Doctor sex patient boys gay I had contorted my ankle while playing

Doctor sex patient boys gay I had contorted my ankle while playing
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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual acts between males who are of legal consent age. There is humiliation, but rest assured, all parties eventually enjoy it.

If this subject matter is offensive to you, please stop reading. This story is the property of the author and may not be used anywhere else without consent. Training a Jock Slut Chapter 3 Brody's Downfall Coach watched the sweat drenched boy stand in front him. Trembling. Scared shitless. Coach could hardly believe he had gotten this far.

He knew there was no turning back. He had to go all the way with his plan. Brody had turned beet red from embarrassment. His hands at his side like Coach ordered. Nothing to hide his cock bursting at the seams in his spandex wrestling suit. He had no choice. If the word got out, his life would be ruined.

And what about his father? He would get disowned. He would have nothing to live on. A million thoughts ran through Brody's head as he stood in front of Coach's. A lewd display of sweaty jock meat. Awaiting his next orders. Coach peeked through his office blinds and saw that the other kids had left. The coast was clear. With a wicked grin, he barked at Brody, "Take off the suit queer. I want to see if your boner will go away from a guy looking at you. Or just get harder. If it does, then I will know for sure we have a cocksucker here.

If you can make your hard on disappear, I will let this little incident slip by." Coach knew it would be impossible for Brody to get soft.

The small amount of BottomsUp (a sexual stimulant) he slipped into Brody's drink would keep him hard for a few more hours. But he wanted to break down the slut's psyche a bit more before he started molding Brody to his liking. Brody peeled the skintight suit off slowly. He kept trying to will his dick to become soft by trying to think of images that turn him off.


To his horror, all his efforts were to no avail. His thick cock got even harder than before. His angry red dick was leaking like a tap. "Well. That is all the proof I need. It looks like you need cock really bad. This is a big problem. I can't have word getting out that my star athlete is a homo.


If you get caught in a public washroom sucking cock, this school's reputation will be ruined. No. I can't let that happen." Brody's eyes widened. "I have an idea!" Coach exclaimed, "Why don't I just help you get your cock fix myself.

I can make sure my best jock gets his slut cravings satiated without anyone knowing. Yes.this might be the only way. And I think the best person to provide the cock will be me. I will sacrifice myself for the school." Brody watched in shock as Coach said this.

He stood frozen as he watched his coach, the man he respected immensely, stand up from his desk. A large tent was forming in Coach's track pants. Brody could only whimper as his macho coach started taking off his shirt and pants and walked towards him. In nothing but a damp jockstrap, Coach sat down on his desk. Brody stared with his mouth open at the sight before him. This hairy hunk of a man, in only a jockstrap, with a huge hard on no less!

His cock looked massive. Brody's mind raced wildly. He felt his choices slipping away. "What are you waiting for boy? Isn't this what you wanted? Now get on your knees and start sucking." Brody eyes welled up as he started sucking his coach's hard cock.

He felt completely degraded. And his coach calling him filthy names was not helping matters.

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He was utterly humiliated. Coach, on the other hand, was in heaven. He had his star player in the palm of his hand. Slowly, Brody engulfed Coach's big cock with his mouth. Coach's eyes rolled back at the feeling of the slut's hot mouth around his cock. Brody start sputtering and gagging, unable to handle the length and girth of his coach's fuck stick. But Coach grabbed the muscle slut's head with both hands and started to fuck roughly.

Brody still could not take the cock all the way. "We can work on that", though Coach devilishly. The sight of the blond hunk impaling his face on his cock repeatedly proved too much for Coach. He started shooting his load straight into the slut's mouth.

Brody's eyes widened at the cock spewing in his mouth. The cum felt so foreign to him. He needed to spit it out as fast as he could. He started to get up and head to the sink. But he felt Coach's strong arms push him back down. "Where do you think you're going whore! A man's seed is precious for boys like you. And you must always ensure that it says in your body, no matter which hole you receive it from." A defeated Brody knew what he had to do.

He mustered all his willpower and swallowed the huge load in his mouth. He retched at the taste. "Don't worry boy, you will learn to love it. And you were not bad for a first timer.

You probably did this many times before", snickered Coach. Brody blushed a deep crimson and shook his head furiously. "No I haven't! That was my first time. I hated it. I won't do it again!" he yelled. His desperation echoed in the empty locker room. "Here's the deal boy. I might have been inclined to believe your so-called repulsion of my cock. But your own hard clit tells me otherwise". To Brody's horror, Coach was right.

His own cock was rock hard and leaking profusely. Of course, he had no idea that he was drugged. But Coach could see the jock undergoing a mental conflict. Brody started tearing up. He could not be a fag. There was no way. "Please Coach.

It's probably because I didn't jack off yesterday. Let me go. I won't tell anyone about this. Deal?" "You seem to be forgetting who has the power here boy. If you don't do exactly as I say, the video goes out. And you may not have noticed, but I have been recording you sucking my cock. If there was a need for any more proof that you were a cock-lover, I believe that video is it.

I wonder what your friends will say when they see the video. Or your Dad. Your strict, religious Dad. What would he think of the fact that his son is a flaming queer? You might be able to get me into trouble, but I will take you down with me. I will destroy your life. You can kiss that sports scholarship goodbye" Brody slumped to the floor, his own hard cock pointing straight up and slick with precum.

Coach had him. He couldn't have his life fall apart. His Dad would kick him out. He would have no friends. "What do you want me to do then?" Brody asked bitterly. "It's simple boy. Just do as I say without question, and your secret will be safe. And it's a win-win really. I get my rocks off, and you learn to accept your true nature as a cock-hungry whore." Brody flinched at being referred in such a demeaning way. He could not see any other choice. He shook his head slowly in acceptance.

Coach felt himself get hard again. The school top dog was his and his alone. "Excellent! I am glad you see the light. Now, let's go home. I'll drive you back. In fact, I think it's better if you come to school and back home with me every day. But first, you need to take care of this". And with that, Coach pulled his jock back down, his rapidly hardening cock hitting his new slave straight in the face.

Brody took the cock back into his mouth for a second time. As Coach got close to cumming, he pulled his cock out of Brody's mouth and shot his load all over the boy's face.

Despite it being his second load, it completely coated Brody's face in thick white goo. "Now remember what you told you boy", Coach barked. Brody whimpered and start scraping the cum off his face and into his mouth. He didn't feel like throwing up this time. It actually didn't taste half-bad. Brody flinched at what he just thought. What was happening to him? He was the school stud. The guy every girl wanted to fuck.

Who all the guys wanted to be. And now, he was sitting naked on the floor, two loads in his belly, and thinking about how it didn't taste all that bad. His eyes prickled at how low he had fallen. And he could not wrap his mind around the fact that his cock was still hard and leaking precum all over the place. During this whole time, neither man realized they were being watched.

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The locker-room was usually empty after school ended. Except Mondays, when the janitor came in to scrub the showers. Bob groped himself through his janitor uniform as he spied on the scene in the coach's office. He wanted to get in on the action too.

But he knew he had to bide his time for the right opportunity. He slowly walked out, eager to go home and rub one out. Brody Meets the Neighbour A desolate Brody stared at the floor.

He was still in shock. Did he really just suck two loads out of his coach? "Ok, get your bags, we are heading home" Brody breathed a sigh of relief.

He needed to get home, take a hot shower and jack off for a good while. He needed to tame his cock a bit. He walked over to his locker to put on his clothes when Coach yelled at him. "No. You are coming home in your wrestling uniform." "But Coach, I am still hard. Everyone will be able to see", Brody pleaded. The very thought of someone seeing him like this scared him shitless. But to his shock, his cock started dribbling precum even faster. "Looks like the slut likes my idea.

Now just do as I say. Or would you prefer to come naked?" Brody rushed to put on the damp, skintight suit. His thick hard cock pressed against his stomach, straining to get out. The look was obscene, just like how Coach liked it. It amused him greatly to see Brody's face was pale the whole walk to the car. Fortunately, or unfortunately for Coach, the school was deserted. Brody practically leapt into the car, finally happy that he was in no danger of being seen.

But his relief was short lived when he saw Coach sitting in the driver seat with his long pole stick out of his pants. Brody knew what he had to do. From the outside, it just looked like Coach was taking his normal commute home. But inside, Brody was hunched over his lap, sucking his coach's cock for the third time in a day. "Now listen boy. If you want me to keep the videos buried, we need to lay down some ground rules. First, you will address me as 'Sir, or 'Coach' if we are in school.

Second, you will do everything I tell you to, no questions asked. Every time you protest, I will make your work more difficult. So get that into your head.

Lastly, you are forbidden to cum unless I let you. You will leave your webcam on in your room 24 hours so that I can make sure of it. Understand?" "Yeth thir", Brody mumbled with the cock still in his mouth.

"Good boy. And if you don't do as I say, the videos get posted online for the world to see. Keep your mouth on that cock boy, here comes your third feeding", grunted Coach. Brody whimpered as he felt his mouth flood with cum. He swallowed it immediately, knowing making Coach angry would only make it worse. As he got up from the uncomfortable position, he realized they had reached home. Brody and the Coach lived at the end of a long road.

There were three houses at the end of the street. Coach and Brody's dad owned two. The third belonged to the retired Reverend James, right between the other two houses. There was nothing but empty land around. The main road was a good 5 miles away. And the next closest house was near the main road, where another of Coach's students lived.

Coach knew that it would be impossible to hide his sexcapades from the Reverend. Coach wanted unrestricted access to his new slut and he knew the Reverend would be an annoying nuisance to deal with. Luckily for Coach, the Reverend did not seem to follow what he preached.

He caught the Reverend staring at him while he did yard work shirtless on more than one occasion. Plus he had never been married. All the signs were there.

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Although the Reverend would never consent to sexual depravity outright, Coach knew he could entice him into it. As they pulled up to the end of the road in the car, Coach saw the Reverend sitting on his porch. Smirking, he stepped out of the car, telling the unsuspecting Brody to stay inside.

"Hello Reverend!" Coach yelled out cheerfully as he walked towards the man lounging in his chair. At 65 years old, the Reverend was 5"8 and slightly overweight. Coach's balls tingled slightly at the idea of this man abusing the slut's perfect body.

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"Hey Nate, How are ya! And just call me James, I retired a long time ago. What can I do for you?" replied the Reverend. "I am in a bit of a pickle here Reverend. I caught one of my wrestlers jacking off in the showers today. I stopped him before he could defile himself further. Unfortunately the kid is Hank's son from next door." "You mean Brody! I thought he was such a good boy!" "I thought so too Reverend.

But I still think we can bring the fear of God into him. He just needs to do some penance. Get out here boy!" Brody had turned red with embarrassment as he heard what Coach had told the Reverend. He reluctantly stepped out of the car, his boner still hard as steel, clearly visible through his spandex suit. The sight of the hunk practically exposing his junk clearly left the Reverend flustered.

"A spanking might do the trick. What do you think Reverend?" "A.a spanking?", the Reverend stammered. He felt himself blush. "Boy!" Coach barked, go bend over the good Reverend's knee so that you can get your punishment." Brody couldn't believe his ears. There was no way he was doing this.

"No!" he defiantly said. But his eyes grew wide as he saw Coach patting his shirt pocket. The same pocket he was keeping the video copies.

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"Well, it appears the boy has yet to learn his lesson. I guess we need to make your punishment a bit more lasting", Coach said with an evil look in his eye. "Well Reverend. It looks like the boy is still being a troublemaker. I think he should get his spanking on his bare ass instead." Both the Reverend's and Brody's eyes bugged wildly.

"You heard me. Get your sinning body of that suit and onto the good Reverend's lap. Or else." Brody grew scared. The Coach might be bluffing.

But he had no choice. The risk of the videos getting out was too great. He reluctantly peeled off his wrestling suit, still damp with sweat. As he lowered the suit down his thighs, his thick, still leaking cock plopped out. Coach heard the Reverend take a sharp breath.

The Reverend could not believe what he was seeing. This perfect specimen of a man glistening in the sun. Sweaty. Hard. Leaking. Submissive. Before his lustful gaze became too obvious, the Reverend cleared his throat. "Well, let's get down to it", as he sat back down in his chair, giddy with excitement. Brody whimpered and bent over on the Reverend's lap. He sweaty jock body completely exposed in the open porch.

He felt the tip of his cock rub against the Reverend's knee. And his stomach flipped when he felt a hard lump poking him in his stomach. It was the Reverend's cock! Brody choked back a sob. It seemed that he had found himself another tormentor.

Thoughts rushed through his head when his bare buttocks were suddenly spanked in hard, quick succession. "Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!" Brody cried out in pain. His ass was burning from the spanking. His cheeks had gone a bright pink. And what was worse, his cock had leaked out copious amounts of precum with every slap. "Tsk, Tsk Tsk. It looks like the boy is enjoying this. Look at the mess he made on your pants Reverend." With that the Reverend looked down and realized the Coach was right.

He left pant leg was covered in precum. "This won't do boy. It looks like you will need more punishments. Perhaps it is best if your father hears about this" the Reverend said in a strict voice. The Coach was enjoying seeing the Reverend embrace his dominant side.

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"This was too easy", Coach though gleefully as he spied the Reverend's clearly visible bulge. "You heard the man boy. It looks like you need more spankings." Now turning to the Reverend, Coach inquired, "How about a spanking on your porch every day after school for two weeks?" "Yes. That sounds about right to get this boy to love his Creator again", the Reverend replied happily. The naked stud was still lying on his lap. The Reverend had been resting his hand on the boy's delicious bubble but the whole time.

"And I will need your help to make sure the boy doesn't touch himself. His father leaves early in the morning and comes home at 11 pm every day. And he is gone most weekends. This gives this boy too many opportunities to pleasure himself in sin." The Reverend nodded in agreement. His hand was now massaging the jock's ass unconsciously. "Well that settles it. Boy! You will keep your bedroom blinds open all the time.

That way, the Reverend will be able to keep an eye on you." The Coach knew this was unnecessary since he would be watching the boy on webcam as well. But an extra pair of eyes ogling the hot slut would never hurt. "Also, I think the boy should be in his boxer briefs at all times so that he can't grope himself sneakily" "I can't do that!" exclaimed Brody.

But he immediately regretted his decision when he saw Coach's stern face. "It looks like this nasty jock won't learn his lesson. I told you that you will obey whatever I say or face the consequences." Coach bellowed. "Because of your insolence, I have decided that you will spend all your time in our neighborhood in your jockstrap and flip-flops.

Nothing else." The Reverend nodded enthusiastically in agreement. His finger was now brushing past the jock's puckered asshole casually. Brody hung his head low.


His entire body burned in shame. "Anything else you would like to say boy? I can always make you strut around naked." "No sir", Brody replied in a small voice. He had no idea his life would unravel like this. And despite all his humiliation, he was still hard. "Well, go home and have a shower boy, you look filthy." As Brody tried to get off the Reverend's lap clumsily, the Reverend made attempts to help.

He even pushed his hand against the jock's cock. It was one more humiliation for Brody, as he walked home, butt naked, with his bag and wrestling outfit in each hand. Let me know if you guys enjoyed the new part (I combined two chapters into one bigger chapter this time).

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