Mutual masturbation porno gay Squirting out some pee he seems to get

Mutual masturbation porno gay Squirting out some pee he seems to get
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After cleaning herself off in the bathroom, Abby came back to bed, which I was laying on still naked. I was in a completely euphoric state, just lying there happily. My cock was still a little hard and glistened with both of our cum. Abby also was still naked, which I was pleased to see as she came out of the bathroom, towel rumpled on the tile behind her. She walked over to the bed, lay down next to me and playfully kissed my penis.

I laughed and rolled over and started kissing her. "That was really good, Will. You fuck a lot harder than my last boyfriend." "Thanks, I tried to go as hard as I could. You felt really good on me." We went on complimenting each other for a little while, until she hit me with something I wasn't expecting. "I don't want to get into a relationship right now." This was fine with me.

I had done alright in college without a girlfriend and I still wanted to have the freedom to sleep with whoever I wanted. However, I didn't want to lose Abby, because she was one of the best fucks I had ever had. Just thinking about how tight her whole body was made me desperate to keep her in my sex life.

"That's fine, would we still see each other like this?" I asked.

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"Of course," she replied. We agreed that the sex was too good to give up, and we rolled over and went to sleep. A few weeks passed, and Abby I had developed a routine.

During the week, we pretty much kept to ourselves and focused on school, then Friday and Saturday nights we fucked. Abby continued to love anal sex more than anything else, and continued to take the cumshots, which was my favorite part. There was something about the way that Abby looked with my white cum all over her face and tits that got me incredibly hot.

About a month after we fucked for the first time, Abby let me in on some gossip about her friends. "Do you know my friend Kristen?" I did. Kristen was another cheerleader, very hot. She was blond like Abby, but taller and longer hair that came down a few inches past her shoulders. She had about B cups, and an ass that would give Abby a run for her money, as incredible as it was for me to accept.

"Yeah, I know her, what about her?" "She's been sleeping with your friend Dominic." Dominic was one of the three guys I always hung out with. Pete, Tyler and I were white, but Dominic was a huge black guy who never had trouble attracting little, black-cock hungry white girls. I didn't know this, but I had seen them together. I just assumed that Dominic had an interest in her, but if what Abby said was true, the two of them were more than just buddies.

With an ass like Kristen's, I was sure that Dominic was enjoying himself immensely; he and I were the ass-men of the crew. I expressed my surprise, and we talked about it for a little bit. According to Abby, Kristen was really happy with the sex and was also interested in Dominic for a relationship.

They were both very open sexually, which made Abby's news believable. "Kristen asked me if you and I would be interested in being with her and Dominic." "What?!" I exclaimed. "Well, she is very open and so is he, and she just thought that maybe we could all get together and have a good time." With this, she gave a sly little smile. I loved interracial sex, and the thought of Dominic and Kristen together was making me hard thinking about it.

I was sure that partners would be swapped also, and the thought of getting a crack at Kristen was enough to get me on board. I told Abby that I was up for it, and to let Kristen tell us what she wanted us to do to meet them. Abby squealed with happiness and kissed me. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!" she yelled. "I have never had group sex." Neither had I.

Abby was so excited about it, that she was getting horny just thinking about it. Over the weeks, I had learned to tell when she was aroused.

I raised my eyebrows at her and waved her over. She knew I had recognized her symptoms.

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I wrapped my arms around her and ran my hands down her back. She put her hands around my neck, kissing me hard on my face and neck and pressed her breasts into my stomach and chest. "Baby, I don't think we can go all out right now, I have to meet my friends for dinner," she said. I made a displeased sound. "But I think we have time to take care of you," she smiled slyly and walked me over to the couch. I sat down. "You just relax and let me do the work." I sat down and Abby began to kneel down in front of me.

She pretended like she was doing me a favor, but she wanted it just as bad as I did. As it turned out, Abby loved the taste of cum and everything else about it. Since we had sex on the weekends, it was the reward for a week of hard work. I spread my legs open so she could get closer, and she happily obliged.

Abby loved to tease, and she slid my shorts down very slowly.

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My cock was already as hard as it would get, I never really needed to get warmed up. Just seeing her warming up was enough. She was wearing a white tank top with no bra underneath, and a pair of small athletic shorts that her tight ass filled up and said CHEER across the butt.

I was now sitting in just my boxers, and I reached down and pulled her shorts down, revealing that luscious ass that I loved so much. I smacked her ass hard, and she let out a yelp and laughed. Kneeling in just a shirt, she pulled her own shirt off, exposing her large B/small C sized tits. I started to pull my boxers down, but she stopped me. "What do you think you're doing?" she said, as I rubbed her tits and pushed them together.

"Taking off my boxers so you can suck my dick baby. Isn't that the plan?" I asked. "Yeah, but you are going to have to wait a little longer." Instead of sliding them down like she would usually, she left my boxers on as she started to put her mouth on my bulge. The bulge was huge at this point, the boxers restraining what I so desperately wanted to let out. She rubbed it and licked it and tried to control herself, but when my cock accidentally slipped out of the hole in the front, she couldn't hold back any more.

My boxers came flying down. Wasting no time, Abby dove right for the balls. They were both tight already, and Abby eagerly took the first one into her mouth. The tingling sensation was incredible as she stroked my cock with her right hand while the left rubbed the other nut.

She swirled her tongue around my ball, rubbing the outside of it gently, licking it up and down inside her mouth, which was hot and wet. She would switch back and forth from nut to nut, lovingly sucking on them, tenderly, all the while stroking my cock with her hand. Occasionally, she would stop working my sac and spit on my cock to keep it nice and lubed for her handjob.

She spat on it hard, and worked it like a little slut. It was so fucking hot, I loved watching her spit on my cock. "How's that feel, baby?" she asked. "Feels so good, how does THIS feel?" I asked as I reached down and started to finger her pussy. She let out a moan, but told me that since she was in a bit of a rush, this was going to be all about me.

With this, she took my hand down to her pussy, rubbed my hand on herself, until my hand was wet with her juices, then rubbed my hand on my cock so that my cock was slick with her wetness. She then continued to suck it, trying to suck off all of herself.

She worked my cock more ferociously than she was before, twisting and sucking my cock, working all of her juice off of me. "I have a new trick," she announced. "Kristen taught it to me. I think you're going to like it." Abby sat up a little higher and inched closer to me. She leaned over and kissed me, and I could taste her pussy juice still lingering on her lips.

She was stroking my cock and rubbing my balls as she kissed me and I was staying as hard as a rock. As she stroked, she kissed me down my chest, onto my stomach, down to my dick. But she didn't get to my dick. Instead, she stopped and leaned in so that my cock lay between her tits. She was going to titfuck me, and the notion that it was Kristen's idea made it all the hotter. This means that she was doing the same thing to Dominic, only Abby had bigger tits, so I was getting the better deal.

She squeezed her tits together so that they were tight around my cock and started moving them up and down, but it was too dry in there, and she recognized this. She held her mouth over her tits and let the spit fall from her mouth onto her firm boobs. With my dick in between them, I could feel the warmth of her spit and it warmed my whole cock. "That's it Abby, get it all wet," I commanded. "Of course baby," she replied, and started bouncing her tits up and down, taking my cock for a wet, slick ride.

It slid up and down on her chest so much more smoothly then I would have imagined. Her entire chest glistened with her spit, smeared around by cock moving all around.

She would spit on it every couple minutes. After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore. "I'm going to cum Abby, right on your fucking face." "Give it to me now!" I pulled away from her and started stroking my cock faster and faster, pointed right at her face. I let out a moan and shot wave after wave of cum onto her face, getting everywhere. She moaned as the jizz hit her in the cheeks, on the forehead, and in her hair as some of the cum began to trickle down onto her tits.


She licked her lips, getting all the cum in her mouth, then ran her fingers over her face to get what she missed. She rubbed the cum around on her tits before it eventually joined the rest in her tight hot little mouth. She swallowed it all. I collapsed onto the couch, totally spent. She went into the bathroom, and when she came out, we snuggled and rubbed our bodies together. I had never felt so satisfied as I had the past few weeks.

Dominic and I sat in the stands at the college baseball game. Our team was lousy, but neither of us cared too much. We were both very much looking forward to that night. The girls were out shopping, and at 6:00, we were to meet them for dinner followed by a movie. The girls both wanted to be taken out, but Dominic and I were only interested in where the night was heading. And everybody knew. "Wonder what the girls are doing right now," Dominic said.

"Who knows? Maybe they're buying something fun for tonight," I suggested. We both laughed but hoped it was true. When 6:00 rolled around, we met the girls at a local restaurant for some dinner and drinks. The girls had driven themselves of course, and the backseat had a couple of boxes in them, though they were unmarked so Dominic and I could not tell what they were. When we walked in, we were floored by what they were wearing. They had really made out on their shopping trip. Abby was in a tight white skirt that went down to mid thigh and a green low cut shirt with no back.

Through her white skirt, everyone could see her black thong, the color contrast certainly not accidental. Kristen wore a one piece red dress that showed off her tits and a very long slit up the side that came up to her waist. Her legs were gorgeous. We all had a nice meal, in which sex was clearly the underlying theme. While we were waiting for the check, the theme moved to the forefront a little more. Abby reached under the tablecloth and started to massage my cock, and from the looks of Dominic, Kristin had used a similar tactic.

The bill came quickly however, and we moved out to the movie. In the theater, there was some making out and groping, but nothing too exciting.

"How about you boys come back to our room?" Kristen asked. "Sounds good to us," Dominic replied. I had to control my erection to attempt to look collected, and I was sure that Dominic was having the same problem. He fidgeted as he said it.

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Dominic and I plopped down on the couch, the same one that Abby and I had banged on so many times. We looked at each other and raised our eyebrows as the girls went into the bathroom, each carrying the box that had been in the back of the car.

Dominic and I were both extremely curious, and it looked like we were going to find out. After what seemed an eternity, both of our cocks getting hard in anticipation. I noticed that Dominic's bulge was really big.

Clearly, the rumors about this big black guy were true. After what seemed like an eternity, the bathroom door opened and out stepped the two girls, and they clearly wanted to get nasty that night. They had bought matching lingerie sets. Kristen wore a white bra with a white lace thong and stockings/garter belt that made her legs look even more amazing.

She came out sucking on her finger and looking coquettishly at Dominic. Abby wore the same thing but in black, making her seem much more naughty then Kristen, though I believed that theory would be shot down.

Kristen looked pretty nasty herself. The girls walked over to us and kneeled down in front of the couch, just as Abby had done when she proposed the idea of the foursome. They were in no mood to wait around and play coy, both girls immediately reached for our pants and slid them down.

While Abby thrust my cock into her mouth hungrily, playing with my balls at the same time, Kristen pulled out Dominic's dick. It was massive, about 11 inches long and as thick as the circle made by thumb and forefinger. Kristen was gripping it with both hands, twisting as she sucked his shaft.

He pulled her head off, spat on it, and continued to suck him veraciously. Dominic put his hands on the back of her head, leaned his own head back and moaned. The white blond girl in white lingerie looked so fucking hot against his black skin. She was the poster girl for black cock hungry little white slut.

Abby continued to suck on my dick, and she was giving a wetter BJ than usual. Taking it deeper than she ever had before, her spit would slide down my dick as she let her face get fucked by my fully erect cock.


Occasionally, she would work the balls as would Kristen on Dominic. Dominic and I both had to be careful not to cum already; there was much more fun to be had if we could hold off. Since Dominic and I were sitting fairly close together, the girls would sometimes bump into each other while they were servicing us. Eventually, the bump turned into a nudge, then a rub, until both girls pulled their sucking mouths off and started kissing each other and rubbing each other all over their firm tight bodies.

Kristen's hand found her way to Abby's bra and she started unfastening the clasp. Abby returned the favor and soon both girls' tits were exposed. Kristen dropped down and put Abby's tits in her mouth. She would work one nipple with tongue, tracing the outside then biting down lightly, all the while squeezing the other with her hand. Abby moaned in pleasure and grabbed Kristen's tits at the same time. Seeing the girls do this to each other while only in stockings was so fucking hot, Dominic and I could barely contain ourselves.

"Well, we just gave you head, why don't you do it for us?" Abby asked. "Baby, we don't want to give this up!" I joked. "Fine then," she said, taking what I said seriously. "Why don't we do it at the same time?" Kristen and Abby both came up on the couch and started to climb on top of us. They climbed up backwards so that they were hanging upside down on us, with their mouths at our cocks and our mouths at their pussies. Abby's tight little cunt smelled so good and fresh.

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It was pulsing and twitching as I ran my tongue around the outside of it, teasing it with quick little darting movements. Her pussy was already wet, and her juices tasted good on my tongue. I licked her pussy and clit, spitting on it because I knew she liked how it felt and liked the sound of it, Abby being into dirty talk and dirty sex. All the while her mouth was pumping my cock in and out, and I could feel that she had kept the method of making it soaking wet, her spit dripping off my cock and onto my balls, where she rubbed it in with her hands.

I reached my hands around her hips to her tight little cheerleader ass and pulled her pussy harder into my face. "OOOOOOOHHHHH Will…" she moaned. Her cunt juice felt so good and hot. Meanwhile, Dominic had taken charge of their 69. His mouth was not inside her because she was not perfectly centered on him, but rather going over his right shoulder.

He was bouncing up and down so that his cock shoved in and out of her mouth. His 11" was pounding her mouth hard, and she was bouncing on top of him taking as much as she could, which was an impressive amount, maybe as many as 7". She wasn't taking it easily though; there was spit flying everywhere from her mouth and she was making gagging noises. Her blond hair was flying everywhere, all of her committed to making Dominic's big black cock go as far inside her mouth as possible.

With a gasp, Kristen came off of Dominic's dick. "FUCK ME! LET'S FUCK!" she shouted. Kristen was crazed at this point, she was so pumped up from bouncing on Dominic.

Kristen led the charge and grabbed a quilt from her bed and one from Abby's and lay them on the floor. It looked like we were going to use all the room's space. Kristen lay down on her back and Dominic jumped on top of her. "You want it in your pussy, bitch?!" he yelled.

"Yeah, right in my fucking pussy," Kristen whimpered. He started pounding her, sliding his massive dick in and out of her throbbing pussy.

"Maybe we should join them?" suggested Abby. "How do you want me to fuck you?" I asked. "You know what I like. Doggystyle first," she said. With that, she dropped onto her quilt onto her hands and knees. I reached around and grabbed her tits and started rolling them with my hands and started her moaning. Then I smacked her ass hard, and of course it stayed perfectly hard. I smacked her ass hard again and slid my cock into her tight, throbbing pussy.

I pumped my dick in and out of her hard, I knew she liked it better when I fucked hard right away. Her pussy was always more sensitive right away, so hard in the beginning got her going fast.

I grabbed her hair and started riding the pony, pumping in and out, slapping her ass and grabbing her tits. "She likes it rough, huh?" said Dominic, still thrusting his 11" cock into Kristen. "Fuck yeah," I said. "Looks like Kristen likes it the same way judging by that mouth fucking you gave her." "We should trade later," he said. That's what I had been waiting to hear from someone; the idea of swapping partners was really hot. We kept right on fucking this way for about 10 minutes before Kristen revealed another one of her fetishes.

"Dominic and I were talking, and we agreed that it would be really hot to have some of this fucking on video," she said.

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"I know that one of Abby's fantasies is to have two guys fucking her at the same time, so I will volunteer to work the camera first. Think you can handle this big black cock?" she asked, and stroked Dominic.

"Absolutely. I'd love to fit that thing inside me," Abby said. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea that Abby wanted to be the center of an MMF threesome, but it sounded wonderful to me. "I want that big black cock of yours to fuck me. And I want you to fuck me too," she said to me, and started kissing me and stroking my cock.

"Alright, I will go get the camera," said Kristen and went off into the next room to get it. When she returned, she found the three of us already getting set up on the quilt. Dominic was behind her resuming what I had started in the doggystyle position and I was in front getting another BJ. Dominic was starting off slow to allow her to get accustomed to an extra 4" of cock in her pussy. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed as the cock slid up slowly inside her.

"It feels so DEEP!" "How about you stop talking and suck Will's cock?" Kristen demanded. She liked to take charge and be taken charge of. With Kristen's encouragement, Abby reached out and grabbed my cock and guided it to her mouth. "Yeah, how's that taste?" Dominic asked her, slamming into her pussy. "MMMMMM MMM MM MMMM!" Abby managed to get out. It was completely incomprehensible, but the vibration of her screams felt so good on my cock. I commanded her to spit on it, which she did by pulling off of it, spitting a huge amount on it, then letting the spit hang between my cock and her mouth.

She looked up at me and took the whole thing in her mouth, slowly, deepthroating it until I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. Once I hit the back, I took that as my proof that she could do it and I started throat fucking her.

She started to make the same gagging noises I had heard Kristen make before, which turned me on even more. My stiff cock kept pushing against her throat as Dominic banged her sweet young pussy. "I want both of you inside me!," Abby announced after a few more minutes of vaginal and facial pounding.

"And I want Dominic's big fucking dick in my ass." While I questioned the feasibility of an 11" black cock fitting inside her tight little ass, I was not going to argue. I lay down on my back and let Abby climb on top of me and put my dick in her pussy. After some gentle rocking like this, Dominic climbed around the back and slowly started to push his head into her ass. Like when we had tried anal, it proved too dry, and Dominic had to spit in her ass to lube it up.


"Ooooooohhhhhhh God, stick it in my ass!" Dominic slowly slid it in, down into her ass inch by inch, until it was about 7" in, what she had been used to from me.

I had been refraining from thrusting to allow her to get used to it, but if that was as far as he was going to go in, then I would start banging. I started bouncing her up and down on my cock, her pussy still soaked and a little stretched from Dominic's fucking before. Though I was inside her before, she could really feel the double penetration now that I was penetrating hard, and it hit her.

"ALL THE WAY IN!!!!!" she screamed at Dominic. "GIVE ME YOUR WHOLE BLACK DICK IN MY ASS!!!" Dominic had been waiting for this and dove his cock into her ass as hard as he could, over and over against that tight white ass, which still stayed perfectly firm. Abby leaned forward so that her tits were bouncing on my chest, my cock in her pussy and Dominic's in her ass.

Kristen had set up the camera on a tripod and was fingering herself in the corner. Abby screamed and screamed for us to keep fucking her brains out and we did, the double penetration driving Abby to new heights of physical ecstasy. With a piercing scream, Abby came hard. Her juices sprayed out of her pussy all over my cock, and as usual the warming sensation was incredible. I rubbed her clit as she came, which made her squirt even more.

Dominic yelled; he would tell me later that her ass had clenched up and squeezed his dick really hard, clenched tightly around his big shaft.

In fact, it had been so tight around that he had to sit down for a little bit and rest it. This meant that there were two sexually aroused women and myself. Kristen had left the camera duties in Dominic's care, and Kristen walked over to where Abby and I lay on the floor, Abby breathing heavily, her pussy drenched with her own cum.

Kristen kneeled down next to Abby and started to lick her cunt, tasting her sweet cum juices, letting them roll around in her mouth before swallowing them down. "Oh Abby, you taste so good…" Kristen said, swallowing another taste of Abby.

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"Oh my god yes, suck it in Kristen!" Abby yelled. Kristen continued to eat Abby out until she noticed me sitting off to the side, stroking my cock trying to keep it hard because I didn't know what to expect next.

"What are you doing over there?" she asked. "Get over here and join in." "What would you like me to do?" I asked. "Abby has had enough for now. I want you to fuck me." This was a fantasy I had indulged frequently. Kristen was incredibly hot, just like Abby was, and I couldn't wait to get my cock inside that pussy.

I crawled over to where they were lying and licking. Kristen knew exactly what she wanted to do, and whispered to me that she wanted to make this incredible for me.

She lay down on top of Abby, so that Abby was facing up and Kristen was facing downward in the 69 position. She started to suck on Abby's clit and Abby did the same to her, but Kristen stopped sucking and told Abby to stop. "That pussy isn't for you. Will, shove your dick inside me and fuck me hard." With Abby's face looking up from inches away, I pushed my dick into Kristen's pussy.

It had tightened up a little bit since she had been sitting out for while, but that quickly gave way to wetness and my cock slid in and out easily. Kristen let out a little moan that got louder and louder the harder I pounded. Kristen's moans would sometimes be muffled by Abby's pussy, which Kristen would bury her face in hungrily every so often.

Abby was clearly getting off on having her pussy eaten while watching my dick slam in and out of her best friend's cunt. After a few minutes, Abby got a wonderful idea. As I was pounding Kristen, I felt a warm sensation on my balls. Abby was sucking them while I was fucking her best friend!

I looked down and saw her little mouth, hungrily and playfully working my sac. My balls were tense from the sex, so she could fit them both into her mouth, though barely. As was her new trick, her mouth was so full of spit it was like I was soaking my balls in hot water.

Her tongue swirled around them, working the outside, sucking gently on them. Abby's hands reached down and fondled Kristen's breasts, which caused Kristen to moan and lower her head back down into Abby's pussy. I couldn't believe how lucky I was and how incredible it felt. I was getting closer to coming, so I slowed down. "Why are you stopping? KEEP FUCKING ME!" Kristen screamed. "I don't want to cum yet, I want to save it and keep going," I replied.

"Well, I want to keep fucking and then I want your cum and his too," she said, pointing at Dominic's. "Don't I get any?" asked Abby innocently. "Because I want it in my mouth." "How about this?" Kristen said. "Since I am used to Dominic's cum and you are used to Will's how about we switch?" "I have a better idea," Abby said.

"Why don't we take them both together?" This idea thrilled Kristen, who squealed with delight at the notion. Dominic, who had been manning the camera, trying to get all the best angles, left the camera on and pointed towards us and came over. His cock was still rock hard and huge from watching me fuck his girlfriend. As if he still needed fluffing, Abby grabbed his cock and spat on it, followed by a vicious throat fucking.

His black dock slammed into the back of her tight throat, her eyes getting red from muffled gagging. She loved it and shoved his cock into her face with her hands. Kristen went up onto the bed and got her mattress down, which was still sitting up on her bed frame and put it on the floor. Taking charge as she loved to do. She threw Abby down on the mattress and assumed the 69 position like she did before. Except this time there were two men. "Dominic, I want you to fuck Abby's pussy.

And Will, fuck my ass hard," she commanded. We did as we were told and we started our respective tasks. Abby was already wet and somehow had the ability to take 11" of cock inside her but Kristen's ass had been untouched all night. Without saying anything, she grabbed my cock and spit all over, 4 or 5 times, until the spit was dripping off my cock onto her mattress.

I spat into her asshole and slowly began my anal insertion. She was so tight in there, she and Abby could have been sisters. Her asshole clenched around my cock as I entered her. "ooooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!" she wailed, getting louder and louder.

"FUCK ME HARD AND FUCK ME FAST!!!!!" Similar to before, I was fucking Kristen inches above Abby's face. Kristen's asshole was so tight, and we were close enough that Abby could smell us. Since Kristen's ass was obviously conditioned, I slammed my hips hard against her ass, bouncing it off of me. Her ass moved with my penetrations, and she moaned hard. Abby leaned up and licked my balls as I slammed Kristen, and I could see her face wincing with pain and pleasure as Dominic slammed that white pussy.

My cock felt like it could explode, but I was trying to hold on for as long as possible. Both girls were screaming and moaning as they were getting slammed forward by our cocks. Dominic was in 7th heaven. Kristen was much more of a slut than Abby was and who's pussy was noticeably looser than Abby's.

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He was clearly not accustomed to a pussy so tight, and was savoring every minute of it. He moaned as his huge black cock slid in and out of her white pussy. He looked like he was close to coming too, and Kristen could recognize the signs. She looked up at him and, as I continued to pump that tight cheerleader ass, told him exactly what she wanted. "I want you to cum on my face," she told him.

"I want it all over my face and in my mouth so I can swallow your cum." "Me too, Will. Pull your cock out of her ass and put it in my mouth," said Abby, her words coming with difficulty as she was getting fucked deeper than she ever had before.

We both pulled out of our respective fuck holes, and gave our girls a mouthful of cock. Kristen got a nice taste of Abby's pussy and Abby got to take in the taste of Kristen's ass. She seemed to be enjoying it as she worked my cock feverishly with her hands and tongue. I kept pumping Kristen's ass with my fingers and worked her pussy with the other hand, and Dominic did the same to Abby. Soon, neither of us could contain ourselves any longer.

With a grunt, Dominic and I both shot our loads over Abby and Kristen. Neither of us had our cocks inside the mouths of the girls, so the cum flew everywhere.

Mine was all over Abby's face and inside her mouth but some had also landed on Kristen's ass, which dripped slowly off of it into Abby's mouth, giving her another taste. Dominic's cum had a similar location, coating Kristen's face and dripping off of it onto Abby's pussy.

Kristen leaned down to suck it out of Abby's throbbing cunt. Abby wrapped her legs around Kristen's head and sucked my cock dry. I had been holding it back for so long, it was a huge cumload. It was on her forehead, on her nose, covering her cheeks, and inside her mouth, with some dripping off her chin. I couldn't see Kristen's face, but Dominic was having her work it around with her hands, all over her face After some stroking and moaning to wind down, the girls got up to clean off.

Or so we thought. But the party had not stopped for Abby and Kristen. Sitting up on their knees, Abby and Kristen began to rub their tongues over each others' faces. Both of our jizz hung from their faces, and the cum mixed together as they deep kissed each other, sucked it off each other and rubbed it around on their tits and stomachs. Dominic and I watched it delight from the couch, physically spent but enjoying the show, maintaining semi-erections.

When the girls had disposed of all the cum orally, swallowing all of us down into their hungry little mouths, they came over and kissed us once on the cock. "Your cum tastes so good, baby," Abby said to me. "Fuck yeah it does," Kristen agreed. "I loved sucking it off her tits and tasting it out of her mouth." "And I love your big black cock," Abby said to Dominic. "Felt so fucking good and deep." They both kissed our cocks once, then went into the bathroom.

Dominic and I didn't talk for the time they were inside. We just looked over at each other and smiled weakly, both fatigued. We knew we had come across exactly what every man wanted. We knew we had to keep this going at whatever the cost.