Wacky lesbo hotties are spreading and fisting anals

Wacky lesbo hotties are spreading and fisting anals
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My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog slave Bitch Part 11 The black master then took the jar that held what was left of the big mean fire ants and vigorously started shaking it, this really stirred them up, and had momentarily stuck it in front of Sissy's face so that she could see how incensed they had become!!! Sissy's eyes were now wide with excitement and fear as she was now not so sure that she really wanted this sadistic ordeal to proceed?

The master then mockingly asked, after seeing the genuine fear in her eyes, is this really what you want? Sissy's head shook back and forth in a gesture of no, but the words she spoke were a definite yes!

It did not matter as the big black master had no intention of stopping this sadistic ritual!!! He then opened the lid slightly and dumped out about a dozen of the fire ants on each of her soft tender little titties!!!.

They immediately started stinging her breasts and when they found her unprotected almost virgin nipples had started to not only sting they were also biting into into her tender flesh!!!.The painful and stimulating sensation was more that she could endure as she started screaming and begging him to get the dam things off!!!.

OMG this certainly was torture or was it?!. But it had only just begun, when he then took what was left of the fire ants and again had shaken them up and undid the top just enough to dumped the rest of them down into her open vaginal tunnel and held the bottle over her opening tapping it as he released the ratchet on the Vaginal Speculum and slid it out!!!. Several of the ants had managed to hang on as it came out, and as the folds of her pussy lips and slit first contracted, and then snapped shut it had also squeezes a half dozen or so of the ants out that were now trying to free themselves of the sticky goo!

These ants along with the ones on the end of the Speculum had now migrated to or had been deposited onto her clit and several were stinging and biting her dark pink tight little ass hole sphincter! Sissy was now screeching almost incoherently as the ants started to sting and bite, the ones that were now down in her cunt were not happy either and were starting to take out their displeasure on the innermost soft tender flesh deep inside of her cunt!

The pain and pleasure was now going from one extream to the other just as it had done with Jane!! The black master let the ants take there time in reaching the peak of their frenzy!!!. He told Patty to get down on her knees in front of him and to put her hands behind her back!

Patty still totally nude instantly hopped off of the other bed from where she had been watching and was quickly down on her knees! The black master then said tilt your head back and open your pretty little mouth as wide as you can! I want to see just how good you are at deep throating a big black cock!! Patty had tilted her head back closed her eyes and had opened her mouth as wide as she could, in anticipation!

The black master wasted no time in first grabbing the back of Patty's head and sticking the head of his cock into her mouth as he raised up slightly on his toes to get the best angle and shoved it down her throat as far as it would go!!!!.

Patty gagged choked and could now barely breath through her nose as he started pumping it up and down. She dutifully held her hands behind her back as she had been told, as the big piston head of his cock went up and down one could see her throat muscles swell each time from the movement of his cock, and if this was not cruel enough he pinched off her nose that left little room for air to reach her lungs!

But she still obediently held her hands behind her back and tried to suck just as she had been told! At about the time Patty was starting to turn blue with her eyes wide in disbelief the master let loose of her nose! She gasped for air as he forced his big black cock down just a little farther making it harder for her to catch her breath!

OMG it was big hard and black and she was barely able to keep it that way, as she did her best by lip locking the head of his cock to keep him from finally pulling out!

He was harder than ever now and the ants were at their peak! Sissy had been stung and bitten and she was at her sensual and sadistic height, the master had gone from Patty's sucking saliva dripping mouth to Sissy's sadistically well stung and bitten pussy! His gigantic cock slowly slipped in past her tight little pelvic opening as he forcefully and brutally shoved it to her.

For Sissy it was almost a pleasurable relief to some extent as the ants were crushed and abused by his hard cock as it fully penetrated the depth, and he began to stretch and pound her pussy!!!!. On one hand it was pleasure and on the other those ants that were left had been taking out there revenge on the inside of Sissy's sweet pink internal vaginal flesh!

The ants that were inside her had found the most sensitive of places, "Her ""G"" Spot" OMG,OMG,OMG. what was happening?!!!!!. Now Sissy was unable to distinguish between sadistic pain or sadistic pleasure as they used and abused this tender spot and the big black dick slammed in and out? Like Jane, Sissy was traveling down a sadistic and sexually stimulating path into depraved and brutal sex, but it was a path that beckoned her with tantalizing and endless possibilities and for her the likes of which was more than ready to boldly or helplessly explore!


She had orgasmed more than half a dozen times in pain and pleasure. The big black master also orgasmed the first was a gigantic load followed by a less forceful one, after recovering from the first. He to, had been stung and bitten by the ants, but all it did for him was to make him harder and want to pound her ever more vigorously. The gypsies would have been proud and would have made him a honorary member of their tribe if they would have known, as he performed admirably under the circumstances especially for one that had never known about such a sadistic and abusive ritual until only days before.

All four of the girls over the weekend had recovered and recounted there experiences in detail, Kate had really enjoyed herself as a mistress with all the new found delights along with being around Sissy and having her both as a submissive and a very aggressive lover was one of the most wonderful things that she thought would ever happen.

Patty on the other hand was now much like Sissy as anything that had to do with sex or even animals was very appealing to her. Jane though had gone from a virgin to not only being hard fucked by an animal she had the the pleasure of her first real intercourse with a bunch of well hung little people, "gypsies" and the animal part was even better.

The anteater who's cock was not only gigantic, but the the thing had also really sucked her off with his snoot while getting rid of the fire ants! For her it was an incredible sexual experience. But after the girls had told her how the big black master had brought her home and that she rode his big black cock all the way, Sissy had even taken several pictures of Jane's pussy being penetrated and only a picture of the actual size and length as it finally came out of Jane would make her believe it really happened.

She never thought that a cock this size could be put into any young girl let alone her. But the pictures clearly had shown that all 10" was fully buried in her and that she had this incredible look of bliss on her half asleep face when he finally pulled out, it was as if the head would never appear!

For Jane this along with her dream that now was apparently no dream, and along with her flash backs had become an even more vivid reality. OMG her craving for black cock and the bigger the better was now her most addictive and most sinful interest. Her boyfriend who she thought was big, was only half the size of this big black man, and her interest in him was now tempered. Sissy had taken all of what had happened at her neighbors Quonset hut and also what had happened in her bedroom in stride, just as if it happened all the time.

The upcoming junior senior prom was the next big event and all of the girls, with the exception of Kate, had made a pact to see just how many of the high school boys they could not only suck off, but to see how many them would no longer be virgins when prom night was over, so the race was on.

Jane agreed to the pact halfheartedlybut her focus was now on the black football players who had teased her quite mercifully about trying some black cock during many of the games as a cheerleader. She was now quite interested in turning the tables and seeing if they were all hung as well as they boasted and if they would even compared to the black master. She was also going to enjoy her new found sexual freedom!, and had planned on bringing tears of pleasure to not only the captain of the football team, but was going to do the same to the rest of the players especially the black ones!

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They, the girls had decided to go to the prom together as singles with out dates both Patty and Jane's boyfriends were not happy about this decision but they both had treated the girls poorly and now the girls knew that they could easily be in charge, so this mattered little! The girls Sissy, Patty and Jane with the help of their parents had rented a limousine and had told them that they were all going to the prom together, but what they didn't tell them was that no boys were going to be their dates or would be escorting them.

They also with out there parents knowledge had rented a suite at a rather hi class adult hotel. For Sissy it didn't matter as her parents were no where to be found anyway and had only called to wish her well as for her she was only a junior and had one more year in high school. This was when I first met Sissy. I was home on leave and had been in the Navy about a year as I had graduated the previous year and had been invited back for the prom.

Many things had happened since I had graduated and I had gone into the Navy I had been very successful in dating girls in high school but most were traditional vanilla and did not want to indulge in sex.or kinky sex. I had been wild, had a motorcycle and had hung out with a bunch of older guys along with joining their club.

I had also attended some very wild parties out in the woods and on Tin Can Beach in Long Beach and later in San Pedro. This is where I was exposed to some of the more brutal and sadistic sex as the initiation rituals that were required to belong to these clubs for the girls were quite something to see and be involved in.


Most had to get naked and to either give blow jobs to the other club members or to be gang banged by them all in order to be a member. The club president always got the first crack at the girls who wanted to be members., and especially if she was a young dumb innocent little virgin of a cunt!

Many were wannabe's and had no idea as to what might really happen to them until it was to late and others knew exactly what they were doing and was expected of them. They went to these parties to get exactly what they wanted! I remember being out at a party in the hills and woods at a place called high rocks there were three young girls that fit this description and were quite innocently stupid, but were also eager to be biker chicks. Several of the older biker girls were having a great time telling them in detail what was to be expected of them and what they were required to do in order to become members and, asking them were they sure that this is what they wanted!

None of the girls wanted to chicken out in front of each other and all said yes. They were dead set on going through with what ever the club members had in mind for them. First they were told to take off all of there clothes, followed by throwing them into the big bonfire! When they were totally naked and their clothes were burnt and gone a piece of duct tape first was placed over their eyes followed by having their wrists being taped rather tightly behind their backs.

After this they were marched back into a more secluded part of the woods to a large clearing around a big bond fire and told to get down on their knees and wait? Our club president was a black guy and one of only a few that were in our club at the time and he had invited another club of all black bikers along with their bitches most were black but some of their biker bitches were white.

He had asked them to come and help with the initiation. The girls now naked bound blindfolded were down on there knees and had no idea who or what was coming next. As they heard motorcycles. They were going to used and abused sexually sadistically by these older hardened black men and sadistic bitch biker women! I remember watching this incredible sexual sadistic perversion and ritual and how much it impressed me as these young girls screamed moaned groaned and how they begged to be set free and then begged to be used some more.

These girls had gone from innocence to slutty little cock sucking whores in only a matter of hours. It is really strange amusing and in lighting to see a girl that had maybe sucked her boy friend off once, go from this to being naked on her knees and tilting her head back hollering I want more cock! None of them knew at first that they were giving blow jobs to all black men and that most had some rather large cocks! These large hard cocks would then be used to fuck them hard in their pussies or in there ass!

The bitches were also having fun taking turns forcing them to eat their black pussies none of these three girls had ever gone down on another girl much less a full grown well used wide open juicy piece of black pussy. Several of these older women bitches had enjoyed multiple orgasms at these young girls expense especially after having taught coached and forced their lips and tongue to do things they had never done before to a well abused and full grown set of pussy lips and clitoris!

One time I had been at a party in San Pedro and was so drunk at this party I could hardly see and had not been a member of the club very long. When they brought in some young little cunt she had more than enough to drink and they were egging her on telling her that to be a member she had to allow them to do what ever they wanted to her sexually. She said that she would do anything! First they had her strip totally naked, in front of everyone which she did easily.

Then they put her on the back of a motorcycle and ran her up and down the block at a high rate of speed. She was having a good time showing off her tits and ass when they brought her back into this old house where the party was going on. By then there was about 35 to 40 people about half babes and the other biker club members she then had to start sucking them off and the biker girls were helping make her do their men by holding her head down on their pricks and vigorously working it up and down by her hair they were being quite mean and forceful to her as they did this!

She must have sucked off at least a dozen guys as her lipstick was smeared and she was begging for more cock and kept saying she wanted to be a member of the club. The biker girls that were holding her said you are really going to get the full treatment tonight.

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They had taken her into the family room of this old house and had spread eagled her cross ways on this old wooden dining room table her head was hanging over one end and her bottom over the other. She was totally nude when they carried her by, she was then held wide apart and I think they used some alcohol or lighter fluid and singed her pubic hair off! She was a pretty young thing having her pubic hair burnt off did not seem to phase her and I could hear her screaming for them to fuck her harder until some one took her wet little panties she had discarded earlier and jammed them into her mouth to shut her up!

Then I think they all started fucking her and I even think that they invited members another motorcycle gang over to do her as well this was a very common practice with rival gangs so as to keep peace. I was so drunk one of the few times in my life that I had let this happen that I never got to do her, but I remember her making helpless noises of sinful pleasure as they fucked the crap out of her!

For me at the tender age of 16 this was my introduction into kinky abusive and brutal sex the sounds that this young girl made were both painful and pleasurable as I heard her beg them to fuck her harder. Up until this time I didn't know that their were women that really enjoyed being treated like this, and to see a relatively young girl crave and even beg to be defiled in such a harsh and sadistically brutal way was a great turn on for many men including me.

From this point on I wanted a girl who craved this kind of sexual abuse or even worse. When I met Sissy we knew almost instantly that we were made for each other!

She was the red haired green eyed thing that would get most men hard just watching her, and that they, me or anyone would consider perfect for sex!. She stood 5'3" and had weighed about 105 pounds.

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She had white little 32" C sized virgin titties at 15, to slightly larger 34" breasts, later at 18. The other thing about her was, her little breasts, they pointed up and out to each side quite unusually provocative, and that still required no bra, this along with a slender waist, and a full and very plump round 36"ass! Both giggled and wiggled with little effort!making her ever so more sinfully appealing!

She had worn a prom dress that left little of these attributes to ones imagination with nothing under it! She had been inviting several of the younger boys out into the hall and then down into the basement of the big auditorium she knew they were virgins. One, only a few weeks earlier had teased her mercifully about her knowledge of sex, when he knew little more that she, he was her first target!. These boys had been trying to act older and to be more grown up.

Sissy now was so far ahead of them in her knowledge of sex along with her newly acquired reputation of being a wild sexy and easy lay that she had no trouble at all in convincing them to accompany her. She invited each of them down into the basemen with the offer they could fondle and play with her tits. She had been doing this to one young boy at a time, once she got them in the basement she would pull her top down and let them play with her breasts and then get down on her knees unzip their pants pull out there hard little cocks and start giving them blow jobs!

Most would prematurely ejaculate before she hardly even touched them. She was having a great time and a lot of fun humiliating them in front of their friends and occasionally would get a good mouthful of cum, something she seemed to crave more and more, but these young men were docile and submissive and she quickly tired of this rater amusing and enjoyable escapade.

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For her after what she had been through the last several weeks wanted hard and abusive sex, and lots of it! I had seen her take one young man after the other down into the basemen. She would then return by herself looking for another victim. After I had seen her take a half dozen young men from the prom, I had worked my way over and had grabbed her and had told her that I was going to take her down into the basement and make her squeal and that all the young boys she had embarrassed could come and watch.

Once down there I unzipped her prom dress and pulled it off leaving her naked in only heels. This was one of the wonderful things I loved about Sissy her fair white skin her beautiful red hair and the small but perfectly shaped little titties! And beautiful round bottom that now had Dog Slave Bitch! Prominently branded on her right lower buttock.

One of the older boys that was aware of her reputation of being a dog slave bitch and told me to give her the command for the bitch mating position.

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I had never heard of such a thing and was quite intrigued my the thought of what would happen and what she would do when given the command! Several of the young men that she previously humiliated had followed us down into the basement wondering what was going on, but I had a surprise for her.

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I had played football at this school both in my junior and senior year. Several of the players I had played with were now seniors and quite a number of them were black guys these were the ones that Jane was now interested in.

But since I knew them I had asked them to meet me in the basement they weren't sure what was going on either but were waiting when we arrived. I told sissy to assume the bitch mating position and was amazed to see her instantly on her knees with her bottom up in the air and her hands and arms out in front of her!

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What was of most interest to everyone was the brand on her right ass cheek that said DOG SLAVE BITCH! Her little cunt was wide open and almost dripping in anticipation and her little clit was swollen dark pink and sticking out just like a dog in heat! To be continued in part 12