Sexual and wild table sex

Sexual and wild table sex
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Rita woke the next morning with a fairly sore vagina after her tryst the afternoon before. It was a reminder, however, that put a smile on her face and it would be there for a while. "OMG!" was all that came to her mind remembering the orgasmic details of her first extramarital affair.

If it were the first and last, well, what a good one to have had. It'd changed her thinking about a lot of things. Guilt, power, persuasion, etc. A lot of emotions ran through her mind. One thing that kept coming up though is that if it were left up to her, it wouldn't be the last. Rita nor Ryan initiated contact with each other for yet another two weeks, until Ryan texted her on yet another lucky afternoon. Friday rolled around and about 2pm he'd texted Rita that his wife, Maria, was out of town visiting her mother.

Rita responded that Colin had gone away for the weekend to work on his camp. No brainer there. The two had all weekend to explore the new pleasures of each other's treasures, so to speak. "My condo? 6:30?" Ryan asked.

"The code to the back gate is 15876 and the office door code is 99723." "I'll be there." was Rita's reply. "Don't worry if I'm not there when you arrive." he said. "I'll be along shortly so go in and make yourself comfortable." This time Rita thought, I've got all weekend to explore some of the details I might have missed in our first meeting.

His salt and pepper hair both on his head and chest came to mind along with his strong muscular arms.

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And then of course, there was "down there". She just couldn't get those visions of his huge cock out of her mind. So big, thick, hot, rigid, etc. Lots of words she could use to describe it. "I want it now." were three more. Ryan had the same thoughts. Work had been a real beast the last two months and finally a long weekend got here. One he could spend with a woman who appreciated his accomplishments, tastes in things, his body and one who didn't stay on his case all the time about him being with her 24-7.

But hey, it was his wife, Maria, who decided to go home this weekend. He'd also started to wonder about why she was distant these past few weeks. Seems she'd been spending a lot of time away from home too. Oh well, he'd have to worry about her later, but now it was time to fuck Rita and he was ready. Rita took a shower after Colin left. She took some extra time on her make up using a brighter shade of red lip stick than normal. Looking at herself in the mirror, she decided that she wanted to highlight her eyes a little more and used a bit darker eye liner and then put in her contacts instead of glasses.

Colin thought it made her look younger so she though that Ryan would probably would think so too. She also chose a brand new Victoria Secrets bra and thong set that she was going to surprise Colin with, but since he didn't seem that interested, she show it off to someone she knew would be.

She'd put on some jeans that really showed off her ass and a thin light blue blouse that accented her boobs.

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Just a hint of nipples showing. "Perfect." And finally to finish things off, she added some thigh-high black stockings and five inch black high heels. She knew those too would catch Ryan's attention maybe to the point of giving her feet a little therapy. "Can't wait. My pussy could use a lot more of his therapy." Pulling in to the parking spot at Ryan's condo complex, she was about to get out of her car when she got a text from Colin.

"What's up tonight?" he asked. "Oh, not much." was her reply. "Ok, TTY tomorrow" he said. "Have a good night." "Oh you fucking right I will." she thought. "Good night darling." she replied.

She then walked up the side walk to the condo office door. She noted the security camera coming up to the entrance way. She'd have to ask Ryan later what he did with the recordings. She peered inside and seeing no one, tried the code on the lighted pad to the side of the door. She heard the lock pop and she turned the handle, pulled the door open and she was inside. "Lights, camera, Cosmos AND action." she though with a smile.

Ryan texted soon after she was inside that he'd be there in ten minutes so she wouldn't be surprised by his entry. She made him and her both a strong drink at Ryan's bar.

She noticed his business cards in a tray, took one out and studied it. "McLaughlin Industries" it said. It gave his phone numbers, email address and other contact information. "Neat." she thought tucking the card into her purse. "Now I have several more and obscure ways of contacting him." Having a few minutes to kill, she sat on the couch and started in on her Cosmo.

She was almost finished with it when Ryan walked in. "What a hunk-o-man." she thought. "Hi there." Rita said. "Hey, how've you been Rita? And you look, uh, wow, really nice tonight." "You mean fuckable?

And I'm fine thank you. I've been thinking a lot about you and what a great time I had a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and by the way, your drink is on the bar." she replied. "Is that so? Well, yeah, that's what I mean.

The same goes for me. I had a great time a couple of weeks ago also. And thanks for the drink. I need about three of 'em after the week I've had." "You're welcome.

And I dressed up thinking about you. Hope I didn't over do it." she said as she could feel her nipples harden under her lace bra. She could also feel a very damp space between her legs. "No, no, you didn't over do it. I mean no man in his right mind wouldn't look twice at you babe." Ryan said as he could feel a growing ache in his crotch.

He pulled his shirt out of his pants, took off his shoes and unbuckled his belt to get more comfortable. "Ahhh, that's more like it." he said. He took a long sip of his drink.

"Damn girl, trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?" he joked. "Fucking right I am." Rita said laughing. "And while you're at it, fix me another Cosmo." "Yes indeed and while I'm at it, I'll have another of just the same." he said as he tossed off the remainder of his first drink.

Jokes and drinks aside, the two didn't waste much more time with small talk. After Rita quickly dispatched with her second Cosmo, she walked up to Ryan and gave him a French kiss after wrapping her arms around his neck. "God, you smell good enough to eat." she said.

"I was hoping you'd say that. Maria gave me the cologne and then she bitches that I never wear it. Too bad it was her choice to go out of town this weekend." "Her loss." Rita said. "Tell her I love it and what she missed out on when she gets back." "Haha. Very funny." Ryan said. "Think I'll just keep my mouth shut." "I hope for not too much longer.


My pussy has been missing your tongue. Don't keep it closed on my account." she said as she could feel the alcohol kicking in.

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"Don't you worry about that. We've got plenty of time and your pussy won't be negleted I promise." he said smiling at her. He kissed her hard and ran his hands down her breasts. She moaned and dropped her hand down to his crotch and wasn't disappointed as his large cock was responding quickly. His hands were busy likewise. He pulled her blouse over her head and cupped her bra clad tits. She moaned and nearly came in her thong. And on it went until both were naked and wrapped back up in each other's arms again.

In the bed of Ryan's model condo, Rita had him lay face down. She began to massage his muscular shoulders and neck working her way down his back as he gave a moan of appreciation. And what an ass he had she thought as she kneaded two handfuls of firm male hump muscle.

She looked down to the vee in his legs and saw about half of his long cock sticking down resting under his huge nut sack. "Whew, it's really getting warm in here." she thought. He returned the favor even using a little mint oil he had in the nearby night stand. He began on her shoulders and neck. How strong his hands were.

She almost came off the bed when he worked his way down her feet. He'd begrudgingly, but slowly removed her heels and stockings which were the only items of "clothing" she had left on.

Quickly learning that his massaging her feet were causing her to moan, he continued for a few minutes longer. "How did he know?" Damn that feels good." she said. "Please fuck me and make the rest of me feel that good." Ryan worked his way up her thighs near her ass cheeks which also caused Rita to moan. He pressed his thumbs inward to her cunt in circular motions until her first orgasm of evening hit her hard and it left her heaving and sucking for air.

"Sensitive, sensitive." he said. "And now for the front." Ryan rolled Rita over on her back and began to nurse her tits. He'd alternate between nipples and gave them rapid tongue flicks while performing a gentle sucking action as he did so.

As she was writhing around, he took his free hand down her soaked vagina. He gave her clit another gentle circular motion until she came to her second toe curling orgasm.

She checked him up a bit so she could catch her breath. "What a great guy you are." she told him. "Never in a hurry and knows what a woman needs to get her ready. Fuck me now." "Thanks but not so fast.

I've got a little down low prep work I want to do first." he replied. He got down between her legs and thrust his tongue as far up her cunt as he could and began to wiggle it. How long his tongue was she didn't know, but all she could think was that she was about to cum again. She clenched down on it with her cunt muscles, came hard and felt herself squirt her cum on Ryan's lips and nose.

He smiled when he came up for air. "Oh, fucking shit! That was intense! I love your tongue almost as much as your cock." she said after her breathing had almost returned to normal. "Love doing it for you." he said as he held his turgid cock up for her see. "Look what it does for me." Rita eyes almost glazed over in lust. Seeing his 8.5" thick cock fully erect again made her drool. She thought about how badly she needed it stuffed in her tight cunt right now but that would have to wait a little longer.

Now it was time to give it some attention it needed from her mouth. She had Ryan lay on his back and positioned her cunt over his face and took his cock in her mouth as she got them in a 69 position. Though a little preoccupied "back there", she took his very stiff dick in her mouth inch by inch started bobbing up and down. She pulled it out every so often to give her jaw muscles a chance to relax.

As she did, she'd study it's length, girth and veins as if it were a fine instrument. She held it against her cheek and marveled at its warmth. Licking it from base to head she could feel the blood pulsing through it. Ryan however gave her a warning that he was getting ready to cum so she could make a choice. "Fuck me now. I have to have your cock and cum in me." she told him almost breathlessly. Rita got off him, laid on her back and spread her willing legs to show him her pussy once again. Though more confident this time compared to two weeks ago, she still cautioned Ryan to take it slow and easy.

As was his habit, he grabbed his very erect cock, rubbed it up and down in her slit to lube it and began his entry. With the large head of his cock pushed just inside her, she slowed him down to a gentle rocking motion as his slick cock entered her and stretched out her very wet pussy. "Oh goddamn!" she hissed at him.

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"That feels too fucking good. Don't you fucking stop until you cum me. I want you to get me so pregnant so I can have your baby." "I'd love to my dear but I've been cut." he said as he stopped trusthing for a moment. "It was Maria's idea after after our second child was born." "Bitch." Rita said smiling at him.

"Her loss too. I would've have had your tenth kid by now if I were her. We can pretend though." "Sure but, uh, what would you tell Colin if I did get you pregnant?" Ryan asked.

"I'd make love to him a more than usual and tell him that it was him who knocked me up." she said. "I mean I'd hate to cuckhold him, but for your dick, I'd do almost anything you'd ask. You getting me pregnant is one of 'em." she said, as Ryan resumed his pumping. After another ten minutes, but without yet having entering her fully, Rita had three more nearly successive massive orgasms.

Before her forth though, she felt him picking up the pace. With her vagina muscles starting to relax, he could feel his cockhead really starting to push on her cervix. He slowed down a minute to ask her if she felt ok to which she yes.


With that answer, he started a deeper and more firm thrusting and that pushed Rita over the edge yet again. She gave out a series of low moans that increased in amplitude as her biggest orgasm yet quickly approached.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, Ohhhhh Ffffuuuccckkk, OHHHHH FFFUUUCCKKK, FUUCCKK MMMEE, I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!! she screamed and this set him off too. Ryan wasn't holding back at this point and couldn't if he'd have wanted to. With such tight, hot and wet pussy stretched around his nearly bursting cock, there was no way he could.

And with that, he sent his sperm straight to the very back of her cunt via her fallopian tubes for the next minute and a half. A full ten hot sperm shots from his 8.5" dick and all Rita could feel was her ovaries being flooded again. "Unnnnnaaaahhhh. Fuuuucccckkkk!" was all she could manage. Her body continued to heave and buck without control. Her cunt was in full spasm mode as she involuntarily milked the seed from his balls. She also for the first time in her life squirted, almost like a piss, her womanly excretion all over his mons up to his belly button soaking them both nearly down to their knees.

After a several minutes of orgasmic bliss, Ryan pulled his cock from her cunt with a pop. Rita felt a massive load of his sperm starting to ooze from her cunt as it leaked right over her sensitive asshole and down to the sheets below. She scooped up a good bit of it with her cupped fingers, brought it to her mouth and licked them clean. She was so lust crazed at this point, it was the only reason that she could think of that she'd do something like that. Another first of many with him. "Fucking damn.

You're the best fuck a girl could ask for, you know that!" she said as she finished licking her fingers.

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"Now that's what a real fucking is all about." "Thanks." he said. While Ryan pondered these thoughts, he found himself looking down at her still heaving big tits and thought it'd be nice to tit fuck her. They were certainly big enough and he could give her a "pearl necklace" for her efforts. "Shit she was fine." he thought. "Might try that and some other things too." Ah, but the night was young.

Their third lovemaking session and some drinking went deep into the night and very early into next morning.

Both exhausted, they feel asleep at 2:45am and slept until almost noon. Rita's phone's buzzing in a text from Colin woke her up. Groggy, cunt sore and a little hungover, she struggled to focus her eyes on her phone.

Ryan, spooning her from behind but asleep, still amazingly had his semi-erect cock in her cunt. Grabbing her phone in her hand, she finally was able to focus on the screen.

"Shit! Fucking damn!" were the first words he heard waking him from his sleep. "What's going on?" he said. "I've got to get the hell out of here now. Colin's coming home today and he's less than an hour away now!" "Damn" Ryan said.

This wasn't the way he wanted their weekend to end. He wanted to spend more time with Rita.

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A lot more time. Now what? As Rita stood up, she felt cum oozing down the inside of her legs. "Damn, how much cum did Ryan pump into me last night? she thought. "Guess that what you get when you fuck a big cock. Oh well, nothing a washing machine can't take of." she thought. Pulling on her jeans without her thong, Rita was then on the phone and her fingers to her mouth looking at Ryan giving him that "sheeessshhh" motion.

Colin was on the phone and obviously Ryan needed to be quite. "Yes, yes, yep, that's right" he heard her say. A few more exchanges and she ended the call. "Fuck! He's probably on 30 minutes away now. I'm really sorry Ryan. I thought we'd have all weekend together but I really have to go now.

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Don't worry though, Colin's working almost all next weekend if I remember his schedule." She was carrying on this conversation with Ryan as she was pulling on her bra and blouse. When she'd finished putting herself back together again, she kissed Ryan deeply and saw her way out.

The way she had it figured, she was about ten minutes ahead of Colin now. It'd be close. Once she got home, she got to her bathroom, stripped, stepped out of her jeans and tossed her other clothes aside.

She put on some white cotton panties along with a long tee shirt and jumped unto her bed. She was wrong. She'd only been two minutes ahead of him. That was close. And then there Colin was who came in her bedroom and was in a rare mood. He had a strong Jack & Coke in his hand and she could tell he had an "I'm in the mood" look on his face. He had his robe on and Rita knew he was probably nude underneath.

"Oh shit, what am I going to do? I've got to put him off somehow." she thought to herself.

But here he was and nearly on top of her ready for some action and she hadn't even had time to take a shower yet. Continuing her thoughts, "No telling what I smell like." He sat on the bed next to her and leaned in for a kiss.

He hesitated just for a couple of seconds and then continued to kiss her on the forehead. Had he noticed something? She quickly asked how his trip had been. He said it'd been good and he'd gotten a lot of work done. He got up and said he had to go to the bathroom.

He left the bedroom and went into her bathroom closing the door behind him. He was gone a few minutes and when he came back, he laid in the bed beside her. "I've been missing you.

You want to do something?" he asked as he usually did this way when he wanted to make love. "Well I'm really tired right now and I didn't get much sleep last night." Rita said trying to feign being really tired instead of really nervous. "Aw come on baby." he said diving he hand under her tee shirt and into her panties. "Oh shit." she said grabbing his hand quickly trying to stop his further advance into her still cum slick cunt.

"What's that matter?" he said with a puzzled look on his face.


"You kind of scared me." she replied she said with a little nervousness in her voice. "Scared you? Come on my love, you feel really wet and ready to me." he said showing her his fingers rubbing them together.

Part 2 - The End