Hungry college legal age teenager sucks one eyed monster

Hungry college legal age teenager sucks one eyed monster
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Continued from Chapter Ten I'm going to cum Ah baby Don't Stop "OH God AAH!!!YES!! "I'm cumming ,again. "Oh fuck ooh yes. I too was ready to fill her up she is screaming to me "cum in me!

cum in me ooh Fuck yeah, Daddy! Oh gawd yeah!. Yeah Daddy cum fill my pussy up Please fill my pussy with your hot cum, Daddy that's it aah yes ooh feels good aah. Then She collapsed on top of me the other girls seen I was wasted they would try again later with me this evening. Chapter Eleven ( Sex with Julie and Sarah ) I was exhausted I laid on the bed the girl showered the returned back to the pool area with the rest were waiting.

Hi your back how was he was he good? When can we give him a shot? Well not now he's resting I milked him dry. Yeah sure leave him dry none for us they all laugh well Now there's six of us here thee been laid that leave you three.

What do you think you girls want to give him a try later yeah but we don't want to cheat on our boyfriends. You would not be cheating besides this is a guy who can really dive you into his bednow can your boyfriend do that ?.

I guess not well who's going then ? Sarah, Katie or Julie ? I'll do him now Julie replied I'm not a chicken so there .

Alright chicken I'm not chicken stop calling me chicken!!


look here come studly now "OOOH MMM" I walked to pool house. I was totally in the buff " Hi Ladies "!!. are we ready for our pizza yeah the all shouted alright go order Ill pay for it . Thank You Tony they all say this is so wonderful Thanks this is alright it is nice to see you all enjoying your selves.

One of the girls starts coming over and begins to make out with me, shes sexy 36c and brown hair green eyes and thin. What a nice shapely body on this girl she sat down on the chair she took my soft cock in her hand placing her lips over. My shaft She began to softly suck on it What are you doing? one of the girls asked her I'm getting him hard so we can fuck. I haven't had any cock scene yesterday I'm horny now and ill take it in my my ass if that's alright yeah it's OK with us. May we ask why in your ass because it's simple my pussy sore my boyfriend and I fucked in the locker room yesterday.

We went at it after the field hockey game now is this alright with you girls? Yeah so that's where you two disappeared to. Yeah We forgive you Thanks may I continue ? yes go have at it I fondled her nice breasts tenderly pulling her nipples.

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She softly moaned with my semi hard cock in her mouth she began to moan as I slid one hand down between her legs. Tenderly I began caressing stroking her slit with my fingers she took her time, sucking me slowly, making love to my cock. I worked my fingers slowly back and forth into her semi wet pussy sliding one in and out as my thumb caressed her slit .

taking my erect cock out of her mouth she began to moan with pleasure out loud I then she laid on the mat near the pool. She Mounted me taking my hard shaft in her hand she accidentally miss her anus and it slipped right into her pussy. Yes I got it in my pussy now Oh Fuck it feels so good your hard cock inside me aah baby I'm so horny. Yes baby aah yeah! fuck my tight pussy aah yes ooh gawd I'm gonna cum soon aah fuck me ooh gawd aah. Ride it Julie Ride his hard cock the other girls cheered her on when she leaned forward I began sucking licking her breasts.

She began Moaning loudly and rocking her hips back and forth wildly without pause aah baby oh yeah that's it right there. that's the spot I could feel myself bottom out in her aah yes baby please she begged me Fuck me Harder aah yes me baby yes. I feel it now that's go it's going deeper ah h yes inside me aah Gawd h yes!

fuck my horny pussy I'm going to cum soon. I bottomed out in side her I knew then I had his her uterus her body began to tremble and shake I knew now she was cumming. I could feel her juices dripping on my shaft she was hot she began cumming all over my hard cock as I pounded her pussy. She screamed out with delight as she began to orgasm aah yes baby "Oh God "!!

I feel it Aah I'm cumming Oh Yes baby I. I began feeling her her juices all over me wow this girl really does get so dripping wet when she fucks I thought to myself. I'm cumming again!

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It feels so good!" You're hard cock in my wet pussy aah yes bay yes fuck me aah do it that's it yes. I'm cumming again Ooh I'm cumming again.


. yes aah baby it feels so good ,aah I'm gonna fill your pussy I yelled out . I know it's wrong but it feels so good your hard cock in my tight pussy aah yes fuck me aah that's it ooh yes fill my pussy. "I'm Cumming Again AAH!!""Oh baby, aah Tony yes that's it aah it feels so warm yes ooh yes it feels so good give it to me .

Yes I feel your huge pole is pumping' me full of your hot cum aah yes baby do it ah h ooh gawd my pussy aah.

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"I'm gonna cum! Again !!" Julie squealed loudly, "I wanna fill another big load cum from you Tony Ooh please baby do it!. I'm cumming Now Julie " AAH Baby OHH GAWD" !!! I'm gonna Fill your womb again with my seed." I'm cumming.

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"Cum for me baby !! she yelled suddenly h er body stiffened up then went totally limp like a rag doll I realized she had passed out. Collapsing on top of me I caressed her long hair and rubbed her back gently trying to awaken her after a few seconds. Slowly began to recover what the hell just happened to me "Oh My Gawd" !!

what did you just do to me " You Animal " !!. All the girls ran over to see if their Julie was alright are you OK? " Fuck No " !! no I passed out that was some amazing sex. Julie we warned you No you didn't Yeah were sorry we forgot they all giggle geez thanks for not warning me I'll get you for this. The door bell rang I tossed a towel around me and I went and paid for the pizza " Lets Eat Ladies " !

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" Pizza!! Yeah " !!Thanks. Your Most welcome whats for dessert Lets see any one of you No just kidding I have Ice Cream and apple pie if you wish yeah. Julie snuggles next to me I'm sorry baby about exploding in your womb oh that's alright I finished my period yesterday OK. You see were completely safe I think But just in case you should douche there's one in the bath room brand new I'll do it after. Better still I'll be right back Save my seat next to you alright you really did make her pass out how did you do that ?

Dunno. Its getting late it's about seven pm Ladies I think I am going to retire for the night if you don't mind we don't thank you. What about Julie ? I'll tell her when I go inside have a good night ladies OK we all love you thanks for having us over.

Hello honey you in here yes I'm I am going to retire for the night awe so soon baby did I wear you out ? Yes a little. I was wondering did I do the same to you ? Well Yes I douched however my pussy still sore and I need to recover now. You did my pussy so good my boyfriend never did this to me ever wow your amazing in the making love department geez thanks.

I might want to do you again some time our secret alright yeah but you may have to talk with April and sue about it why? Your having sex with them also? My you are a stud just like they said and I didn't believe them one bit. Yes now I will have to ask them I would not worry about it alright thanks I got to get back now sleep well I will thank you. I fell asleep in my bed This evening I did not sleep heavy I heard voices in my room it was Sarah and Katie,both nude.

Sarah was a brunette thin 34c and nice bottom Katie was also slender 38d brownish hair long in pig tails firm bottom. They stood at the foot of my bed taking about who was going to get me hard and mount me first the I did not open my eyes. I just waited as they got on my bed one started sucking my shaft and the other licked my ball sack ooh he's tasty I told you. He's getting really hard not great Now I will mount him ssh you'll wake him remember what happened to Julie .

Well yeah don't tell me remember I was the one that saw her pass out right on top of hem after he last orgasm. I think yes hes begging to get hard ooh I want to mount him first no I am! alright just don't wake him alright. She began working her hand up and down my shaft I knew instinctively that she was going to soon mount me .

spreading her legs wide open she began positioning herself over me slowly rubbing the tip on her vaginal opening. looking for her hole as mounted me soon began feeling my shaft slip slowly into her she soft gasped then whispered to me.

I want to feel you inside me aah Sarah was not paying attention she was rubbing her slit her head tilted back her eyes closed. I reached yo while Katie was on top of me eyes were rolled back in her head I pulled her towards me Don't worry baby I whispered.

I will be gentle just ride me slowly feel it seep in side you ooh yes aah it feels so good baby she whispered back in my ear . "Ah h, gawd, yes, baby, it feels so good. . mm m, you make me feel like a woman me riding your nice hard my cock. I bet you for got didn't you what baby to put a condom on me Oh fuck · Oh god, oh,you better pull out before you cum.

I'm not on the pill or anything ,Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck, please, don't cum in my pussy, don't get me pregnant aah. She rode faster now her walls of her pussy tightened around my shaft milking me you better loosen up baby before I cum. I'm gonna cum now my pussy so hot aah I'm cumming aah yeah Oh God baby, yes cum I moaned Oh Yes baby cum. It feels so good Oh Yea Oh fuck it Oh god yes fuck my hot pussy, I'm cumming again Oh God I feel it Aah I'm cumming.

I'm gonna cum now Oh God, please pull out! Pull out! Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck, please, don't cum in my pussy, aah baby. Please don't cum in my baby maker I'll be in hot water with my boyfriend my parents Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck don't.

It was too late her pussy was squeezing my hard cock as she rode up and down grinding her hips back and forth aah Fuck. Her body shook violently as I began shooting my hot cum inside her womb oh Gawd!! please, don't get me pregnant!. I sent four stream's of hot thick cum deep inside her jetting up to her baby maker she pleaded and begged me to pull out.

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Her body responded violently as I began exploding deep with in her she shook violently One last time before collapsing. Her face lolled to one side as she sobbed. "Bastard! Bastard I was joking baby I sorry I'm on the pill she laughs evilly.

It's almost like she wanted to get pregnant at her tender age of eighteen and shes almost done high school too. Sarah stop masturbating and get over here " Now "! get on him he's still nice and hard for you get on it before he goes soft.

He won't fit in me either I'm too tight still or he's going soft dam it !he went soft well you get him hard Sarah then fuck him. I gotta douche I dislike her well don't worry are you a virgin Yes and no Hugh ? well here's the scoop on it. My hymen is gone One day after cheerleader practice home alone mom was working late I my pussy was dripping wet.

I was horny used a cucumber I took my own virginity oh I see well then this changes everything it will be much easier. I will say this you don't have to do anything at all if you feel your not ready too it is alright with me I don't push anyone.

I would like us to wait until they all fall asleep this evening then we can maybe I will be ready then it cant hurt any way. We could however I want you to think on it alright thank you Tony your welcome Sarah she was in tears shaking . I comforted her May I go finish my pizza yes of course sweetie I'll be here if you girls need anything just call .

They all retired to sues room it was about after midnight to when things settled down I went down stairs to get a beer. I also checked in on the girls they were sound asleep in the one room in their sleeping bags, I didn't need to peek at them. I know what their bodies looked like I saw them all naked earlier today in the pool roomI didn't mind them skinny dipping.

I was returning up stairs when I heard Sara's voice Psst!! wait for me hi babe your still up yes I'm ready now see. She opened her robe she was nude underneath their going to sleeping this evening yeah they wont wake until morning. Why is that ?

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well I crushed up two Tylenol PM each glass they will be out all night you drugged them yeah that's terrible. Not really I don't need a cheering squad besides I just want to make love no rough sex I want you in side me but be gentle.

Please make love to me tenderly and I promise to be quiet or at least try to me like my pussy see I shaved it all off earlier ooh. I have one more question My daddy passed can I call you daddy too I heard Aprilsue call you it yes alright babe. I promise lay down here on my bed shall I lick your slit for you ?

Ooh yes please do it make me cum she says quietly. I promise you I won't hurt, I won't hurt, I'll treat you ever so gentle I'll have you in orgasm in no time at all. Oh yes that's it ooh aah lick my slit oh Daddy Oh Daddy my pussy is getting wet aah yes that's it lick it aah. "Yes Yes daddy I love it, I love you, doing this it feels wonderful aah yes I love this!" Daddy. I'm cumming. I'm Cumming! Daddy I Want you to fuck me?" I wanna feel you so deep inside me now please I'm so wet now I'm so ready Daddy.

Spread those legs wide lift them up honey I'm going put my cock in your how wet pussy I'll go slow and easy . Do you want to feel it all ? Yes please Daddy yes I do stick it in my hot pussy right now .Don't tease me any more. Fuck me Now!please don't make me wait any longer I want to feel your hard cock in my tight wet pussy !.

My pussy is soaked wet now and dripping see She wrapped her soft hand around my shaft then put it between her legs. She started to wiggling the pink tip into soft pink folds ooh daddy aah I started to push gently inside her feels so good yes. She began to moan tenderly softly as I started pushing in and out I almost withdrew my shaft only to the tip then pushing back in. Each time pushing a little deeper "OOH!!Gawd Daddy" " Oh God, Daddy, that feels so good I can't believe how good that feels.

I love it Oh yes, yes, yes, it feels so good in side me ooh yeah do it Daddy please make me cum I feel it I'm gonna cum. Daddy I'm gonna cum aah Daddy! I'm gonna cum!!daddy I'm cumming. I'm cumming aah yes daddy ooh fuck. Please I want You to cum in side me daddy I'm on the pill shoot it deep in me ah yes daddy yes fuck me fill me up.

Daddy yes I'm cumming again aah"Oh God I'm Cumming Oh My God! Please daddy do it Deeper, Harder! Ah h yes.


I'm Cumming, daddy please Don't Stop Please, I Feel So Good I'm cumming now too aah yes I'm making Daddy cum. Daddy's cumming too ooh fuck aah it too aah fuck, daddy it's so hot I feel it inside me aah fuck yes. I'm cumming again ooh I'm cumming aah ooh fuck .I'm going to cum Oh my I'm cumming, yes, oh fuck.

We stopped after then just relaxed and talked a bit until we fell asleep until the morning then I heard the girls voices. Talking out side my bedroom I bet shes in her I bet they had sex last night well let's see so I just closed my eyes and I. To Be continued Orgie in my bedroom