StrandedTeens Badass Babe Rides Cock

StrandedTeens Badass Babe Rides Cock
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Authors notes: First off this is an edited version of a story that I wrote a wile back.

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I've made some minor edits and I'm working on the second part now. When this story gets to a certain amount of views I'll post the next part. This story is purely fiction, any similarities of anyone described or any actions that take place in this story is purely coincidental. thought pretty hot. This is my first attempt at submitting a story so please bare that in mind as you read this. If you have any constructive criticism im all ears. But ill ignore anything thats just hate.


Anywhoo here we go. Alex lay on his bed and sighed as he browsed stories on an erotic stories website, his cock was rock hard even though he had already cum twice wile reading a particularly hot story.

He loved to imagine himself being stealthed by a hot and dominant poz guy.

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He was both ashamed and aroused by his interested in such things, but he just couldn't help himself. He was getting ready to turn his computer off and go to bed feeling pent up and horny with his asshole hungry for a nice big poz cock, when he noticed he had a message. He clicked on the notification, and his heart beat out of control when he read the message; Subject: Curious huh? Why not got all the way? I was looking around trying to find a hole to spill my seed into when I came across your profile.

I read that your interested in being converted, but your afraid.

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Well if your ever interested in converting drop me a line. Alex read the message several times and clicked on the senders profile. His user name was PozzingSLC. His profile picture showed a nice big vainy uncut cock, with a bio-hazard tattoo just above his neatly trimmed pubes.

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Reading over the profile Alex found that the guy lived close by, and was just the kind of dom he wanted to bend over for. It dint surprise Alex to see was poz.

Alex read over the doms page several times and stroked his cock imagining that big cock fucking him raw. He felt guilt after he shot his small load into his palm and licked it up.

The thought of being pozzed was almost overwhelming, but he was scared to death of the thought of going through with it.

Once he was done jacking his cock for the third and final time he turned off his computer and tried to forget about bug chasing. He didn't return to the website for several weeks, he told himself he was going to forget all about bug chasing. He went about his normal routine of waking up, getting ready, going ot work, coming home, and go to bed just to start the routine all over.

It had been months since he had been fucked last so he was feeling really pent up by now. He NEEDED cock.

After looking through his normal searches for porn and stories, he just couldnt get satisfied.

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His mind taken over by the need ot get off he instinctively went back to the erotica website, and started searching for a good story. As he was browsing he found a story posted by PozzingSLC, he clicked on it and read through it. The story had been about him finding a slut on craigslist, and how he had stealthed the slut.

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Alex stroked his cock fast and hard at this story, edging himself over and over. He eventually went ot his closet and opened his his toy box. He pulled out a bottle of cumlube and his favorite butt plug, a toothbrush, and a nice sized dildo. He laid down a sheet he used when he had such fun, as to not stain the carpet in case anything came out that shouldn't.

He pulled up PozzingSLC's profile picture and imagined it as he bent over and started prepping his asshole. He smeared lube on his asshole and moaned as he started to finger himself. He scratched his insides a bit before he took out the toothbrush and pushed it inside of himself. He moved it in and out as he swirled it around scratching up his insides as if getting ready to take a big toxic load. When the scratching was almost ot much he pulled the brush out and tossed it to the side as he took the dildo and roughly started shoving it inside of himself imagining that it was a nice and juicy toxic cock.

The entire time his own cock was leaking precum and twitching from all the excitement, but he ignored it as he fucked himself.

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After a wile of abusing his asshole with the dildo he pulled it out and squirted a large amount of the cumlube into his slightly gaping hole and shoving the buttplug in to trap it in. In his mind he imagined that the lube was a toxic load and he was trapping it in to insure he was pozzed.

As he sat down he felt the buttplug shift in his sore and throbbing asshole. He was light headed with feelings of lust as he opened his messages. Again he read the message from PozzingSLC. His judgment was clouded by his lusty stupper, he clicked reply and started typing. I need your toxic load inside of me, NOW!!! He clicked on send before he could regret his decision. He ground his ass against the floor making the buttplug stir up his insides.

He tried ot ignore his cock and lose himself in the fantasy of being impregnated by a charged load. When he opened his eyes he saw that PozzingSLC had already replied.


Alex shook as he opened up the reply and saw it was a short message; Then get that hairy ass over here now. 123 Fake St Alex groaned as he plugged the address into his phone, got dressed (but leaving the buttplug inside of him,) and started heading out to meet the man who would change his life.

Authors notes continued: Again please leave me any constructive criticism so I can improve this and any future stories I may write.

Thank you for reading.