Tiny girl meets a huge cock

Tiny girl meets a huge cock
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John and I were best friends in High school and stayed in touch after graduation. We are both 35 years old now. We don't do as much together as we use to but we still get together during the winter to make a hunting trip.

We were getting the boat ready for the trip to the camp to go hunting. We had been drinking a few beers and talking about old times like when we used to wrestle and get drunk. We started pushing on each other saying one could still take the other. When pulling up to the camp, John stepped on front of the boat and fell over board. I pulled him out of the water and we both laughed. It was very cold and John started shivering.

We went into the camp and lit the wood burning stove to warm him up. I told him he needed to get out of his wet clothes.

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As long as he and I have been hanging together, I have never seen him necked nor wanted too. I have never thought about another man before. When John took his clothes off, I couldn't help but notice his cock was very large. Even though it shrunk up do to the cold water. I gave him a blanket to wrap around him to help warm him up. While sitting next to the stove, we continued drinking beer even though he was shivering. The more we drank, the more we laughed and cut up.

John started playing around pushing me and I would push him back.

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Before I knew what happened, he jumped on me and we started wrestling. Here we are both 35 years old, each married and have children and are wrestling like two kids.

John is short but very stocky.

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I on the other hand am 6'1" and 245 lbs. We wrestled until we were both burnt out. He went and took a shower and then I took a shower. We were fixing to go to bed and found that we forgot to bring our blankets from home. I checked in the camp and found one sleeping back that opened into a blanket. As much as we didn't want to, we decided that we had better sleep in the same bed so we could both cover up.


While lying in bed, we continued to drink beer. John told me he didn't know if he could sleep because he was used to sleeping naked. I told him he better keep his fucking clothes on. We were both wearing just our underwear. We finally turned off the lights and went to sleep around 1:00am. At about 3:00am, I woke up and found that John had a massive hard on which was poking me in the ass.

I turned over to look at him and found that he was still sleeping very hard. I remembered that when he use to drink, you could blow dynamite up in his face and he wouldn't wake up. I was wondering if he was still hard to wake up. I pushed him and yelled John but he didn't move. After shaking him and yelling at him a few time, I found that he was still hard to wake up.

For some reason, I kept thinking about that big ass cock he had. I pulled the covers down and there it was, BMF (big mother fucker). I have never ever thought about another mans cock before, but this one had me thinking. I reached over and touched it, man it was hard as a rock. I grabbed it and couldn't wrapped my fingers around it.

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That damn thing must have been 12 inches long and big around as a coke bottle. I checked him and found that he was still fast asleep. My mouth was watering now, I just don't know why I would want a Cock so bad. I started jacking him off very slowly and found that he still didn't move. Before I knew it, I slid down his body with my face about a inch away from his cock.

I just opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could. I guess do to him taking a shower, it didn't really taste like anything. I kept going up and down on his cock as far as I could. I was licking and sucking the head, the same way I like mine sucked and licked. I checked him again and found that he was still fast asleep. When I went back to sucking his dick, I found that some pre-cum had started running out.

Man, it sure tasted good. I just kepted sucking and licking that hard cock until I heard John moaning. I stopped for a second to make sure he was still asleept.


After that I went back to it. Man, his cock tasted so good.

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I would lick the under the head and around its rim and then suck it down as much as I could. I could tell he was about to cum because of the way he was breathing and acting. NOW what should I do. Should I leave him alone, Should I jack him off and let him cum on the blanket, or should I let him shoot his nut nectur down my throat.

Well, since I have never done this before or tasted cum before, I figured what the fuck, I want to swallow it. I started running my mouth up and down and had my tongue flicking back and forth and then I heard him grunt and his cum started shooting down my throat.

It tasted very good. I love salty things. I swallowed as much as I could but he was shooting so much, it was draining down my face.

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I cought what draining down my face in my hands. After he finished cumming, I licked it up from my hands. John never did wake up.

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I will continue this later with what happend after.