On your knees big shit

On your knees big shit
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This is a warning. First: This is just the introduction to a long story written in parts. I need the feedback to know if it is worth writting. Second : I dont have english as a primary language so my english grammar is sometimes bad and misplaced. Sorry, but I'm warning you if you can't tolerate it : Dont read it. Would love some feedback and if possible some sugestions.

The main plot is the following: Susan Sims is a 24 yo reporter that gets a lead on a very importante story about slavery, rape, and kidnapping, of young girls all around the world.

What she doesnt know is that this wasnt a coincidence. and she gets caught right in the middle of all this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Susan Sims is a 24 years old reporter from LA. She took at a job at a National newspaper right after graduating from college and her boss was quite amazed with her work. He was so stunned by her intuition and skills, or so she thought,that he sent her ,on a important story, to Germany.

It had been almost over a week since she had arrived to Berlin and she was still trying to find more leads on her story. So far all she knew was what her boss had told her. She was to find out the existence and whereabouts of a very special and secret club that was kidnapping, raping, and human-trafficanyoung girls around the world. The last case had been reported in Berlin. It was the kind of story that could get her a pullitzer.


She was very serious about getting to the bottom of this. She has been interviewing locals and hunting for myths of this club's previous locations, but she had no luck finding it. Today she decided to take a break on her investigation and set up a date with a guy she met a few nights ago.He gave her his number if she ever wanted to meet him again.

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So she called. They were to meet at a nice restaurant near her hotel. She realized she hadnt much to weat to her date. Still it was summer and she had packed some skirts. She grabbed a top and a tight short skirt layed them on the bed and thought to her self : "I really need to get this guy in bed, its been so long." So she got it all back in the closet took a bath and left home very quickly.

She ran to the nearest shopping mall and bought herself a nice soft red summer dress and some shoes to go on. They met at the restaurant. He was already sat and going trough the menu. He was wearing a nice green sweater and jeans that really made his also green eyes very big. He was 6'2 tallblonde, very handsome and had this german accent to his english that Susan really loved.

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She went to the bathroom first to check on her makeup. She looked in the mirror. Susan was 5,7 tall, very fit (she worked out as a way to relax), she had darkish eyes and blonde hair.

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After giving her makeup a slight fix, she looked at her breasts, 34 Bcup, and push them a bit higher. Smiling she left the bathroom.

Hi ! Sorry I'm late - She said. Oh, no problem at all. I hope you dont mindI already order for us - He said, putting down the menu and looking into her eyes. This made her quite unconfortable. Im glad you did. Im starving - She laughed. They had a nice conversation during dinner.

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She found out Hans was a 28 yo writer and that he really enjoyed photography. He also told her that he had this little secret pleasure that was to take pictures at dark and strange parts of the City's nightlife. She took quite an interested on this secret of his that she also told him her purpose in Berlin. They spent the rest of the dinner talking about it. He asked her to come with him to a kinky dark club around there where he liked to go and where she could ask for some information on the secret club.

She glady accepted the invitation. When they arrived the club was really crowded. He grabbed her an lead her to the dance floor. He pulled her to him and pushed his hand on her back. Moving her body to the sound of the Hard House/Electro House music. It was a loud club full of strange people and she didnt fit very well. But she was enjoying this dance to much to say anything.

She let him lead and push her closer. He turn her around and pushed his croutch to her ass and started moving his hand up and down her belly. He whispered: "This club has a differemt zone, where people usually go to . have sex" She got really excited with the idea of being fucked in public,but it wasnt going to be there and specially not with someone she didnt knew well. But before she said anything he whipered again "You might find something about the club there" She nodded and let him lead her there.

They walked trough some metal door and past a long hallway until they stopped at an old stairway. They led to a dark room underground. He walked her down. Each step got darker and darker. On the end there was a red door and a light. He opened the door. This was quite a shook and a turn on to her. Inside the room, there was a total change in ambience.

The music was more agressive, Techno/Trance, and the colors where dark. There was a lot of couchs ,chairs, and beds all around the big square room. There were people fuckng in almost all of them. They walked past there to another room that looked just the same and Hans saw and empty couch. They sat down. He putted his hand on her leg. Listen I really like you and I love being able to help you. But we have to blend in. They dont like people to come and just watch, you know - he told her She kissed him and looked around.

Right next to them was a guy with his legs spread. His cock was springing out his pants and this semi naked blonde girl was sucking it really slowly and dirty. So dirty that Susan stared. She spoted Susan starring and she smiled, sucking even slower looking into Susans eyes.

Susan looked around there were girls being fucked on the floor, moanings and screams all over and they really mixed well with the techno soundtrack. She got so turned on with all this she put her leg over his legs and sat on his crouch facing him. Well why dont we blend in 100% - she asked and kissed him He putted his hands around her and kissed her back.

He pulled down her dress straps and kissed her chest. She was so turned on by all this public display she was already wet. She looked again to the blonde girl. She was now going faster and faster. She kept looking and let her dress fall down.

She had no bra under and her perfect b cup tits where now at display of everyone. And Hans was very into all this.

he had already taken out his cock and rubbing it on Susans dress. She thought that was quite disgusting but also so kinky that she didnt mind right now. She looked at the blonde girl so happily sucking that big cock that she quiclky stood up and kneeled between Hans legs and kissed his cock head soflty. He moaned. She licked it and began sucking. She looked into the blonde girls eyes and she looked back at Susan.

It looked as if the where almost competing. Susan went faster and fasterso did the blonde girl. Hans putted his hand on Susans head and pushed her deeper and deeper on his 8 inch cock Susan started to gag and trying to push back. But Hans forced her on his cock. She tried to fight at first but them she was enjoying it too much and just let him stand up and face fuck her right there in front of everyone.

The guy beeing sucked by the blonde girl found that so hot he did the same to the blonde girl and a few seconds later he covered the blonde girl's face with his thich long shot of cum. Susan was beeing fucked so fast she was beggining to feel very wet. She lead her hand into her thong and started fingering herself. Hans stopped and pushed back his cock.

She understood what he wanted and she stood up and dropped her dress.

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He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the couch they were sitting before. She look to the blonde girl that was now cleaning up the shaft she milked and fingering herslef too. Hans pulled her thong to her knees and forced is cock on her cunt just like that. She screamed. He pushed even further and faster. He started pounding her.

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She looked at the wall moaning, thinking why is she was letting him fuck her like that. He started pushing it in and out faster than before. She moaned. He took his cock out and slaped her ass with it 4 times and then pushed it back. He started slapping her ass while fucking her. She moaned and screamed. He started to pushed his cock all the way in and fucking her like crazy. Meanwhile the blonde girl had finished her cleaning job and dressed herslef ,she walked over to Susan.

She kneeled next to her and kissed her. Her mouth had still the other guy's cum.


Which Susan found sharing and swapping with her in no time, and was really really enjoying it. Hans was quite turned on by all that girl on girl action he started to moan louder and louder until he took his cock out, supringsingly remenbering he wasnt wearing a condom, and cumming all over Susan softed skin back. He moved away and sat down. Susan stoped kissing the blonde girl amd she left a card on Susan's fresh cummed back. As she left, Susan sat down and read the card. It was writting.

"Anne. Call me" Under it was a phone number, and in small she could see a strange symbol. She looked at Hans that was smilling. She hadnt cum, but she wasnt feeling bad about it. She actually was enjoying having been used for his pleasure.

She smiledkneeled down and started licking his cock, cleaning her juices and bits of cum.


She then stood up and put her dress back on, feeling very dirty. He did the same and they left. Outside things got a bit akward. Susan listenI . I dont know what got into to me. but I'm sorry, maybe I can compensate you for this.

sorry. He apologized Dont worry, I dont know why but. i actually enjoyed it too. Listen let me take you out tomorow, to a nice simple club okay? - She accepted his apologies. They kissed.

Susan went to sleep, she decided not to take a bath as she somehow liked the idead of sleeping all dirty and cum. She was to tired to think about this stupid desire of her's. The next morning. Susan woke up wet. She had dreamt about beeing fucked again like last night. She was still covered in cum.

She took a bath and sat down for some coffee and toasts. She looked again to Anne's card. She putted down the coffee and ran to the computer.

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She searched and searched until she printed an old lead she had. She grab the card and the printed paper and sat down. She had already seen that symbol.

The one in Anne's card. It match the one printed on a locals newspaper story about a possible Secret Society controlling the drugs in Berlin. She had to call her.