Engulfing a hard toy cock hardcore and bondage

Engulfing a hard toy cock hardcore and bondage
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It was a cold winters night. A light snow falling down from the skies as Christina walked down the streets, in search of a present for her boyfriend. She had been out for hours now, searching. What she didn't know though is that she was being watched. Followed. A man in a black hoodie staying ten feet away, stalking her. He had been following her for months now in an attempt to learn her schedule. The man off in the distance.

He was.Strange.He seemed to always have these red contacts. With the contacts, he saw the world red. As if it were covered in blood. It gave him a slight rush having them on, imagining blood all over the streets, even if it was all in his head, but back to Christina. He thought it was finally time to grab her. He had it all planned out at this point, a simple way of getting her, he kneeled down and took out a pocket knife, stabbing into her gas tank once.

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He then ran to his black car, stepping inside it and waiting. He knew she liked to take a shortcut home.By then, her gas would run out.Christina began to get in her car, holding the wrapped up xbox, beautifully decorated she put it in the back of her car and hopped in.

She quickly turned the car on and began to drive off, the man waiting a few seconds before beginning to follow her.


He had thought of everything, Christina's car began to slow down as she made the turn for her shortcut, then halfway through, her car stopped. she pouted and began hitting the car lightly when it wouldn't start. She then put on her emergency lights and took out her cellphone, as she was about to make a call the man stopped by, slowly rolling down the window, his voice warm, almost inviting, as if anyone would feel safe in his care "Hey, do you need a ride?" He asked her.

She smiled brightly and nodded as she opened her trunk and got the Xbox "Yes please!" She sang as the man opened the door for her, she quickly got in and smiled at the man. "Thanks so much, I don't know what happened." The man simply nodded as he slowly drove down the road, his blood red eyes now looking at her as he smiled.

"I put a hole in your gas tank so that you will get here." He told her, she froze in fear as she looked at him. He turned off his car as they were both in the darkness, he quickly wrapped his arms around her throat and began to choke her. She gasped for air, claws at his arms, kicked all around the car as her eyes slowly rolled to the back of her head, her body movements getting weaker and slower until her body went limp.

He sat her up in the passengers seat before turning the car on and driving away, heading to an abandoned hospital.He began riding into the parkinglot, going all the way to the roof. He stepped out of the car and smiled, taking in a breath of fresh air as he began to hum acheerful tune.

grabbing her body, he wrapped her body in plastic and then put her in a large bag to make her easier to carry. He put the bag on his back as he began to climb the ladder to the roof of the hospital. He had a whole setup, a steel table, no doubt as cold as ice due to being so high up. A table with razors, blades and drills, and rope, chains, a few bottles of chemicals. This is where he would begin. He put the bag down gently, slowly pulling her out and ripping the plastic off. He got handcuffs and put them on her wrists and ankles, making sure they locked onto the legs of the table.

The table being nailed to the ground so it couldn't shake. He finally smiled as he had her in his grasps, his hands running over her coat, beginning to pull slowly, unbuttoning the coat, one button at a time, The coat slowly opening up revealing a nearly seethrough button up dress shirt. She also had skinny jeans, on, but first he wanted her to wake up before he continued, looking at one of the bottles he picked it up and grabbed a needle, filling it with the contents of the bottle, slamming the needle into her neck, injecting her with adrenaline so that she would wake up.Her eyes shot open as she stared at him in terror, shaking and thrashing about, to no avail as he laughed abit.

She screamed out "HELP! GOD SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE!!" Tears running down her face as she yelled. He chose the roof because no one would hear them, much less due to the face that the area in a five mile radius was abandoned.

His red eyes looking down at her as he licked his lips.


"Hello Chrisina, you finally woke up" He chuckled as he spoke to her. "No.Please.Let me go." She whimpered. The man spoke once more as his finger hooked onto the first button on her shirt. "I feel it is appropriate to tell you my name.Shawn. Shawn Crest, " He then gave her a sinister grin as he whispered into her ear, his finger undoing the second button of her shirt. "And you.Will be my entertainment for tonight.Try not to yell too much.":‎ She instantly screamed out, begging for help as more tears flowed down her face.

"Don't rape me! Please!!!" She squealed as she tried to kick around. "I don't want to be raped.Please." She sobbed as she closed her eyes. Shawn beginning to slowly unbutton her shirt, causing her to shiver due to the cold air, exposing her bare, smooth caramel skin.

Lucky for Shawn, her bra unhooked from the front. He unhooked the bra and finally pushed everything to the side, letting the freezing cold air brush against her bare body and brown nipples. She continued to cry as he looked around his table, smiling.

He began to let one of his hands run over her body before moving to her ribcage, his fingers lightly brushing over it as he began to lightly tickle her. She instantly reacted her eyes widening as she giggled from the tickling "NO!!!!

PLEASE NO!!!!" She yelled out, as she got flash backs from her father, how she couldn't breath.She continued to yell out, begging for him to not do it again.

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He smiled as he grabbed another bottle, using the needle he stabbed her leg with it, injecting her with a different fluid. She felt her leg fall asleep, as if she couldn't move it now.

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He then uncuffed one of her legs. Her Coffee colored boot made him smile as he unhooked the strap in the front before turning her leg, gripping the zipper on the side as he began slowlypulling it down. He then unhooked the strap on the top before gripping from the bottom of the boot, wiggling slowly as if to tease her before slowly pulling the boot off, exposing her grey Nylon socks.

They had a zigzag-weblike design from her toes to a few inches before the end of the socks, the top part a dark grey part. His eyes now looking over her as she cried, her eyes shut, hoping she would wake up from this nightmare.

Shawn then began to to slowly roll her jeans up a bit, exposing more of the patterned Nylon Sock, at the end of the sock, it would be a dark grey. He continued to roll it up until it was above her knees. His warm fingers then ran down her exposed skin, then over her ankle and foot, rubbing the top part before his fingers went under her foot, tickling the center of her foot. She gasped and began to laugh as he rapidly tickled her foot, she began to cry as she shook her head while laughing out louldy.

"No!! no no nono!!!!!" She laughed as he continued his assult on her foot. Her eyes began to roll to the back of her head as she began running out of air she laughed so hard.

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Thats when he stopped, tears still rolling down as she began to pant heavily, catching her breath.As she began to catch her Breath, Shawn picked up a small container from his bag and poured it over her foot, soaking her Nylon sock, smiling. In a matter of seconds her leg would feel Itchy. Insanely itchy. And she couldn't do a think about it. He then went to the blades, grabbing a tiny one.

Looked as if it was made for surgeries. He ran the flat of the blade against her sock before slightly running the blade over it, making a run in her sock, smling as the cold air now hit against her itching foot, she began to beg "Please!! Stop!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! I can't deal with this! PLEASE!!" She cried.He smiled as he ripped her sock from the bottom, exposing her bare foot, ripping it up and rolling it to her ankle, the grey pattern shriveled and wrinkled.

He let a finger trail upthe bottom of her foot as he watched her, she was shaking from the itching sensation from her foot. He then looked at her other foot, smiling as he injected her with the paralysis liquid so she couldn't move her other leg.

He uncuffed her ankle and began running his finger over the leathery boot. Slowly unstrapping the top of the boot, his hands slowly sliding down to unstrap the bottom hook as well before gripping the zipper on the side, slowly pulling on it to unzip the boot. He let his hand run over her bare foot, the tip a nice shade of caramel, his fingers running against it as he let his fingers brush against the knuckles of her foot before he traced over her nails. His fingers then pushed between her small toes before running his fingers over the whiteness of the bottom of her foot, smiling as she shook her head, praying to god that someone would save her.

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((To be continued.Maybe.))