Awesome girl acquires her holes licked pornstar and hardcore

Awesome girl acquires her holes licked pornstar and hardcore
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What started out as a simple dom-sub story is starting to take on a life of its own. I'm not sure right now where this is going, but this chapter contains a flashback for Cass, and is also a continuation of the first story. Enjoy and please comment - politely. What has gone before: I found a young girl, 18-year-old Cass, through a personals advertisement looking for someone to be my slave for a year. When we first met, she was hesitant, but agreed to a one-week trial of submitting to me.

I humiliated her in public and then took her to an adult book store. There, with her arms bound behind her back, I made her suck a strange man's cock in the parking lot while I fucked her in the ass and forced her to swallow our cum. I then invited the man inside to watch the remainder of Cass's first day of slavery, but he declined.

Chapter 5 I walked Cass into the ABS. Her arms were cuffed at the wrist behind her back, her tight white tank top was up, showing off her beautiful b-cup tits and her black knit skirt was rucked up around her waist. Her lightly-furred pussy was clearly visible to the ABS customers and staff, as was her tight, round ass, complete with the end of the butt plug I'd reinserted after taking her anal virginity in the parking lot.

I stood Cass in a corner, facing a sizable display of bondage gear, her ass and bound wrists clearly on display. I walked up to the counter where I was confronted with another vision of loveliness.

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The clerk was a petite woman with a hint of Asian features: Medium length, jet-black hair, slightly almond-shaped eyes and a small nose and mouth. "Hey," she said, her eyes clearly on Cass and Cass's ass. "Um, does your … friend like girls, too?" I looked her up and down and liked what I saw.

She was wearing a black mesh top which left little to the imagination and a see-through, lacy black bra that removed all remaining doubt. Small, hard pink nipples were clearly visible through the thin material, each pierced with a horizontal gold barbell. She also wore baggy gray pants which hung low enough on her hips to reveal the top of her black pubic bush.

She had several piercings in her ears, a small, gold ring through her eyebrow, one through her upper lip at the corner of her mouth and a stud piercing the middle of her lip about midway between it and her chin. She she spoke, it became evident she also had her tongue pierced.

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"I don't know," I said. "I just … acquired her. What's say we find out?" "Mickey," she yelled, never taking her eyes off Cass. "I'm gonna take a break. Watch the counter, will 'ya?" A tall, slender, somewhat effeminate man walked up to the counter, eyeing both me and Cass as he came. He grinned at me, then raised his eyebrows.

"Sure," Mickey said. "How … long … do you think you'll be?" "Don't know," she said. "Cover for me. OK?" "Sure," he said, with a grin. "You've covered my ass enough times, I guess." The girl reached in to one of the drawers under the counter and extracted what appeared to be a card for the video booths.

This one looked slightly different, though, as she handed it to me, reached down and grabbed a small bag off the floor. "I'm Jade," she said as she came around the counter. "And that's an unlimited, VIP card.

It'll run any of our video booths for as long as you want to. Let's go have some fun." "Let's go," she said. Jade reached out and took firm hold of Cass's nipples, leading her like she was on a leash through the curtain and into the video arcade. Jade led the way, Cass in tow and me following close behind, toward the back of the arcade and what I knew from previous visits was a special booth.

It was larger than the others and had glory holes leading into three adjacent booths. But the centerpiece of the booth was the larger video screen and what amounted to a twin bed with easy access to all the glory holes. It was fairly quiet that day, so we found the booth empty. Jade led the way in and propelled Cass, somewhat gently, toward the bed. "Lie down," Jade said.

"On your back with your head facing this direction." When Cass was in position, Jade climbed on top of her and drove her tongue into the younger girl's mouth. She looked back at me over her shoulder, said "Help me," and proceeded to kiss and lick her way down little Cass's body. I stuck the card in the receiver, starting the video not paying attention to what was playing and stepped up behind Jade.

I reached around and started working on her baggy pants. In no time, I had them open and slid them down her thighs, revealing a tight, round, shapely ass. "Oh, yeah," Jade said as she settle her pussy into place over Cass's mouth. "That's better. "Eat my hot, wet pussy, baby," Jade purred. "Make mama feel good." I stripped out of my clothes and got down behind them, getting a bird's eye view of the action. Cass had her tongue out, whipping it around between Jade's glistening labia, which were shaved clean of any hair.

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"You enjoy eating pussy, girl?" I asked. I stroked my rapidly-hardening cock just inches from her mouth and Jade's ass. Cass mumbled in the affirmative, never breaking her lip lock with Jade's snatch. "Is this your first time with another girl?" I asked.

She shook her head and mumbled a pussy-muffled "No." (The story of Cass's first time times with girls came out later. But I'm going to insert it here for the sake of continuity and, hell, it's a hot story.

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And it speaks directly to Cass's need to be dominated.) Chapter 6 Interlude Cass was a brand, spanking new cheerleader and she was on her way to her first junior high sleepover with a couple members of the team. She'd heard whispered hints and clandestine snippets of stories of what happened at these sleepovers not much "sleeping" for one thing and she was both excited and scared.

"What should I pack," she asked herself, going through her drawers, perusing her woefully small and immature lingerie collection. "God, I've got absolutely nothing in here!" She settled on a couple of tank tops, which were a couple of years old and too small, and plain-white panties. Cass, the child of very overprotective, religious conservative parents, had nothing in the way of remotely sexy underwear or nighties. The closest she came was a small, thread-bare nightshirt with Tweety on the front.

It had been washed so many times her dusky pink nipples showed clearly through the thin material when she wore it without a bra. Cass threw her few clothes in a bag, then reached into the back of the drawer for her deepest, darkest secret an older, battery-powered electric toothbrush she'd told her parents had been broken.

Instead, she'd appropriated it for other uses, namely, teasing her budding clitoris and exploring her burgeoning curiosity over all things sexual. While she'd yet to bring herself to a full-fledged orgasm with it she was still too embarrassed and repressed by her parents Cass had explored most of the options the vibrating oral hygiene device turned sex toy offered, short of actually penetrating her young snatch.

She really enjoyed the warm tingles it incited in her teenage loins and thought her new teammates might enjoy it, as well.

She put in fresh batteries and secreted it deep in her overnight bag. She grabbed her MP3 player and headed down the stairs, out the door and into her father's car. They made banal, father-daughter small talk during the 10 minute drive to Joclyn's house, the site of the sleepover.

She kissed her father goodbye after the obligatory "no drinking, no drugs, no boys, no internet porn" speech and headed to the door. Joclyn greeted the new cheerleader at the door wearing a pair of tiny black shorts and white tank top, her small, braless tits evident under the thin, clingy material.

She dragged Cass to the back of the house, to her bedroom, told her to drop her bag and change into her bathing suit to hit the pool.

Cass was aghast she'd forgotten to pack a suit.

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Joclyn just told her not to worry, that she had extras and was sure she could find something to fit the slightly-smaller girl. "Here we go," the older girl said after rummaging around in a bottom dresser drawer. She emerged with a tiny, white bikini it looked like little more than a couple of patches of cloth attached to some string which was much smaller than anything the repressed, over-protected Cass was used to.

Joclyn tossed it to her and calmly pulled her own tank top over her head, baring her young breasts to her friend before slipping her shorts and panties down her legs and off. Cass was torn and very confused. As her young body blossomed and hormones raged through her bloodstream, she found her thoughts turning more and more to sex and not always the opposite sex. While most of her tentative masturbatory fantasies involved hot older boys from school, and the occasional young male teacher, she experienced more and more thoughts of her young, female classmates.

Cass was fascinated with the feminine form, both her own and other girls. It was one reason she'd tried out for the cheerleading squad. Thoughts of frolicking in the school showers with her teammates had worn out more than one set of batteries on her repurposed toothbrush.

She'd never dared try anything with any of her teammates, of course. Even the thought of staring too long in the showers which turned out to be a rare, post-practice occurrence, to her dismay mortified the young girl. Fueled by her parent's up-tight, super-conservative attitude about, well, everything, Cass was terrified what the other girls would think if they caught her gaze lingering too long over their svelte, young bodies.

Little did Cass know how some of the girls would react or what was in store for her later. She turned around and stripped before picking up the borrowed suit. A moan behind her brought her attention back to the here and now. Her head popped up and she found herself, watching Joclyn in the mirror, as the older girls rubbed her small breasts and pinched her own nipples.

"I love having my boobs played with," Joclyn said with a grin after she caught her young companion staring. "It just feels so, like, amazing having my nips pinched and pulled.

Do you ever play with your boobs? You should try it some time. You've got nice boobs." Cass could only stand there, naked except for her panties, her mouth hanging open.

She looked down at herself, responding to her friend's last comment. She turned a bright red as she realized not only were her tits waving in the breeze, so to speak, her nipples were rock hard. "Um, yeah," Cass mumbled, feeling the blush as it spread from her cheeks down her chest to her perky, upturned tits. "Yeah, thanks." At that moment, the doorbell rang, causing Cass to almost leap out of her skin.

Unruffled, Joclyn ran, naked, to answer the door.

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Cass took the opportunity to strip off her panties, trying to figure out the tiny bikini she was expected to wear. Her thoughts were interrupted by multiple, girlish squeals and laughter, punctuated by good-natured accusatory screams of "flasher," "nudist," and "slut" coming from the front of the house.

Cass was soon confronted, still naked, by Joclyn returning with the final two members of the nocturnal party. She could only blush harder, the red tint creeping down her stomach, even as she felt her naked, lightly-furred pussy growing damp.

"What's this?" the half-Japanese Jaydon said with a laugh. "We've stumbled into a teenage nudist colony." "Cool," said Nikki, the fourth member of the quartet. "Let's go!" Both girls were naked in nothing flat. A shocked and more than a little aroused Cass stared at all the nude girl flesh around her.

Her pussy gave an involuntary lurch as sexy thoughts went through her mind. Chapter 7 Cass's descent and awakening Joclyn was the senior member of the group. She had fiery red hair and an almost fully-formed pubic bush to match.

Her alabaster skin was set off by a fine dusting of freckles which highlighted instead of distracting from her large a-cup breasts capped with dusky pink nipples.


Jaydon, as mentioned, was half Japanese, with the deep, almond-shaped eyes and shoulder-length, jet-black hair to match. Though younger than their hostess, she was clearly the dominant member of the group, taking the lead in most things. Her body, at 5-foot-2, was slight. Her skin had a delicate, pale, olive tinge to it, her breasts a small a-cup were capped with puffy, dark nipples.

Her pubes, as black as the hair on her head, barely covered her Mons and left her labial lips bare and exposed naturally, without the assistance of a razor. Last but not least, Nikki was a blond a real blond. Despite being the youngest member of the team, except now for Cass, Nikki had the largest breasts, at a medium-sized b-cup capped with very pale yet puffy nipples. As Nikki slipped her panties off, revealing a very light dusting of blond hairs, her nipples puffed further, looking almost like additional breasts on her breasts as she became more aroused.

"Your 'rents still gone?" Nikki asked Joclyn. "At least until tomorrow morning," Joclyn replied. "Late." "Cool," Nikki said. "Let's hit the pool." "But, I can't seem to get this bikini to work," Cass said. "Screw the bikini, you little nudist," Jaydon laughed. "We're goin' in nekkid!" Whooping and yelling, with more than a few giggles added in, the three older girls sprinted out of the house and to the large pool in back.

All three were in the water, frolicking like nymphs, by the time Cass made her way out of the house, still gripping the scraps of the string bikini. "Come on, girl!" Jaydon said.

"Get your sexy ass in the water!" What the fuck, Cass thought. She dropped the bikini on a pool-side chair, sprinted and executed a perfect cannon-ball into the pool.

What she obviously didn't expect was the force of the impact on her delicate, nude pussy from the water. Even as she submerged and the water closed over her head, Cass's hands flew to her crotch, cupping the stunned flesh. She bobbed to the surface with a groan.


"Oh, crap!" she said. "God, that hurt! I think I busted my pussy!" The three girls surrounded her, guiding her through the water to the side of the pool and up the steps.

They led her to a lounger, laid her out and spread her legs, wide. Together, they began examining the soft, pink flesh of her labia. "Looks a little red, but I don't think you busted nuthin'," Jaydon said. "Want me to kiss it and make it better?" Cass shuddered at the suggestion, her nipples hardening further, which was not caused by pool water cooling on her skin. "Hey, Jay," Nikki said. "I think she does!" "Well," the little Japanese-American doll said. "That sure didn't take long.

It didn't take anywhere as long as it did with you, your first time." Cass's head was in turmoil. Were they really talking about Jaydon licking her pussy? And had she already kissed Nikki's little blond snatch? The decision, and all thought, was taken away from Cass as Jaydon leaned in and ran her tongue between the lips of her slightly-furred cunt. Cass let out a loud, "Oh!" as the questing bit of flesh searched for and reached her clit.

Jaydon swirled the tip of her tongue around Cass's delicate nubbin, causing tremors of arousal to climb the younger girl's spine and explode in her head.

"Oh … my … God!" the young girl moaned in time with her breathing. "Fuck! Shit! Fuck!" She descended quickly in to incoherent babbling, unable to think words, let alone form them with her mouth. As Jaydon feasted on her dripping center, sucking the copious juices from her core, the other girls surreptitiously pulled her arms over her head and, using the straps of the string bikini she' d been supposed to wear, bound them to the top of the backrest.

This brought Cass back to reality quickly. "Hey," Cass said, growing frightened. "Wha … what are you doing?" "Relax," Joclyn said. "You'll love this." Nikki pulled the strings from the bikini bottom, handed one to Joclyn. The girls pulled Cass's legs up and apart and bound them at the ankles to the side rails of the lounger.

As Jaydon continued lapping at Cass's dripping snatch, Nikki took one nipple and Joclyn the other, sucking them deeply. Cass couldn't help but moan at the sensations coursing through her body. "Oh, my God!" she cried as her first orgasm induced by another person slammed into her head. Her hips shot up, driving her snatch onto Jaydon's tongue, forcing it deeply into Cass's honey hole. "Ooof, FUCK!" she cried as the sensations travelled in waves from her core to her brain and back again.

Sweat poured from her body, making the vinyl surface of the lounger mattress wet and slippery. Nikki took advantage of her distraction to lower the head rest, and Cass, into the fully reclined position. Jaydon swung around, straddled Cass's head and pressed her pussy to her new lover's mouth. Cass responded immediately, returning the favor, driving her tongue deep into the older girl's vagina. "Yes, baby," Jaydon moaned. "Yeah, that's right! Suck my naughty little pussy! Make me cum with your tongue!" Nikki moved into position between Cass's legs and Joclyn slid to the ground behind her.

They had a daisy chain going in no time, each girl servicing and/or getting serviced by one of the others. The only sounds were the gentle tinkle of running water from the fountain in the pool, drowned out by the moans and groans of excited school girls. Cass arched her back as Jaydon reached down and started working on her immature nipples from above.


From below, Nikki ran one then two fingers into the new cheerleader's virginal pussy and probed upwards toward the front wall of her vaginal sheath.

Cass gasped as even more new sensations, feelings beyond what she'd even imagined, coursed through her body. "Aw, damn it!" she cried out. "What's happening to meeeeee!" Cass's pussy clamped down hard on Nikki's probing digits. With her wrists and legs bound to the pool-side lounger, though, all she could do was thrash around as the biggest orgasm of her young life took control of her.

"God," Nikki gasped. "Her puss is trying to tear my fingers off. She's having a real big cum." Jaydon, still grinding her pussy on Cass's face, got off next. Her hips thrust back and forth, literally humping her clit across the younger girl's lips and nose.

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It wasn't the biggest cum of her life, but it was definitely satisfying. Nikki joined the orgasm band wagon moments later, with the help of Joclyn's tongue and fingers, as she continued to slam her hand in and out of Cass's dripping snatch. And Joclyn reached her own peak, her tongue buried in her friends asshole even as she fingered Nikki's pussy, with the help of her own free hand. Slowly, the girls disengaged, Joclyn rolling onto her back on the concrete pool apron, riding the last throws of her cum out, gasping.

Nikki moaned, slightly disappointed at the the sudden emptiness between her glistening, cum-soaked thighs. She, too, rolled to the side and curled up, her hands cupping her well-used snatch.

Jaydon stepped back, pussy juice and saliva running from her hairless labia and flowing down her thin, muscular thighs. Cass looked up at her, a little dazed and confused from massive sexual overload which still held her in its grip.

"God, Jaydon," the newest member of the cheer squad gasped. "That was amazing! Do you do that with all the new girls?" "Yeah," said the petite girl with a hint of Asian features: Medium length, jet-black hair, slightly almond-shaped eyes and a small nose and mouth. "It's kind of an initiation to the squad. "Oh, and, by the way," she said. "Now that you've eaten my pussy, you can call me Jade."