Amazing teen twinks fucking and sucking gays

Amazing teen twinks fucking and sucking gays
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The next morning the boys wake up nice and early and the older brother says " I was thinking about what happened last night, you know about mom and us being totally naked and how close we came to actually putting our dicks inside her?

I know it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself " the younger brother says " I know what you mean, a big part of me feels the same way but another part of me keeps thinking how much further could we have gone, she was so cool with it all, smiling and laughing " the older brother says " I know, especially when she said that our cocks almost went in her holes, I almost came ".

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The younger brother says " She also said that she doesn't see a reason for us not to be naked again, I could be wrong but it's like she was teasing us, wanting us to try something " and the older brother says " Well It's like I said last night, there's only one way to find out, let's get naked and go see her, If she freaks out then we know it was a one time thing that can never happen again but if she teases us the way she did last night then she might as well be holding up a sign that reads : Come and fuck me hard please ".

The boys take their showers and go to the kitchen to see their mother, both totally naked and sporting semi hard erections. They see their mother wearing that same tiny robe she wore yesterday, preparing breakfast and her youngest son says " Good morning sexy " Jessica turns around and see's both her boys naked and says " Wow, what a wonderful way to start the day, I felt like having sausages this morning " and she starts laughing. The boys look at eachother and smile and the oldest son says " Mom remember what we said last night?

about us being naked together? we were talking about it this morning and we woud like to try it today ". Jessica smiles and says " Yeah last night was a lot of fun and it's like I said, I really don't see a reason why we shouldn't be naked " and she takes off her robe wich exposes the same tiny black bra and tiny black thong she wore last night. The boys stand there watching as she takes off her bra and thong and she watches as their semis turn to rock hard pulsing erections and she says " Wow it looks like Mr Happy and Mommies Big Boy are wide awake and very, very happy to see me " the boys look down at their rock hard cocks and start laughing and her youngest son says " Mr Happy wants to give The Man Trap a great big hug " and her oldest son says " Yeah and Mommies Big Boy want to give The Man Breaker a great big hug too.

Their mother says " Ok but just give me a minute " and she bends over infront of her sons to pick up her robe, bra and thong off the floor exposing her labia and anus. Her sons stare at her beatiful vagina lips and anus, then they look at eachother with their mouths wide open and high five eachother.

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Jessica stands up and says " Come and give mommy a great big hug " her youngest son hugs her from the front, his cock between her legs, sliding against her vagina while her other son hugs her from behind and his cock head parts her ass cheeks. Her youngest son says " Good morning Man Traps " and he kisses both her nipples, then getting as close as possible his cock head start to penetrate his mothers vagina while his brothers cock head starts to penetrate her anus.

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Jessica lets out a small moan and says " This is what I was talking about yesterday, how do you men walk around with those things between your legs? It's like they have minds of their own, Mr Happy is almost inside my pussy and Mommies Big Boy is almost in my asshole " she spreads her legs allowing his rock hard pulsing cock to slide completely inside her pussy then bending over so her other sons cock can slide inside her anus.

She moans loudly and says " Oh god yes, this is what I wanted " moaning again and again as she's fucked by her sons.

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She moans even louder as she orgasms and she says " This makes it so much easier, I didn't know how to tell you,,,, I'm Christina ", her sons pull their cocks out of her and just stand there looking at her when her oldest son says " What did you just say?

". Jessica says " At first I promised myself I would never tell you, but you boys kept fucking me like a whore when you thought I was Christina and to be honest, I loved every minute of it, you used my body like a cum bucket and when you both came inside me again and again I decided no more games, no more masks ".

She starts pinching her nipple with one hand and fingering her wet pussy with the other and she says " It's so much easier this way, I wanted this to happen last night but I got scared so I stopped and went to my room but I realize now I can have the best of both worlds, I can be your mother and your whore ".

Her youngest son says " But you were fucked by your brother and nephew too " She says " I know and the next time they come her I already know how I'm going to tell them ".

She explains from beggining to present her ordeal with Jim and how he was blackmailing her into making these videos and she says " As long as he doesn't know about us then I have taken away his power over me ". She grabs their still rock hard cocks in her hands and she says " Fuck me like a whore, fuck me like you fuck Christina " her older son pushes her ontop of the kitchen table and putting her legs around his waist he rams his cock deep into her cunt while her other son stand next to her head and shoves his cock into her mouth.


The 2 brothers look at eachother and the older one says " So you like being fucked like a whore? well then today is the first day of the rest of your life " he starts to fuck her harder, faster and deeper than ever before, slapping her tits hard while his brother rams his cock down her throat and slapping her face he says " Suck my cock you fucking whore ".

She moans again and again as she orgasms squeezing her tit with one hand and rubbing her clitoris with the other. The boys take turns fucking her pussy and mouth again and again until one of them screams " IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOU FUCKING SLUT? " and he moans as he cums deep inside her pussy, the other brother rams his cock inside her cunt and after a few hard pumps he screams " TAKE IT YOU FILTHY CUNT " and he shoots his load into her womb. The boys back away and watch as she orgasms again, their sperm oozing out of her wet cunt and she says " Oh my god boys that was amazing ".

She gets off the table and she says " We should set up some rules: {1.} While in the house you boys could fuck me as hard as you want anytime you want.

{2.} We can't tell anyone about this. {3.} In this house you can treat me like a whore but outside we have to appear as mom and sons. {3.} From this day forward while in this house we'll be naked all the time unless we have company over. {4.} If Jim ever tells me to make another video I'll wear the mask and you have to act like your fucking Christina.

The boys agree to the rules and they all sit down to eat the breakfast she prepared earlier. A few hours later while Jessica is cleaning her room the boys walk in and push her on the bed, putting her into doggystyle position the older one starts to eat her pussy while the other one sticks his cock in her mouth, she spits his cock out of mouth and she says " That's right boys fuck me, make me scream, make me cum, fuck me hard and cum deep inside me " putting his cock back in her mouth he slaps her in the face and he says " Fucking slut, shut up and suck it " while the other brother slides his cock deep inside her pussy.


She moans as her sons fuck her hard, calling her every name in the book she keeps orgasming as they take turns fucking all her holes until they both cum deep into her womb then they watch as their sperm leaks out of her, her whole body shacking as she orgasms again. She gets off the bed and she says " Do you boys want to visit your uncle Tom?

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" she explains how she plans to visit her brother and nephew as Christina and during sex with Tom, Frank and her 2 sons she would take off the mask, the boys agree as she licks the sperm off their cocks.

THE END Please leave comments, as always both positive and negative comments are welcome.

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In this one my original idea was much, much darker having her 2 boys taking advantage of the situation, fucking her even when she did not want to and prostituting her to all their friends as Christina, please let me know if you like the above version or if you would have prefered the darker version, thank you in advance.