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Sunny leone old men xxx story free 3 gand mp4
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Sorry for the delay. Now that the semester has started my time is limited. But I will continue! (Edit) Removed all mention of age.xnxx said removed under 18. Thought the rule was 16.fuck if I know the change it every week! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every so often the hospital would try to save a buck and cut back on overtime.

Mom usually worked twelve hours a day five days a week, by picking up other peoples shifts. They now cut her to three days a week and paid her for forty, and used floaters who wouldn't get overtime, to cover for those who needed off. So today instead of going to bed after we had left for school, she decided to sit on the front porch with a glass of wine.

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To the casual observer this would seem odd drinking at eight-am, but those who have ever worked graveyard know that time of morning is actually late in the day. About halfway into her glass she noticed Alice's car pull in. Alice also saw my mom and strolled over to introduce herself. "Hello! I,m Alice, Brittney and Becca's mom." Alice said.

"And I'm Ann, Steve and May's mom. So nice to meet you. Have a seat, would you like a glass?" Mom said holding up her glass. "I'll pass on the wine, its still a bit early for me. I just wanted to chat, seeing as our kids are so close, yet we haven't met." "Ahh the perils of night work, morning is night, and I never meet anyone outside of work because I sleep so much." Mom said.

"I understand completely. For all the time you spend at work, you brought up two great kids.Steve really saved us last week. I am sure he told you." "Yes he told me.and I saw how you and Brittney thanked him." Mom said with a laugh. "Uhh yea we thanked him alright." Alice said blushing. "Don't sweat it or be afraid to talk with me about things like that.

From what I gather our families are a lot alike. Besides I've ridden him myself." Mom said with a smile. "I'm so glad Brittney found a good guy, and not someone like her father. He treats her so good and is so damn polite to me. If he calls me mam again I'm gonna." Mom busted out laughing.

"That is what happens growing up on a military base." "Well Ann it was nice to meet you, don't be a stranger. I better go get some done while the girls are gone." "Nice to meet you too." Mom said, finishing her glass. Mom went inside and started doing housework.

She did the dishes, then went around collecting laundry. She got to my room which after last night just smelled like May's pussy juices and my dried spooge. She sat on the bed taking in the aroma. She laid back on the bed resting her head on the pillow that May had used. Now the smell of coconut shampoo blended with the other smells.

She soon realized she was petting her pussy through her scrubs. Her other hand had worked up under the cups of her bra, and was caressing her nipples. She thought about the first time she had made love to me, the time after where she fucked me wildly, and how this whole adventure was turning her into a wild lust filled beast who just couldn't get enough. During all that thinking she had three fingers fucking her cunt furiously, while the palm of her hand ground against her hard clit.

"Ohhhh Fuckk" she screamed with no one to hear her. Her body went rigid, and her cunt gripped her fingers tight. After a few minutes of recovery, she was able to get up and finish collecting the laundry and bedding. Then laid down for a nap before May and I got home. When May and I arrived home we found Mom had fallen asleep on the couch in the den. This was not at all typical, for her to sleep in the den as she usually had to get good sleep to go back into work.

We were concerned. So I knelt next to her, and lightly stroked her hair and felt her forehead to make sure she wasn't ill. "Mom.Mom." She started to move and crack her eyes open. "Are you ok?" I asked. She took my hand and kissed it. "I'm fine, thanks for thinking about me. I didn't get a chance to tell you this morning, I'm only going to be working three days a week now.

I will be home a lot more." "Yay!" May cheered as she rushed over to hug mom. That was the first thing I heard May say all day.

She had been quiet on the way home, acting like she didn't want to be bothered. For reasons I would soon find out, her mood carried on for a few more days. Friday morning rolled around and staying true to routine Mom was upstairs drinking coffee, and I knocked on May's door to wake her up.

I hadn't even made it to the bathroom door when a blood curdling scream came from May's room. I blew through her door not even thinking to turn the doorknob, damaging the door frame. Mom all the way from upstairs was on my heels a second later.


I looked all around to see what made her scream, I was ready to roll. May was white as a ghost, sitting upright in bed. A large area of her sheets, part of her comforter, and her panties were soaked in blood. Mom sat next to her and held her tight. "I'm sorry.I'm sorry." May cried. "I knew it was coming soon but I didn't know it would be this much." "It's ok it's your first period you didn't know what to expect" Mom consoled her.

May noticed the mangled remains of her door knob. "What the hell Steve you broke my door." "Well damn May, the way you screamed I thought you were being attacked or something!

I wasn't thinking about the door knob, thank you very much! Now I know why you've been so bitchy the last few days." I said walking out of the room. I got my shower and left for school Mom let May stay home that day.

I got to school early as usual. I was sitting at the picnic tables, trading banter with some friends. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

"Im srry for being a bitch.pls don't b mad at me. ILY" The text read, It was obviously May. "Lil sis u know I don't stay mad at u! ILY2." I texted back. I really hadn't been mad at her, just a little peeved for getting snapped at for coming to her aid. the rest of the day at school was it was outright boring. Stuff like polar covalent bonds.ugggh.

I rather be castrated with a rusty butter knife! I had just hopped off the bus at the end of the street when I got another text, this time from Brittney. "Steve are u there???" "Sure am.wazzup beautiful." "HELP.creeper from school trying to follow me 6th and the parkway now" Brittney usually walked to and from school.

The local public school she attended was just a couple blocks away. I immediately took off in her direction. "prob sophomore age grn AE hoodie.he tries to flirt w me.I thk he is trying 2C where I live." "When u c me walk past, act like u don't know me." Moments later I saw Brittney, and she saw me.

I passed her down her right side instead of the right side of the side walk. When I approached the creeper I did the same. I made a sudden right as I got next to him and slammed him between me and the brick wall of a building.

Before he could comprehend what hit him, I had him held off the ground by his throat. "Why the fuck are you following her!" I spewed in his face. "I I I." He squeaked out gasping for air. Brittney had returned to my side to hear what he had to say. "She told me you try to hit on her, and now your stalking her!

Listen carefully.I am her boyfriend, so you can stop your flirting and stalking.or you won't be able to walk and talk.understand me." I dropped him before he passed out, he collapsed to the pavement struggling for air. "Cough.Yes I understand.cough.but that is not why I was following her.cough.she's in trouble." Brittney looked stunned.

"What do you mean trouble?" I asked. "Heard some jocks in the locker room after PE.They were taking bets who would be the first to get laid. One mentioned Brittney by name.he said he was going to get her whether she wanted it or not!" "Who were they?" "I don't know they were a couple rows of lockers over, they didn't notice me there. Most people don't notice me. I have always liked Brittney, she has always been nice to me unlike everyone else at school.

I know I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of going out with her. But that doesn't mean I want to see her hurt. I'm sorry if I scared you." He apologetically said looking at Brittney. Brittney stepped up to him and put her hand out to help him up. He cautiously accepted watching for my reaction. "I live at the end of your street, you live down in the cul-de-sac. I usually ride the bus, but I walked today to keep an eye on you." He explained. "I'm so sorry! I thought you were a perv or something when I texted Steve." "It's all good guys, at least you have someone to call for help.

I'm the school nerd, I get beat up all the time, what could I have done against muscle bound jocks?" Brittney replied. "I don't know, but I am sure you would have tried, and that's what matters." She gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah I'm sorry about that too. I just got a text that said help. I'm Steve by the way. Come on walk home with us." "Don't sweat it. I'm Paul" We talked the whole way home, and exchanged numbers. Paul agreed to keep an eye on Brittney and alert us if he heard or saw anything. Paul left us at his house, I went to Brittney's house with her. I texted May to let her know where I was.

"U ok squirt? I'm across the st.need anything?" I texted May. " left me with chocolate and pads.feels like a damn pillow between my legs." I showed the text to Brittney, she giggled fetched something from her bathroom, and had me tell May to expect her.

"I'll be right back,this is for girls only, I'll use the code you gave me to open the garage door and go in downstairs." Brittney said to me. While she was gone I walked around to see how Alice and Becca were doing. I found Alice in her office banging away at her laptop, seemingly stressed as hell.

"Hey Ms Alice." "Boy if you call me Ms Alice again, I swear to God I will spank you!" "Hmm, sounds like fun." I responded. Alice bust out laughing. "Thank you Steve, I needed a laugh" I walked up behind her chair and started rubbing her shoulders. "You ok?" I asked. "Mmmm damn that feels you think I'm a good mom?" "Sure I do.

You work from home to be with your girls, both of which are sweet. Most girls Brittney's age are snobby, but I watched her be very kind and polite to a guy from her school that no one else would give the time of day to.

Becca seems to be your typical bouncy and happy teenager. Seems to me your a great mom. Why even ask that?" "I have an opportunity to go to Washington DC for two months, and train some people that want to franchise from me.

But I will have to uproot the girls for two months drag them to a unfamiliar place away from good friends like you. If I don't I will just keep living payday to payday." "I think you're overlooking an option" I said. "And that is?" "Well.

you know I would never let anything happen to the girls. Becca and May are great friends, I love Brittney. They could say with us, I am sure my mom wouldn't mind at all. Once you have a few franchisees, you will have more time, more money, and less stress." I eagerly awaited a response. "Let me think on that, It just might work." She replied. The front door opened and Brittney came in.

"Sorry I took so long, I introduced May to tampons, and Midol! Poor girl was walking like a duck with those huge pads." Brittney exclaimed.

It was getting close to dinner time "Alice you are busy, May already ate, lets do pizza!" I suggested.

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As I pulled out my phone. "I'll be back in a few.I wanna shower before we eat." Brittney said as she departed for the bathroom. I went down to her room to wait for her. I was kicked back watching the news when she came in all clean and freshly wrapped in a towel.

"Do me a favor.grab my phone and take a picture of me." She asked as she dropped the towel and struck a pose. I happily complied. She sat next to me so I could see and typed out a text.

"Thx again, wat u did was is a reward!" She then attached the picture I had just taken, and sent it to Paul. "You do realize that poor kid will be jerking off for a month." I said laughing. "Yeah, but what he did was so sweet, and he admitted having a crush on me. He deserved that." Her phone buzzed with a one word text "Wow" Paul replied.

"Wow? I send you a nude pic and all you say is wow." She texted back. "Well.Steve can hold me off the ground with one hand. Don't want that again!" "lol silly.who do you think took the picture!" She wrote back. "Pizza!!" Alice yelled downstairs. We ran up, got a few slices each and went back down, and plopped in front of the tv. A few bites in, Brittney's phone buzzed again. She wiped her hands and took a drink then checked it. Her cheeks ballooned as the soda she had just drank spewed across the room, came out of her nose, and threw her into a choking cough.

I was beating on her back so she could get her breath back. She held up the phone for me to see, I just sat there slack jawed, I couldn't form words. There was a picture of his phone, with Brittney's picture on it, covered in cum, with his cock hanging over it. "Wow." Brittney texted. "Wow? All that work and all I get is wow. :-) " He texted back. "Smart ass. TTYL" Brittney replied. We finished our pizza, and stretched out on the big sectional couch and got lost in TV.

Brittney was laying with her head in my lap. Becca finally made her way downstairs and laid to my other side and rested her head on the other leg. Alice had finished what she had been doing, and joined us sitting at the end of the sofa.

"Woah.What the.!" I yelled shocked by what felt like something crawling up the leg of my shorts. Alice and Brittney both looked at me wondering what I was carrying on about. I soon realized what I felt was Becca's hand going up the leg of my shorts. Becca was cherry red and starting to sob. "I'm sorry.sniffle.I I I" she was just short of losing it. "Hey hey calm down, you just startled me, that all it was an accident." I said. In a subdued voice she said "No it wasn't.sniffle.I was trying to.well." "Well what?

It's ok." "Sniff.May told me she.uhh.touched it, and you liked it." "Well, yes she did, and yes I did. But I didn't know that was what was going on. I thought a monster spider was crawling up my leg." "God, I'm so embarrassed and my mom and sister saw." "Becca dear. I have slept with your sister, I have slept with your mother, and I slept with them both together.

You know I don't think they care." As I finished my sentence Becca's eyes grew wide. Brittney and Alice started laughing.

"Oh, and I know you slept with my sister, and have the picture to prove it, so its only fair I get some too. If it's ok by your mom." I said jokingly. "Mmm more than ok." Alice cooed, while stroking her tits. Brittney giggled and went to the other end of the couch to fool around with her mom and watch. I stood and slowly took off my shirt, and shorts, standing there in just my underwear.

"You want to see it?" I asked, standing in front of her. She was sitting on the couch eye level with what she was so curious about. She gulped and nodded her head. "Go ahead and pull them down." I told her. She hesitantly placed her fingers under the front of the elastic waist band, and slowly pulled it down until my cock flopped out and surprised her. He pulled her head back to avoid getting hit with it and giggled. She looked up at me as if she was seeking permission.

"Go ahead honey, it's all yours." I said smiling at her. She traced all over it with her index finger, moving down to my balls feeling their warmth and weight. She seemed fascinated how it grew as a result of touching it. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and started stroking clumsily.

I placed my hand on hers and showed her the best grip and rhythm to use. She quickly became good at stroking from the root all the way to the top, and closing her hand around the head. Then working her way back down again. I stood her up and unbuttoned her blouse, and slid it down over her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

Next I undid the button on her pants also letting them fall. She stood there looking sheepish, almost scared to proceed.

"You ok?" I asked. She nodded in the positive.

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"Good. Don't be scared.

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Look over there, your mom and sister beat you to it." I told her, as she looked over and saw Brittney and Alice both in their birthday suits. She reached behind her and unfastened her bra, and carefully slipped out of it being careful to keep her nubile mounds covered with her arms.

I turned her back to me, and sat on the couch. Slipping my hands under her arms, around to cup her breasts. She placed her hands over mine as they gently rubbed and squeezed her A cup mounds.

I slid my hands down softly over her tummy finally reaching the elastic of her cartoon themed panties, which were covering her developing butt and hips directly in front of my face. Her breathing picked up, and I could feel her tremble in excitement and fear as I placed my thumbs under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them to the floor, exposing her delicate bottom to me.

I heard a moan and Alice comment on how beautiful she was from the end of the couch. I gently rubbed on her soft cheeks, and slowly ran my hand between her thighs and cupped her bare virgin mound. Her knees shook and I had to support her.

I placed her facing me on her knees so she could continue what she started except now her face was a lot closer to my manhood. She picked up where she left off stroking my cock. "Steve.can I.suck it??" She innocently asked.

I laughingly said. "Of course! Any guy that says a girl can't blow him must be gay!" Everyone in the room chuckled.

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She lowered her mouth over the head of my cock and started to twirl her tongue around. She gradually tried to take more and more in until she could go no further. It felt amazing. She placed her hand around the root end of my cock that she couldn't get in to her mouth, and began to move it in motion with her head.

She could sense my arousal and responded by picking up the pace, she was doing a fabulous job looking up at be through her incredible green eyes. "Uhh Becca, your doing great, I'm going to might want to back away so I don't choke you." She ignored me and just got more enthusiastic, with her newly found skill.

Her enthusiasm took me over the edge. "Oh.Oh.Oh Fuck!" I bellowed, as my balls drew tight and released a monstrous full load into Becca's mouth. Her cheeks puffed out, unable to hold no more, she took my cock out of her mouth, allowing the last couple of streams to shoot in her face and on her chest. Not able to swallow it all, there was a fair amount streaming down her chin and dripping off in sticky strands, while she attempted to regain her breath.

Brittney and Alice's eyes both were were on us, the view clearly exciting them as Alice was furiously eating her daughter out. Both were giving Becca moans of approval "Oh Becca that was great.

Your a natural. Let me return the favor." I said as I helped her towel off. I traded spot with her and had her sit on the couch. I softly exchanged kisses with her. "Let me make you feel good now." I said as I kissed down her neck, and on the her upper chest. She relaxed sinking back into the couch putting her chest at a better upward angle for me to kiss and lick around her budding mounds.

Her breathing was increasing, I could feel my head move with the rise and fall of her chest. Her breathing suddenly stopped for a moment as I sucked one of her pink puffy nipples into my mouth. I danced back and forth form nipple to nipple, until I was drawing audible moans from her.

I then kissed down her tummy, taking the time to tickle her belly button, before moving down bypassing her virgin cunny and on to the top of her legs. I placed the palms of my hands on her knees and moved her legs apart, meeting not resistance but trepidation. I was sure to make eye contact with her I could see the unsure feelings in her gaze.

"You ok sweety?" I asked. She said nothing, but nodded for me to continue. I started kissing from the knee of one leg up into her inner thigh getting close enough to small her sweet teen aroma, then repeated the same on her other leg. Now I started lightly kissing around her pussy and over her closed lips. I extended my tongue and licked a straight slow line from her tiny ass hole upward over her hot opening, keeping my tongue rigid using it to part her lips and taste her musky honey.

I ended my lick coming to rest against her hardening clit. She exhaled a moan and gripped my head with her supple thighs.

"Oooh feeels good, Steve." She cooed. I moved my tongue working circles around her clit, and moving up and down her cunny. Her opening was getting wetter, hotter, and starting to leak her natural lubricants down her rear. I gently rubbed around the opening, while I continued to eat her out. Her trepidation was apparently gone as she was cooing, moaning, and holding her legs open wide allowing me full access. While licking her clit, I slowly inserted my middle finger up to the first knuckle into her hot honey hole.

Her reaction was positive so I went a little farther. She jumped as I bumped into a barrier, I immediately realized that unlike her sister she still had her hymen. I backed off a little so I wouldn't hit it again. "Shh it's ok honey I won't go that far again. I forgot you were still a virgin and bumped into your cherry. I'm sorry." I began to lick and nibble directly on her clit so the arousal would take her mind of what just happened. It didn't take long before she was bucking around, and moaning.

I was looking right in her eyes when they rolled into her head showing only the whites, her body went rigid, and her thighs locked tightly onto my head. She just about lifted herself off of the couch by grabbing onto my head with her legs. I could feel her hole pulsating against my face leaking rivers of her love juice.

At the same time I heard Brittney scream from her own orgasm, coating Alice's face in much the same manner as Becca had just done to me. "How did that feel?" I said to Becca. "Awsome" She giggled as she caught her breath. "But." "But what honey" I replied. "I wanna.can you." she started rubbing her little pussy. "I don't want to be a virgin anymore. Your finger felt really good. I'm still really wet and want more.

I want you to fuck me." She admitted. I looked over at Alice to see what her reaction would be. "It's ok Steve, we all trust you. If she's ok I'm ok." Alice assured me. "Becca your going to have to get me good and hard again." She cheerfully agreed. I laid on the floor and positioned her on top of me in the 69 position. She took to licking and sucking my cock like a pro. I in turn started to lick her. I couldn't help myself is was staring me right in the face, I started licking her asshole.

"Eww.oh.oh.that feels good. Dirty.but good" Becca groaned. We all giggled a little. I worked up onto her still oozing opening, over now swollen lips, and started swirling at her clit again.

She was working wonders on my cock getting me close again. So I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself between her legs and continued eating her delectable pussy, I had the end of my thumb probing in and out of her soon to be full vaginal opening. She was now thoroughly wet, I moved up, placing my cock on her tummy. Brittney and Alice saw this and took position on either side of Becca, each holding one of Becca's hands.

I started to slide the tip of my dick up and down the length of her slit, rubbing her clit, her lips, and finally taking aim at her well lubed opening. Pushing forward gently the head slips in drawing a moan. I gently start a slow pumping motion going in not quite far enough to hit her cherry.

She was moaning really getting into the new found pleasure. I looked at Alice and she nodded, and I pushed and in one swift motion was buried balls deep. " hurts." She yelled. Her face contorted and eyes squeezed shut, with tears running down her cheeks. "It's ok honey.


It would of hurt a lot more if he would have told you first. Just relax and let your muscles get used to it." Alice whispered to her. For a little levity I asked her if I could take a picture to make May jealous. She giggled between muscle spasms, nodded. I Brittney handed me my phone, and I snapped a shot straight down showing my cock fully inserted in Becca's bald pussy.

Becca seemed to be relaxing so I slowly pulled out an inch and back in equally as slow.

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I worked at this inch by inch until it appeared that she was in more pleasure than pain. "That's a girl. Your taking it all now. Your so tight and feel so good. Does it still hurt?" I asked. "A little.But it feels really good now. Please.a little faster." Sha replied I picked up the pace to a nice steady rhythm, I could feel everyone of her muscles gripping my cock in both directions. Brittney had moved over and started eating Alice again as she hadn't came yet.

"Oh God yes.fuck my little girl, fuck her good." Alice was moaning. Becca too was moaning enjoying the pumping action. Pleading me to go faster. I gladly complied still being gentle but increasing to a quick pace but not pounding her. I was getting close to blowing my load for a second time that day.

When Becca tensed up, Her pussy muscles were all stroking my cock in unison as if trying to milk it. "OHHHHHH Steve I'm cu cu cu Cummming! Oh my god." She was absolutely convulsing. "Me too but I have to pull out." I grunted.

"No cum in me, cum in me! I haven't had my first monthly yet. Cum in me Steve." Becca cried. Alice started into her own orgasm. "Cum in my little girl Steve my God let her have it all, cum in her!" "AHHHH!" I released my load, my cock pulsating its load deep into its surroundings.

Becca's sweet tight pussy was still milking my cock for every drop. I collapsed down on her being careful not to hurt her, and exchanged soft kisses. After recovering we all sat up and exchanged smiles, kisses, and laughs. Before making our way to the big shower in Alice's room to clean each other off. I Took my phone and texted the pic to May. "This is my cock in your best friends pussy.

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Yours is next! :)"