Naughty sex kitten opens up her honey pot and loves hardcore sex

Naughty sex kitten opens up her honey pot and loves hardcore sex
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Tucking In Dakota My second wife Madeline had a little money, a drinking problem and two daughters. We were doing pretty well. My contracting business kept me busy and Maddie's money meant we could live well and spoil the girls a little.

The three of them were a tight unit, since they'd been together alone for years before I met them. They had their secrets that I didn't share; they shopped and lunched together and they all slept together in a king bed in Madeline's room.

I had my own room so the three of them could have the master suite. Madeline and I had a good sex life.

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She would come to my room and tell me just what she wanted me to do, and I'd do it, sometimes several times. When her drinking got bad or if we'd had a bad argument, it stopped pretty much completely.

But most of the time she was a willing and enthusiastic partner. The girls tolerated me. They called me Daddy when they wanted something from me and Don when they didn't. Lindsey was nineteen and a classic high school beauty. Masses of curly blond hair worn loose, a playmate figure and a bubbly personality.

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She had a steady boyfriend, an engineering student named Howard, and they were talking about getting married sometime soon. Dakota was two years younger and even prettier in a way than her sister. She had very fine delicate features, a kind of pixie look, an adorable little overbite and long straight brown hair that she wore in a ponytail. She was a late developer, so she was still very thin and angular.

The girls were inseparable and shared everything. Lindsey was very protective and considerate of her younger sister, she was always watching out for her and getting 'Kota whatever she wanted. They both knew their mother had a drinking problem. Lindsey told me once that it was what had driven their father away. I'd seen it but had always been able to deal with it. Maddie tended to get really aggressive when she drank, saying things she couldn't take back and lashing out.

Both the girls and I handled it mainly by ignoring it, maybe not the best coping strategy, but it worked. Dakota said: "When mommy is drunk she goes to bed and never wakes up until morning and then she's OK again." I don't even remember what the fight was about, but it was a bad one. Lots of vicious things were said before she stomped out of the room and went upstairs to bed. The girls and I stayed up watching TV until they were tired. When Lindsey went up the stairs, she said: "Daddy, can you come up and tuck us in?" Mom will be too drunk." I said "Sure, I'll be up in a half hour, so both of you get ready and get in bed, I'll tuck you in." I gave them the half hour and climbed the stairs.

The three of them were all in bed. Madeline was in the middle of the king-sized bed, face down, snoring and drooling onto her pillow. Lindsey was on the side nearest the door and Dakota was on the far side, both already under the covers.

I stepped over to Lindsey, pulled the covers up around her chin and patted her head. I was just turning away when her hand came out from under the covers and squeezed the front of my Dockers.

I was too shocked to move, and by the time I tried, she had lowered my zipper and fished out my dick. She squeezed it and jacked it a few times and pulling away from her suddenly didn't seem like such an important thing to do. I didn't say anything when she threw the covers off and turned toward me and took me in her mouth.

If she had ever put it on, she had already removed her lace nighty.

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She was wonderful, swirling her tongue and working me deeper and deeper into her throat until her nose was pressed against my belly and my balls were hanging off her chin. I could feel the weak remains of her gag reflex clutching gently at the head of my cock. Her eyes were open wide and looking up at me.

Looking down at her perfect body, those stunning tits with her nipples dragging on the flannel sheets. I was getting bigger and bigger; I may never have had a hard on like that in my life. I finally found the courage to speak. "I don't think we should do this, Lindsey, you should be faithful to Howard, and besides, your mother is right there!" "She'll never wake up.

Howard tucked the hell out of me one time right here and she never moved. Besides, this isn't for me, this is for 'Kota. She wants to be tucked and we talked about who should do it her first time. I didn't want her to have Howard so she decided on you. So, after I get you as hard as I can, I want you to eat me, then you can go over to 'Kota.


I couldn't see any down side to this plan, and the girls clearly had it all worked out, so I knelt down on the carpet, put her feet on my shoulders, hooked a couple of fingers up her to rub her G-spot while I sucked her clit.

Lindsey liked this a lot. It was only a minute or two before her body started to shake uncontrollably and she pulled my head hard into her snatch, arched her back and humped her hips against my face. I looked to see if Madeline had awoken but she hadn't moved a muscle. "OK, let me suck you again before you go over to 'Kota," she said. After watching her cum it didn't take much to get me completely hard again. I stood up and with that iron bar hardon leading the way I went around the bed to Dakota's side.

I thought she had been asleep, but her eyes were wide open and when she saw me at her side, she said: "I want you to do to me what you did to Lindsey." I pulled her to the edge of the mattress and ripped off the sleeveless undershirt she had worn to bed and knelt down.

Her big brown eyes got huge when I ripped off her shirt.She was wearing nothing but a little pair of white ankle socks. By that time Lindsey had joined us. I pulled Dakota's legs apart and put my tongue into her smooth little cunt. She was already wet and I realized she had been watching me with her sister. When I licked her clit, she moaned a little and Lindsey put a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I tried to slip a finger in her but it wouldn't go.

I took a close look and saw that she had a hymen that was solid and intact. By now Lindsey was sucking Dakota's nipples and feeding Dakota one of her nipples. I kept up the cunnilingus and the little girl kept responding with more writhing and more girlie juice. Lindsey said. "I think it's time. Lay up here on the bed so she can straddle you." Careful not to bump Madeline who was still face down and snoring, I lay on my back on the mattress, my dick sticking up like a bill spike.

"I don't know what to do," Dakota said. "I'll show you first," her sister said as she stood on the mattress and squatted herself onto me.

She rode me a few strokes and rubbed herself until she came again. I was careful not to cum so I could stay hard. Lindsey pulled off me and climbed down. "Now you," she helped Dakota stand over me and lower herself on me. Lindsey guided my dick into Dakota's little slit where it stopped about an inch in. Dakota gave a little whimper as her hymen was stretched.



'Kota, this is going to hurt a little bit but just for a minute and just the first time. Are you ready?" When her sister nodded, Lindsey leaned her weight on Dakota's shoulders and gave a hard downward shove. Dakota's hymen burst and Lindsey leaned weight on her shoulders until I felt my dick bottom out against the head of her cervix.

Dakota gave a sharp scream. Her sister clamped a hand over her mouth. All three of us looked at Madeline but she never moved or stopped snoring. Lindsey rubbed Dakota's clit while showing her how to move up and down. She rode me for a few seconds and I almost couldn't hold back. "She might like it from the back," Lindsey said and lifted Dakota off me.

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She positioned her with her knees on the very edge of the mattress with her tiny ass high in the air and a pillow under her head. Lindsey used the rag of Dakota's t-shirt to wipe Dakota's blood off my dick before I slipped it back into her pussy which was now dripping with juice. Lindsey was petting Dakota's asshole very gently. The tip of my cock was rubbing her little G-spot, she was thrashing her tiny hips and screaming into the pillow.

Madeline finally moved; she rolled onto her back and threw the sheet off, baring her entire beautiful body. I paused fucking Dakota until we were sure Maddie was still asleep. "Don't put the goo in her, she might have a baby," Lindsey said, pushing me backwards. I popped out, still with a raging hardon and a little precum leaking.

"Put it on mom!" Lindsey suggested. "Will mom have a baby?" Dakota asked. "No, the goo has to go inside, and besides mom is too old." I leaned forward, jacked myself a couple of times. The girls watched fascinated as I blasted thick ropes of cum, flooding Madeline's belly with cum. It trickled down, filled up her navel and dripped into her snatch. I tucked both girls back into bed, covered Madeline up again and went to my room. I had to go back and get that bloody rag which I walked out to the garage, buried in the trash can and put the cans at the curb.

The next morning, I made the girl's lunches and saw them off to school. I heard Madeline in the shower about 10:30 and she came down about eleven.

She came over and kissed me. "I'm sorry about last night, I know I drank too much and started the fight, I hope you can forgive me.


Were the girls OK? I was too drunk to tuck them in.

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Did they sleep all right?" "They were fine, we stayed up late and I tucked them in. They were fine this morning." I said.

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Maddie ate a big breakfast and when she was cleaning up she suddenly asked. "Last night, did we . you know? I noticed in the shower I was kind of gooey." "You don't remember? When I brought the girls up you were pretty insistent, you wouldn't take no for an answer." "Oh God, right there with the girls in the bed?" she asked.

"Well, I tried to convince you to come to my room, but you couldn't walk, so you pulled me into your bed and we did it there. The girls were sound asleep and never woke up or saw anything.

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"Thanks for being so good to us and putting up with me. You're a good father and a good husband."