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Hot trans lesbians ass fucking
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Author: kcscout Title: Mommy, Show Me How! Summary: A single mom helps her 7 year-old son discover the joy of sex.

Themes: Fb, incest, young I am a single mother, and I work a normal 40-hour week as an office manager. While I'm certainly not "poor," I do strive to be extra diligent about doing a good job, and I work very hard for my money. Consequently, I don't really have time to waste in the dating scene.

It's not that I don't think about men or have romantic and even sexual thoughts - I do, of course. It's just that, until recently, that part of my life has not really surfaced in the eight years since my last serious lover left.

We'd dated for a number of months in my last year in junior college, and we just sort of let the relationship die when we graduated. He went off to college, and I entered the unfulfilling wasteland of office work. But shortly after I graduated and started working, I discovered that I was pregnant. I did not seriously consider an abortion, having grown up in a pretty solid evangelical Christian home. I knew I had made a terrible mistake by allowing myself to get pregnant.

Fortunately, my parents were incredibly supportive and suprisingly non-judgmental, but they did kind of press me to contact the father and try to get support from him. It was at that time that I found out just how much of a jerk the guy really was. He, of course, denied that the child was his. Furthermore, he accused me of having had a one-night stand with someone. My parents thought about getting a lawyer to file for paternal support, but I was so frustrated, embarrased and upset with the whole thing that they eventually let it slide.

So it was that my beautiful son, David, came into the world and into my life. And for the past seven years, he has been my best little friend and helper. I know from talking with some of my fellow workers just how dreadful some little boys can be. But David is almost always a well-behaved and respectful child.


While he can be pretty shy around strangers, he always seems pretty open and outgoing around me. That's probably why it seemed a little odd to me when his usual relaxed - even playful - mood around me seemed to change to the quiet, shy mood he generally reserved for strangers. It was about two months ago when I first noticed the change in his behavior. He and I had watched a little television, and then I turned off the TV and we started in on his homework.

After about an hour of second-grade math and social studies work, he was getting a little silly - giggling about almost anything. When he gets that way, I usually say something to the effect of, "All right, little Tiger!

Looks like somebody is ready for their bath!" That's usually followed by a few pleas to stay awake. This time was no different, but I managed to get him to head off to the bathroom, and within a few minutes, he had the tub filled and was taking his bath.

While he was in the bathroom, I changed into my night shirt and slippers, then I headed into the kitchen to clean up the evening's dishes. After about twenty minutes, I heard the drain gurgling, and shortly thereafter he emerged from the bathroom - wrapped in a towel - and headed toward his room to put on his night shirt and get ready for bed.

I finished loading the dishwasher and headed to my bedroom. When I got there, there was David laying on my bed waiting for me to read him a Bible story - something I try to do every night (but don't always manage). His giggles had dissipated, but he still seemed to be in his typically good mood. I said, "Okay, Tiger, are you ready to finish the story about Queen Esther?" He smiled his wonderful little smile and said, "Yep!" So, I got his story Bible and laid down on the bed beside him.

As I read to him, he leaned in toward me and I casually stroked his hair. That usually relaxes him - sometimes to the point that he just falls asleep. I often just let him stay sleeping as I have plenty of room for the two of us in my bed. But that night he stayed awake, and he even seemed a little on edge. I finished reading to him and set the Bible aside, and I continued stroking his head, thinking maybe he'd relax.

He did eventually stop his squirming, and he just laid against my side while I stroked his hair. I thought he had fallen asleep, but he hadn't. He was just strangely quiet and looking down. I asked if everything was okay, and he just nodded. I tried to think of what in the Bible story would have upset him or made him seem so reserved, but I couldn't think of anything. I asked him if he was ready to head off to bed, and he nodded and got up to leave.

Normally he comes back around the other side of the bed and gives me a kiss goodnight, but he just headed straight for his bedroom. I was really suprised and a little worried, and I called out, "Hey! Don't I get a kiss?" He came running back into the bedroom to my side of the bed and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, then he turned to run back to his room.

I wanted to make him tell me what was wrong, but I thought I should just let it go for now and see how he was in the morning. Sure enough, the next morning, everything was fine! He was back to his delightful little self, and all seemed right with the world. That night I got distracted, and we weren't able to read from the story Bible. David just got his evening bath, and I tucked him in and headed off to bed. Everything seemed fine. The next night, when he came into my room after changing into his nightshirt, he was anxious to hear another Bible story.

I had changed into my nightshirt and was ready for bed, so he plopped down on the bed right next me, and I began reading. Everything seemed fine, and I began stroking his hair. It was after about four or five minutes of my stroking his head that I realized he'd become rather still. I glanced down to see whether he'd fallen asleep, but he hadn't; he seemed to be upset about something, again. I continued reading and stroking his hair, as I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable by confronting him about his mood changes.

As I read, I noticed a slight twitching beneath David's night shirt. All of a sudden it hit me. David was getting an erection. My little boy was becoming aroused as I lay next to him stroking his hair! I was audibly shaken and became so distracted that I stopped reading for a moment. Then I realized I'd stopped caressing him. I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable, so I feigned not being able to pronounce a name in the story, and I returned to stroking his head.

So that's why he had been acting strangely, I thought. No wonder he hadn't wanted to come over to my side of the bed to give me a kiss the other night; he was too embarrased because he thought I might see his little erection. I felt so ashamed that I had caused my little boy such anguish.

And I felt so sorry for him that I just wanted to hug him and caress him all the more and reassure him that he had nothing to be embarrased about.

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I didn't know what to do next, so I just kept running my hand through his hair and reading from the book. His little penis was now pulsing against the thin material of his nightshirt, and it had to be obvious to him that I was aware of what was happening.

My mind was racing, but there was just not anyway I could think of to broach the subject. I finally reached an appropriate stopping point in the Bible story, so I set the book on the nightstand, but I continued caressing David's head and laid my head back against the headboard. I thought if David saw that my head was not facing toward him, he'd be less likely to feel embarassed and might relax and even drift off into sleep.

But the net effect seemed to be just the opposite, as he began squirming a little bit and wriggling himself against me. I realized that he was most likely getting even more excited and was probably nearing a climax. Oh, what an awkward mixture of feelings and emotions I was facing! I was torn between feelings of shame and even guilt for sexually arousing my little boy and, on another side, I felt a need to just continue caressing him - almost feeling compelled to push him over the edge so that he'd have a climax and be done with it.

Then maybe he'd relax and fall asleep. I loved my precious little boy so much, I just wanted to take away his frustration.

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And so I decided to continue to caress David, and he continued to squirm against me. This went on for what seemed to be about two or three minutes - my caressing and his wriggling - until finally he just sort of froze for a moment and let out a little sigh. I continued caressing him for a while longer, my strokes a little slower than before. I glanced sideways down to where his little erection had been, and I saw that it was now just a small bump beneath his night shirt.

I waited a little longer, and then I reached over and hugged him, gave him a kiss on the top of his head, and said, "Well, little Tiger, I guess we'd better get some sleep, huh?" He just sort of smiled and said, "Okay. I love you, mommy!" I told him I loved him, too, and then I sent him off to his room. I was so relieved that his normal, happy mood had returned. The next night was almost a complete repeat of the night before.

I started to read and began caressing his head. Like clockwork, David's little penis began straining against the thin cotton material of his night shirt. Only this time, David didn't seem so embarrased. Nevertheless, when I realized what was happening, I thought I should stop caressing him so as not to contribute to his sexual arousal. But not more than a minute after I'd stopped, David interrupted my reading, saying, "It's okay if you want to rub my head like you were.

I like it!" I didn't know what to do. If I started carressing him again, he would almost certainly have another orgasm. But I knew I couldn't withhold my motherly caresses from him without it seeming awkward. So I just smiled and began caressing his head. Sure enough, his little penis began throbbing against his night shirt, and within a few minutes he was wriggling against me.

This time, though, he turned slightly sideways to face me. That brought his little penis right up against my hip! I was startled when I felt his erection pressed up against my side, but I tried to remain composed, and I continued reading as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Eventually, David began to kind of grind against me, more or less using my hip as a way to masturbate.

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I began to wonder what I should do when suddenly he slowed to a stop and let out the cutest little sigh. I just came to a stopping point in the story Bible, then I set the book aside. David was so relaxed he was nearly groggy. I kissed him goodnight, and he went contentedly to his room. I realized I needed to figure out how to handle this. My little boy was only seven years old, and I was going to have to confront him about sexuality. I didn't think that sort of thing was going to occur for several more years.

I decided the best thing to do was to make certain David knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with his sexual feelings. I knew that only then would he feel comfortable talking about it with me.

The problem was, how could I broach the subject without being direct. I knew that whatever I did, it had to appear to be natural and non-confrontational. I prayed that God would give me an idea and make me know when the time was right to bring it up. That evening, we went through our usual routine getting ready for bed.


We'd been teasing one another during his homework time, and he'd gotten the giggles. That normally dissipates after he's had his bath. But tonight was apparently a different affair, and he continued his playful, giggly behavior even after he'd crawled onto the bed.

At some point, I reached down and gave him a little tickle in his ribs. That was the wrong thing to do, as he returned the favor right away - reaching over and tickling me in the stomach. That unleashed a huge tickle-fest, complete with squirming and rolling giggles from both of us as we attacked each other relentlessly! This culminated in David's falling off the side of the bed with his feet kicking back and forth.

Apparently all the tickling had caused David to develop an erection, and this time I saw it in the open for just a quick second when he'd twisted sideways off the edge of the bed. I was shocked for a moment. I had seen my little boy naked many times before (though not in the last couple of years), but I'd never really seen him with an erection. It was really a breath-taking sight, and I found myself almost in a daze for a second or two. Then I realized that this might be the answer to my prayer; if I could get him to accidently expose his erection again, it would be a natural way to bring up the whole subject I'd been dreading.

David lept back up on the bed ready for more tickling. Normally I would have said something like, "Okay, let's calm down now and get ready for bed," but I decided to continue tickling him - devilishly!

He was really having a good time and was squirming back and forth as he rolled this way and that trying to get away from my tickling fingers. At one point, he was kicking his legs wildly, and that caused his nightshirt to ride up to just below his hips. Suddenly, I dove in for his underarms, and he arched his hips up into the air and twisted toward me.

That was precisely what was needed! His little erection was now fully exposed and pointed right at me! At last, I had my opportunity. I immediately stopped tickling and looked right at his little erect penis and exclaimed, "My! My!

My! Looks like I've gotten you pretty excited!" I quickly followed that up with a disarming smile, but David had already reacted by blushing and reaching for the bottom of his nightshirt to tug it down.

I let him do that, but then I said, "David, you don't have to feel ashamed about your penis." "But it's hard," he said in a hushed tone, as if to clarify why it was somehow shameful. "That's okay," I said. "That just means you're excited! That's a good thing - not bad. It's a gift from God!" This latest statement seemed to cause him a little confusion, but I fully expected it would. You could see he was trying to rectify how anything sexual could be a gift from God.

"How come at school they said we weren't supposed to ever let anybody see us naked?" he asked. "Well," I said, "they meant that you need to be careful not to allow people to do things with you that you don't want them to do.

Some people might want to play with you - to touch your penis or make you touch their private parts - when you don't want to. That's wrong. That's what your teacher meant. Don't ever let anybody do anything with you that you don't like or that you know is wrong." "Grown-ups, or kids?" he asked.

"Either one," I said. "You just need to be careful. But that doesn't mean that you should feel ashamed when your penis gets hard. That's a good thing - not bad. Do you understand?" "Then how come we have to wear clothes," he asked. The conversation was beginning to get a little more philosophical then I'd hoped.

I wasn't sure how to answer him. I was obviously not prepared for this last question. "Well," I finally said, "clothes keep us warm." "But what if it's hot outside," he quickly asked. I was just digging myself in deeper and deeper.

"Uh, well, people usually do wear less when it's warm - like in the summer," I said. "But they still wear something," he said. "Why?" "Well, because not everybody likes to see other people naked," I said.

"But I thought you said it was good to be naked," he said. I'd obviously confused things for him. I was really walking a fine line with this whole conversation. "No, what I said was that there is nothing wrong about you getting a hard penis," I said.

"But you said I shouldn't be ashamed to show you my penis," he said. He had me there. That's exactly what I had said. I began to see how the whole discussion had turned into a talk about public nudity. I needed to clarify this for him; he needed to know that it was not appropriate to be naked in public, but also that he need never be ashamed about his sexual feelings or his body.

I figured I'd jump backward in the conversation a little. "Well, like I said before, some people do not want to see other people naked. That's why we need to wear clothes when we're around other people," I said. "But that's a whole different issue then your penis." "Why?" he asked. "Like I said before, your penis is nothing to be ashamed of. It's a gift from God," I reiterated. "Even when it's hard?" he asked. "Especially when it's hard," I said.

"That means you're having a good time and you feel good. It's a beautiful thing!" "Well, if it's beautiful, how come I have to wear clothes to cover it up?" he asked. Arrrgghh! I was stuck in another circle. "Because some people don't like seeing other people naked, David. So we have to wear clothes because we can't ever know for sure who might be offended by our being naked," I said.

"Are you offended, Mommy?" he asked. "No, Tiger," I said. "You don't offend me at all." "Even if I'm naked?" he asked. "Even if you're naked," I replied with a reassuring smile. "Not even if my penis is hard?" he asked. "Nope," I said. "Not even when your penis gets hard." With that, he reached down, grabbed the hem of his nightshirt, and yanked it up to his chest. "Like it is now?" he asked with a giggle. There before me was my little boy, flashing the stiffest little penis I'd ever seen.

It really was beautiful, and that's when I began to sense a slight sexual stirring in me - something I'd not felt in years. I was almost in a trance, and I just looked down at it and found myself whispering out loud, "Oh, it's beautiful!" I could feel the blood rushing to my head.

It was as though I was becoming intoxicated with overwhelming sexual feelings I'd supressed for years. I'd never again wanted to make myself vulnerable to a man, but this was different. This was a little boy - my little boy!

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It just seemed so natural the way things were unfolding. I was so caught off guard by my feelings of lust. "Do you ever touch your penis, David," I asked in an almost husky voice. "When I go to the bathroom," he said. He seemed to sense a change in my demeanor, and I think it frightened him. I tried to regain my composure and to clarify what I meant. "Yeah, but have you ever just sort of rubbed your penis up and down - just because it feels good?" I asked. This seemed to confuse him a little, and I could tell by the look on his face that masturbation was not something he'd really experimented with yet.

I thought that if I could introduce him to masturbation, he might be better able to relieve his sexual feelings and control his erections. "What do you mean - up and down?" he asked. "You know, just rubbing up and down on your penis. That might make you feel good," I said. He still seemed to be confused, and his next statement took me by complete surprise, though I know it certainly shouldn't have.

"Can you show me how, Mommy?" he asked. In retrospect, I've wondered whether I didn't somehow - perhaps sub-consciously - steer everything toward him asking that question.

All I knew was that I was caught up in a strange, trance-like state of lust, and now that David had practically begged me to touch him sexually, I was beginning to really buckle under. On the one hand, I was his mother and his protector; I was a practicing, church-going Christian; and I would not hurt my little boy for anything in the world. On the other hand, I was a single woman who had not experienced sexual intimacy with another human being in more than seven years.

Besides, I could not see how it would hurt my son to help him understand some of the most basic things about his natural urges. I did not even answer him. I just smiled a little and whispered, "Close your eyes and relax." He closed his eyes, and I reached out with my right thumb and first two fingers - all that would fit along the three-inch length of my little boy's beautiful erection - and lightly took hold of his penis.

The instant my fingers came into contact with his penis, David flinched slightly, causing me to remind him to relax. To help him relax, and because I knew it stimulated him, I began to lightly caress his shoulders, neck and head with my left hand.

Now I began to very lightly and slowly glide the fingertips of my right hand up and down the length of his little erection. I could see that David was already responding to my touch. Within a few seconds, he began breathing heavier. And after about a minute, he started to reflexively tighten his pelvic region with each downstroke of my hand.

I took this as an indication that I should probably speed up a little, so I tightened my grip slightly and began to pump a little harder and a little faster.

David's breathing got even more rapid, and I could see his stomach muscles tightening. I, too, was getting excited, and I began to feel a real stirring in my vagina.

I could feel myself getting wet, and I knew I'd crossed over a line I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't help myself. It was about thirty seconds later that David started to jerk a little - and I knew he was having a climax.

He was so adorable - his face sort of grimaced and his breathing became little short spasms. He was still too young to actually ejaculate, but I knew I needed to slow down and lighten up on my touch.

Finally, he opened his eyes and said, "Mommy, can you stop now?" I immediately stopped stroking - worried that he was unhappy. "Is everything okay?" I asked, with obvious concern in my voice. "Yeah," he said. "It just kind of hurt a little at the end." "Did you like what I did?" I asked.

"Yeah. It felt ticklish," he said with a big smile. I smiled and said, "Good, honey. I'm glad you liked it. Now you know how to make yourself feel better." The smile quickly faded, and David seemed a little taken aback. "You're not going to do it for me anymore?" he asked, almost whining. "Well, no, honey. This is something people normally do to themselves," I said. "I was just showing you how to do it to yourself." "Do you do it to yourself?" he asked.

"Well, yes, honey," I said. "I suppose everyone does." "Can I watch you do it?" he asked, with complete innocence. "No, sweetie," I said. "That's something people do in private." "Why?" he asked. "Well, because it's a private thing, honey," I said. I really had no credible argument, but I needed to get his mind off of that track. "Besides, mommies don't show themselves to their little boys." "How come?" he said. "I thought you said there was nothing wrong with being naked." I was beginning to get frustrated - not with David, just with the mess I'd gotten myself into.

On the one hand, I knew what I had to do as a mother; I knew the right thing to do was to simply end this discussion right away and get his mind onto something else. But on the other hand, I was - quite frankly - still very aroused, and I wasn't sure I wanted to quibble with him over what I'd said. I knew what I SHOULD do - as a mother; but I also knew what I really WANTED to do - as a woman.

"Honey, what I said is that I did not want you feeling ashamed or embarrassed about your penis getting hard when you're excited," I said. "And I wanted to show you how to make yourself feel good when that happens.

But people can't be naked around each other all the time. There's a time and a place for that." "How come it's okay for me to be naked but not for you to be naked?" he asked. I just couldn't keep arguing with him. Perhaps I should have, but I just didn't have the desire to continue being a prude. I was making a decision - one that might forever change my relationship with my little boy. But at the moment, I wasn't really thinking about the future - I was thinking about my pounding heart and the throbbing in my vagina.

I decided I was going to take my clothes off in front of my son, and that I would let him explore me as I had just explored him. I knew there'd be no turning back, but my feelings of desire for physical, sexual contact - even though it was with my own son - were just too overwhelming.

The decision made, I knew I had to clarify with my little boy what was about to take place. "All right, David," I said. His eyes immediately widened in anticipation. "I'll make a deal with you. I told you that there was a time and a place for people to be naked. Do you remember?" "Yeah," he said, nodding.

"The deal is this," I said. "You and I can be naked in my bedroom, but only in my bedroom - understood?" "Okay," he said, his precious little mouth beginning to form into a sheepish grin. He knew he was about to get his way. "The other part of the deal is this: being naked with someone is a nice thing - it can be a fun thing.

But it is a very private thing," I said. "It is something between you and me. You can not tell anyone what happens in my bedroom when we're naked. Do you understand?" The smile began to fade, and he looked a little confused. "Is it wrong?" he asked. It was as if I was being given one last chance to back out. But the wetness in my vagina and the tingling in my nipples could not be ignored any longer.

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I'd made my decision. "No, honey," I said, "it isn't 'wrong' - it's just very private." He was still confused. "It's like going to the bathroom," I said. "Do you talk to other people about going to the bathroom?" "No!" David replied with a slight giggle. "Of course not," I said. "That's a private thing. So is it 'wrong' to go to the bathroom?" "No!" he replied with an even bigger giggle.

"Of course it's not wrong," I said with a smile. "Being naked with mommy isn't wrong, but it IS a private thing. In fact it's even more private than going to the bathroom. So the deal is that you can't tell anyone about you and I being naked together, okay?" "Okay," he said. "Okay," I repeated quietly. I was so nervous! I felt like a teenager on a date.

My nipples were so hard, and my vagina was sopping wet! I felt a mixture of giddiness and nervousness - but mostly lust. I was just plain turned on by the way everything was developing. I reached down to my sides and peeled back my night shirt, lifting it up and over my hips and torso, then over my breasts and finally all the way off. David's eyes were immediately glued to my breasts. That only served to make my nipples even harder and more erect.

Though my breasts weren't altogether that large, they were still quite the draw for a little seven-year-old boy. "Can I touch your boobies?" David asked sheepishly. "Sure you can," I heard myself reply.

It was strange - as if I was watching while another woman - a lustful woman - took control and began orchestrating events. I felt like I was placed on auto-pilot. David's little hand reached toward me and began kneading my left breast and nipple - lightly at first, then a little more firmly.

For a brief second, his kneading got just a little too rough, and I instinctively winced and pulled back. "Not so hard, sweetie!" I said with a smile. "Here, let me show you." I took his hand in mine and cupped my left breast, gently but firmly rubbing and kneading the breast. Then I said, "Okay, this part is called the 'nipple.'" I manipulated his hand so that his index finger and thumb were in a pinching position. "Mommy likes it when you lightly pinch me there." I worked his thumb and index finger into place and began to squeeze just a little." "Is this too hard?" he asked in a near-whisper.

He was being so careful that he'd stopped for a moment out of concern for my comfort. He was being so cute! "No, sweetie, that's good," I said with a reassuring smile. I let go of his hand and said, "You're doing just great.


That feels good, honey." The scene was just breath-taking! My son's little hand was gently tweaking my nipple, and his face was angelic as his eyes slowly ran up and down the length of my body. And all the while, his little penis was poking straight up in the air making little pulses in rhythm with his heartbeat.

He was so beautiful. And I was so aroused I felt drunk. I instinctively lowered my right hand to my now sopping wet vagina and began teasing my clitoris. This caught David's attention right away, and he stopped playing with my nipple and turned to look at my vagina. It was as if he had suddenly remembered that there was also something down there to check out! He didn't say anything, he just watched as I traced a spiral around my clitoris.

Slowly, he returned to fondling my nipple, but his eyes remained more or less steady on my vagina. He was being so quiet, and he clearly wanted to find out what was going on "down there." I decided to invite him to explore. "Would you like to look closer at me down here?" I asked, pointing to my vagina. "Okay," David replied. He almost seemed unsure in his response, so I figured I'd best be a little more directive. "How about if you sit right here," I said, patting the bed next to my hip.

David sat up and swung himself around to sit Indian-style next to my mid-section. "That's good," I said. "Now, I'll just spread my legs apart a little more." All the while, I continued massaging my clitoris, occasionally retrieving a little lubricant from my vagina. At first, David seemed pretty interested in this new territory, but then his eyes started to stray back toward my breasts. I keep my pubic hair pretty closely trimmed, but I guess there just wasn't that much there to keep the attraction of a little boy - at least not yet.

It was obvious he was much more interested in my breasts. "Tell you what," I said, "how about if you kind of sit on my tummy, and then you can play with Mommy's nipples, okay?" "Okay!" he said quickly. He stood up on the bed, and I stopped masturbating long enough to dry my hand on the bedspread and help maneuver David into a straddling position just below my navel where it would be comfortable for both of us.

"Now you can use both hands!" I said with a smile. "Yeah!" he said with a giggle, and he reached forward - each small hand cupping as much of the tip of a breast as it could. "Is that too hard," he asked, again with obvious concern for my comfort. He was such a little gentleman. "No sweetie, that's just great," I said with a smile. With my right hand, I reached down and around David and returned to teasing my clitoris. I was feeling so incredibly aroused, I felt like I was dreaming.

Here before me was my seven-year-old son massaging my breasts - his beautiful little boy erection pulsing up and down in front of me. I just smiled at him and began fondling him with my free hand. I began by lightly kneading his right shoulder and back, then moving along the right side along his back to his hip. He felt so soft and smooth. Every so often I tried to glance at his face to try to get a reading as to how he was feeling.

As I moved my left hand along his right hip and thigh, then up toward his penis, he sort of jerked a little and slightly smiled. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was, so I slid my hand around his little penis and began masturbating him with my thumb and two fingers - very lightly. The feeling was so intensely erotic! Between the little hands on my nipples, the steady little pulses of David's erection, and my own throbbing clitoris, I was in another dimension!

David began to instintively push up his mid-section, as if to meet each little down-stroke of his penis. He was literally having intercourse with my left hand! It's amazing how - even at that age - God has pre-wired us to know how to have sex. I had already started to gradually work the middle finger of my right hand into my vagina while I used my thumb to rub against my clitoris.

David's upward thrusts were getting just a little more forceful, and I took this as an indication that I needed to apply a little more pressure to my hold on his penis.

But even after I began squeezing a little harder on his penis, he just kept thrusting, and his breathing was turning into panting. We must have made quite a sight - me with one hand in my vagina and another wrapped around my little boy's penis; and David's beautiful, thin, smooth, little-boy body pumping his penis into my hand while his own little hands clutched my throbbing nipples.

His hold on my breasts was no longer playful, he was basically just holding onto them to balance himself. It was becoming obvious to me how silly this was; I was using my hands to bring each of us to a point of release.

Why shouldn't I just have David enter me? Or was that the ultimate taboo?

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I had let so much develop - and so quickly. Was I just totally out of control? But, then again, I'd already gone this far with David, and we were both enjoying it so much. What harm was there in doing what we were doing? "But you're a Christian, for heaven's sake!" I thought to myself. But hadn't God made us the way we are? He made us to enjoy sex! Besides, what is more beautiful than the love of a mother and child? I decided there was no need for me to resist the inevitable - no need to keep my little boy from experiencing the joy of intercourse.

Perhaps it was my own selfish desire for fulfillment, but I decided to re-introduce David to my vagina. "Let's try something a little different," I said, taking my hand away from David's penis. He immediately displayed a hurt look, so I quickly added, "No, no! You're going to like this better, sweetie! I'm sure of it." "But this was feeling good, Mommy," he said with a whine. "I know, honey," I said. "But this will feel even better!

Honest." "Okaaay," he said with a sort of "gee-whiz" tone. And with that, I reached for his sides to help lift him up and off of me. "Slide over here, sweetie," I said, lifting him up and over my left leg.

"Now, kneel right here between Mommy's legs." Here he was, kneeling right in front of my spread legs - his little erection pointing straight at my face. He was such a beautiful sight - so innocent and yet so excited. I spread my legs apart and lifted my knees up a little while I slid down toward him a few inches.

"Okay, sweetie," I said, "scoot toward me just a little." He moved toward me on his knees until he was close enough that I could reach out and guide his hips into place.

I was still so wet that I knew it would be no problem getting David's little penis into me. With my left hand, I gently reached behind and cupped his little bottom to guide him into place just above my vagina. "Now, I want you to lean forward and put your hands here and here," I said, pointing to the bed on either side of my chest.

He did exactly what I asked him to. "That's it, honey, just like you're going to do push-ups." That made him smile a little, and he started to do a push-up. "No, sweetie, not yet," I said with a smile.

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"Let me show you where I want you." I again reached down to cup his bottom with my left hand while I slid my right hand between the two of us and found his little penis - still hard and straight - less than an inch from the opening of my vagina. I got hold of his penis and slid the tip into my vagina, then pushed down on David's bottom just a little, let up, then pushed down a little harder.

The look on David's face is one I will never, ever forget. He was so cute! It was a mixture of confusion and discovery and utter peace and contentment. "That's it, sweetie!" I said.

"You're doing great! Just relax your upper body - you can lay down on Mommy's tummy." I continued giving little pushes on his bottom to make sure he was getting the rhythm, and he laid down with his head just below my breasts.

I was so very much in love with my little boy at the moment! It was a sight I knew I never wanted to forget - my precious son laying on top of me while he gently pumped his penis into me. And yet he was being so quiet, I was worried he wasn't enjoying himself. "Would you rather go back to the way we were doing it before, honey?" I asked.

"No," he said, slightly shaking his head. "I like this better." "Good, sweetie," I said. "I like it a lot better, too." I reached down with both hands cupping either side of his bottom, and I just kneaded his little buns in rhythm with his pumping, which was beginning to get a little faster and a little deeper now that he had taken over the pace.

We continued like that for about two or three minutes until I sensed that David's breathing was becoming more of a pant and he began to get a worried look on his face. I could feel a slight tremor in his bottom, as if he was straining. I knew he was close to his release. "Mommy, I think I need to go to the bathroom," he said, and he started to back away as if to leave. I knew he was just getting ready to have an orgasm, so I pushed down rather forcefully on his bottom as if to hold him in place.

"No honey," I said very assuringly. "It's okay, that's just the feeling a person gets when they do this. You're just fine - keep going." And I continued to push down on his bottom to keep up the rhythm. He was still fidgeting and almost straining against me to pull away.

"I think I'm gonna pee, mommy!" "If you think you're going to, then just go ahead sweetie," I said - certain that he was on the brink of an orgasm, not on the brink of urinating. Before I even finished the sentence, his whole body stiffened and shook.

I immediately stopped pumping and just held his beautiful bottom as tightly and as close to me as I could. My little boy had just made love for the first time!