Lesbian Pajama Party with teen BFF sluts and sex toys

Lesbian Pajama Party with teen BFF sluts and sex toys
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When i was younger, I was curious. Curious about what itd be like to have sex with another man. I always said id never really do it,that itd just be a fantasy. But there was this one day, when a boy who was suspected of being gay, told me he wanted to put his number in my phone. I let him, with no intentions of using it, but this also tempted me. I had the oppurtunity to try something new if i wanted, and go beyond fantasy.

So out of curiosity i texted him and asked him why he wanted me to have his number. To be honest i dont remember what he said but the conversation lead to us talkin about hookin up. I still told myself id never do it. But then we started sending naked pictures. One of the pictures he sent me was from his chest down.

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I couldnt help but notice every detail. His chest was big and muscular, and he had the sexiest, flat stomach. Then was his big, thick, black dick. Abd his skin was so seductively dark and looked so smooth. At this point i was seriously considering hookin up with him. I just couldnt help it. A few months went by, in which we discussed hookin up multiple times.

The only thing was that i could never bring myself to do it. It jus seemed weird. He lived down the street from a friend of mine and id see him every once in a while.

One night, i was the only one awake at my friends and i was kinda horny. For some reason i couldnt stop thinking about that picture. The more i thought about it the more i was turning myself on. I finally got so turned on that i decided to do it.

I decided to hook up with him. I was jus gonna go throight with it this time. I texted him to see if he was awake and he texted back. I texted him short and simple, "i wanna do it" He texted me back, "do what?" Without hesitating i wrote, "I wanna hook up with you.

Im down the street." He told me to come over. So i left my friends house and started walking. On the way there i felt so anxious. I knew what i was doing was weird but i wanted it for so long.

When i got to his house he was standing at his door.

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I walked inside and he walked me upstairs to his room. I was so nervous i couldnt breathe. I didnt know what to do! He took his shirt off to expose his dark, smooth, chizzled body. I was so turned on i felt lik i was coming! I knew i couldnt back out and i was going to fullfill my fantasy of hooking up with a black guy.


He led me over to his bed where we lay down side by side. I had no idea what to do. I was so nervous at this point. Then he started kissin me so i went with it. His thick, black lips engulfed mine, and i swear my ass got wet. I was really kissing a black guy for the first time! It was so exciting! I started rubbing my hand down his body, and i could feel his hard muscles and his silky skin.

Now i wanted him. I wanted him bad! I slowlymoved my hand down on top of his shorts to where i could feel his dick. I could only feel the top but i knew it was gonna be big. I slowly wrapped my hand around it throught his shorts and i felt his thick, black cock throbbing!

It felt so much bigger than it looked in pictures. It really got me off the fact that he was that turned on to me.

He wanted my ass and he was gonna get it! While i was rubbin his dick he started taking his shorts off. His dick flopped out of his pants onto his stomach. It looked like a big black bananna. I was just staring at it in awe thinkin how much i wanted to put it in my mouth. Just as i was thinkin this, he said, "You wanna suck my dick?" OH MY GOD.

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It was so hot when he said that! I felt so powerless. I felt like i was his bitch and i liked it. So i grabbed his dick and pulled it towards my mouth. It was so strong! I started lickin and kissing the tip of it until i slowly put it in my mouth. I felt so good. I wanted this. More lik needed! I was slowly sucking his dick goind down deeper everytime until i ws choking.All i could think was, 'i love black cock.i love sucking dick' and it was amamzing.


He told me to stand up and i did with no hesitation. I knew he was in control. He got be hind me anf bent me over the bed. I was trembling.

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I couldnt believe i was going to get fucked in the ass by a black guy. I had my face down and i heard him putting the condom on. Then unexpectedly,he grabbed my ass cheeks and started licking my ass. It fel so good having his wet tongue wiggling in and around my asshole. He licked my ass til i was all wet and ready. I could jus fell it. He stood up and i knew what was gonna happen. I felt the tip of his dick on my ass and je slowly started pushing in.

It hurt so bad! It felt like i was being stabbed. Then he was slowly stroking and i started to accomodate.

Evry slow stroke got longer and deeper. It felt so amazing! Jus the thought of having him inside me. Every second, him fucking me felt more and more orgasmic! I loved the way his dick felt inside me, how hot it made me feel. Suddenly i couldnt do it. I didnt like how much i liked it. I told him to stop and he finally did. I explained to him that something was bothering me and that i couldnt finish. I didnt wanna leave his dick hard so he lay back while i stroked and sucked his dick.

I was still so turmed on by that big black monster. He eventually came in my mouth and i didnt know what to do. I walked and spit it in the garbage and not even 2seconds later i was wishing i swallowed it.

Cuz deep down i wanted to. Afterward he walked me out the door. As i was walking down the street i felt how my asshole was loose and wet. Thats when it hit me.

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I just got fucked in the ass. It really happened and i loved it. I felt my ass with my finger to feel how loose my hole was. I just gave him my ass. And you know what? This ass was his. He knew it, i knew it, and i liked it. Even though i backed out, we both knew id be back :)