Telugu babe selfshot nude video in bathroom

Telugu babe selfshot nude video in bathroom
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Hello, This in my first please be nice.hope you enjoy it this is a making of a series.i have big plans for Sarah. The morning talk radio blared as her alarm clock clicked over to on. Sarah lifted her sleepy head, shaking her brunette hair away from her beautiful green eyes, to read the time.

It was7am and it came very early for her. The next two days were going to be very eventful. Sarah Lanzano was the captain of the cheer squad for the Topeka College basketball team, The Huskers, and needed to get her squad ready. She had organized a fund raiser earlier today at a local car wash to support her Squad and team. She wanted to stir up fan fair for the school.

The basketball team was in the National finals and was hosting the championship tomorrow. The Huskers were facing the Milwaukee Bucks, the schools were big rivals, and this was the biggest game of Sarah's life. Before the game of course, there was a massive pep rally for her school. Her squad was part of the main event and also was in charge of setting up the festivities.

She had planned to check out the mall and do some shopping for the upcoming pep rally later today after the car wash. Throw in a final exam retake tomorrow, a huge keg party tonight and mayhem in the mix, it turns out to be a very long couple of days.

So Sarah started her day like any self respecting 20 year old college student would. She reached out with her hand to hit the snooze button and plopped her head back to the pillow.

"Is it time to get up already?" spoke a male voice from under the covers.


"Not quite, but soon." She mumbled. A second person stirred in the bed. The covers shifted slightly revealing a young man snuggled close to Sarah. He was a very attractive member of the Basketball team. A sexy black man by the name Frank Douglas. Sarah had a habit of sneaking people back to her room at night and last night was no different.

Her horny tendencies were not about to be hampered on the account of her busy schedule. Now, Sarah had no problem getting attention of course.

Being the head cheerleader has its advantages, but she was a perfect ten. She has long brunette hair that fall around her mid back. A tanned Italian complexion gave her a glow that made even girls melt in there pants. She was the perfect ten standing 5'7 at 120 lbs and of course hitting the gyms almost every day paid off; for she had the most toned and flexible body in her whole cheer squad.

To finish off the master piece of a body she had 34c cup breasts that were just right. She was going to live life and not worry what anyone was going to think of her. Usually Sarah kicks out her "fuck buddy' right after she is finished with them, but boys like this don't come around that often. She just couldn't resist not having someone like this all night to her self.

At 6' 3", all muscle and abs like stone, Frank was just what her aching body needed to unwind and relax. He had very strong arms and legs. His chest was hard and smooth and had a firm tight ass. He was perfect fuck toy for Sarah. Sarah slowly drifts off to sleep and starts reminiscing about last night's ecstasy. Still feeling his hard cock push in and out of her wanting pussy.

How her body contorted and twisted at his will.

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How amazing it felt to have something that thick inside her warm snatch. How his large cock pushed to the back of her throat sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. How his body tensed up on top of her when&hellip. The alarm clock went off again. She cursed at the clock for ripping her out of a good snooze. "You know I don't have to get up this early.

I hate mornings" she said grumpily. She reached out again and finally turned off the incessant clock. Her body had a slight tingle and it was centered on her cunt. How she loved sex. The mere thought of it made her inside melt.

She was always horny and in the mood, especially in the morning. She didn't mind of course, as she ranked sex up there with breathing. As far as she was concerned, it made life worth living. She got comfortable again and slowly moved her hand down to her inner thigh and found a very wet pussy. She smiled and continued to snooze. "Well, well aren't we the procrastinator." Spoke Frank as he started to stir more on the other side of her.

"Well like I said, I don't have to be up this early. I have to be to the gas station at 10." She said. "So staying in bed is a good idea at this very moment." Sarah was very content on staying in bed as long as possible. Not trying to hide her arousal, she shifted her hand down to give her pussy a couple of rubs.

Sarah snuggled a little closer to Frank as she rubbed her self in the bed. Frank got the message and wrapped his large hands around her tight stomach. Franks muscular hands held Sarah's tight body and rubbed her lovely tits a little before holding on to her waist. As she slid closer his ripped chest and abs she started to relax into a comfortable snooze again.


Her hand slowly drew away from her hot wet snatch. She admired how wet her hand was and sneaky hide it under the covers.

Just then she felt something very hard poke into her lower back. "Well I guess were not the only ones awake are we hun?" she purred. Sarah's hand reached behind her to investigate the very hard object poking her in her back. As she already suspected it was Frank's very large cock and it was very much awake.

"Well I guess your going to want some help with your morning wood now huh?" Sarah said. She reached her hand behind her back further and gripped the swollen member. Frank let out a grunt as she grabbed hold. She slowly stroked the cock up and down gripping it slightly around the base of the head and brought her hand down the shaft. His veins were bulging out and pulsed in her palm.

She thought he was going to pop in her hand His cock was very large and thick. It was an amazing display of manhood. He was trimmed and clean cut. His massive cock was 9inchs long and 2 inches thick. Just enough to make Sarah scream. She loved thick cocks even though size never mattered much to her. However it still felt amazing getting her pussy spread by a thick large cock now and then. Sarah was a little frisky this morning and wanted to have a little fun. She took her hand off of Franks cock and threw off the covers.

"Whoa hunwhy you in such hurry?" Frank said confused. Sarah didn't say a word as she turned shaking her lovely tits at Frank. She laid down on her side facing him. " Well baby do you want help with your "problem" or what?" Sarah asked with lust in her eyes staring down at Franks erect cock.

Sarah lifted her head up to Frank's lips and gave him a deep kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and explored. She gently bit his lip and played with his tongue. Soft moans escaped her mouth a she continued to kiss him.

Frank's hands moved up to Sarah and gently rubbed up and down her shoulders. As she sucked on his lips, she brought her hand to his body and traced little circles over his chest and down his washboard abs. He let out a little moan as she got closer to his now even harder cock.

She loved it when she made the men squeal. Her hand drew past his throbbing member and cupped his balls and gave them a little squeeze. He broke away from Sarah's kiss and moaned a little louder.

Pre-cum began to bubble at the tip of his swollen dick. Little beads of cum dripped out and trickled down his shaft. Sarah's hand moved from his sack and gripped his cock tight around the base.

"Such a nice thick cock. You are a big boy." Sarah cooed. She had never gotten a good look at his cock until now. It had been inside her for most of the night. And now that it is out of the open, she finally knows how big it is. She started to get wet thinking how well she was fucked last night. Now that she has a good look at his dick, she now knows how wide she was stretched and loved the thought of being fucked again by this monster cock.

Shaking out of her horny stupor ,Sarah moved her head to Franks chest and gave little kisses down and slowly stroked his cock. She Gripped his cock tight it tight and moving up and down the shaft pausing at the head and then going down again. Frank now had his legs spread far apart to accommodate Sarahs work.

She was kissing down close to his thighs and pause when she got to his cock. She loved sucking cock almost as being fucked by them. She loved the way it felt in her mouth and the sheer power she had over men she sucked off. She was starting to get wet now and moved her left hand down to assist herself.

He took the Franks cock in her right and licked the tip. Frank breathed heavier as Sarah licked the tip of his penis. She traced her tongue over the cum that had formed above the head and down the shaft, savoring the taste of his cum. She then traced her tongue back up and took his head in her month, She sucked lightly. She now was positioned with her ass in the air and plunged 2 fingers into her wet snatch.

Soft moans escaped her mouth as she sucked Franks head gently. Frank was in heaven as he stretched out his legs and gave total control to Sarahs' warmer mouth. While gripping the shaft, Sarah started to bob her head up and down on Franks cock. Sucking slowly inch by inch she took his dick deep into her throat.

Fingering herself deeper, she took more and more of his swollen dick inside her mouth.

Her juices flowed freely as she stated to move faster. Frank was in bliss from Sarah's expert tongue sending shockwaves down his shaft through his body. Her right hand fisted his cock and started rubbing up and down with her siliva that was slipping out around her lips.

This was a big cock for Sarah but she loved every inch. She took more and more cock into her mouth. Sarah was very much into her cock sucking now. She had Franks cock all the way in her throat with her nose pressing against his belly. "Oh my fucking god. You are amazing" Frank moaned loudly.

He was in disbelief that a white girl was this good of a cock sucker. Sarah pull her head away from his dick with a loud gag. Her spit coating his shimming cock. Tears began to form and roll down Sarah's cheeks. This was making her more and more turned on. She then stated stroking his cock harder and faster.

She had now took her hand from her pussy to bring her full attention to his cock. She started bobbing up and down again twirling her tongue around his head as she moved up his shaft. Frank bucked his hips up and down and slowly began to fuck Sarah's face. He reached over and took her hair in his hands.

Sarah loved it and let him take charge. She left his cock in her mouth, removed her hands and placed them on his thighs to support her. Them Frank began to thrust in and out of her mouth. He gripped her hair and moved his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth.

Little gags escaped from Sarah and her saliva formed and covered the base of his cock and balls. " Fuck, you are so fucking amazing. Mmmm, suck my fucking cock. Take it all." Frank yelled out and he thrust his cock all the way into Sarah's mouth. Sarah tried to moan as her eyes teared up, her throat and plugged with cock. Frank held her head on his dick a little while longer then released.

She pulled herself off his rod to catch a breath. Tears streaming down her cheeks and spit drooling out over her mouth to his cock. She gripped his cock again and squeezed tight causing Frank to moan and grunt. She then began to move up and down on the shaft faster like before using her spit as a lubricant so she can bring him closer to the edge. "Mmm Sarah you gonna make me cum." Frank stammered.

"That's the general idea silly." Sarah said playfully. She then drove her mouth down and began sucking hard on his cock. Moving her hand to her lips and moving up and down. He was in such disbelief that a white girl was this good of a cock sucker. She suddenly stopped playing with him and brought her hand away.

" Fuck Sarah, why you always love to be the tease. You gonna kill me." Moaned Frank.


"Well I am what I am. But I really do need to be off for my very important day." Sarah said sarcastically. She slowly starting to slide and started to pull away from Frank shaking her ass over his rock hard cock. As she moved off the bed Frank reached out and tugged her back towards him. He was warmer and more determined then before. "I really do need to start to get ready and…Oh Fuck!" Sarah cut herself off with a gasping curse.

Frank had grabbed under her ass and penetrated her soaking cunt with two fingers. She twisted bucked with pleasure from the surprise assault on her pussy. Frank pulled Sarah closer to him as he fingered her deeply, fast and hard. She gripped the edge of the bed sheet for leverage and arched her ass back towards Frank's hand. His hand was moving like a blur making her pussy juice all over his hand. "Oh… my …godd…uhhhhh I have…mmmmm to get…ready…Fuck!" Sarah was in ecstasy and did not know what to say.

Only incoherent moans were escaping her lips. Frank suddenly withdrew his fingers leaving her pussy contracting and tingling. "Oh my god.

"You love that pussy don't you?" Sarah panted. She then felt Frank grab hold of her leg and lift slightly up. Her pussy was throbbing for more and didn't know what to expect. She felt something large slide up her ass and down to clit a few times. It was hard and big . Frank Held her leg up and gripped her thigh. Sarah felt herself being spread wide and screamed in bliss as he pushed his hard cock inside of her.

Her pussy welcomed his hard cock, inch by inch as it pushing into her wet snatch. His thick member slowly inched its way deeper into her pussy as she arched and twisted back into Franks body. "Fuck Sarah, you are the tightest girl I've ever been with." moaned Frank as she pushed deeper into Sarah pussy.

"Oh my god. You are so fucking big. Mmm give it to me." Sarah moaned. Hearing those words from Sarah, Frank thrusted the rest of his swollen cock into her wet pussy. Sarah's pussy gripped tight and began to convulse. She grabbed the bed tighter and arched her hips up against Frank's hard body.

She felt a very large orgasm build. Frank let go of Sarah's leg and gripped her ass. She slide up a little to get a better angle and gave deep short thrusts into Sarah's pussy. "Omg your gonna make me cum. Fuck me harder." Sarah was dizzy and hot.

He pussy was filled to the limit and her orgasm was fast approaching. Frank slowed down and gripped Sarah's hips. She felt herself being pull up and turned onto her front. She ended up on her belly with her ass high with his hard cock still deep inside. She lifted her head and pushed up on her hands to complete the doggy position. "You fucking asshole…mmmmm you know I have to go soon. You gonna make me fucking cum so hard& fuck it&hellip.just fuck that pussy harder…Fuck me like a slut.

Fuck me harder. Omg Give me that fat fucking dick." Sarah was losing herself .She was really getting into it now. She loved to talk dirty.

She was a slut. A very horny one at that. But this is her life and she loves every minute of it. He gripped the back of her hair and shoulder and gave long hard thrusts so hard that Sarah jumped forward from the fucking. She was bouncing off his cock and nearly hitting the bed board.

Frank Pulled out leaving the head of his cock inside her pussy then thrusting back deep inside She felt his balls slap against her clit over and over again. As he continued to bang the fuck out of her wet pussy.

He continued to slam her pussy harder and harder. Sarah was fucking in heaven. This fuck was the best she has had in a while her pussy was screaming with pleasure as it was penetrated over and over again by Frank's rock hard cock. Al of a sudden it came. "Fuuuuckk uhhhhh ahhhh!" Sarah was pushed over the edge.

She pussy squeezed hard around Franks hard cock and convulsed. Her pussy came all over him, squirting her juices out around his cock and gushing all over her bed. She convulsed four or five times and sent many spurs of her cream out over the sheets.

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She went numb in her finger and toes as she continued to be fucked by Frank's thick cock. She bucked her hips back towards her fuck toy.

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Sarah lost strength in her arms and fell face first into her bed burring into her pillow. She screams out into her bed loud as her pussy squirted and contracted.

Her orgasm lasted a full minute. Frank dug deep into her hips as he drove into her pussy. Thrusting harder into Sarah as her orgasm subsided. She wanted his cum so bad but where did she want it. The clamp of Sarah's pussy drove him very close to his own orgasm and his ball tightened up and his cock tensed and pulsed.

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"Fill me up with that fucking cum! I want it all!" Sarah moan with her head still in the pillow. Sticking her self fully in the air to give Frank better access, Frank plowed her harder and hard. The increased pressure from Sarah orgasm was to much.

"Fuck .fuck me.Fuck.uhhhh" Frank yelled as he gripped Sarahs ass and squeezed her into his cock. His cum boiled over and shot into Sarah's already drenched pussy.

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Shooting deep into her body with such force she felt every drop pour into her. As his sperm filled her, her second orgasm waved throughout her pussy . " Fuck, don't pull it out. Fuck me deeper. Fill my fucking pussy!" Sarah was in total bliss. Frank was fucking her hard again as he came. Every thrust sent a flood of cum into Sarah coating her insides.

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Cum started to leak out around his cock. Sarah came for a second timeclenching around Franks cock as it milked every last drop from his spent dick. Sarah lets out a scream of pleasure as the lesser orgasm passed. Frank's cock, after blowing his load, withdrew from Sarah's sloppy cunt. Following his shrinking member, a steady steam of cum flowed out of her pussy and dripped on to the bed.

Still with her ass in the air and face in the pillow, she reached her hand under herself and rubbed her dripping cunt. She scooped some of the cum from her gapping hole and brought it to her mouth.

" Mmmm you taste good. I love cum in the morning." She said turning and looking at an exhausted Frank. She started to get up and looked at the clock. 8am it read. Unsteadily, she walked over to the bathroom and turned on the light. "Well thanks for an amazing evening and morning hun. But I do need to get ready so unfortunately you have to be off.

" Sarah said. Once she was finished with them, she was through with them.

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Frank had no regret of course. Knowing that he got the best fuck of his life was pure satisfaction enough., Frank grabbed his shirt from the floor and pants and got dressed. " My pleasure baby.

If you ever need a quickie, you know where to find me." Frank said coolly as he headed for the door and was gone. Sarah quickly jumped in the shower. Her pussy was tingling from her wild fun. Cum still dripping from her well fucked cunt. The warm water over her tits felt nice. She washed herself and washed the rest of the cum out from her pussy. "Never have I been fucked so good before.

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I have also never been this horny. This should be a real interesting couple of days" Sarah thought. And it was true. She was sure of it, her need for sex had become more intense over the past year and today it had escalated.

This was definitely going to be a fun day. To Be Continued.