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CHAPTER FOUR: "I QUIT" After the second snake challenge, Mary had Bob and Ishaan assist me back to the suite we used during our stay while Mary met with Mr. Chowdhury. I had little interest at the moment in what business was being discussed. If I thought the first day's activities were stressful on my body, this second day was more so. Part of that, however, was putting the three-hour doggy gangbang on top of what happened the day before.

I was assisted immediately into a hot tub prepared and waiting by Aashi. I was blissfully soaking and dozing when Mary came rushing in. The new flurry of activity immediately brought me out of my peaceful repose. Mary's face flashed between concern at seeing my appearance in the tub reflecting the exhaustion I felt but also showed excitement.

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She knelt beside me and stroked my arm resting on the edge of the tub. "We're leaving. I've asked Aashi to pack everything up, then to assist you in getting dry and dressed." "What …?" "I got it … you got it! Tina, he's giving us the contract with no negotiation. In all his time of doing this, he has never seen anything like what you did these past days. He said it is going to be talked about for a long time." She glanced behind her, but we were alone.

"He suggested we stay the night and leave tomorrow. I politely declined. I didn't trust him, Tina. I had the feeling he would try to wheedle something more from you." * * * * * Mary rode with Bob in the front. Bob drove while I had the backseat to myself. I quickly removed the seatbelt and curled on the seat, falling into sleep immediately.

It was hours before I woke up. We stopped for something to eat along the way with Mary keeping the conversation light and away from the challenges. We were going to Mumbai for the night and catching a flight out in the late morning tomorrow. Her team, who were in Mumbai, would head for meetings with Mr. Chowdhury tomorrow. It was well past dark by the time we arrived at the hotel where Mary's team were waiting.

She took me to the room and got me settled in bed before meeting with her team, knowing they would be on the road early in the morning. I must have fallen asleep because I never saw, heard, or felt Mary re-enter the room, much less crawl into the bed and curl up behind me. I woke in her arms. She must have been awake and watching me because my stirring and flutter in my eyes brought a series of soft kisses to my shoulder and neck.

"I hate to rush you, Tina, but we don't have much time. Take a shower and dress. I took one earlier. We'll grab something to eat at the airport." Two hours later we were working out way through security to the VIP lounge and something to eat and coffee. As we waited and ate, she finally was able to fill me in on what happened at the end. Mr. Chowdhury's appreciation had not only landed the project, but he released Aashi from his house to Ishaan and pronounced their father's debt absolved.

I smiled for maybe the first time after the challenges ended. Ishaan had Aashi back and Mary had the project she wanted. I remembered she had said they had built-in margin in the contract for negotiation and she also said she got the contract without additional negotiation.

I asked her about that and she smiled with delight; yes, this was going to be a very profitable project. She sensed my withdrawal, though. She tried delicately to pull at my feelings with talk, but I didn't know how to express what I was feeling because I didn't know what I was feeling.

My feelings were in a jumble of confusion. One moment I was felt disgusted and shame; another moment I just felt delighted that it was over and we were heading home; another moment I wondered how I would feel once I returned home, much less the office.

My emotions were mixed with the memories of the fantastic fucking and wild orgasms along with dread as the dogs continued to mount, fuck, and knot me hour after hour. Despite my perceived cunning to hold the knots longer, it was ultimately futile with the sheer length of time. And, of course, it was all culminated by the snakes.

The dread, fear, panic, and disgust at what was happening inside me with the small rodent. Perhaps part of the disgust was the overwhelming orgasms I experienced as the snakes moved to capture and eat the rodent. I tried expressing it, but … I took out my phone, tapped in the numbers and waited. It went to voice message since I called his private cell phone. "Mr.

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Woodburn … Tina. I am taking three days off from work. Please don't call me. I'll see you on Thursday." I closed the call and walked to the large windows overlooking the tarmac. * * * * * Mary's cell phone sang moments later. "Mary Borden …" "Mary, this is Charles Woodburn. I just got a cryptic voice message from Tina. Is she okay? Did something happen to her?" "Charles, she's okay … mostly, anyway. She went through a lot.

I never saw someone orgasm so much, but she endured a lot. I'll talk to you tomorrow about it more. I think she just needs time and space to process what she is feeling. She's struggling with conflicting feelings, right now.

We did get the contract … she was amazing." * * * * * The jet-lag was debilitating on returning home. The first day of taking three days off from work was basically in bed sleeping and stumbling around the apartment and more sleeping. It was halfway through the second day before I began trying to process what had happened, what I had done, and what I felt about all that. The third day my mind was processing just fine and I made the decisions I needed and set out organizing the necessary actions to support those decisions.

* * * * * I approached Mr. Woodburn's office first thing Thursday. There was no sense in putting it off. I wasn't going to be able to concentrate on anything until this discussion was completed. They had given me the time and space I requested.

For three days, I wasn't bothered by him, his wife, or Mary. Several times I almost broke down to call any one of them, but I stayed with my plan to work myself out. Trudy jumped up from her desk and rushed to me, bringing looks of questioning from the other assistants along the hall. We hugged and I assured her I was fine and we would talk soon about everything. I knocked and entered Mr. Woodburn's office in the same way I always had. I moved directly to the spot between the guest chairs and his countenance slowly relaxed from tension to hopeful anticipation as I removed my jacket and lay it on the chair to my left.

I preceded to unbutton and removed my blouse and his face visibly relaxed and the old lusty look of appreciation settled over him. I unzipped my skirt at the side and pushed it down my legs where it pooled on the floor around my high heel encased feet. I turned my back to him, now only wearing my thigh-high stockings, heels, and jewelry. I bent over at the waist, my legs slightly parted and straight.

As I picked up the skirt, I peeked behind me, catching the look on his face and gave him a smile. After hanging my clothes on the tree at the side of the office, I took my usual chair. To continue teasing him, I crossed my legs in slow motion, giving him ample time to view my pussy. He looked at me … my face, now. I could see the concern still residing there beneath the hopeful smile. "How are you feeling, my dear?

I am pleased to see you applying our ritual. I have been concerned. Deborah has insisted that I not bother you, to give you the time you requested. She had her own difficult time in leaving you to your own thoughts and reflection." It was true.

I was taken advantage of, no question, but not intentionally in the way it came to be. The challenges we were told about would have been and were managed. Ultimately, we were all taken advantage of by a power-crazy man. And, ultimately, we overcame him to beat him at his game.

I knew Mary and I had much to work through, perhaps beginning with deciding what our relationship was. In a way, the idea was exciting, to start deliberately, to rediscover, and to determine what we could be and wanted to be.

New beginnings can be good; they can be exciting. I was excited to see Mary, again. "Yes, Sir, I understand and I appreciate all that. You and your wife have become two of my closest friends and confidants. Thank you for respecting my request, though, Sir." "Two of …" I nodded. "Can I presume from that you and Mary are making your way through the experience?" "We haven't talked, Sir. Not because she hasn't reached out with texts to let me know she is thinking about me.

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She respected my time away, too. Mary is a wonderful person in many ways to me. She knows I had my problems with what happened, but we both understand that she was taken advantage of in the situation as was I. She gave me every opportunity to back out, it just wasn't in my nature to not succeed once I see the goal in front of me." He smiled at that. "So, yes, Sir, she and I will be actively working my/our feelings out." Even as I sat in his office, naked and so familiar, I was still somewhat conflicted.

The 'India Project' will be a huge success for the firm and Director Mary Borden's company and personal status. And, it will be a huge success because of my ability to perform to the challenges of that Indian asshole egomaniac. But, ultimately, I was left with fears and trepidation I couldn't shake. On reflection, the feelings started with that night in the hotel with Mr. Tenor and his associate, then the cruise when I was on my own without support, but it culminated in India.

I realized over the three days that I couldn't do what Mr. Woodburn had asked me to do for the firm any longer. I looked him in the eyes, "I quit." The look on his face was resigned disappointment. It was his biggest fear while witnessing what I was willing to attempt in the name of the firm and Mary.

He feared he would ultimately lose me. "I quit the proposition of being a slut for the purpose of advancing projects and accounts for the firm." He only nodded in understanding and acceptance.

With sadness but understanding in his eyes, "I understand, my dear. It was a huge thing to ask and I feared it might become too much. I only wish we could have understood what that man might ask ahead of time so we could have rejected it." After a moment of thought, "I am sorry, Tina." "The firm and Director Borden will make sure you are richly rewarded for what you did.

There was nobody who could have secured that project." His eyes reflected pain. He shook his head slowly. "No matter the project or the rewards in business coming from it, nothing about those things compares to the loss of not having you. I hope you can still be friends with Deborah, but I know she will understand if not." I looked up in shock. "NO, SIR!" I jumped out of my chair and quickly moved around his desk, pulling his chair and turning it so I could sit on his lap, which I had never done before.

After all, it wouldn't be a slut's place to assume such action. "No, Sir. My words were chosen carefully. I quit the proposition of being a slut for the purpose of advancing projects and accounts for the firm." I took his face between my hands and kissed him passionately, at the same time squirming on his lap and feeling his cock respond to the pressure and movement from my bare butt in his lap.

"I very much want to remain your personal slut and very definitely Deborah's friend. You have made me what I am, Sir.

I love what I am and I know you can devise fun and exciting things for us to do. But, I saw the inherent dangers of allowing others too much control and power of the situations." I kissed him, again.

"I very much want to be your slut." I looked at him with a pouty tease, "If you'll have me, of course, Sir." I slip off his lap and between his knees.

I unfastened and opened his trousers to release the cock I enjoy so much. I took the head into my mouth and looked up at him. His hand smoothing my hair. "We still do things the same way? Are you still my Executive Accounts Director? You still enter my office and disrobe? You still suck and fuck me when I want? You will still come to our home to share me and the dogs with my wife?" I pulled my mouth off his cock, kissed the head, and looked up at him.

"Everything, Sir! Everything but the clients." I went back to sucking his cock and he was quiet, though several moans escaped his lips. Then, "I suppose I need to let the Board know about the change." I sat back on my heels, a thought running through my mind.

"You set the meeting, Sir. As in previous situations, this should be the last agenda item timed for when this floor is otherwise vacated. You give me notice and I will come in to take care of this item with the Board." I paused for a moment, "Sir, I don't see any reason why the Board can't continue to be included." He smiled. "As always, Miss James, you have a way of finding the appropriate … handling of things." We both laughed.

Then I continued sucking until he fed me his cum, which I greedily swallowed. We discussed several business items that had accumulated while I was away.


Even discussing these business issues reflected his pleasure and relief that he wasn't losing me. We talked until it was time … then he came around the desk and gave me his hand.

I stood in front of him, my hands on his chest. "I want you, Tina. It feels like forever and I am sure Deborah feels the same way … not to mention the dogs, but right now you are here. But … it might still be too soon?" I chuckled and stroked his chest under his white shirt. "No, Sir, it is not too soon.

In fact, it would be very much appreciated. It feels like a long time for me, too, since I was fucked by someone who cared about me." I looked up into his eyes, "I, too, would like to re-experience that now." He led me to the conference table, and like so many times before, bent me over the edge of the table as if nothing had changed.

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And between us, thankfully, nothing had changed. He fucked me smoothly and lovingly but with all the strength and power that I knew he could give. We both came and I was sure Trudy was outside at her desk smiling and reassured that I was really okay and back with them. * * * * * I had been antsy since arriving home, in the kitchen, setting the dinner table, showering and dressing to send a message.

I hadn't seen Mary since arriving home and I was anxious now that I knew what I wanted.


I had the door to the hallway cracked and when I heard the elevator ding down the hall, I ran to the door and peek out to see if it was her. I asked her to come for dinner tonight, my first day back to the office, so we could talk.

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I saw her turn from the little alcove with the twin elevators. I didn't see the normally confident, in-control, stride of hers I could recognize anywhere. She was looking at the carpeted floor of the hallway as if deep in thought or deep in concern. I suspected some of both since we hadn't communicated. That was why I dressed very particularly for tonight.

I opened the door and strode out into the hallway. She looked up and stopped in her tracks. I continued toward her when the apartment door to the right opened and Mrs. Olsen, 70 plus years old, stepped out of her apartment, was surprised by Mary, then followed her gaze back to me.

She wagged her finger at me. Mrs.

Olsen had immigrated from one of the Scandinavian countries and was in many ways a good Lutheran. But, she took great pleasure in me and my habit of making quick trips through the hall in various stages of undress.

"Miss James … going out somewhere formally dressed tonight?" She couldn't suppress a girlish giggle. Mrs. Olsen was quite the woman if she allowed you to really know her and I was one of the few so fortunate. I pulled the gown out to the sides and gave her a little spin, "What do you think of it, Mrs.

Olsen?" "I think you should be careful, dear." She looked at Mary, "And would this be your date, tonight?" I nodded, "Yes, but I decided we would eat at my place for a change." I introduced them.

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She nodded, looking at each of us, "I think that would be good." She looked at Mary and patted her arm, "You must be a very good friend, indeed, Miss Borden." She looked back at me, then smiled at Mary, "I suggest you take very good care of her. She's worth it." Mary was stunned by exchanged and stammered out something approaching that she was aware of all that and promised to do just that.

We watched Mrs. Olsen walk carefully down the hall and both giggled. Mary looked at me, "I wasn't sure what to expect tonight.

You've been very quiet." I put my arms out to the sides, "Does this belay your concerns?" I could see she was wanting surety. I moved my hands to the ties of my gown at my breasts, pulled the bow apart and shrugged the sheer negligee off my shoulders. I stood before her, in the hallway, in nothing but my heels. "How about now?" She looked at me in shock. I stepped into her, pressing my body into hers and moving us against the wall, and kissing her passionately. It took a full minute before I released her from my passion.

I gasped into her mouth, "How about now?" We stood in the hallway, me naked, both of us gasping for breath, our eyes glued to each others. "I … I thought I might have … I thought you might resent me for … India …" I kissed her, again, took her hand and pulled her to my apartment.

With the door closed behind us, she scanned the room and took in the dining room table. It was set for two, candles burning, the light low, and the smell of a wonderful lamb dish I got from the restaurant down the street to be reheated.

"Are we …" I stopped her and took the bottle of white wine in her hand that I think she forgot she was holding. "I'll put this in the refrigerator to chill. The meal will be good warming for a while, yet. Before we talk though, there is something I want to show you …" I put the bottle in the frig, turned, put my hands on her shoulders and directed her out of the dining area to the hall to the bedroom.

Along the way, I unzipped her dress. She stopped and took me in her arms. She shrugged out of her dress and I led her to the bedroom. She giggled. The bed was already turned down to be ready. I had no-flame candles scattered around the room. I pushed her onto the bed, removed her heels as I kicked mine off, then reached for and pulled down her black lace bikini panties.

She squirmed up into the center of the bed where we have enjoyed each other many times before. The relief and joy showed on her face as I crawled over her body and kissed her for minutes. Now, our hands were roaming freely over each other's bodies. I rolled us over so she was on top so I could undo her bra, tossing it to the side. She looked down at me with lust and joy in her eyes. "What was it you wanted to show me?" I looked up at her and smiled.

I took her face between my hands and kissed her deeply, meaningfully. "I want to show you how much I love you. Then, after I show you, after you experience it, then we can talk about what that means for us. If you want there to be an 'us'." Her answer was to devour my lips and mouth. I rolled us, again. I needed her on her back and when she was, I worked my lips and tongue down her body, stopping for extensive attention to her breasts and nipples, then temporarily avoiding her clitoris to lap my tongue along her glistening pussy.

My mouth encompassed her pussy and I sucked her juices, bringing her lips into my mouth, and softly chewed on them before pushing my tongue into her opening. My mouth, lips, and tongue rotated from her pussy to her clit, which I began boldly taking between my lips and teeth, pulling and softly biting down on the sensitive nub.

She was groaning and moaning with unabashed abandon. Early in our meetings together, she was tentative in her reaction and release but by now she completely released herself to me, allowing her full senses to experience and express the joy and pleasure. "OH FUCK! … Oh, my God … fuccckkkkkkk … ohhhhh, yessssssss …" She raised her head and looked down at my face buried between her legs.

"Oh, God … listen to me … fucckkkkkkk … you make … me … say things … I never say &hellip." Then, she exploded. First, her hips rose and fell and I fought to keep my mouth and tongue attached to her pussy. When her body settled back on the bed, I moved my lips to hold her clit and slipped a finger into her pussy, curling it and rubbing along the upper front in search of her g-spot.

When I found it, she jerked violently, her hips rising, falling, then her back arching and falling, then her shoulders and head curling forward like a violent curling exercise.

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I sucked on her clit and circled her g-spot, two very sensitive nubs of nerve endings simultaneously sending explosive charges through her body from outside and inside her pussy. Her legs shot out straight and rigid, her arms thrashed, then her hands gripped the bottom sheet and clung as if she might take off from the bed.

When her orgasm crested, it was an explosion of both overdo physical and emotional release. Her eyes were wide open but only the whites showed as her eyes rolled back; her back arched high, held for moments, then collapsed to the bed only to repeat the motion over; her shoulder rolled forward as if to see, but her eyes were unseeing. And, she screamed like a banshee, crying, moaning, groaning, sighing, and gasping in unintelligible combinations and mixes.

And, I drank her release, literally sucked and drank her fluids. * * * * * "I don't know if I will ever get as used to this as you are." We were sitting at the dining room table finally enjoying the meal and bottle of wine.

I asked what; we were currently doing nothing out of the ordinary for me. "That wall of windows and we're completely naked." I chuckled as I poured the last of the wine into our glasses. I was sitting at one end of the oval table and her on the side next to me and facing the wall of glass.

"Exhibitionism. It's so exciting, isn't it? The simple act of moving around in the comfort of your home but someone out there among all those people may be seeing, may be watching, may have made the purchase of a telescope just because I moved in here." I looked at her, set my fork down on the edge of the plate and took her hand in mine. She stood with me, both taking up our wine glasses, and I led her to stand in front of the window.

She was nervous, but she followed my lead. I passed my glass in front of the window, my other hand still holding hers. "Maybe a hundred thousand people just in view of this spot, all those lights in windows.

What do you feel?" "God, Tina, I'm getting wet and aroused all over, again." "Good, I'm not done with you, yet." I kissed her shoulder. "Stay with me tonight?" "Friday tomorrow …" "Stay with me." She nodded and we kissed.

We moved back to the table, but both of us just picked at the meal. Finally, she said what was still on her mind. "Tina … I don't know when I can stop feeling guilty …" I smiled at her, "I'd say don't, but I've already said it a hundred times.

Mary, you tried to end that experience, tried to get me to leave and stop it. You wanted to sacrifice the project for my well-being. At the same time, I was will to risk my well-being for you and your project." I moved bits of lamb and green beans around my plate for a moment, then dropped my fork and looked at her. "Mary, I love you." I blushed, turning red at finally saying the words.

"I love you. I'm not sure what that means, but I do and …" She stopped me with her own words, "Tina, thank you … I thought I was going to be the strong one between us … thank you, because I feel the same way. I love you, too. I don't know what it means, either. We're not lesbian, we both like men … at least their cocks." We broke out laughing. Both of us with short, failed experiences with marriage.

"Then, we can explore the potential together?" She nodded. I stood and put my hand out to her and she took it. "I said I wasn't done with you …" THE END ------------------------------------------------------ I know it is not required, but I would appreciate a comment when negative votes are cast for my own benefit in developing these stories.

Thanks in advance.