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Asian babe mei loves giving handjob in a hot sex
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It appeared that Wyrm had completely taken over Alice's manor house within an hour or two. All of her magical defenses, all of the powerful spells she had been developing over years, became his.


Ownership and names were powerful things in magical theory, and his complete takeover showcased the oceans of power that flowed through him, as well as the skill that he had honed over his thousands of years of existence.

She found that just being in close proximity to him and his magical aura was enough to make her wet, and she blushed with shame and arousal whenever he was near.


This was leading to a severe deficiency of fluids in her body, and eventually Wyrm noticed and ordered her to keep herself healthy. "Sickly pets are not useful," he said. "I would have to find another one if you died." His willpower and skill in spellcraft was so extensive that such a simple command had no magical loopholes that she could detect, and simply meant that she was to eat, drink, and exercise enough that she would remain healthy enough for his use.

After breaking all the bonds her, no, his house had to her, Wyrm summoned Alice to him in the master bedroom. It was quite filthy, with her clothes and spellbooks thrown haphazardly around and a thick layer of dust covering the tops of the cabinets and dressers. All of the servants had quit after her parents had died, and Alice wasn't all that interested in cleaning the manor when she could be working on magic. Alice walked to him and dropped to her hands and knees and bowed her head. Without preamble, Wyrm spoke.

"You will clean this entire manor every day at dawn, and after completing your chores you will attend me in the study. During the day you will serve me as I fulfill my agenda. As you attend me, I will teach you a small portion of what I know. Your human spellcrafting is pitiful, and I will not accept a pet who is weaker than any other of her kind." Alice brightened at this news. She had been a proficient spellcaster, as her father wouldn't accept anything less, but she had never broken to master level.

If she was to learn from a dragon-demon then she would far outclass any other human sorcerer in the world. She lifted her head and spoke "Thank you, Lord. I will strive to serve you-" The demon's open hand struck her face and she crumpled to the floor.

After taking a moment to regain her composure, Alice returned to her kneeling position, knees shaking, and she again looked up to Wyrm's face.

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It still possessed his usual calm aspect, and Alice could not discern any hint of anger or frustration. "You may not speak to me unless I ask a question or give permission," Wyrm said. He immediately got back to her instructions.

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"After your lessons, you will go out and procure victuals. Do you have any ties to other humans that you must maintain?" "No, Lord, I have secluded myself to work on my projects." He nodded. "I thought as much, considering the state of your body when I arrived." Ashamed, Alice looked to the floor again. "What of your sire and dam?" Alice was confused. Sire? Dam? Did he mean her parents? "They died two years ago." "Any broodmates?" Wyrm asked.

"No, I was an only child." Wyrm nodded again. "Well, that is quite convenient.

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In any case, you will prepare all meals, both for me and yourself. I will require twenty-five pounds of raw meat a day, preferably in one meal as it will allow me to devote the rest of my time to study and other pursuits.

You may eat as you wish, as long as you stay in peak physical condition.

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What is the currency in use currently?" "American dollars, my Lord." "Does gold still have value? I don't know how much has changed since my last visit." Alice nodded. Wyrm grunted and took hold of an empty dresser.


From the point of contact with his hand, the dresser changed from a deep brown to a rich gold color, until the whole of the dresser was solid gold. "Will this suffice?" Wyrm asked.

"Yes Master," Alice breathed. Nobody mortal mage could work such powerful alchemy, let alone without any ingredients or buildup of power.

"Now, I will retain the right to break this schedule at any time of my choosing, for any reason. I will use you for relief frequently and thoroughly, and it will be incumbent on you not to fall behind. After dinner, you will sleep until the following dawn, at which time you will repeat the process. Any final questions, slave?" Alice had a whole host of questions, but found herself too frightened of the demon to voice them. Another reason for her silence could be the wetness between her legs, which was intensified by Wyrm's use of the word "slave" and his overpowering magical aura.

Shamefaced, she began to rub her thighs together in order to find some kind of satisfaction. Wyrm noticed this immediately, of course, and grinned his disturbing not-smile once again.

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Her master lunged at her, pinning her to the ground by her throat with his left hand and with his right pushing her up so they were almost parallel with her body. "Hold them here," Wyrm ordered. She complied, breathless, and he began probing her soaking hole with his right hand, each stroke making her pleasure rise. After inspecting his finger, which were covered with her juices, he snapped, and his clothes disappeared.

His enormous cock was fully erect, and he quickly shoved it into her already sore cunt, which was still feeling the effects of her earlier pounding. The pain was fleeting, however, and it was quickly replaced with a fiery pleasure that she suspected she would never find with a human man. He pistoned in and out of her, slamming his pelvis against hers, bruising her fair skin with his ferocity. Alice's soft cries had quickly become screams of pleasure mixed with pain, and her throat grew horse with her exertions.

She orgasmed three times in quick succession, his hand around her throat tightening each time she reached her climax.

Eventually, she was unable to breath, but this simply made her senses even more heightened. As he thrust into her, he began striking her face with his right hand, the pain coming as yet another shock to her system, making her pleasure rise with every impact on her cheek. She began to black out for lack of oxygen, but was relieved when he came into her pussy and lessened his hold on her neck. The air returned to her lungs in a big whoosh, triggering another orgasm.

"You human women never fail to fall victim to your nature.

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Faced with a strong male, you inevitably become like the canines your species is so fond of. It is late, and I will allow you to sleep tonight without fulfilling your duties. But be warned: I do not sleep, and any attempt at escape or rebellion will be met with dire punishment." With that, Wyrm lifted Alice into the air and placed her on the large bed in the center of the room.

He exited the room out of the door and flipped the light switch. Alice was completely worn out, and it did not take her long to succumb to sleep