Mia in her most seductive scene

Mia in her most seductive scene
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This was not good. It had barely been four hours into the first school day of the new academic year and I had already got myself involved in a fight.

The most pointless fight. The bell for the end of lunch had just gone and we were playing the standard golden goal rule.other year groups were playing on other parts of the field and a kid in the year below walking by had unnecessarily smashed our ball away, guffawing to his mates as he did so. I confronted him and demanded he goes and gets the ball for us. In school uniform we weren't too different in stature, both pretty tall and not amazingly muscular, but who is when they're 15.he refused and I pushed him.

In retaliation, he lashed out, punching me in the face. My glasses had fallen off and I had stumbled backwards groggily. Getting hit in reality is very different to what people expect. The fantasy of being able to take punches and give back is far from the truth for the average person.

Rather than fighting back, the pain had taken over and I was trying to recover. He had instantly apologised, obviously sincerely, and came to see if I was okay. We were acquaintances before hand and this had all happened very suddenly in the heat of the moment, I was apologetic too for my reaction. My vision was a bit hazy and blurred and my nose was bleeding a bit but otherwise I was not too badly damaged.


I had no intentions of reporting this. We would both end up in heaps of trouble, me for starting the physical violence and him for retaliating, it would be fruitless. "You okay buddy?" I heard my friend Adam say.

"That was bang out of order from him" said another. "Should we rough him up for you?" a third said jokingly but with an edge of seriousness.


"Nah it's okay, I'll just go wash my face, can you tell Mrs Hutchinson where I am? I'll skip registration and just go straight to history." "Sure thing Rick, you sure you don't want one of us to go with you?" "It's cool" I replied, and walked away. I was annoyed. 'Beaten up by a year 10' is not the reputation I needed for the start of this year. I had high hopes (/unrealistic dreams) for my chances with girls this year. My year group was turning 16, the legal age in England for sex.

Of course, I didn't expect everyone to suddenly start having a massive orgy, but I felt certain things would start changing this year and I would have the opportunity. I had about 7 or 8 female friends I was reasonably close to and felt I had realistic potential with, but I had always been pretty timid around girls. I wasn't one to flirt massively or make my intentions very obvious, or even make a genuine move.

I knew I was hindering myself but could never bring myself to do anything. All fantasties I had about potential scenarios with any one of these girls hinged on my confidence, which was disappointing lacklustre, and deep down I knew this could prevent anything and everything from happening. I reached the bathrooms and looked at my face.

My right eye itself was pretty red and looked like I had been crying.it was surrounding by a sea of purple, slowly turning a darker shade. Blood was smattered across my cheeks and mouth. With my gelled up hair and ruggish attire, I looked strangely attractive.

Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all I thought to myself, and half smiled at the stupidity of that thought. I proceeded to wash my face for a few minutes and tried to sort out my shirt, a little blood had dripped onto it, which was pretty difficult to wash out. I just left it and looked at myself again in the mirror. The bruise was incredibly visible. I sighed, knowing the inevitable questioning that was going to come from almost everyone I would see. I walked out of the toilets and started walking towards my history class, the bell for the end of registration and beginning of classes had already gone a few minutes ago.

I was glad for my lateness as I wouldn't have to walk through corridors full of kids staring at me and gaping as they noticed my face, but then realised I'd have to walk into my class, full of people who would see my straight away. I wouldn't be able to hide as I entered. "Fuck's sake," I whispered. "Rick?" I heard a voice say. "Oh hey Alan," I glumly said as I turned the corner of the corridor and my friend (who hates football) came into view.

"Shit man what happened to you?" he asked, as he gazed upon the damage. I recounted the story as briefly as I could. "Ah unlucky.that's not gonna do wonders for your reputation.and you're going to have to walk into history with that showing, loud and proud to the whole room." "I know, not looking forward to everyone begging for the gossip." "I'll try and shield you as we go in" he offered.

We had arrived at the room, and Alan walked in first. I followed trying to stick behind him. I had hoped the class may not have properly started yet and people were still talking, but it seemed as though the lesson had literally just started and the teacher, Mr Smith, was introducing the day's topic, so all eyes were on the front of the classroom; unfortunately, this was where the door was situated.

"Sorry we're late sir" Alan said, trying to distract the attention away from me. "That's ok" he said understandingly, "Try not to be late again though please." He was one of the more lenient teachers, I was not surprised by this reaction. However, Alan was not an invisibility cloak and couldn't block off the gazes of the entire room of 25 students. There were gasps from people dotted around the room as my face came into view, despite me doing my best to shuffle hastily to my seat.

Mr Smith heard the gasps and noticed my face. "Jesus, Rick, what happened? Your eye's black and there's blood all over your face and shirt!" "Oh um" I stuttered, not wanting to get myself into trouble or inform more people of the embarrassment I had suffered.

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"I walked into a locker" I said, very unconvincingly. I looked down at my shirt and saw that more blood had dripped onto it. My attempts to clean it up in the bathroom had been successful but it appeared the bleeding had not stopped during the last five minutes. "Now come on Rick, there's no need to hide from the culprit.

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I know snitching is not a good thing, but physical violence is intolerable in the school and the person must pay the penalty. You must say who it was." I hesitated, unsure what to do. Before I had made up my mind, someone called out from across the room. "It was Ashley wasn't it?

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That year 10 kid" Others in the room had been playing football with me. It was one of those big 'half the year group playing' style games of football and I had been naive enough to not realise how many others had seen "Haaaa Rick got taken by a 14 year old" someone else shouted.

A few boys started laughing across the room. My face flushed red. "Well, I will be reporting this to your housemistress, Rick, don't you worry, Ashley deserves to be in trouble for this.

Now, why don't you go to matron and get her to sort your nose out properly?" Mr Smith said. It wasn't a question, it was an order. "Yes sir" I said, walking out of the classroom to sniggers of people from around the room. "You weak pussy" someone shouted as I left.

"Do one" I retorted angrily, doing my best to avoid expletives in front of the member of staff. "Calm down everyone," Mr Smith said in a harsh but soft tone. "Rick, please leave." I didn't waste another second and heard him start talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis as the door closed.

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I took a few steps down the corridor so I was out of sight of everyone from the room and closed my eyes, wincing in pain. I waited a few moments and then tried to pull myself together. I wasn't going to go to matron and have to retell the story, I planned on going to the bathroom again and using more tissues to try and stop the blood flow.what else was she going to do, wave a magic wand and get rid of the bruise?

I opened my eyes and walked on down the corridor, pushing doors powerfully with an air of frustration. I walked down one of the staircases, not really paying attention to my surroundings, one eye closed. I knew the school like the back of my hand. I was walking with such disregard that I almost walked into another teacher, Miss Wright. "Woah, Rick, watch out" she yelled. My eyes instantly flew open. To describe her, she was about 35 years old, with short, curly blonde hair.

She was about 5'5, and had a nice figure, with a round but firm ass and fairly large breasts. As well as teaching, she was also the school's tennis coach and was known for having a very athletic and toned body. However, she also had a reputation of being a lesbian, for some reason, around school. No-one in school was really sure where these rumours had come from, but apparently they were true (as every rumour, it later turned out to be in school about teachers,was).

Despite most people admitting she was quite nice looking, horny teenage boys around school had enough other hot teachers to focus their attentions on and she was rarely one to be checked out by every boy as she walked down the corridor. She taught geography and had been my teacher a few years ago, until I dropped it. I had been on very good terms with her, being a good pupil, and would often say hello out of politeness as well as friendliness whenever I saw her around school.

As I gathered myself, I noticed her curly, blonde hair. It had always been short, but brown and straight, more of the stereotypical butch lesbian hairstyle. This made her look shockingly strange, but a whole lot more attractive.

"Sorry, Miss W.you look different!" "You're telling me! What about you?" "Ah yeah." I said awkwardly. "What happened?" she inquired. Mr Smith had already informed me he would press the matter further, there was no point hiding the truth now, everyone would find out soon enough, especially if this went to higher authorities in the school.

"Ashley" I replied bluntly. "Football fight?" she guessed smartly. "Yep, stupid fight too, over nothing." "I've never liked him" she said sympathetically, with half a smile, in a joking manner. "Where are you going?" "Need to pop to the toilet, get some toilet paper to clean up my face and stop this leaky nose!" "Ahh you poor thing.

You know what.come with me, the staff toilets is right here, I'll help you" she said, offering her hand. "That's very kind of you, but that might be a bit weird.I mean you aren't my mum" I laughed.

"No, but I do know first aid.plus the staff toilet has nice tissue paper, not rough, cheap toilet paper." She had proposed a decent argument. Her hand was still lingering out there, and I took it, not really thinking anything of the situation. She led me into the staff toilets, the female ones. These weren't the main ones, it was just one small room, the size of a disabled toilet, with a toilet and a sink and one of those baby changing areas.I wonder why they have that in a school, I pondered unnecessarily, as she turned on the taps and grabbed some tissue paper.

She softly put one hand on my cheek and used the other with tissues to wipe the blood off my face. She held the tissue firmly against my nose and told me to lean forward. We stayed in that position for a minute or so, before I asked about her change of hairstyle. "Oh you know, I just felt like having a bit of a change up in my life, try something knew, something to catch the eyes of the men hopefully," she sighed.

"Oh right." I said, "well it looks good" I said, unsure whether I should say something that personal to a teacher, not daring to make eye contact via the mirror. "Aww, thanks sweetie" she said, and gave me a bit of a hug. I tried to take a sneak peek at her through the mirror and saw she had a bit of a smug smile on her face, as though my comment had been a real pick me up to her day. My eyes travelled downwards, as I looked at what she was wearing.

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She was wearing a red blouse with a tight black skirt and black tights. Her boobs were pushing up against the shiny material, I couldn't tell whether her nipples were visible or not. I flicked my eyes back up to her face and to my horror, realised she had seen where I was looking. I rapidly averted my eyes and then closed them, pretending to wince in pain again. I wondered if she would say anything or kick me out for staring and leering at her boobs, but she carried on as if nothing had happened.

I barely dared to breathe for the next minute or so, then bravely decided to converse a little more with her. "Don't you have a lesson to teach now?" "Nah, got a free.was just coming to the toilet, then was going to head to the teachers lounge for a while. You must have a lesson now?" "Yeah but Mr Smith told me to come and sort myself out." "I'm not surprised, " she chuckled.

I laughed a little and felt any tension which may have occurred from that awkward moment had disappeared. "That reminds me, I really need to pee" she said. "Sorry, I'll step outside for a minute, I feel almost fine anyway, I think the bleeding's stopped" I said, looking at myself in the mirror. I blinked to try and get rid of the water in my eye and look closer.

"Ah don't worry dear, you can barely see as it is anyway, just don't peek" she said in a light hearted manner.

This was becoming very strange. Helping me sort my injuries out was, albeit a bit intimate given the scenario, still professional. Her taking her skirt off a mere metre behind me was definitely going past the borderline.

I was a bit uncomfortable with this but didn't really mind. She was right, I could barely open one eye anyway. She had been speaking with a very motherly tone earlier too, it wasn't as though she was making a move. As I contemplated this, I heard her unzipping her skirt and pushing her tights to the ground before sitting down and doing her business.

I could hear it gushing into the toilet and was beginning to struggle to control myself from looking. As she finished she got up and turned around to flush the toilet. I opened my eyes and sneakily checked her ass out as she leaned over, facing away from me. Her white bum jiggled a little as she flushed. It was smooth and perfectly shaped and I almost started to drool just staring at it.

I was captivated by its sheer beauty. She turned back around and I hastily gazed away from the mirror and pretended I had kept my eyes closed the entire time with my head down and tissue pressed to my nose.

I heard her pull up her tights and rezip the skirt. "All done" she said. "Your nose seems to have stopped bleeding" she commented. "Almost," I squeaked, still reeling from the image of her ass.

It seemed to have printed itself permanently onto my brain. It would be a memory I knew I would cherish forever. "Still dripping a little." "Well, pop your shirt off dear and I'll clean it out, you just carry on holding the tissues there for a few more minutes." "Erm." I stammered, feeling pretty self-conscious now that she had asked for me to take my shirt off.

This was certainly going down a road I had not expected 5 minutes ago. "Come on, nothing to be embarrassed about, it will be easier to wipe against the table.and I did just take my bottom half off in front of you!" "True" I said and hesitantly unbuttoned my shirt and handed it over to her.

I stood there awkwardly, top half naked, still holding the tissue to my nose as she pored over the shirt, cleaning the mess up.

Again, I was being presented with a nice view of her ass. It wiggled invitingly at me, as she leant over my shirt. I couldn't stop myself from fantasising about pushing her skirt up, ripping her tights and panties off and stick my dick straight into her welcome, tight pussy and smacking her juicy ass until it turned red and fucking her raw until I came all over her sexy bum.

Again, I felt the blood rush towards my member and felt it start to rise again. "There we go," she said, turning around and holding up the shirt for me to inspect.

"Good as new.well almost." I reached out to take it but she flapped my hand away and shushed me down and then offered the sleeve to my arm, helping my put it back on. Once it was draped over my shoulders, she began to button it up, from top to bottom. She was pressed up against me now, very close, my rising dick was beginning to push into her smooth stomach. I began to worry, fuck why did I have to get a boner now of all times.

I was sure she could probably feel it, or at least something there, and as she moved further down towards my navel, I could see right down her blouse. Her cleavage was being displayed, magnificently showing off her ample bosom. Her tits were heaving up and down in tandem with her inhalation.

My dick lurched at this sight and almost sprung out of my trousers. It knocked against her stomach powerfully, craving to be touched. Shit, I thought to myself, she definitely felt that, there's no way she couldn't have. I am in such deep shit.

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However, she just carried on as though nothing had happened and reached the bottom of my shirt. "Can't have you walking around school with an untucked shirt," she tutted, and began to tuck it into the waistline of my trousers. As she reached the front of my trousers, her hand pushed the shirt into my trousers and accidentally brushed against my raging hard on. It jumped aggressively at the sudden feel of contact, desiring more. I couldn't control myself. "Oh God, wow, I'm sorry," she said awkwardly, "I didn't mean to -" "Shit I'm so sorry it's my fault completely, " I said, hanging my head ashamedly.

"No no, it's my fault, I didn't realise all this would be turning you on. You poor boy, first being hit today and now being teased like this. Well I've taken care of you so much today.may as well complete the job" she slyly said, winking at me. I was lost for words. Had she just offered to help me relieve myself? Before I could spend too much time wondering what she had meant, she pulled my trousers and boxers to the ground, releasing my weapon from its prison.

It sprang into the air, relishing the lack of pressure on it. She grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and held it firmly, inspecting it back and forth.

I couldn't believe what was happening. My head was spinning, all the blood in my entire body felt as though it was rushing through my enlargening dick. She slowly began to rub my dick with one hand whilst fondling my pulsing balls with the other. "God that feels incredible" I said, unable to resist this new found delight that was a handjob.

She smiled devilishly and began to rub faster, and to my immense pleasure, began to lick the tip of my dick. I moaned in pleasure as she set my nerve endings on fire, before she engulfed the entire head with her mouth and start to bob up and down. She continued to rub the base of my dick with one hand and used her other to caress the rest of my body. After a few moments, she moved off my dick, and quickly tugged her blouse, skirt and tights off so she was left in just her lingerie. She resumed taking my dick in her mouth.

I felt my cock grow even harder than before having been greeted with the opportunity to stare at her gorgeous body. Her ample breasts squeezed into a purple bra and taut abs. She looked even better than any pornstar I had ever seen because she looked real, rather than fake and dolled up. After another minute or so, I felt myself began to tense up. This had been a million times better than wanking to porn and I couldn't last much longer.

I pushed her off my dick and pulled her up, so my boner poked into her belly. I pulled her face into mine and began to kiss her, ravishing her mouth, our tongues intertwined, attacking one another, both attempting to dominate. My hands moved all over her body, through her hair, grasping her ass, rubbing up and down her back, before I settled on pulling her bra off.

A few moments of struggling later and her bra fell to the ground. As I stared at the first set of boobs I had ever seen in my life, my dick launched back into life, throbbing against her body. She giggled and grasped at it with one hand, and recommenced wanking me off, changing her pace and grip all the time and occasionally flicking the tip of my dick with her thumb, which would send me into new realms of pleasure.

I grabbed at her boobs, unable to resist, and start fondling them, relishing their soft nature, yet firm. Her areolas were a dark brown colour, a stark contrast to her milky flesh, her nipples protuding sharply, begging to be touched.

I excitedly began to squeeze and play with her nipples, and bent down to lick one of them. She shuddered with satisfaction as I continued to suck and softly nibble at her tender nipples. She stopped rubbing my dick and instead placed it between her two thighs and squeezed her legs together, not too tightly, but so my dick was resting between her flesh and pushing against her pussy through her knickers.

I could feel they were soaking wet, and she began to slowly move her legs so my shaft would slide up and down, rubbing against her pussy giving us both insane delight. Moments later, I realised I was about to blow the hugest load of my life. "I'm about to cum" I gasped, and she instantly fell to her knees and took my dick back in her mouth, this time further than before, managing to take all 7 inches deep into her throat.

She squeezed my tightening balls and began to lick my dick with her tongue. I couldn't take this any more and start blowing streams of cum, painting the back of her throat. After a few jets of cum, she pushed my dick out of her mouth, swallowed the load I had deposited and gasped for air, but continued to rapidly stroke my dick. More cum soared out of my dick, landing on her face, hair and finally, a few drops on her boobs.

She milked me dry and squeezed my dick, trying to get every last ounce of cum out. "Fuuuuuck " I said, having never experienced such a thrilling orgasm in my entire life. I was disappointed I hadn't got the chance to make her climax or even take her panties off, but I was too tired to even do anything, as she took my still hard and throbbing member back into her mouth, licking it dry. "That was incredible, thank you so much" I gratefully said to her.

"You're very welcome, such a shame we can't do this again, " she said, between sucking my dick off as it slowly began to soften. My heart fell a proverbial mile as she said this. I hadn't really thought of the future but I had just taste the sweetness of a blowjob and I wasn't ready to stop having sex now.

I wanted more.

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"Why not?" was all I managed to get out of my mouth. "Well I'm your teacher.what I've just done was technically illegal, but you're a special student of mine, so maybe we just keep this quiet and enjoy the memory.

I'm sure you're more interested in girls your own age anyway." I glumly sighed as she returned to licking and rubbing my semi-erect cock.

Suddenly a plan formulated in my mind. I didn't have much time and was just reacting on impulse, running on the adrenaline of the moment. I grabbed my phone from my shirt's top pocket and start taking a video of her, and some pictures as well. She was too busy rubbing my dick to notice. "Oh yeah, " I moaned.

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"You like that baby?" she replied, still staring at my dick. Exactly the reaction I needed. It made the video clearly look like she was doing this very willingly, not under coercion from me.

I hid the phone away as she stood up and tucked my dick back into my trousers and watched as she cleaned herself up of my cum and put her clothes back on.

I didn't say anything, just watched and contemplated my next move. "I hope you're feeling better." "Definitely, thanks for helping me sort out my nose and my.you know". I gestured to my dick. "No problem," she replied, "just make sure you keep this our little secret." "I will.so when can we do this again?" I inquired, pulling her into my body and putting one hand on her arse.

"I'm sorry but I really don't think we should. As fun as that was, it's not right." She tried to move away from me and walk to the door. "Really?" I said, grasping one of her hands tightly.

"Doesn't seem fair that I shouldn't get a chance to see your pussy but you got to spend so much time with my dick?" The smile had gone from her face and there was a flicker of fear as she couldn't get rid of my vice like grip on her arm.

She struggled for a minute and then stopped. "Well I am incredibly wet right now, do you want to lick me out and get me to climax all over your pretty face?" she asked. "No. It's almost the end of the lesson, Mr Smith will be wondering what has happened, I need to get back. Believe me, I would much rather stay her and eat you out and fuck your pussy till you scream my name in pleasure." "Well Rick, I don't think it's a good idea for us to meet up again and do this.

I know teachers who have done this and landed themselves in a lot of trouble. You're a lovely young man, you'll get more girls over the next year, I'm certain.enjoy your time with them and let me be a great memory you can cherish." "I don't think so. You see, I want pussy. Sure I want girls from my year, but now that I've been with you, I want you. And I will have you." "I'm sorry Rick but this is not negotiable. You've had a good time, I've been incredibly nice to you here, it's over." "Don't be so sure," I said, pulling out my phone and showing the pictures and video to her.

Her eyes widened in fear and she tried to grab my phone. I held it out of her reach as she struggled against me. As she started trying to attack me, I relinquished my grip on the phone and handed it over.

She instantly deleted them from my phone. "There, now you have nothing. I'm leaving." "Ha I'm not stupid. Look here, I've already emailed them in an attachment to my home email account from my school email. I'm not logged in on my phone to that one by the way", as she began to surf the internet to delete the email. "You are in my power. From now on you will do as I say, when I say. You got that?" I contemplated calling her bitch, but couldn't bring myself to do it, instead I spanked her ass.

She stared at me fearfully. I stared at her as coldly as I could. I was not a bad person, in fact I could barely believe I was doing this, being so incredibly cruel, but I was being given such an incredible opportunity I simply could not pass it up.

I could see her struggling to come to terms with this sudden change of events. I had no intentions of going to the police with this, if she refused to do as I said, but there was no way she could be sure of that. I wasn't even sure I would have it in my to rape her, if she didn't do as I said.I was only going to see her on school territory, I would get in more trouble if I got caught forcing her or having her scream as I tried to rape her, I'd be sent to prison despite what she did to me.

"Rick, please" was all she said. "The sooner you accept this, the better it will be. I'm not going to hurt you, you know me, I've always been a kind and friendly person in school to everyone, in spite of what may have happened in the heat of the moment earlier today with Ashley.

I want to enjoy you and you will experience great pleasure too. It's a fantastic offer for both of us. All we need to do is keep it a secret from everyone else. If not." I waved the phone at her. She sighed and nodded, turning her head to face the floor. "4:30. I'll see you in your room, ok?" She didn't say anything, just jerked her head to nod. A few tears were running down her face. I felt horrible but knew I couldn't try and show her too much sympathy.

"Don't cry Miss W. You'll enjoy this. We'll have fun, you know you will." She didn't reply, so I gave her ass one last squeeze before slowly creeping out of the bathroom and headed back to class, head held high, stalking through the corridors as though I owned the place, walking with pure, unadulterated arrogance ebbing from my body.

And there it was. I had found it. Confidence.