Della and Loreen Licking and Fingering Plus Big Clit

Della and Loreen Licking and Fingering Plus Big Clit
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"You keep staring at my legs." Samantha didn't even look at me. She just knew. My wife Cassie had gone to bed an hour ago but I was staying up to hang out with our houseguest, her best friend. My wife is seven months pregnant right now and she has been falling asleep early each night so Samantha and I have been watching a few late night movies together.


"Sorry." I said. We had made a makeshift bed for her on the floor of our living room with cushions and blankets that she could sleep on. It took up the entire floor and butted right up against our couch too. So after Cassie had gotten up to go to bed, it left just me and Samantha laying in her pseudo bed. She wasn't even distracted from the movie we were watching as she said, "It's fine.

I'm used to guys staring." "I bet." I hated how cocky she was. She asked, "You like long legs?" What kind of question is that? But I gave the answer she was looking for. "Sure. Doesn't everyone?" "Cassie doesn't really have long legs. Thats all." She finally looked at me. "I like her legs too." I countered lamely, "I love different shapes.

People like different things. For example I like a big ass and you don't really find big asses sexy." I knew that Samantha had said that she didn't like big asses because she had said as much to Cassie which we thought was odd because it was the only feature about herself that Samantha didn't think was perfect.

I did. She got a little defensive, saying "I like a big butt. I just think it shouldn't be too big." I pushed a little further.

"Cassie said you don't like your ass." She brushed off my comment easily. "I like my ass but I wish it was a little smaller." "No way!" I said. "Yeah?" She seemed to find this funny. "You like it, huh?" "I do. If you weren't best friends with my wife I would be hitting on you right now." I said. I couldn't believe that I was feeding her ego like this.

"That wouldn't be cool dude. She's like my sister. But you know that." She said flatly. "I know, I said if you WEREN'T." I said irritably.

"Oh good. cuz I thought you were trying to get me drunk with this wine. and weed makes me horny." She was blunt and she was playing me.

"Well I can't apologize about that." I said. "So what do you like about big butts? I just think they're fat. And I don't want to be fat." She wanted more flattery. "That's what's so good about yours. You have long legs and a flat tummy and thin arms but you still have this big round booty.

It's awesome." I said. Taken aback a little by my immediate appraisal of her body she said, "Thanks, I guess." "You asked." I protested. "I'm just being honest. Women should be soft in places, thats what makes them so attractive. If a woman works out too much and she gets pecs.

yuck. Tone is nice but you want a big butt and soft tits." "Oh, I have perfect breasts. They're awesome." Samantha was so confident. I kept staring at her legs and she didn't put them away. "You're still staring." She said without looking my way. "Yeah." I said.

Casually she said, "We should just fuck and get it out of the way." I was shocked. "What?" "Just physical. No big deal. This fucking movie is making me horny and Steve is at home and you're here and Cassie's asleep. I just want some release.

Can you handle that?" She said. I was blown away. "Seriously?" "Yeah. Look I saw the porn on your computer earlier too, okay? Got some picks of me mixed in there too I see. It was pretty fucking filthy!" That leveled me.

I didn't know what to say. "Oh. Yeah. I." "I think we can agree to just keep this physical. I just want to get off. I wouldn't be the first girl who fucked her sister's boyfriend." She said. "Husband." I reminded her. "Right. Well we're also not really sisters either." She could be snotty when she felt like it.

"I'll make it easy for you." And with that Samantha popped up off the floor mattress and slid down her tight little booty shorts down those long thighs and then got on all fours facing away from me.

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Facing the tv in fact. So she could keep watching the movie. Her ass was so fucking perfect, two perfect peaches and her long thighs propped them up to a perfect cock height. Her tan was golden on her skin and I could make out her private pink, so short and neatly trimmed but completely inviting and sweet. She sunk down onto her elbows and said over her shoulders.

"What are you waiting for?" I didn't have an answer for that.

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So in lieu of a weak excuse I got up behind her and got my cock out. I was achingly hard now. "No condom?" I asked. "I think it'll be okay this one time. Who's gonna know?" She said it offhandedly, already bored.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it over the head of my cock to get it wet before running over her lips to find the right spot. She shuddered a couple times saying, "Go slow. I want to you to really feel me." I do as she asks and go slow at first, just dipping into her an inch or two each time. She was tighter than Cassie, but still wet and I kept dipping deeper. It felt so good. I dug my fingers into her cheeks like I had always wanted to. Bent over like this, Samantha's hip meat pinched and squeezed out the back making her ass even juicier.

My fingers sink in and guide her, pulling her toward me to my rhythm. She moans. I am thrilled that she's enjoying my efforts. I reach deep and hit bottom inside her. Just at her deepest could I feel her big warm cheeks touch my stomach slightly. Touch down. I fuck her a little harder and push her further until her ass is slapping against me with a clapping sound. "Yes! Keep doing that!" Samantha was enjoying herself. Cassie told me that Samantha didn't like kinky stuff. I was so happy to be inside her like this that I didn't dare try anything that might turn her off.

Instead I dumbly said, "This was a really good idea!" She didn't seem to care what I said. She was just getting her fuck on. But there was a tension in her voice as she concentrated on getting herself off.

"Yeah, keep going! I'm gonna cum! Keep your voice down, you don't want Cassie to wake up!" We both chuckled a little. We each knew that my wife was a pretty heavy sleeper. Samantha was such a lousy friend to Cassie. I knew she didn't give a fuck about anybody but herself. Not that I was in any position to judge her. I don't even like Samantha but I can't help myself and here I am laughing at my wife behind her back.

She whispered. "I'm going to cum right now!" "Already?" I couldn't believe she was cumming so soon. For some reason I didn't think it would be so easy but I wasn't going to complain. "Yeah! Yes, yes. yup! Aww thats feels so fucking good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Yeesssss!" With a groan she bumped up on me to the hilt, held herself there and gently ground her pussy against me. I slowed for a moment and gave her a brief rest, just enjoying the view of her spectacular peach of an ass as her spine flexed, unarching slowly.

Her ribcage expanded and contracted through her tight little tshirt as she came down from her peak. My cock slid in and out of her so easy now slick with her juices. "I'm a really easy lay." She said. I couldn't disagree.

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"I'm not complaining." I started up again as I gripped her thick white ass cheeks in my greedy fingers. She said, "Fuck! You're a bit bigger than Steve." That's always nice to hear. I started getting a good rhythm going when she said, "Okay, my knees are killing me." At first I thought she was signalling that she was done now and I should put my pants back on.


That was the kind of spoiled princess maneuver I'd expect from her. Instead, she got up off her knees and brushed her shorts to her ankles and stepped out of them in a graceful step and pulled her little tshirt over her head. My cock was rigid and pointing at her as if to accuse the culprit in this crime.

She had a smirk on her face that betrayed her utter confidence as she stood over me completely naked, knowing that I was transfixed by her perfect body.

Her arrogance was justified and even though that kind of cockiness irritated me, right now I found it mesmerizingly attractive. She sat on the couch, spread those thighs and offered me an invitation to her again. "Oh yeah. That's way better." She said."You can finish now." I jumped over and aimed my head back between her shiny lips and was mounting her again. Her long slender legs folded around me and I ran my hands their entire length.

They were so soft. Her downey blond whisps of hair were thin high up on her thighs and she seemed to be blessed not to have to shave often. A priveledged life that she never knew a hard day's work had made her shaped for only one activity. As I drove back into her warm, honey wetness her legs wrapped around my waist, urging me deeper. Each thrust caused her exquisite b cups to shimmy with a slight bounce. I clamped my hands onto them and gave them a serious squeeze. "Tell me my titties are perfect." She made you feel like she could just get off on herself and probably did.

"Tell me they're perfect." She urged me again. It was difficult to argue with her and even more difficult to do anything that would put an end to fucking her so deeply like this.

I gave in. I resented it and then owned it. "They're perfect. They are so fucking beautifully perfect. I love them." I didn't care about my pride anymore. I just wanted to keep fucking her like this.

Leaning over her like this, my hands propping me up, our faces got closer and closer until we were millimeters apart. It was so natural to kiss your lover, but we both knew, had agreed to keep this unemotional, not personal. But I wanted to now. In the moment it was irressistable. The tension hung in the air as we fucked, her each little expression so intimate to me now. She was exquisite. Our lips just touched. Not a kiss. Just an accident.

Then again. On a subsequent invasion her lips parted in a gasp and I rode in on her inhalation and waited for her to reciprocate. It was a kiss. The first few were pecks and that became more of a lip mashing smooch and before we knew it, my tongue was in her mouth. She was a sloppy kisser, juvenile but passionate and I relished the feeling of her wet tongue in my mouth.

We both enjoyed just how wrong it all was. She came up for air to say, "Remember, don't cum in me." I was already trying to hold back and said so, "That's not going to be easy." She teased me, saying, "Knocking up your wife is going to have to be enough for you.

I'm not going to explain to my best friend that I'm having her husband's baby." I couldn't tell if she was saying it because it was true or because she wanted me to cum faster. I had to slow down a little to not cum right there and then.

She was fucking hot and started to cum on me again.

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I guess the dirty talk was working for her too or else she just came really easily because she was gyrating back and forth under me, a glassy doped up euphoric look in her stoned eyes.

"Don't cum yet! Just hold on a little longer." She urged me deeper as she finished, but I couldn't stop now. It was too good.

I said, "You're gonna make me cum right now!" "No! You won't!" She was serious. "If you don't cum inside me I'll let you cum on my face or my perfect tits." She let the words hang in the air. "Okay!" I said. I pulled out and stood up.

My hand on my cock pumping away. She sat back lazily touching her tits, thinking I would just want to spray up her tummy and chest. "Come here!" I gestured for her to scooch to the edge of the couch and bring her face closer. "I want to cum on your face." I said. She smirked, "I knew it." "I like your tits too", I said giving them a squeeze. "But you really want to cum on my face." She said it in a way that let me know she knew how I really felt about her but she didn't really care.

"Yeah I do." I said. "What do you want me to do?" She was so cooperative. I loved it. "I want you to smile like you're getting your picture taken." I was going to cum now and I pushed my hips forward to aim the tip of my cock at her face. Mere inches away, she didn't even flinch. Instead she looked up at me and said, "Really? I always knew you did kinky stuff with Cassie! I knew it!" Then she looked up at me and gave me the perfect big toothy smile from ear to ear.

Her trademark smile. Her iron clad defense against the world and I was going to cum on that perfect, smiling face. I said, "Thank you" and let loose a torrent of cum up her face.

She blinked to catch the first gob in her lashes. Striping her forehead I blasted off a few more times, successfully glazing her toothy smile. She was pretty and I said so. She said thanks and as she did, the pool of semen piled on top of her teeth drained into her mouth and onto her tongue.

"Happy now?" She asked. I nodded. "You want me to swallow it?" I could tell she wasn't into it but offered anyway. "Yes." Of course I did! "Tell me this wasn't the fuck of your life!" She was so cocky and egotistical. I knew she was just competing with my wife now. She wanted me to betray Cassie even more than we already had.

She wanted to know that she was better than my wife and all I had to say to justify her unbridled sense of self worth was, "It was." She swallowed with that cocky look on her face.

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Even with gobs of cum sliding down her face she had no shame. "You're welcome!" "Thank you!" The words tumbled out foolishly. Pretending not to hear what I said, Samantha stood up. "I better go wash my face off before we get caught." She strutted of to the bathroom naked, throwing her hips decidedly as she bounced off to clean herself up.

When she came back I had put myself away and was sitting back where we had started watching the movie. Samantha returned, dressed in her shorts and tshirt again like nothing had ever happened. She sat down beside me and lit the joint up again. Coughing on the smoke she said, "We can do this again every once in a while. But you can't tell Cassie." She didn't even bother passing to me either, smokingmy weed to herself! And I still gave her what she wanted, saying, "Okay." She smiled and said, "I know I can trust you, because I know you'll do anything to get to be inside me again.

It's almost cute if it wasn't just a little pathetic." I didn't say anything until she turned to me, "Tell me I'm right. That you will do anything I want so you can fuck me again and that it's pathetic. Admit it, right now or this will never happen again." I admit everything and she turns back to the tv, still smug and arrogant, saying, "That's right…" Needless to say I encourage my wife to have her friend stay with us whenever possible.

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