Muscular English twink toys ass while wanking

Muscular English twink toys ass while wanking
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Chapter one of Davine's life story It is the story of a lovely and beautiful lady called Davine. She is an ordinary women who enjoys her life has a women and who is professionally dedicated to her job. She is a PA that works in an office. She loves her job but like any jobs there are some good things and bad things about the Job.

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She is conscientious in the work and make sure she satisfies her boss in a professional way obviously. Her work consist in a variety of tasks going from phoning to paper filing to use computers for all sort of things.

Being Davine means that she has to look very pretty and dress smart every day to impress her boss as well as to look professional. Her clothes are very decent but however she loves wearing dead sexy undies underneath which make her feel more feminine and knowing that she is wearing them naughty undies sort of excite her just by the fact that she knows that if men could see what she was wearing they would want to tear these undies of to reveal her sexy body underneath and play with her beautiful curves until she is hot enough to let herself succumb in the arms of these horny males that want to slid their hard rock member in her wet slit.

But obviously it is just a game in Davine's head because she is too serious to let this happen but she is always thinking that sometimes life can be strange and anything could happen.

Davine however has a bit of a dark secret or let say pink naughty secret that she like applying while working. You see the advantage of using a computer at work is that you can pretend that you are doing some work while you are doing something else. Davine loves going and surf the net in search of interesting stimulus that makes her all nice and warm down there.

She regularly go on sex forum where she can tease men and make them that horny that they cannot contain themselves and they always end up stroking their big stiff cock while chatting with her to the point that they end up spreading their loads of cum all over themselves.

Davine is very good at that because she tell them some very naughty things that men can just fantasise about fucking the pants of Davine. She leads them in thinking that she would be a little slut for them that would allow them to use all the entrance of her sexy body. Obviously on her side Davine loves the thought of them men being desperate to satisfy all her desire and treat her like a slut that she is, because she loves the feeling of men treating like a slave and using her body like a cum box to empty their balls in all her holes.

One day in Davine's life something changed after she got distracted by going teasing men like she loves doing while she pretend doing some work. Chapter 2 It was an ordinary day where Davine woke up just before her alarm clock was ready to go.

It gave her a few moments to think of about the day in front of her. She thought of a multitude of random things and one in particular stood out of the rest. She was quite looking forward to log into the XNXX forum to check if none of the young males that she likes to tease would have left her a dirty message or even better being on line with them so that she can chat to them and tell them how much she would like to suck their hard cocks and being fucked from the front, rear and all her entrance.

Suddenly the alarm went off which made her slightly jump out her own bed and got her out of her dirty thoughts. She was nicely wrapped in her warm covers and would have loved to be able to stay in bed a bit longer, but she knew that in the morning time is precious, because she hates having to rush and being late for work, therefore she found the mental strength to get out of the cover just wearing a nice sexy silk nighty who just about covered her private areas.

Sometimes she asked herself what is the point of wearing sexy night gear when hubby often hardly shows an interest. She took her nighty off revealing her sexy curves and jumped in the shower. She loves a warm shower in the morning, the water sliding down her nice soft skin and being able to rub soap all over her body and sometimes even she spend a little longer rubbing her pussy area because she can feel a naughty sensation which makes her feel sexy.

After the shower it is an exciting time for Davine because she can give a bit of thought in what she is going to wear underneath her work clothes and the majority of times she goes for dead sexy undies which hardly covers her female private parts or undies that are see through enough to reveal her beautiful body parts.

Davine like most women like putting attention to details in her appearance with fine make up and smart clothes. Once ready Davine set off for work always in times to make sure she arrives a few minutes before she is due to start work. She is the type of women that don't like disappointing people and she would certainly don't like disappointing her boss.

That day she arrived at work and like every morning checked her diary and E-mails to see what her boss expected from her. She was quite satisfied because the list of tasks was not as daunting as what she expected which meant for her an easier day at the office.

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She started to do a few tasks and answered a few phone calls as the day unfolded. She was aware that somebody called Vinny was supposed to pop in at the office around 11.30 for issues that needed to be solved.

During the appointment with Vinny, Davine's boss had to go to a meeting therefore he left her with all the instructions that she needed to deal with Vinny's issues.

It was still early in the morning and Davine had completed most of the tasks on her list of work so she suddenly had an urge to go and check her account on the forum to see if anybody would have left a message or even surf a few interesting threads.

She had an hour to kill before the appointment with Vinny so there was no pressure. She found some pretty good thread of very sexy pics that made her fell very horny so she carried on surfing the net without paying attention to the time. Suddenly the office bell rang and she looked at her watched and realized that it must be Vinny because it was just before 11.30, she therefore minimizes her screen and shot out of her sit to go and welcome Vinny.

At her pleasant surprise Vinny was quite handsome and well built just the type of men she likes but she did not think much more than that because it was a professional meeting. Vinny got in the room and explained the reason for his visit. Davine was sitting down on the other side of the desk and discussed the issue. At one point Davine had to show some thing on the screen to Vinny so she turned the screen towards Vinny so that he could see it.

What she forgot is that she had not closed the porn web page that she was viewing before Vinny came in and by mistake she clicked on the wrong tab at the bottom of the screen.

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At her horrifying surprise the screen suddenly was showing a very graphic picture of a women being fucked by a man doggy style and that same women liking another women pussy. Davine horrified tried to close the picture but was so panicky that it gave Vinny enough time to have a good look on the screen. Davine eventually managed to turn the picture of but felt so embarrassed and did not know what to do or say.

Vinny just acted cool and said: "Oh don't worry Davine. Who does not surf porn at work? By the way that was a dead sexy picture you had there". Davine looked at Vinny and felt slightly better.

She replied: "well you see sometime I am a bit bored at work so it is one way of killing the time". Vinny got up and went around the desk and leaned down towards her and whispered to her: "Well Davine it looks that your boss is not here today so if you are bored I loved to entertain you if you are interested" Davine looked up at him and thought not a chance I can not do that here it is too risky then she said to Vinny: "well I am sorry I can't do this I think we should carry on with the work we were doing".

Vinny gently put his hand on Davine shoulder in a patronizing way and said to her:" Well you see Davine it looks like you have not got much of a choice here because I could have a word with your boss about what happened and what you do at work and I don't think he would be very happy about it." Davine felt suddenly trapped and did not know what to do because she knew that if her boss came to find out she could be in deep trouble, so she had to be smart about it and maybe the only way out was to comply to Vinny's requests.

Vinny then got his chair and sat next to Davine, Davine felt so uncomfortable at first because she did not know Vinny and she did not know what Vinny was expected form her. Vinny asked Davine to put the picture back on the screen so Davine made it reappear. Vinny just looked at Davine and said: " Look at that beauty I bet you loved to be fucked just like her, a big hard cock stretching your wet pussy".

Vinny put his hand on Davine thigh and gently said: "Don't worry babe everything is going to be alright." He made sure his and got underneath her skirt and slowly made his way up her leg. Davine did not say anything and could just let it happen. She had mixed feeling one of hatred for this man that was playing up with her but at the back of her mind she also started to get excited about the whole situation.

Vinny's hand was very near from Davine's crotch. Suddenly she felt fingers tickling her in between her legs. Vinny was gently stroking the fabric of her knickers and could feel the shape of her pussy underneath. After a while when he felt that Davine was starting to relax he grabbed one side of the knickers and pushed them a side to free Davine's moist pussy.

Vinny played a little bit with Davine's pussy lips rubbing them gently until he applied a bit more pressure on her Pussy. Davine could feel her pussy lips give in and suddenly a finger made its way in. It felt pretty good so she spread her legs a bit more to give Vinny a better access to her private area. Vinny just grinned at her and thought to himself: " she obviously seem to enjoy it".

Vinny was inserting his finger in and out and could feel Davine's pussy becoming wetter and wetter. It was now well lubricated with Davine's love juice so he inserted another finger and was pumping in and out of her juicy pussy.

Davine started to breath heavily because she could feel electricity going all over her body when Vinny's fingers were caressing her clitoris. Vinny kept pumping Davine but took Davine's hand and directed it onto his crotch area. Davine could feel a big bulge sticking out of his pants, she therefore started to stroke it, she could feel that he was dead horny and had a big hard on ready to pop out of his trousers. Without even asking Davine reached for the zip and slowly pulled it down.

Vinny's cock was so hard that it stretched his undies out of his trousers. Davine just had to undo the little button on Vinny's undies to unleash the beast. When she undid the button on Vinny's undies his hard cock sprung out revealing and thick shiny cock helmet.

Davine used her hand to pull up and down on the shaft. Every time she went up the hard tense helmet disappeared in the foreskin and then it re-appeared as she was pulling down. She could feel Vinny's tensing and his fingering on Davine's was not as consistent because she was pleasuring him and he found it hard to keep the same rhythm in pumping her wet pussy.

Vinny was feeling great, being with a women that he never met before and after half an hour being together they were masturbating eachother. He thought it was a pretty good achievement getting in a women knickers that quickly. Both Vinny and Davine every so often were grunting of pleasure and more they were pleasuring each other more the rhythm was accelerating. It got to a point where Vinny felt that he was getting difficult to contain himself, he therefore got his hand out of Davine's pussy and reached for Davine's head pulling her down towards his penis.

Eventually Davine's showed her disagreement by pushing her head back up but Vinny reminded her about the consequences of her not doing as she was told, then Davine from her own will gently lowered her head to his cock. She first started to lick it like she would lick a lollypop but eventually she wrapped her mouth right around it making her way up and down the shaft. Vinny was ready to explode and could not resist anymore so without warning Davine, he literally exploded in her mouth.

Davine felt the cock tensing and suddenly a salty warm substance started to flood the back of her throat. She tried to pull out but Vinny had his hand resting and pushing down on Davine's face so she had to contain the all of the cum shower that came out of his balls.

Eventually Vinny released the pressure on Davine's head so that she could pull out. She had drips of cum running down the side of her mouth but for the big part of it she had to swallow it or she would have chocked on the cock. Vinny looked at her with a smirk on his face and said: "well you see at least that will have kept you busy for a while, I am sure that you enjoyed it more than just watching porn pictures".

Davine looked back at him and just about managed to return his smile. Her pussy was still hot and horny but she just wanted Vinny to go now so that she could put what happen behind her and pretend that nothing happened. Vinny said:"well Davine it has been a pleasure to meet you and I think we will need to meet again in the near future to finish our unfinished business, I will contact your boss to let him know and find out when can I come back again.

Davine had regain her composure by now and just said:" Ok that is fine Sir, in the mean time I will study your files a bit more and we will take it from where we left it today". Vinny got up of the chair looked at her with an innocent smile and said: "Thanks again for the hospitality". He turn around made his way to the door and just as he was getting out, he glanced and winked at her before disappearing.

Chapter 3 It was exactly a week that Davine had the encounter with somebody named "Vinny", she barely knew him in a sense because she only spent an hour with this stranger but in another sense she knew him better than most people because she ended up being very intimate with him. Davine had not expected this meeting to end like this but she got trapped by him which resulted in this total stranger black mailing Davine to the point she had to let him do what she wanted from her.

Being a young man in his thirties Vinny was full of testosterones and his balls regularly needed emptying and on that day he felt it was the perfect opportunity for a beautiful lady who he did not even know to help him release the pressure that he could feel building up in his balls.

This his why he got Davine to suck him off dry so that he did not feel the sexual tension becoming unbearable, and at his pleasant surprise Davine did a great job by blowing him off like a pro and she did not back out at the thought of taking all his spunk in her mouth and on top of that she swallowed every last drop of it like if she was hungry for it.

Davine's every day life started to take a normal route again because it was a good week ago that it happened and even if it was still on her mind every so often, she decided to move on and try to pretend that nothing happened. After all only her and Vinny new what they did on that day so she did not feel that threatened about it. The only little worry that she had is the last words that Vinny said before he left on that day: "well Davine it has been a pleasure to meet you and I think we will need to meet again in the near future to finish our unfinished business, I will contact your boss to let him know and find out when can I come back again".

At the back of her mind she new that it was not the last of it because Vinny would probably reappear in the near future, but would he be coming just for pure business or would he try to trick her again in trying to use her for sexual favours?? She just had to wait and see but for the last week she knew that her boss would eventually make contact with her about Vinny. She was very apprehensive and every time her phone was ringing she thought that it would be her boss phoning about the appointment with Vinny.

Fortunately that day her boss did not say anything about Vinny so she felt quite relieved and could go home after work without worrying about the next day. She therefore went home in a nice and chilled way without anything particular in her mind. It was not too late that day so she decided to go to town see if she could do a bit of window shopping and maybe find some nice close for her.

Davine worked hard in her life therefore she felt that every so often she could treat herself to some nice clothes and she totally deserved it. Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the north of England and it is well reputed for shopping this is why she loves living in Manchester where great shopping is at her door step.

That night she went in a few different shops and saw a few nice outfits but nothing that really made her buy something. She therefore went back home and did her daily duties at home like most have to do.

One of her favourite part of the day is when she can pour herself a nice glass of red wine and relax in front of the TV watching what ever she found interesting. The alarm clock suddenly went off and Davine is taken out of her comfy dreamy head into the reality of things. It is time to get up because she has to go to work. Obviously Davine loves her pampering in the morning and makes sure she is always looking good especially now she had to ensure she looked very sexy just in case the same situation with Vinny happened again.

If somebody is going to undress her and use her as a sexual body she at least needs to look the part and impress who ever is going to be in front of her when she just got her bra and knickers on. Davine got in her office like most morning just a few minutes before she is meant to start so that she can organise herself for the day. Like always she ended up doing daily tasks and she always make sure that things are done right because she is the perfectionist type and she does not like disappointing her boss.

Around 10.30am the phone rang so her first reflex is to pick it up on the other end was her boss. " Hi Davine I just got a phone call from last week client Vinny I think he is called. He told me that you have not fully finish to sort out the issue you were working on so he said that he will be poping in an hour to try to finish the file". Davine at first felt a hot sweat running down her body and got a bit paranoid and did not say a word so her boss said: Are you still there Davine, is everything alright?".

Davine managed to answer him back:"Yeah Yeah don't worry every thing is fine as you say I will go through the rest of the file with him no problem". In Davine's mind all the thoughts of what happened last week were flooding back she remembered about how he got to finger her without her not being able to defend herself and she looked next to her on her left and could imagine him and she could see herself going down on him and wrapping her mouth around his stiff cock and working her way up and down the stiff shaft until it exploded in her mouth.

At the back of her mind she knew that Vinny would try to play mind game again with her probably would expect sexual favours from her, however that day something was different because her boss would in the room next door so she thought that it might stop Vinny to do anything that he should not do therefore she felt a bit more confident. While she was waiting for Vinny to arrive, Davine kept herself busy to keep these bad thought of her head. Suddenly her phone rang and she heard her boss voice asking her to go and greet Vinny at the door.

She was a bit nervous and reluctantly went to open the door. As she opened it Vinny was standing just behind looking very fresh and smartly dressed. It was clear that he made himself look good, he had a big smile on his face and said nicely "Good morning Davine".

Davine felt obliged to reply to him even in her head she just wanted him to go away. As he passed through the door Davine could smell his strong sweet after shave, she just followed him and lead him to her boss's office. Davine boss stood up and shook his hand saying:" Hi sir nice to see you, Davine told me that you still have a few bit and pieces to sort out on that file that you were working on".

Vinny replied very confidently:" Yes that is correct sir". Davine's boss replied back: "Ok that is fine, anyway don't worry, I won't be interrupting you guys because I have to pop out in 5,10 mins something just pop out and I have to shoot off. Davine looked at Vinny's face and she could see a malicious grin on it. Davine quickly said to her boss in a panicky way: " But sir you have not made me aware of your leave, I normally know when you are going out".

Her boss replied:" Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I just got a text a minute ago on my phone, don't worry I am sure you will look after Mr Vinny very well, he told me that you did a great job last week and that he was very impressed with your professionalism, very dedicated to your job, so I know I can count on you to finalise this paper work". Davine could only look back at him a though to herself: If you knew boss, I don't think you would be so kind to me now.

They were all three standing in the middle of the boss's office and Davine was frozen and was in her own world. Suddenly her boss's voice resonated in her head and she heard him saying:" Davine what are you waiting for to take Vinny through to your office". It made Davine jump a little bit and she was back to reality.

"Oh yes sir lets go in" she replied and lead Vinny in her office. Just before entering her office Davine looked at Vinny and said:" Do you mind I just need to go to the bathroom quickly before we start, make yourself comfortable please". Vinny smiled back at her and replied yes don't worry I will be waiting. What Davine did not know is that Vinny had his own plan and that was the perfect timing for him to execute his plan. He brought with him a miniature camera so that he could film whatever was going to happen in the office and if he managed to get a saucy video of Davine being dirty on him, he knew that it would be a great tool to have to black mail her to her boss and if he was clever he could get in total control of Davine's actions.

While Davine was in the bathroom, he made sure he positioned the camera in a spot that would cover most of the office and obviously he had to make sure it was fairly discreet so that Davine could not see it.

Davine was so nervous that she stayed a while in the toilet giving Vinny enough time to put his plan in action and make himself comfortable. After a while she found the strength to reluctantly go back to her office. Vinny was comfortably sat in the chair facing her desk and smiled at her when she entered the room.

Davine had to compose herself and act as if she was not nervous, but Vinny could sense a tension in her, she was not the same than the Davine he met the previous week. Davine went to her desk and sat down. Avoiding Vinny's eyes contact Davine straight away looked at her computer screen and started to look for the file they were working on. As she was typing on her key board, the door of her office slightly opened and her boss's head poped in saying: "Sorry to disturb, I have got to go now, hope everything is going to be alright, see you later".

The door made a banging noise as he shut it back and Davine knew that it was just the two of them now on this level of the building. She acted as normal and opened the conversation about the issue they were working on. Vinny was just acting like a normal client for a while until out of the blue he said to Davine:" You know Davine I have not stopped to think about you since like week, I think you are the best cock sucker I have ever met, you blew my mind and my cock as well, I am sure you have enjoyed our little session didn't you".

Davine knew where that was going to lead, but unfortunately she did not know much about Vinny but she knew that if she did not satisfy his desires she could end up being in trouble if her boss found out about her going on porn while working.

She had to be sweet about it and try to play Vinny's game. She just looked back at Vinny and smiled at him which was a good enough answer. He stood up and casually walked around the desk to find himself just towering over her.

He gently put his hand on her shoulders and slowly let them slide down towards her breast. He did not touch her boobs but instead helped her to take off her suit jacket. Vinny whispered in her ear:" Don't you think it is a bit hot in here, I think you would feel better without a few layers". Davine knew she did not really have the choice therefore she let him take the jacket off. Once the jacket was off this time he reached the buttons of her blouse and undid all of them to reveal her beautiful round shaped breast that were enveloped in a beautiful silky bra.

Vinny this time pulled backward on her rolling chair and rotated it so that Davine would end up facing him. Davine looked at Vinny not knowing what he wanted from her next, but she quickly understood when he nodded with his face towards her breast meaning to undo the bra. Davine reached back and unfastened the bra clip and reluctantly let the bra fall on her lap. Vinny had his eyes glued on her breast and said:" Yes that is my girl". He moved forward and pulled his tongue out in the direction of her nipples.

He gently tongued her nipples a few times until he opened his mouth bigger to suck on them like a baby who needs his mum milk. He started gently on them but it was clear that the excitement made him more and more erratic, sucking from one boob to the other. Davine could only watch, she knew it was totally wrong but she could not help feeling some excitement building up through her body. In the excitement Davine grabbed Vinny's head and pushed on it like if she wanted him to suck even harder on her tits.

Vinny looked at her and said:" that is it babe, this is my girl hey, you see you love being used by a stranger". Vinny then kneeled down in front of her and gently put his hands on her thighs, he made sure his hand went underneath Davine's skirt as he gently made his way up.

Davine could feel her skirt going up more and more along her lap was, he kept going up until her crotch was on display. It was very obvious that Vinny was very excited his eyes were wide open and not missing one bit of Davine's in between leg. Davine's that morning had decided to wear a very sexy G string that was very revealing. The features of her pussy were moulded in the G String and Vinny could see the bottom string disappearing in her beautiful buts.

Vinny could not hold his excitement anymore therefore he hinted at Davine to push the piece of fabric hiding her pussy aside. In spite of being nervous and ashamed of what was happening the sexual tension was too strong and she did not want to fight back therefore she reached for her knickers and pulled it aside to display her horny pussy to Vinny.

Vinny made sure her legs were widely spread and pulled his tongue out and started to slowly lick her starting from her knee along her thigh until he reached the final destination. For Davine it was like having electrical pulse traveling through her body.

When Vinny's tongue got in contact with her pussy it was a great feeling, she felt the tongue spreading her pussy lips and penetrating her private hole. Vinny made sure his tongue went in and out like if he was tongue fuking her. Davine was starting to become wild, the feeling of having her pussy licked by a stranger was really turning her on, she was arching her back and pressing on Vinny's head to make sure the tongue would go as deep as possible in her wet hole.

Vinny was running his tongue from the top of her pussy where he was tickling her clitoris down to her crack licking her ass hole. She could feel Vinny's tongue pressing on her back hole, Vinny was spreading her cheeks so that her bum hole would stretch and give in under the pressure of his tongue. She was loving seeing that man eating her pussy and asshole like an animal.

When Vinny felt that Davine was in a state of submission he stood up and without any hesitation Davine reached for his belt, zip and button of his trousers and undid it all in no time. She could see the buldge of Vinny's cock stretching the fabric of his underpants. She pulled down on the underpants to let the shaft pop out. She looked like she was desperate, Vinny did not have to force her in doing anything now she was acting like a whore that want to satisfy her client so that she can get as much money as possible.

Davine was massaging Vinny's balls and was running her tongue from the shiny helmet to the balls, she made sure the sack of balls was all in her mouth and sucked on it like she would suck on sweets. Vinny's cock was nice and fat so she had to really stretch her mouth to fully accommodate it. She was pumping on it like if her life was depending on it, in and out, in and out.

If she carried on at that rhythm Vinny would not be able to hold it for much longer. But it felt so good that Vinny put his hand on her head to stop it to move and like he was fuking a pussy he was fucking Davine's face pushing as far as he could to the back of her throat. Davine was a taking it nice and deep and was caressing his balls as she could feel the fat shaft sliding down her mouth.

After a while Vinny was so horny that he was not going to cum before he had chance to slip his cock in Davine's dripping wet pussy. He got his cock out of Davine's mouth and helped Davine to sit on the edge of her desk with her leg wide spread. Davine's pussy was red and moist, Vinny knew that Davine was dying to be fucked so she spread her pussy lips to show Vinny that she wanted it hard and deep. Vinny moved closer so that he could direct his fat cock towards the pussy. He rested the helmet against Davine pussy and gently applied pressure.

Davine was so wet that Vinny's cock did not struggled to enter the moist hole. Davine was in heaven she could feel the cock spreading her vagina. It was a nice feeling to have a nice cock up her pussy, Vinny started to gently pump in and out for Davine to get used of that intruder that was invading her private hole.

They were both grunting and Davine was so enjoying it that she started asking Vinny to fuck her harder. Vinny was loving the fact that he was fucking a stranger in her office desk and she was begging him to drill her faster because she wanting his cock up her pussy so bad. Vinny was accelerating the rhythm and was starting to perforate her hole like an animal, Davine was screaming like a little girl asking for more.

The desk was creaking and moving quite a lot with the way Vinny was screwing Davine. At one point he slipped his cock out and asks Davine to lean on the desk so that he could fuck her doggy style. Davine was just like a sex slave now she was willing to do anything he wanted. Her bum was sticking out in the air, Vinny did not wait a second and rammed the stiff cock right up her desperate fanny.

He pumped her for a while as hard as he could and reached for her hair pulling on them. Davine was loving it she was being ravaged like a whore, her pussy was numb by the pleasure. She kept saying to Vinny:" that is it fuck me, I am all yours, stick your fat cock up my dirty cunt".

Vinny was fucking her so hard that they could hear the sound of his balls slapping against her bum. While he was fucking her Vinny wet one of his finger in his mouth and inserted it in her bum hole, he wanted her to be double penetrated. He knew that he probably would get chance to insert his cock up that tight asshole of hers, but for the time being he wanted to finish himself of in her pussy. Davine was pushing herself back and forth because she wanted it harder and harder, she could feel that the man that was abusing her pussy was about to cum.

She suddenly felt the cock sliding out of her pussy and viiny pulled on her hair to get her face in front of his cock. Davine without hesitation reached for the cock and wrapped it around her mouth she could feel it tensing and suddenly Vinny starting grunting :" AHHH AHH that is it take my spunk in your mouth you whore" .As he was saying that Davine could feel the warm liquid squirting out of Vinny's cock in her mouth.

She was sucking hard on it so that she could drain every last drop of cum out of his balls. She kept sucking on Vinny's cock and could feel it was becoming softer.

She looked at Vinny and opened her mouth that was full of cum. Vinny looked at her and said:" you know you want to swallow it, you would do anything for me".

Davine was still so horny, her head was still spinning and up for sex so she just wanted to satisfy him. She said:"of course my darling" and swallowed the whole lot making sure that it all went down her throat. Vinny looked at her and smiled, she was naked on the floor and suddenly it hit her what had just happened, she looked at him and felt ashamed of her behaviour but she knew deep down that Vinny loved every minutes of it. Vinny was starting to dress himself back so Davine got up and quickly refastened herself to look a bit more descent in front of the man that literally fucked all her holes.

She let him finished to dress himself and politely asked him if she could get herself straight in the toilet. Vinny was cool about it and it also gave him the opportunity to get his camera back that caught the whole of their fucking session. It took Davine a few minutes to get herself in a descent state. She could not actually believed what happened and could not understand why she behaved like she did but it was too late now to regret what happened therefore she knew she was going to have face the consequences of her acts what ever they were.

When she came back in the office she expected Vinny to be still in the office but at her surprise she found the office empty. In a way she was relieved to be on her own at that moment in time she could not face to see Vinny's face again.

Davine went to sit down to her desk and as she was about to sit down she saw an envelope on her desk saying: "To Davine". She opened it and inside was a piece of paper on which was written: Thanks for today, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Hope you are ready for some more adventures. XXX Vinny . Chapter 4 It was Saturday morning a couple of days after this strange day that Davine had to endure. In reflection Davine was a shame of what happened because in a professional point of view it was totally out of order and she knew that if she got caught she would get in lot of bother but the other Davine, the one that live deep inside her and that only her know well, thought that it was a great day and she loved every minutes of the passionate and very dirty moments she spent with Vinny.

For the last couple of days she had mixed feeling and felt very confused between shame and excitement, one minute she told herself that she is just stupid and she should not have let it happen and the next minute she loved that feeling of being used by a stranger and basically being a right slut and satisfying somebody that she barely knew. She is a women of principals and like to be straight and organized in the way she conduct her life but like most people she has a dark side that normally she can control pretty well in her everyday life but since the encounter with Vinny her dark side came to light and it was becoming harder and harder for Davine to fight it back, it was becoming an obsession.

She did not want to see Vinny again and she kept hoping that she would never get to meet him but her dark side totally disagreed with this and made her feel excited at the prospect of meeting Vinny again and being her sex slave. Obviously she needed to keep her cool and tried to beery the dark side has deep as she possibly could.


Throughout the whole weekend she felt strange but kept on going with her normal life with her husband and all the thing that she likes doing. The best thing for her was to go shopping which is one of her favourite pass time because she knew that would definitely get her mind of all her irritating thought that kept popping out of her mind.

The annoying thing for Davine is that when these thought kept coming, she could not help to get moist down her pants. However twice in that weekend it became unbearable for her therefore while her husband was watching sport on TV she went to her bedroom to retrieve her dildo hidden in one of her draw that she uses every now and again and sometimes but rarely when her husband is really in the mood and they are both very randy after a few drinks he likes to insert it in her pussy because it is a large size that most men could only dream of matching.

After he has stretched her pussy with it and made sure she is properly warmed up and ready, he loves fucking her. The thought of two different cocks going in her pussy does turn him on. He would never admit that to her because he would not take the chance to let her know that he would be turned on by seeing another man inserting his cock up her pussy while he would also double penetrate her by fucking her up her ass, this is a macho thing, you are my wife so I am not lending you even if the thought of it is there.

This time obviously she used the dildo on her own and went to the toilet pretending to go for a wee but instead of pissing wee out of her pussy she was sticking that rubbery fat cock up her vagina pulling it in and out in and out she was getting herself so horny that every so often she pulled the big cock out and directed it to her mouth to suck on it tasting her own pussy juice.

All the way through fucking herself she obviously had Vinny in her mind, she was closing her eyes and was imagining that it was Vinny's cock sliding in and out of her dripping wet hole.

Both times she masturbate herself she managed to make herself cum she was so horny at the thought of Vinny abusing her body that it did not took her much effort to cum twice all over herself, it was a good job she was standing legs spread just above the bog for all the dripping love juice to end up in the toilet.

The weekend ended fairly peacefully for Davine and as most Sundays night, she likes to relax in front of the TV with a glass of wine just to make the most of the last moments of the weekend. When she finished to watched TV she went to bed and as she was lying on her pillow, she was wondering what Vinny had meant by what he said on the note he left on her desk: Hope you are ready for some more adventures. XXX Vinny . She was not so sure that she would end up seeing Vinny again because she knew that his threat that he has used against her to abuse her would not be valid anymore.

Why would her boss believe a stranger about these allegations especially when he did not have any proof of it? She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Davine was without knowing why in a unknown bedroom lied down on a beautiful king size bed covered with red silky sheets, she could see herself from above in a very fine black see through gown.

She was also wearing beautiful sexy silky underwear's that was moulding her beautiful lady curves. She was on her own and felt a bit lonely, suddenly she realized that her hands and legs were tied to the four post of the bed with silk laces and she was blind folded. It was a strange feeling because she was lying on the bed but could see herself like if her eyes were attached to the ceiling of this bedroom.

She could see herself struggling and moving around trying to free herself but she could not. It felt strange because it felt so real but Davine could not feel anything. At one point she saw the door of the bedroom slowly opening and for a few second nothing happened until she saw two young men entering the room. There were both handsome and looked well trimmed and athletic. Initially she wondered what these two strangers were doing in the same mysterious place as her. Both men stood for a while next to the bed she was lying on and were observing her without doing anything.

One of the men sat next to Davine and started to caress her stretched arm gently, from above it looked very sensual and she liked how gentle and romantic that stranger was to her. The other man sat on the other side a bit lower down and started caressing her feet and the low parts of her legs. Davine could not physically feel the touches but it certainly made her all nice and warm in her lower belly. Both men were being very gentle and as well as caressing her they started to gently kissing her making their way to more special areas of Davine's body.

One of the men undid the bow that was fastening the silky gown and pushed it aside to reveal Davine very sexy lingerie. From above Davine could see the men's head just kissing the lingerie and licking the fabric of lingerie. After a few minutes of kissing and licking her breast and crotch area, both men peeled off Davine's underwear, tearing them of her to reveal her beautiful private areas.

Davine's pussy was bold and looking so soft and delectable from above that one of the man did not waste any time to dive in face first licking her swollen pussy lips his tongue was traveling from her anus hole to the clitoris area. In between the two holes he was making sure his tongue traveled has deep as possible in her dark moist cock hole.

While her pussy was being licked to death, the other man was looking after the top part of her body by sucking on her nice round boobs and moving up to her mouth and sticking his tongue as deep as possible forcing Davine to roll her tongue around his and exchanging each other's saliva. Davine lower parts were burning hot and felt so moist, she felt so horny to see herself being looked after by two fit young males.

After a bit both men started undressing themselves making sure not once single item of clothing was left on their body. It was clear to see their excitement just looking at the size of their penises. Davine had a very good view from above and was pleasantly surprise by the size of their cock, they were certainly well hung men at least a good 8 to 9" long as well as being nice and fat.

The type of cocks that most men could only dream of having and would certainly stretch a pussy, mouth or anus to its limits. Davine was still tied to the bed and blind folded, she had no control of what was happening to her, all she could do was to observe and let it happen.

One of the men positioned himself in between her legs while the other one kneed down just above her face. Davine could see the big cocks being directed in two of her holes, the man in between her legs spat on his cock and rubbed it to lubricate it and ensure his cock would insert in Davine's pussy without too much problem. When the helmet came in contact with her pussy lips, the pussy had to spread quite a lot before it gave in and the shaft started to disappear inside Davine.

On the other side of her body Davine's mouth was made to open up as wide as possible to accommodate the big fat cock that was push down her throat.

Both her hole was stretched to the max and two massive shafts were pumping her up and down. It started nice and gently to make sure Davine got used to these alien bodies that were filling her holes and the rhythm was gradually speeding up. It felt so good seeing them two strangers fucking her like a slut and using her as slave to satisfy their sexual hunger. It was clear from above that Davine was really enjoying the moment and did not show any sign of restraint and wanting the two men to stop fucking her like a plastic doll.

The man that was fucking her face, slid his enormous cock out of her mouth and lied down next to her, his powerful harm picked her up and he managed to drag himself underneath her.

His cock was perfectly positioned to reach her dirt box. She could still see her pussy being ravaged by this gigantic penis that was feeling the entire inside of Davine, but another massive cock was about to perforate her tight anal muscles.

The cock was so big that her anus ring resisted a while against the pressure of the monster shaft, eventually it gave in and the shaft shot in the hole.

Both cocks were ramming her dirty tight holes and disappearing totally to just to let sight of the balls sacks that were slapping her round bum. Both men were giving it so hard to her ass that Davine's head was banging against the top of the bed. After a good five minutes of being taken in sandwich by these two sexually deprived men, the one on top slipped his long cock out of the abused pussy and directed it to her face pointing it directly into Davine's mouth. Big jets of white sticky sperm squirted in her mouth and all over her face.

Not long after the man underneath started grunting and Davine could feel a warm substance feeling her rectum. As he pulled his cock out of her widely spread asshole the hole was gaping like mad so most of the spunk dripped out of it to land on the nice red silky sheets. As both men were starting to get their clothes back on, Davine could hear a beeping noise that was initially faint but its intensity became louder and louder to the point that she suddenly opened her eyes and realized that all that time she had been dreaming.

She felt like if she had wet the bed, her pussy was so wet from all the pussy juices that she had produced unconsciously while dreaming of these two studs using her as a spunk bag. She stopped the alarm clock going and turned around to see her husband lying next to her half a sleep.


He just about managed to ask her: "Are you alright this morning?", Davine reassured him and he turned back around on his side and went back to sleep.

Davine got herself out of bed and jumped straight in the shower so that she could give a good clean to her sweaty pussy. She made sure it felt nice and fresh by rubbing and spreading her pussy lips with the soap, as she was cleaning it every now and again she was catching her clitoris which was sending her pulses all over her body and memories of her dream were flooding back.

Davine could not resist the temptation for much longer and as the warm water was pouring down on her soft skin she started to fuck herself. On the shower shelf was a circular shampoo bottle that had a similar size has an average male penis. She grabbed it and inserted it all the way up her lubricated hole, the foam over her pussy was acting effectively as a lubricant therefore she did not find any problem in sliding it in and out, it felt so good as she could feel the orgasm approaching she accelerated the rhythm of her wrist action until she felt that amazing sensation invading her pussy and her brain, she even felt dizzy for a few seconds before she got all her senses back.

It had been a long time since she had not felt such a powerful orgasm, that definitely was going to set her for the day ahead.

Davine got herself ready like every morning before going to work, through a quick cup of coffee down and neck and headed straight to work. She was a bit anxious about what was going to happen but was fairly confident that Vinny could not keep threatening her with his unreliable accusations. When she arrived in her office she got herself ready, found out from her boss the sort of jobs that he wanted her to do for today and started working like a good employee that she is.

One of the first thing she has to do in her every day job is to check the answer phone messages and her E-mails so that she can see if nothing important needs to be passed on to her boss.

She pressed on the answer phone messages diary and saw that there were three messages, she listened to the first two, they were messages without too much importance. The third message was addressed to Davine which she found peculiar because normally it is directed at her boss. It did not take long for Davine to recognize Vinny's voice: "Hello Davine, It's Vinny here, just catching up with you and hoping that you have spent a great weeend, By the way I have left a nice surprise in your E-mail Inbox, you might want to check it.

Have a good day babe and see you sometimes soon hopefully." Davine, intrigued went straight on her computer and logged on her E-mail account. Like every morning there was quite a few E-mails most of them relating to work but one of them was standing out and it said" NICE SURPRISE". She double clicked on it, there were a few instructions but the first thing it said was: Open the attachment and you will understand my requests.

Davine clicked on the attachment icon wondering what could it be. The video player started to load on her screen and suddenly the video started to play. The video was showing two people having sexone man fucking a women doggy style. Something looked familiar to her but at first she could not really tell what it was, the women was looking opposite until she turned her face towards the camera and it is at that point that she recognized herself, on the video she was pulling faces due to the pleasurable experience that she was enduring and she could hear herself saying: "That's it Vinny FUCK that horny pussy, I am all yours, use me, rape me like a whore".

Davine was horrified watching the video, she did not know what to do, she was frozen and could not keep her eyes of what she was witnessing. This time Davine knew she was properly trapped, Vinny had managed to trick her so badly, there was no way she could get away with it now because Vinny was in possession of these hard evidence. She eventually got herself together and stopped the video. She went back on the E-mail. Obviously Vinny had left clear instructions: My Dear Davine I hope you have enjoyed what you have just seen, sorry I forgot to ask you last time if I could film us fucking each other but I did not think you would mind that much because you are a right slut aren't you?

Well obviously I am sure you understand the consequences that video could have on you if it end up in the wrong peoples hand, so I think you are going to be very cooperative towards me now and you will see that if it is the case your job will be nice and safe.

Tonight babe at exactly 9.00pm I need to see you, I understand that you probably have commitment and your husband or boyfriend if you have one might need you at his side but you are going to have find a good excuse to get out of your house (Could use the have to work late trick / I am going out with friends) it is up to you babe but you need to be at 9.00pm at your work car park and I will be waiting for you there.

See you tonight beauty. PS: Oh I nearly forgot, I would love you to wear a long coat covering you all but with nothing underneath bear naked that might make things easier if you know what I mean and get a hand bag and inside I like you to put your favourite dildo, you must have one, every slut like you have an essential item like this one to relieve themselves when they cannot get a real hard cock in their tight pussy.

Davine closed the E-mail and started to cry, she was in such a bad position she knew that she had to follow his requests otherwise she could say bye bye to her job on top of being humiliated and even maybe it would end her marriage if her husband found out. She could not take the risk to have her life turned upside down.

She wiped her tears of her face and tried to concentrate on her work to forget everything she just had to digest. The day went past and it got to that time where Davine has to head home to her husband, she had to think of a good excuse to be able to get out of the house tonight and make sure her husband would not be suspicious.

The best bet was pretending she was going to have a drink with her girlfriends out in town, it did not happened a lot especially during the week but every so often she enjoyed getting out of the house and being in female company to have a good gossip and catch up with her friends.

When she got home her hubby was there nice and relax, she asked him in a sweet voice if it was alright for her to go out tonight, she really hoped that it would not bother him too much which at her relief it did not.

It was around mid-November outside it was already dark, the time of her rendez-vous was approaching fast so she had to get ready, while hubby was pinned in front of the TV Davine went to her bedroom and undressed herself, she looked in her wardrobe and found one of her favourite long smart black coat.

It felt so strange for her to wear it without nothing on underneath it, it was a first for her. She grabbed one of her hand bag and quickly went to search her dildo in a draw and popped it in the hand bag. She slipped into some nice sexy black high heels and saw herself out of the bedroom.

She popped her head in the living room and said to her hubby "Hi honey, I am ready to go now, I 'll see you in a bit". Just before she had time to disappear her husband replied: "Hey babe you look pretty sexy tonight, any chance of a peek of what you have under that beautiful coat".

Davine suddenly could feel the cold sweat running down her neck and her lower back, she had to be quick and find a pretty good excuse to not show what was underneath the coat, It would probably give him an heart attack to see his wife going out bear naked. Davine quickly replied:" Well honey you know what, I am really late now I have to shoot off, but I keep the surprise for when I will be back, I am sure you won't be disappointed, I love you".

Before he had chance to say anything she was already stepping out of the door. She jumped in her car and sped away to her rendez-vous. She knew the way really well because it was an everyday journey for her, she also knew all the short cut from her house, before she knew it she was pulling out in the car park. There were only a few cars there and Davine was trying to see which car Vinny's was in.

She parked and waited for a bit, a moment later in the corner of the car park she saw a car flashing towards her. She understood that it could only be Vinny. She drove next to the car, it was a nice Porsche that had blacked side windows, Davine could not see who was inside until the window slowly lowered itself to let Vinny silhouette appear in the driver sit.

Vinny made a sign with his index inviting Davine in his car. Davine then got out of her car and jumped in this very expensive looking car. Vinny was very smartly dressed with a expensive looking suit, he made him look like a very important and handsome, rich young man. Vinny said to her:" Hello darling, it is a pleasure to see you again and I see you seem to have listen to my request well I hope." And as he said the he put his hand on her knee and moved his hands upwards to check if she was naked.

At his pleasant surprise he could feel bare skin in her pussy area and for a few seconds started playing with her pussy. He got his hand out and reached for a blind fold in his pocket and asked her to wear it. Davine asked him why did she have to be blind folded?. Vinny replied:"Well I just want to keep it exciting for you and make it a surprise for you." As she was putting the blind fold on Vinny started the car and Davine could now feel the car moving but had no idea where they were going.

Throughout the all journey they were both silent, Davine could hear the sound of the powerful car groaning. It felt like they had been driving for a while but suddenly divine felt the car slowing down and then it stopped. Vinny turned the engine off and asked Davine to take her blind fold off.

At first Davine was very confused, she did not understand what she was doing here. Looking through the dark windows she could see that they were in some kind of disaffected car park, it was definitely abandoned, there was old cars smashed up a bit everywhere.

After a good look she however noticed that there were some more modern cars with men that were walking around them. She kept observing what was happening and tried to understand what was going on.

She could see the men approaching the cars and knocking on the windows, every so often the window was going down and after a while the door was opening and the man disappeared in the car. One man went to the car that was facing them he knocked on the window, and it went down after a bit, Davine saw the man talking with what appear to be a female silhouette in the car and at one point the man stood back up and reached for his zip.

He unzipped it and searched for his erected male member, the women inside the car reached for the man's cock that was just at the right level and engulfed the stiff shaft, she looked desperate and was blowing on that cock like if her life was depending on it. The man was resting both his hand on the roof of the car and was pushing his hips back and forth in the women mouth.

Eventually the women got the cock out and was wanking it making sure her mouth was wide open just in front of the cock head to take the sperm in. From a distance it was difficult to see the cum flowing out of his penis but his body language made it clear that he was emptying his balls right in her mouth.

She sucked a bit more on the cock as a service to the man to clean of any remains of cum on the cock and the man put it back in readjusted himself and disappeared. Davine could not believe what she was witnessing, she had heard of the dogging practice and knew what it was but being there and physically seeing it being done was a total experience.

Vinny got Davine out of her thought when he suddenly asked her :" So babe how is that for you, have you enjoyed the spectacle so far, I am sure that you would never have thought in a million years that you would see anything like it in your life with your own eyes, and you know what babe I have got even better for you tonight, you are going to join the party and pleasure some of these strangers that are here tonight to empty their balls full of cum, Are you up for it??.

Davine looked back at him and said: " No Vinny you cannot possibly make me do that, this is not fair". Vinny replied: "Well Davine I don't think you have a leg to stand on at the moment and you know for well what are the risks of not listening to my instructions." As Vinny just finished his sentence a big knock on the window resonated in the car which made Davine jump.

She turned around and could see a man in his mid-forties reasonably handsome leaning down and trying to see through the window.

Davine looked back at Vinny in a panicky way and asked him:" What do I do now?." Vinny replied:" Hey babe it is your call, you have to know something, here it is you that is in control you can reject the men if you are not interested but I tell you what girl if you reject too many of them they get quite annoyed and end up jerking off all over the car windows.

I love my car and I like it nice and clean so if you get my car mess up with cum everywhere I will make sure you will clean it all of using your tongue, is that a deal".

Davine had no choice, Vinny was determined to watch her sucking strangers cock so she had to do has she was told. The man was still waiting outside and was determined to see what was hidden behind them blacked out windows. Davine could not find the strength to lower the window so Vinny pressed on the button on his side of the door and Davine's window slowly dropped down.

On the man's face you could tell that he was pleasantly surprise by the beautiful lady that he discovered behind the black glass. The man politely introduced himself:" Hi there my name is Jim and who is this beautiful girl that I have in front of me." Davine was petrified but she managed to find a bit of courage in herself and replied to the man: "Hi I am called Davine." That is all she could say for the moment, the man looked at her a bit more and could see that Davine was a bit uncomfortable, he then said: "Are you alright love am I scaring you".

Davine looked back at him and knew she had to be positive with him and not turn him down because Vinny would be annoyed with her. She therefore said to him:" Well Jim whenever you are ready, I am here to satisfy your desires". Jim's face was suddenly beaming with a massive smile and he knew he was up for a good suck, he straight himself back up and unfastened his pants button and pulled his zip down. Davine could see the bulky shape pressing against Jim's undies, he grabbed his undies and pulled them down, Jim was obviously horny because his average size cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the face.

Before Davine started to work on Jim's cock, Vinny asked her to undo her coat of for Jim to see her naked body and spread her legs so that she could play with herself at the same time as she was blowing him. When Jim saw that beautiful body of hers his eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets. He said to Davine:" Whoaw that is a hell of a sexy body that you have babe, I would love to have a feel of them beautiful breasticals while you are pumping me, come on girl don't be shy stick it in your mouth." He moved his hips forward making sure that his cock was easily accessible to Davine's mouth.

She opened her mouth and gently sucked on Jim cock, while she was doing that Vinny took her hand and put it on her fanny for her to stick her fingers in it and masturbate herself.

Jim was in heaven he could see that beautiful mouth wrapped around his hard cock, it felt so good and the sight of Davine masturbating herself was making him so horny. Davine could feel her lower belly becoming nice and warm and a pleasant sensation was starting to take over her body so she was starting to relax and was sucking faster and faster and was pushing Jim cock every time a bit deeper. Jim had rarely had such a good fellatio done to him before, certainly not by such a beautiful classy bird.

It only took a few more minutes of this for Jim to have to released himself, he had to let go even know he would have loved to feel Davine's mouth around his erected penis for much longer. Without warning Davine Jim pushed a deep grunt and his cock tensed and started to squirt the warm cum deep in divine throat. Davine made sure Jim was ready to pull out and she slid her mouth out tasting the warm sticky substance.

Jim quickly dressed himself back and said to Davine: "That was amazing girl, I really enjoyed that, hope to see you again Bye".

Jim turned around and disappeared in the distance. Vinny closed the window again and said to Davine:" Well you really got me in the mood with this great show I think you best look after me a little bit".

Vinny pulled his pants and undies down, his cock was ready to burst, you could see the vain pumping the blood through the cock and making it so big. Davine knew exactly what she had to do and bent down towards Vinny's crotch to start sucking the second cock of the night.

Vinny's cock felt bigger in her mouth, she had to put strain on her muscle to be able to comfortably accommodate it all in. She was going up her down the shaft and Vinny was helping her by pushing down on the back of her head so that she took more and more every time. Davine could feel the viiny's balls touching her mouth due to the shaft being fully inserted all the way up to the back of her throat.

As the time was passing the sensible Davine was slowly vanishing to let place to the slutty Davine, she could feel her hunger for cock growing and she was enjoying the moment. While she was sucking on Vinny's cock somebody else knocked on the window. Davine pulled out of Vinny's cock to see who was waiting out there.

Vinny said to her:" What are you waiting for babe it looks like you have a new client". She opened the window and this time it was a really young male, he looked in his early twenties, he had a very athletic body and was wearing trackies. Davine was now in the mood to pleasure men and satisfy all their desires, she therefore looked at him and said:" Hello young boy, Fancy a cock wash, well you have knocked at the right door, I am all you need, show us your package and I will do the rest".

The young boy did not waste any time and pulled down on his trackies, Davine's eyes were shocked when she saw the size of the cock, it reminded her about the dream she had the previous night when she was raped by two men with giants dicks.

She complimented him on his manhood and was straight at it trying to push her head as hard as possible along the big shaft. There was no way she could take it all in, it was much too big but it definitely had a great effect on the boy. She sucked him off for a few minutes and then to be more efficient she kneed down on the car chair sticking her back side straight into Vinny's face.

The young boy grabbed Davine's head and started to fuck her mouth like he would fuck a pussy. While Davine's face was being raped by a gigantic cock Vinnny was palying with her pussy and was licking it. He could feel that Davine was so horny, her pussy juice kept flowing out and Vinny was making sure he licked every drop of it.

The young man's face was by now distorting which made it clear that he was ready to explode. Unlike Jim just before he ejaculated he pulled the big cock out and sprayed cum all over Davine's face. Cum was dripping all the way down her chest. The young man just winked at her pulled his pants up and went away. The car window was not even up that another two men was coming towards the car, they could see that Davine was up for some more because she did not shut the window and her look was rather inviting.

While the two men were approaching the car Vinny was kneeing just behind Davine's backside and pushed his cock in her wet pussy. He started pumping her up, the two men could see her being fucked, they both took their trousers down at the same time for Davine to be able to grab both their cock one in each hand. Davine was so in her element she was servicing three men at the same time one cock in her pussy her sucking both cocks one after the other.

When she could she was trying to put both cocks in. The men were waiting for their turn to be blown. Davine loved that feeling of controlling men by their cocks. Vinny was working hard on her she could feel how hard his cock was. The banging motion help her sucking the cocks, every time Vinny was impaling his shaft in her tight pussy her mouth was being pushed right into the balls of the two men.

Vinny was loving it, seeing his sex slaved being used like an animal. He reached for her handbag and took the dildo out to push it in her bum hole that was dilated. Now all her holes were being stuffed and she was loving it. She felt like her body had a purpose and it was being used as it should. After a while the two men being sucked by Davine were ready to empty their spunk sack, they were both wanking towards Davine's face when more or less at the same time two jet of cum violently went to splash right in her face.

Davine was opening her mouth and some squirts finished their journey on her tongue. Vinny also could not resist anymore he had to let go, therefore he pulled on her hair so that her face was directly facing his cock and for the fifth time that night a man emptied his balls all over her face.

She was covered in cum. When she sat back down the two men had already disappeared. Vinny gave a tissue to Davine and said to her:" Sort yourself out you slut" She wiped all the cum of her and closed her coat to look a bit more descent. Vinny dressed himself back and like if nothing happened started the car and drove back to where they initially met.

He pulled next to her car and before he let her go said to her:" I am proud of you Davine, I think tonight you have shown me your true colours, and I am convinced that there is much more potential in you. Come on girl you have deserved a rest for tonight, See you sometimes".

Davine quickly said bye to Vinny and jumped back in her car to head back home to her normal life. Chapter 5 It was a fortnight after the wild night that Davine was pushed into spending the evening in a car lending her body to a bunch of strangers. Davine had not heard anything from Vinny since that night. It was clear that Vinny was somebody quite wealthy who had a good situation for himself. Not everybody can claim to drive a fancy Porsche and wear expensive suits.

Davine was intrigued about Vinny's situation and she was curious to know if he was earning his money legally or if he was making dirty money out of drug or women trafficking or any other type of black market. He was obviously a fairly busy man because since their first encounter it was the longest period Davine did not have to succumb under his sexual harassment. In a way it made Davine's life easier because her mind was more at peace about not being forced into doing totally insane things that Davine would never have dreamt of having to do in her life.

But Davine however felt that a part of her was missing, as crazy as it sounds she was kind of missing this mysterious man that treats her like a piece of sexual meat. It looks that she was starting to enjoy the thrill of being somebody's sexual slave and having to satisfy even the dirtiest fantasies of somebody that she only knew for his sexual craving. It was not in her hand anyway all she could do was to wait and see.

She however knew that sometimes she would hear from him, it could be tomorrow, in a week or maybe in a month, but Vinny was not the type of man that was going to give up on her. Davine in a way belonged to him, he knew that she would not do anything that would compromise her job, she already had proved him that she would do anything it took to keep her job and also not to get humiliated by her boss if he ended up seeing the video of her having dirty sex with Vinny in her work office during working hours.

Davine's life had become monotonous in the last couple of weeks, the usual daily routine where she goes to work and does what is expected from her professionally and the daily life at home with hubby. Davine is married, but like most couple in the first few months of her encounter with her husband, the chemistry between the two individuals was at its peek.

New experiences and good changes in life bring lot of excitement and fun. This is why when Davine met her husband their sexual activity was pretty regular and she loved having sex with her husband because every time she discovered something new about him and for a while they could experience different ways of pleasuring each other's and turn each other's on.

But as life goes on people tend to get a bit too used to each other's to the point where sex, instead of being a pleasurable moment sometimes with some couples becomes more of a boring thing to do, if not a chore.

Like most women Davine likes to see herself as a respectable woman but often women have a hidden side that they carefully keep for themselves and show it when required in intimates moments for instance with their partners or the less shy women quite happily love showing their slutty side to the rest of the world by making sure they act as tarts, flirting with any human bodies that have got a cock in between their legs and dressing like whore to attract the male attention and making sure they can flash as much body flesh as they can to give any men that look at them a hell of a hard on.

Davine is more the sensible type that looks like a prude virgin girl but hidden inside her is a dirty whore that wants to drain hard cocks dry of its sperm. When she was a younger girl before she settled down with hubby and her job, Davine was a very out going girl and loved going out clubbing and drinking with her friends.

At that age her sexual hormones were bouncing all over her body and it is not always easy to control sexual urges so in several occasions after a long night out she experienced fun and very dirty sex sessions.

One particular night Davine and her girlfriends decided to go clubbing in town. Like most young girls Davine and her friends spent quite a long time getting ready to go out and obviously made sure they were wearing very sexy clothes that revealed a lot about their slim toned young bodies.

All men would be drawn to them like a magnet on metal. Davine loved and still loves wearing short skirt that just about covers the bottom part of her lady bits. Underneath that short skirt Davine always wear a thong that covers her female triangle but however allow to show her sexy bum crack. There is nothing more exciting for beautiful women to draw the male's attention onto them by flashing some intimate parts of their bodies.

Women are built to act like tarts or slut because their ultimate goal when it comes to male and female relationship is to find a man that will be there for them, protect them and also to satisfy their sexual desires. At that age the sexual desire in a woman often takes priority on the rest and for Davine that night she definitely had the urge of finding a man that would want to be sexual and dirty with her.

That night Davine and her friends went to a few bars first to taste the atmosphere and get in the mood by having a few drinks. For everybody the first couple of hours are easy to be in control of because the alcohol has not yet kicked in but after a while for Davine she felt more relax and easy going with the people around her, alcohol gives her wings, she liked the feeling of being less shy and more accessible.

Davine was in the zone, she had no inhibition and her confidence was sky high this is why she was very flirty border line slutty with the men she was meeting around the different bar.

Like most women she loves using her charm to get men to buy her drinks and on that night it was definitely not a problem because drinks were flowing down her neck. But as expected there is so much alcohol that a young girl can take down her neck before she gets to the point where her body is there but her mind has difficulty to process everything that happens around her which as you can imagine is the perfect prey for young sex hungry males who want to stick their fat cocks in wet dirty young pussies.

That night the pub where Davine and her girlfriends ended up was packed, people were on top of eachother practically. Davine being Davine she had attracted quite a few males around her because she was looking very sexy that night but also very flirty with them. The music was quite loud and it was fairly dark so quite a lot of things could happen and nobody would even realise this is why the young man that was facing Davine gently started to get closer from her and feel her hips running his hand along her body.

Davine being totally drunk and horny, she was quite happy to let that man fill her up. He became more and more intimate by kissing her around the neck and moving his mouth towards her to eventually allow his tongue in her mouth. He could feel that Davine was really up for it because she did not pushed him away and looked quite keen to snogg him.

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While they were tonguing each other Davine could feel a hand feeling her crotch and making its way underneath her short skirt to reach the small piece of fabric that was separating the stranger fingers from her pussy. She felt the fingers pushing her thong aside to access her pussy lips. The fingers were playing with the lips until pressure was put in and Davine felt her fanny letting the fingers slipping inside her.

At first she thought that it was the man that she was snogging that was fingering her but she realized that he had both hand on her shoulders so it could not be him. She looked aside and could see another man standing aside of her that had his arm reaching for her pussy. It felt so good that Davine let it happen and was quite happy for two men to look after her at once.

While all this was happening everybody around was totally oblivious and kept chatting and drinking. Davine skirt now was right up and her bum and pussy was showingtherefore after a bit as well as having somebody fingering her and snogging her she felt another hand starting to touch and feel her bum cheeks, she did not know if it was the same man that was fingering her or even another man but her intuition was telling her that it was somebody else that was doing that from behind.

The hand stroking her ass was starting to reach for her crack and she could fell the fingers aiming for a specific location. Davine was enjoying herself she had several men around her giving her the type of attention that she loves. After a while all her holes were being taking care of, fingers and tongue were coming in and out of her and she was loving it. She had hands all over her body squeezing her boobs touching her pussy, spreading her asshole.

It looks that men around her were fighting for a piece of her body and that definitely turned her on She loved making all these men horny and by that time her pussy juice was dripping from being so horny. Davine was just letting the men dictating what was going on. At one point she felt a hand grabbing her hand and directing it in a specific place.

She felt something hard and long and quickly realised what she was dealing with, the man in front of her had got his cock out of his trousers and he wanted Davine to start wanking him which she was very happy to do, therfore while she was being finger fucked from every angle she starting to wank the man in front of her. He had a nice size cock that felt soft and big in her girly hand. Her second hand was free but not for long because she was forced into wanking a second cock from the man that was finger fucking her, every so often she could feel the fingers that were up her pussy and asshole being taken out and forced in her own mouth so that she could taste her own holes.

She was in such a trance that nothing could stop her she wanted cocks and her holes to be used like a spunk bag. After a while she could not resist anymore she wanted her holes to be perforated with big cocks so she squeezed both cocks that she had in her hand and dragged both men out of the crowed and pulling them out by their cock and headed for the girls toilet.

She pushed the door open and their were a couple of girls doing their make up in front of the mirror and readjusting their clothes. They both looked at what happened and seemed a bit jealous but just got on with their business. Davine moved towards the back of the toilet and leaned against the wall one of the men started to snogg her face and stick his tongue right in her mouth holding her by her neck while the other spread Davine legs and dived head first towards her pussy.

She felt a tongue separating her pussy lips and making its way up her vagina, discovering the moist damp cavity of Davine pussy. Davine was moving up and down with her legs so that she could feel the tongue fucking her. Both men pulled out and stood in front of her with their big cock bursting out of their trousers. Davine did not hesitate one second and wrapped her slutty mouth around one of the cock. She was sucking with her mouth and wanking the other cock with her hand and swapping to make sure both men could appreciate the feeling of their cocks being pumped by a young dirty slut that they had never seen before.

Both men were grabbing her hair and pushing hard on her face so that her mouth would get impaled all the way to her throat. One of the men went around Davine and lift her skirt up to reveal her bum cheeks and part of her pussy that was clearly dying to be stuffed by a big fat cock.

She was taken in sandwish, servicing two cocks. The man from behind spat on his hand and rub it on his cock to lubricate his cock head and directed it against Davine closed pussy. It did not take much pressure for Davine spunk hole to give in and accommodate the long fat shaft that was making its way in her vagina. Both men were forcing their cock in Davine's opposite holes, she was stuffed from either side feeling cocks poking her like a whore.

She did not even care about doing it in a public place, she was too drawn in fucking them two men and focusing on making it memorable for them. At one point one girl that came in the toilet was enjoying the show therefore one of the men said to her: "Do you want a picture!!!" and the girl said: "No but I would not mind taking part in your fun". The man replied to her:" Well babe if you want to have your snatch licked off I bet that whore will happily lick your pussy juice of you".

The man slipped of his pennis out of Davine's mouth and invited the young lady to stand in front of Davine's face. The girl was a teenager and good looking, it was obvious she have had quite a few drink and wanted some sexual attention, she therefore lift her skirt up to reveal that she was totally naked underneath her pussy was nice and bald. Davine had never did anything with a girl but she was so horny that it did not matter to her she was quite happy to satisfy that girl sexual desire.

The girl spread her leg to let Davine lick her up. Davine was extending her tongue as far as she could possibly get it out to scrape the inside of the girl pussy. The girl loved it she was getting so horny that Davine could taste her salty juice flowing out of her pussy. Davines pussy was on fire because the man poking her behind was like a machine, he did not stop banging her since they had started.

While Davine was licking that girl's pussy she suddenly felt a cock head fighting against her tongue to slip into the vagina.

It was the other man that was trying to stick his cock into the other girl's pussy. Davine help the cock to slide into the hole and was licking her clitoris as the girl was being fucked. She never had assisted to somebody being fucked from such a close distance but it certainly turned her on to see a bald pussy being perforated.

Every so often the cock was pooping out so Davine gave it a good suck before she re-directed it back into the girl moist hole.

There was a chair next to where they were all fucking like animal, the man fucking Davine went and sat on the chair with his cock sticking up like a spearhe invited Davine to come and impale herself on the hard rock straight cock.

Davine turned her back to the man and positioned her backside just above him. She grabbed his cock and directed it towards her asshole. Like if she would sit on a chair she let her weight going down and could feel the cock spreading her ass until the fat cock helmet slipped in she therefore kept the pressure down to let the whole shaft inserting itself until she could feel her bum cheek touching his balls.

Davine's legs were wide open and her pussy was facing the other girl that was being fucked by the other guy. The girl therefore bent down and started to lick Davine's pussy while she was getting poked up her tight ass.

She loved having her two dirty holes being used and the thought of pleasuring a man and women at the same time was making her so horny.

The girl was slurping on Davine's pussy like a dog would lick food on a plate. Davine in several occasions grabbed the cock that was perforating her dirt box and force it into the girl mouth for her to suck on it and taste her delectable asshole juice.

Being in a perfect position to be double penetrated, the man fucking the girl slipped his cock out of her ravaged pussy and pushed the girl out of the way to position himself between Davine's legs. One of Davine's hole was already stuffed but it looks like the second one was going to be plugged in with another big cock. The man pulled on his hard cock and pushed it in Davine's dilated pussy. It felt so good to have two young stranger filling her holes they were both sticking it in and out like pistons in an engine.

The other girl being left out decided to look after Davine's last available hole so she went around the men and grabbed Davine's face between her hand and threw her tongue in her mouth snogging her like two dirty lesbians women.

Davine did not care she was having such a good time with being shafted by two hard cock in her cum holes. Her crotch was being stretched like it had never been due to the cocks penetrating her wet cavities. Davine loved also having a girl's tongue mixing its saliva with hers, Davine was fingering the girl that was looking after her and made sure that at least three of her fingers were penetrating her as deep as possible. Both men were groaning like animals and clearly enjoyed fucking that young slut that they had never met in their life before.

They bangued Davine's holes for a good five minutes without give in it a break before they started to show sign of wanting to release their sticky white cock juice. The man on top fucking Davines pussy was obviously determined to release his spunk in a hole but a young female pussy might be a bit of a risk with pregnancy so it took it out of Davine's cunt and inserted it in the other girl tight asshole, he only took half a minute before he ejaculated in her rectum.

Davine was thoroughly enjoying her ass being pumped up and the sensation got even better when she felt her backide being filled by a warm substance, it made her feel so dirty to know that a stranger was emptying his balls in her shit hole. Once both men were drained they took their cock out and made sure Davine and the other slut clean the mess that was left on their shaft.

Both men also asked the girls to clean each-other assholes by licking the dripping cum, so Davine and the other girl lied down and started to tongue each other bum hole making sure no cum was dripping anymore. Once they were done everybody got dressed up again and just acted as if nothing happened and went their own way.

The older Davine had not changed that much from the one that she used to be in her twenties. The only difference is that now she was married and like in most couple the prospect of fucking the same man for the rest of her life did not always push her buttons however her sex drive was still very strong and she loved to think that there are lot of men out there that would love to use her body and treat her like sexual meat but would take an immense pleasure out of emptying their balls into her horny wet pussy.

This is why what had happened in the last few weeks with Vinny made her feel young again and she sort of rediscovered herself and how much fun she can have by being treated like a slut but also by felling sexually desired by good looking young men. On one of her working day, the inevitable happened, while she was checking her mail, she realized that Vinny had sent her an E-mail which sent Goosebumps all over her body because she had no idea what Vinny was going to expect from her, it could be just a simple e-mail to say a quick hello as it could be one of Vinny crazy request, either way she had to open it and find out.

When she double clicked on the E-mail Davine quickly realized that there were files attached as well as some instructions written on the e-mail. She was quite curious to see what Vinny could have attached this time so she opened the attachments to find out that it was pictures of her with her face out of a fancy sport car and sucking on two men's cock.

The picture was a bit dark but it was clear enough to recognize Davine's face with her mouth wrapped around a stranger cock and another man's cock in her hand. Vinny must have had to hire a professional photographer because Davine could not recall seeing people taking picture on that night.

Vinny was such a clever man, whatever he seemed to do was planned and well calculated. There was no way out for Davine, on top of the video of her fucking Vinny in her office now he also had clear picture of her practicing dogging with total strangers. Davine knew that what ever Vinny's request was she had to do it because if any of the evidence Vinny had came out it would be total humiliation and even losing her job so she would have to go along with what you could call her sexual master.

When she read the E-mail Vinny invited Davine to place that sounded very posh and unknown to her. On the address it said that it was a Manor in the country side out side Manchester. Their was a post code so Davine would just need to use a Sat Nav which should take her directly there, but once more she would have to find an excuse to full her hubby and get him to think that she is going out with some friends.

Fortunately it was a Friday night so her husband would not be too suspicious if she came back quite late due to not having to work the next day. In the E-mail Vinny clearly specified about a strict dressing code, he wanted her to wear only black see-through underwear with suspenders black high-heels and a tight well fitted black sexy dress. Davine would have to meet him in the car park before she goes inside the building because they would have to come in as a couple. He would give her all the information that she needs once they would meet.

The rendez vous would be at 8.45pm. Davine was very intrigued but also excited about the very specific requests and spooky place that she was supposed to meet Vinny. Her work day unfolded as normal and the time to meet Vinny was only a few our before she was meant to set off. She was a bit anxious about her dressing code and was hoping that she would have in her wardrobe what she needs to impress Vinny. Fortunately she found what she needed because like most women Davine has more clothes that she can remember and clothes that have been worn once or twice and been forgotten about.

She looked stunning in her nice black fitted dress that unveiled her beautiful woman curves. She was not very used to wear suspenders underneath her dress but it really made her feel sexy and a bit sluty at the same time.

After managing to get a pass from hubby, she set off and aimed to reach her final destination hopefully in time, fortunately she had the Sat Nav that pretty much took her there without problem.

When she arrived at the car park she could see in front a beautiful massive old Manor that was all illuminated in the dark. It looked very nice and posh, in the car park she quicky realized that tonight she was going to be mingling with the high society of Manchester because all she could see in the car park is very expensive looking car that the average class citizen can not afford to buy.

She waited a couple of minutes before she saw a car flashing at her, the car was very familiar to her because it was in the same car that she ended up poking her head out of the window to suck strangers cocks while Vinny was fucking her pussy from the inside. She got out of her car and headed to Vinny's car, just as she was to reach for the handle the door open and somebody with a black mask covering two third of is face greeted her to sit on the front passenger sit.

Davine was a bit uncomfortable at first because it could have been anybody but as soon as she heard the voice of the male in the car she recognized Vinny's voice which reassured her straight away.

As well as wearing the mask, Vinny was wearing a Black gown with a big hood that was covering a big part of his face. Davine would never have recognized him if it was not for his voice. Being so intrigued Davine asked Vinny:" What is going on with all this fancy dress code". Vinny calmly replied to her: "Well you see Davine tonight is a very exclusive meeting where people of the high society come to meet and have fun together.

Tonight you will not recognize anybody because everybody will be dressed just like me but believe you and me there are going to be some very famous people in the crowed, people that you never dream to come across in your day to day average class citizen that you are!!

This is why there are some very specific rules that have to be respected at all times.

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You are not allowed to take your mask of and ask people who they are, everybody tonight is anonymous. This is why you also are going to need to wear a mask and a gown just like the one I am wearing now.

Is that clear???" Davine was a bit chocked but she was quite happy to go with the flow and the thought of being around potential celebrities really made her quite excited. She therefore carefully put the mask and the gown that Vinny kindly provided to her. They both made their way to the grand entrance hall where they were stopped by two people dressed in gown and masked. Vinny handed them two tickets which they checked thoroughly and they eventually let them go through.

The architecture of the building was amazingly posh and grand. In front of them was a huge posh stair case with Victorian pillars and above their head was a beautiful chandelier all made out of crystals. Davine had never really been in a place so aristocratic, the stairs were laid with a very spongy red carpet.

Vinny was holding Davine's hand like if they were a proper couple and lead her up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a very long corridor with lot of doors either side and right at the end she could see an open door and from the distance she could hear human noise. As there were moving forward, the noise was getting higher and clearer, she could also see silhouettes of people moving around.

When they arrived in the room, it was quite breath taking due to the immensity of the room and what was even more fascinating is that there was around hundred people in the room all masked and wearing a black gown, it was in a way quite spooky but also exciting because Davine knew that behind some of these masks were hiding famous people or very rich people.

Right in the middle of the room was a massively long table that was clearly set up for a banquet. Vinny straight away engaged in conversation with people that were around, it seemed like it was not the first time he got involved in this sort of event.

Davine felt a bit uncomfortable because everybody was chatting to each other and she was standing in the middle feeling a bit lonely but it did not take long before somebody approached her and start to talk to her. At first it felt strange to talk to a total stranger wearing a gown and a mask, but he was very gentle and made Davine straight away at ease.

While people were chatting waiters and waitresses were going around with silver trays of glass finest champagne, the waiters and waitress were very distinct from the rest of the crowd because they were wearing red mask and silky red gowns.

As soon as Davine's glass was empty a waiter was pouncing on her to refill the glass. Having not eaten for a while it did not take long for Davine to feel a bit tipsy but fortunately, it looked that people were starting to sit around the table for diner.

Vinny came back to Davine and directed her where they had to sit. At her surprise everybody had a label on the plate and Davine's label said: Cleopatra. She looked back at Vinny and asked him:" Who is Cleopatra", "Well that is you for the night darling" he replied. Vinny's label was Troy. The labels were there for people to be able to call each other with a name and not reveal their identity.

A moment later the food was delivered on the tables and people started to eat. It was a very civilized evening and everybody was very well mannered and clearly showed signs of the high society in the way they were eating and behaving during the meal. The food was succulent and very refined Davine certainly thoroughly enjoyed it and by now fully felt at ease after the nice wine that had been flowing down the glasses during the meal. Her nervousness and anxiety had totally disappeared and she felt nice and confident to talk to people and engage in conversations with anybody around the table.

Even know the majority of the people in the assembly were famous or rich it did not matter because in that evening everybody was made to be equal. At the end of the meal the person sited at the end of the table asked for people to be quiet so that he could make an announcement.

" This is it every body, I hope you have enjoyed your meal but now it is time for some fun, Are you ready for it??" Everybody cheerfully said "YES!!" Vinny who was just sat next to Davine quickly gave her some advice and prompted her on what the rest of the evening was going to be about. Basically the whole purpose of the party was a massive orgy for rich people who don't want to get caught in doing something rather taboo in the eyes of the society.

Vinny warned Davine that she should avoid to say "No" to people and get along with what is happening during the evening. Everybody by that time was getting up and heading for the corridor with all the doors. Davine was a bit unsure and did not really know what to do but Vinny just asked her to relax and go for a walk in the differents room to get a better taste of the evening. Davine just made her way towards to corridor which this time had all the doors open she decided to go in the first room just to be curious and see what was in there.

It was a quite large room with comfy sofas around and posh lying down bed in the middle. At the back of the room something caught her attention, she could see a wall and in front of it was people kneeing down, she quickly realized that there were some cock sticking out of the wall and people were sucking on them. She just move forward a bit because she was quite intrigued by it and suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and a soft female voice saying to her: "You look quite interested by this wall, just help yourself tonight everything is permitted so go and grab a cock and suck on it".

Davine remembered what Vinny told her about not saying NO so she felt that she had to go and grab one of the cocks that were sticking out of the wall. She was spoiled for choice the cocks were of different sizes and shapes.

Davine went for an average size one because she thought that she would make a better job and could take it all in and get the man standing behind the wall a good ride. She kneed down and grab the cock that was half erected. Davine wrapped her mouth around it and worked on the cock making sure that the shaft would go all the way in the back of her throat.

She could feel the shaft gaining volume and becoming stiffer. Davine was getting quite horny at the thought of sucking a total stranger's cock and she could also see other women next to her being as dirty and enjoying having a penis in their mouth.

The women next to Davine had been sucking on the cock for a while now and she was wanking it until suddenly the big jet of sticky spunk squirted out of the shaft to land on her mask and she cleaned of the cock by sucking it until it was all out. The women next to Davine tapped gently on Davine's shoulder while she was sucking the cock and asked her: "Would you mind doing me a little favour, could you clean of the cum out of my mask please".

Davine by that point was very horny and her slutty side had made taken over her brain, so Davine gently grabbed her head and licked all the dripping spunk out of the lady's mask like a dog would lick a plate of food clean. The lady looked at her pleasantly surprised and said to her: " Well as I can see we have a cum lover here, very nice I love to see you draining that cock that you are working on and taking every single drop of cum in your mouth, can you do that for me and I will promise you a nice treat.

Davine knew that she did not have the choice, the women that had requested her to do that seemed like a very posh and rich women so Davine just did what the women asked her to do by sucking on the cock like a little slut, she had an audience looking at her so she had to suck on it like a pro which she did. She could feel the cock throbbing and tensing in her mouth and a powerful jet of warm gluey cum filled her mouth.

Davine kept the cum in her mouth to clearly show to the women that she had not wasted a drop. At her surprise the women grabbed Davine's face and started to snog her like if she wanted to steal the cum out of her mouth. Davine could feel the cum getting mixed with the lady's saliva and they both let go of each other's mouth when all the cum had been ingested.

The lady looked at Davine and said: " I am afraid I am a bit like you I don't like wasting cum and I love the taste of it, I hope you did not mind, follow me now I am going to introduce you to some very exciting and famous people".

Davine and the lady both walked out of the room, on her wait out Davine was quite surprise by what was going on around her, she could see around the room group of people fucking each other. In the middle one women was surrounded by five men every single inch of her body was being sexually abused, she was sucking a cock, had one man up her asshole, one shafting her pussy and in each hand she was wanking a cock. Davine was so turned on by all the sexual tension that was hovering around her, she could feel her pussy tingling and starting to get itchy for a cock to perforate it.

When they arrived in the other room it was the same atmosphere, lot of people fucking each other, the main back ground noise was a continuous female screeching and male groaning. The lady suddenly said: Oh by the way my name is Ophelia what is yours" Davine replied: "Cleopatra". Well Cleopatra, there are a few people that I like you to meet" In front of Davine was a group of people, five men a three ladies they all introduced themselves to Davine and kindly asked her if she would join them.

Davine did not refuse, she sat on the side of the bed and let the people around her take control of the situation. Ophelia started to touch gently Davine and stroke her legs, gradually finding her way between her legs to the sexy black G string that Davine was wearing.


While Ophelia was looking after her lower parts by inserting her fingers in Davine's wet pussy, one of the man in the group got up on the bed and stood just in front of Davine with his cock practically in her mouth.

Davine just opened her moth wide open for the cock to slip in like it would slip in a pussy. The stranger was holding Davine's head and was pushing his hips in and out to fuck her face. Davine was making sure her lips were properly wrapped around to maximize the pleasure. She could feel a tongue now slurping the wetness of her pussy and playing with her swollen clitoris. Davine at that point was desperate to get a cock in her pussy, she therefore got the cock that was invading her mouth out and begged the man to fuck her: " I want you to fuck me hard sir just like you would fuck a cheap whore, my hole is all yours" The stranger helped Davine to positioned herself in the doggy posture and pushed his shaft to the wet entrance of her cunt.

Davine was so horny that her pussy opened itself and let the fat cock making his way in her vagina. It felt so good to feel her pussy hole stuffed buy a cock that was pumping in and out of her slutty hole. As she was being fucked she saw a big black man that was walking towards her, he was practically naked and his cock was semi erected but already looking gigantic. Davine eyed crossed his as he was walking and she did not looked down which obviously suggested him that she had some interest in himso without even talking to each otherthe black man just stood in front of Davine.

Her head was more or less at the same level as his big long black cock. Davine head was moving forward and backward with being banged from behind, two or three time Davine's head collided with the big cock. The black man just did not move, he knew that eventually Davine would make a move on him and would suck him of, which she eventually did.

Her mouth was stretched to the max because the black man cock helmet was massive. She had never seen a cock like that before but she loved the fact that such a well hung man wanted her and had his cock sliding in her out of her dirty mouth. Both men were banging her like sex meat they were using her body to satisfy their sexual pleasure which made her so horny because Davine after Vinny had initiated her into being a pure slut was becoming a sex monster, she was happy to take as many cock as she could cope with.

Davine was so horny that her head was spinning and she needed to have all her holes service, therefore she shouted out loud: " Please I need another cock up my asshole I want all my holes to be impaled".

Ophelia was still around and when she heard Davine's request she went to grab a strap on that was hanging on the wall and fitted it on her. She moved herself underneath Davine, the man fucking Davine sliped his cock out and went towards her face so that she could suck him of, which mean that the black guy was left to look after her tight asshole. Ophelia inserted the strap on deep in her pussy and started to fuck Davine.

The black man was fully erected by now and his cock was bulging out like a horse. He initially tried to force himself in Davine's ass but the helmet was too big so he asked for some oil to lubricate her ring and facilitate the penetration of the helmet into her rectum. Davine's ass ring was resisting for a while and she could feel her ass being stretched like if somebody was trying to insert a bottle of wine up her ass. But after a while her bum muscles relaxed and the big cock helmet entered the cavity and push itself in the tight confinement of Davine's asshole.

Davine had never felt like this, cocks perforating her from every angle, it was such a turn on and she wanted it more, her holes was so sensitive and bursting of sexual pleasure.

The man in front of Davine was about to cum so he made sure that Davine's mouth was wide open so that he could release himself in her mouth. The jet of cum flew out of the cock and splattered part of her face and her mouth.

Just as the man took his cock out, one of the women on the bed kneed herself like a dog in front of Davine for her to lick her pussy. Davine did not waste a minute and dived tongue first in the wet pussy that was on show in front of her. Her ass and pussy was on fire but she loved that massive cock tearing her ass open. Davine could feel the black cock reaching the back of her rectum because it was so long, it felt like if she had a living creature in her stomach trying to get out of her body.

The black man rhythm was accelerating and he was groaning more distinctively which was a sign of him being close from releasing himself. The last struck was violent and Davine felt like if she had been speared from the rear. She felt her inside filled by a warm substance which made her feel good. When the black man took his cock out of her hole it was gaping out wide and the spunk was dripping out of it.

Ophelia immediately took her strap on of Davine's Pussy and tongued her ass hole to clean all the spunk coming out of Davines's asshole. Her tongue was licking the inside of Davine's rectum and it felt so sensual and gave Davine electric pulses all over her body. The black man stood next to Davine now said to her: "Well Cleopatra, I think is your turn to fuck my asshole now so I would love you to kit yourself up with a nice and big strap on and drill my rear".

Davine had never done that before but the thought of being in a man shoe and fucking a man's asshole really turned her on. She therefore went to get the biggest strap on that she could find hung on the wall and put it on herself. She thought it was funny to look down on herself and see this monster cock sticking out of her pussy, it made her feel a bit more masculine.

The black man was already in position but at her surprise as well as having his ass ready to be drilled he was giving a blow job to another man which felt strange to Davine because she never had seen two men doing it to each other but it was not a site that disgusted her at the contrary it really turned her on.

Davine positioned herself behind the black ass and grabbed the big cock with her hand. She directed the head on the ring and applied pressure on it. The black man's ass was initially giving resistance and fought against this alien plastic cock that was trying to invade it but Davine pushed harder and harder and the helmet started to disappear in the black hole.

Davine was fascinated and she could not believe that she was fucking a man from behind. It was a good feeling to see that big plastic cock entering and exiting the tight asshole.

While she was banging that ass, two men came and join the show, one came and positioned himself in front of divine to have his penis sucked of and the other one plugged himself in Davine's asshole so now there were five people pleasuring each other sucking, fucking each other sexual parts. Davine was really giving it her everything at fucking the black ass and every time she was pushing her hips out a cock was also entering her ass, it felt so dirty and good, she was loving the whole experience.

They all were at it for a good five minute pumping, banging, drilling, screwing each other when the men reached the stage where they had to empty their balls. The man being sucked of by the black man suddenly had a loud groan and he released himself in the black's man mouth. Davine was sucking the cock like a pro and after a while she thought that she could recognize that cock because she was convinced she sucked it before, she suddenly realized that it was Vinny's cock a nicely well proportioned cock.

When Vinny took his cock out just ready to ejaculate all over Davine's face, Davine said to him in a nice way: "Have you enjoyed being blown off by your sex slave master Troy", Vinny replied: " Yes servant Cleopatra you are a great cock sucker". And as he said this his spunk emerged out of his shaft to splatter all over Davine's mouth and face.

Davine wiped the cum gently with her hand of her face and licked it off to make sure she would not waste a drop of Vinny's cum. The man that had his cock up her ass was ready to explode as well so he quickly went around and forced his cock in Davine's mouth so that he could finish himself off inside her dirty slutty mouth.

Davine was sucking on the stiff cock to stimulate it and playing with the balls until she felt the shaft tensing and jets of spunk flooded her mouth again. Davine then stood up and went towards Vinny, she cuddled hin and whispered in his hears: "Thank you for this wonderful night, I am enjoying every moment of it, it makes me feel so good to be desired by men." Vinny replied to her: " You are welcome babe, but the party has just started and there is much more enjoyments to come tonight".

Davine and Vinny stayed a big party of the night at the mention and many more men emptied their balls in Davine's mouth, pussy and asshole.