh…my&hellip.God, I am screwed!" whimpered Jen, sitting her own car, as she hauled ass.

Tears began to flow over the embarrassment. She was in big trouble if he told. As Clark opened the door to room 412, he sat down and began to think. He had no idea what to make of the situation. Jen Sanders was an A student in his 6th period Euro history class. She wasn't on any sports teams but was big in the student government. Just then it hit him.

Jen is hot! Clark never really noticed her. She was smart, but very shy in class and never spoke up. Come to think of it, she rarely wore revealing clothing, usually the skirt, socks, a buttoned blouse and a jacket when it was chilly. Clarks cock was throbbing imagining her sweet cunt on the stage, with her milky tits. Clark had beat it to many of his other students, and now Jen Sanders was next in line.

As he stroked his 7 inch shaft, thoughts of cumming all over her pussy flooded his mind and blew his load. Clark drifted off to sleep on his makeshift bed, dreaming of what he had to do. Finally, 6th period rolled around, and Clark was just as excited.

Jen walked in with a few girls and neither made eye contact. Clark didn't want to make it more awkward, but his plan was in full swing. As class wore on, Clark handed back graded papers, and left a little "see me after" note on Jens, despite hers being an A paper. As the class filed out during the bell, Jen slowly made her way to the desk. Clark had to deal with a nosy little kid who was begging for extra credit or some shit.

Clark didn't care, he was too focused on the job at hand. As Jen approached, Clark took a moment to survey her. She had on these long black socks going up to her knees, the standard plaid skirt and a light blue dress shirt. Clark finally now realized how big her chest was, as she concealed it very well. "Mr. Hopkins? Sir?" Clark snapped out of it, his cock aching.

"Well Jen, I assume you know why you're hear. Before you say anything, do not worry about last night. Not yet at least. I have pictures of you from last night. I know you want them back, and you will get them back, for a price." Clark was full of shit, he wanted her pussy. Tears began streaming down Jens face. "But&hellip.but Mr. Hopkins, I don't know what you mean!


That wasn't me!" "Oh bullshit, we know it was. Look, we can make this all go away if you do something for me. Understand? Good, now what I need you to do is come to my place to get these pictures. Once our exchange is complete, we are all set here. Do you work tonight? (Jen shook her head no) Good then come to Casa Noche, room 412 tonight at 8 pm sharp.

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Tell your parents the same excuse you give them when you go to work or some shit. I don't care just be there. I can fail you, and you have nothing on me. Understand all this?

I don't want to hurt you." With a sobbing nod Jen left and ran to her car. She didn't want to be seen like this, luckily since 6th period was the end of the day, most kids were already gone by the time she left. Jen got home and quickly ran to her room.

Jen wasn't a virgin anymore. Her ex-boyfriend of two years, Randy, had fucked her more than once. Sadly he went to college and promptly discovered the joy of college ass. They had long since broken up. Jen was a senior, with a month left until graduation, and was on her way to state to be with Randy but now is going to up the coast to Columbia.

Jen lived with her mom, and was quite smart, but not so well off, so her grades were a big reason she needed a scholarship. But Jen also had a darker side as well. Being fucked routinely by Randy had Jen wanting more, in different ways with different people. Over the semester Jen had began working at the club to try to satisfy her needs, and get some money for college. Her mom always thought she was at a meeting or studying. As Jen sat in bed, contemplating the situation, her pussy began to tingle.

She was quite used to this, working at the club, with a bunch of horny men always trying to grope her. Jen had always fantasized about an older man when she was a virgin, and now the feeling was finally hitting her! Clark Hopkins was only 28, but he was 5'10", 190 pounds of muscle, and quite handsome. Clark Hopkins was hot!


But wait she thought, he is blackmailing me! He wants to fuck me! I cannot let him know I want it to! Or can I? Jen sat up and began to develop a plot to make this situation work out to both their benefits.

She also wanted those pictures to keep her reputation safe for now, which is why she had been crying. Her friends and family would be shocked and devastated to learn this awful truth! Jen had never fantasized about Clark Hopkins because she only saw him for 6th period, and often doodled in her book.

But now she knew what she had to do. At 7:55, Jen pulled up to Casa Noche. She walked through the doors, hopped on the elevator and moments later she was in front of 412. She was wearing a skimpy dress, with no bra and a pink thong. She knocked. Seconds later he opened the door in his gym shorts, with a bulge growing. Mmmmn Jen thought. She walked in and sarcastically complimented him on his nice home.

Clark immediately said "haha, nice touch. Now I see you have come prepared for a litt." "Not so fast Mr. Hopkins. I want those pictures first, then you'll have your fun." Shit Clark thought. "Well I didn't want this to happen, there are no pictures Jen.

I just wanted you, that's all.

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Now you work at a strip club, and you've come this far. Are you willing to come a little farther?" "But Mr. Hopkins…" as Jen began to fake a whimper, "of course I am!" What the fuck? Clark was baffled, in a split second she had gone from looking so frightened to now some horny little teen looking for some? As Clark thought about what was going, Jen slowly began to slide off one of her straps, revealing her ample tit and her soft, pink nipple.

Clark's cock sprang back to life and he couldn't believe it. With a seductive little walk, Jen came up and leaned in to kiss Clark. They exchanged a passionate kiss, feeling each other's bodies.

Jen pulled away. "You know Mr. Hopkins, I think you liked what you saw last night, and I think you want me. Is this true? (Clark nodded). Very well, what are you going to do about it?" With that, she slipped off her other strap, letting her dress fall to the floor, leaving her practically naked. "Now Mr. H, do you want me or not? I want you so bad, Mr. H., don't you want me to?" she said in a cute little voice. Clark dropped his pants revealing his rock hard member.

Jen didn't need a formal invitation and got down on her knees, fondling his cock, before taking it in inch by inch. Clark was in heaven. He thought it would be a lot tougher but he was on his way to a fuck fest.

While sucking his man meat, Jen began to fondle her pussy, rubbing her mound through her soaking panties. She too was in heaven.

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She was going to get to fuck an older man. As Clark began to feel his cum climbing, he started fucking her mouth harder and faster until his troops blew into her warm, succulent mouth!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am cumming baby! Don't stop! Don't fucking stopppppppppppppppppppp" Clark yelled as he released his load in her. Jen licked down every drop and stood up. She sat on the chair, and slowly pulled off her thong. "Now Mr. H., come and make me cum!" Clark didn't need a second invitation. Within a second he was kissing her neck, down to her huge tits, fondling them and having his way with them.

He took a nipple into his mouth and began to bite it, sucking on it, licking it, playing with it. His cock grew harder as he kissed his way down to the promised land.

With out any delay he began to rub his tongue up and down her snatch, holding onto her tits for support. He could hear Jen moan in ecstasy, her body moving to the rhythm of his mouth.

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Clark found her clit and began to bite it, sending Jen into overdrive. "Yes, oh yea, ohhhh myyyy Goddddddd Clark, you filthy man! Ohhhh baby!!!! Suck my pussy! Yea! Suck it hardddddddddddddd!!!!!!!! I'm cummmingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg" And with that the sweet taste of her pussy got even sweeter as Clark could taste her cum in his mouth.

Giving Jen a moment to recover, Clark pushed her up, and led her to the bed. He got on top of her body and began to lick her nipple. Rubbing her pussy juices around to make sure Jen was ready, Clark began to slide his member into her.

She wasn't as tight as he imagined, but pussy was pussy and it felt good. Before he got all the way in, Jen said "Clark, don't cum in me, ok? I want you to nut all over me. I like it dirty!" "You are a dirty little girl aren't you, Jen? Yea you like that!" as Clark began to pump her snatch. Pounding away, watching her tits bounce with every thrust, Clark was in another world.

His fantasy was coming true, fucking this gorgeous little teenager, and knowing she wanted it! Jen lay there, grinding to his move, feeling his big cock fill her up. It felt so good! She wanted an older man, one of her many sexual fantasies come true! After 20 minutes of sweet fucking, Clark felt his nuts tighten up and he knew he was going to splurge.

"Ohhh yea baby, you feel so fucking good&hellip.mnnnnn yea I am going to cum all over your hot tits&hellip.unnnnn you little slut, ohhhhhh yea, yea here it comes!!!!!!" and with that Clark pulled his cock out in time for him to explode wave after wave of cum all over Jens tits and stomach.

After he satisfied himself all over her perfect little body, Jen began to scoop up his cum and lick it, enjoy its taste again. Clark collapsed on the bed next to her, and to his surprise, she curled up right next to him.

After a minute or two of not knowing what to say, Clark finally asked "So Jen, what the hell? Where did this come from?" "Well you know Clark, if I can call you Clark, I've always wanted to fuck an older man. I never saw you in that light until today. I was only crying because of those pictures, you ass! Was I good babe?" "Fuck yea you were, you were fucking fantastic. I haven't had sex, let alone sex that good in months!" "Hehe well sir, I am graduating in a month, and this won't be 'wrong' anymore& you know what I'm saying?" "You want more sex, don't you?" "Mmmn yes, that would be nice.

My pussy is tingling just thinking about your big hard cock in my cunt, driving me wild! Tell me, Clark, do you have any fantasies?" "What man doesn't?" he replied, "I've wanted you and about half your grade! I've wanted a threesome. I've wanted a big girl orgy, and when I was 15 I wanted to fuck my neighbors wife.

The list goes on. Why do you ask babe?" "Well Clark, I too have my fantasies. You see after I first learned the joy of sex, I wanted more. After I broke up with my old boyfriend, I began to explore the internet. That's how I learned about the clubhouse, and it turned me on knowing these men wanted me. But I quickly learned they wouldn't let us sleep around, but the money was so good I couldn't leave it. During the day, with my mom at work, I would explore the internet and discovered more things that turn me on.

You wanna know my biggest fantasy? (Clark nods with a huge grin on his face) You remember Kylie Adams? (Clark nodded again, did he ever remember her!) I think she is in your 3rd period AP Euro class. Anyways, I overheard her last semester in the locker room saying how'd she love to try and experiment with a girl. I've fantasized about doing her a few times, but you know what I think?" "What?" Clark asked, "I think you'd want to fuck her too." Clark gave an astounding hell yea!

She's one of my favorites. "Well babe, since we both have our needs, how about we arrange something, ok?" Clark was confused, "what do you mean arrange something? Like blackmail her?" "No babe. Look, I graduate in like a month, so why don't we try to figure out how to get her and when she is out of school, she is ours!" "Wait, what do you mean ours?

Sorry Jen, you mean a threesome with her? Or wait?! YOU TWO?! Oh Lord that would be fucking sweet. She is pretty hot!" "Well cool your jets Clark! But yes, we can do whatever. I can break her. I can find away to convince her, and you can find a away to make it happen. Deal?" "You bet your hot ass!" About an hour later, Jen got up and got dressed. Clark sat on the bed, watching her wiggle into her dress, her sweet ass disappearing underneath the cloth.

Kylie Adams he thought? Not too shabby. Jen got on top of him, lightly stroking his growing prick and kissed him goodbye. "Remember Clark, one month and this bitch is ours! Got it!" "Got it sweetness!" Jen turned and walked out, her pussy still tingling over the amazing sex she had.

Kylie Adams was her target, and Jen smiled, knowing that Clark Hopkins was hers too. Together she would have all summer to fulfill any fantasies before college started. This was going to be a great summer!

As Jen disappeared out the door, Clark was still hard. He pulled out the year book, looked for Kylies pic and immediately began fantasizing about their encounter.

What would happen, he thought? Where would this happen? Only time could tell, as Clark rubbed one out, and fell asleep again to dreams of wicked fantasies with another hot teenager.