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"Please … PLEASE … no more! I can't … can't TAKE … anymore! You're HURTING me!" Heather whimpered as the level of pain increased. He was groaning in her ear, thrusting into her faster and harder. She felt as if he were tearing her open. Harder.

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Faster. Deeper. Over and over. She felt him throbbing inside of her. "Oh, shit!" he groaned. "Oh, SHIT! Ohhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She felt him cumming, shooting streams of thick, hot fluids deep inside her. Her stomach constricted and she felt the bile rising in her throat. She had to fight down the urge to vomit as she felt the warmth spreading through her.

Still he pounded into her, over and over until he had drained the last drop of his cum into her. Then, with a groan and a shiver, he collapsed on top of her. Heather felt him gradually softening inside of her. She was trembling uncontrollably. The pain, the terror, the humiliation were all playing on her mind. She felt dirty, as if covered with some kind of slime. He had to leave now. He just had to. "Please," she whispered between her tears "please … go now. Just … go now.

I won't … won't tell … anyone. I … I p-promise. Just don't … don't … h-hurt me … anymore." He lifted up so he could look down into her eyes. Her face was illuminated by moonlight, but his was in shadow.

She still couldn't see him clearly. "Go? Why would I want to do that, Heather? I've traveled so far to find you." "Oh, dear God, NOOOO!" she screamed. He knew her name! It was him! Oh God it was him! "What's the matter, Heather? I told you I'd be coming for you, didn't I? I'm going to give you just what you want. I'm going to make all of your fantasies come true." Pulling out of her, he sat up and quickly put his cock away and zipped up his trousers.

Heather slunk to the far corner of the back seat, tears tracing paths down her cheeks as she tried to get as far away from him as she could. "Okay, let's go." Heather cringed against the door and shook her head from side to side. "P-please, please, don't. Leave me … leave me alone. I … I have a … a daughter. You … you can't … can't …" His arm shot out and grabbed Heather by her long hair.

She screamed as he dragged her across the backseat by her hair as he climbed out of the car. As he pulled her out of the car, Heather went for his eyes. If she could blind him … "BITCH!" he screamed as he slammed a fist into her face, knocking her back against the side of the car. Before she could recover, he drove his fist into her stomach, knocking the wind from her and dropping her to her knees. Grabbing her under the arms, he hauled her to her feet and started dragging her across the parking lot.

Heather was naked except for her thigh-hi stockings and shoes. Surely someone would see them. Someone would see them and know what was happening. She would be rescued, saved from this depraved animal. But no one saw them.

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No one came to her rescue. No knight in shining armor on a white charger. They arrived uninterrupted at the van that Heather hadn't noticed before. Heather still hadn't recovered from the blow to her stomach, and could put up no real resistance as she was tied down, spread-eagled on the floor of the van, her body forming an "X".

He stuffed a rag into her mouth and tied a bandana around her head to hold it in place. "There. That will hold you for awhile." Heather trembled as he slowly ran a hand down her cheek, over her breast and onto her stomach, his eyes following the motion.

"We're going to have so much fun, Heather. I'm going to give you everything you've always wanted. Everything." Heather squeezed her eyes tightly shut and whimpered. ******************** She felt the movement of the van as Slyguy123 steered through the dark streets. She could see out of the large windows on each side of the custom fitted van, windows that came to within six inches of the floor on both sides of the vehicle, and she knew where they were going.

They were heading into downtown. Was he insane? Going somewhere crowded? All anyone would have to do would be look through the windows of the van to see her strapped to the floor. Unless &hellip. … unless the windows were heavily tinted. The kind of windows that allowed those on the inside to see out, but no one on the outside to see in. Of course. That's the kind of thing Slyguy123 would think of, wasn't it? Heather felt the van drift to a stop, then heard the quiet as the engine was switched off.

She heard Slyguy123 sliding out of the driver's seat and moving towards her. What was he going to do? She trembled as her imagination submerged her with all kinds of possible terrors. "Did you enjoy the ride, Heather?

You have a wonderful view to either side, don't you? You can see so much, can't you?" Heather's eyes bulged as she saw him pick a thick leather strap from a cargo box at the rear of the van. Oh, God! He was going to beat her with it! She tried screaming into the gag, but little noise came through. Certainly no one outside the van would be able to hear her. "Now, now, Heather. There's no reason for that." His voice was soft and melodious, almost soothing. He came next to her and knelt on the floor.

Now she could see that the strap was adjustable, and there was a hook on each end. She whimpered as he connected one of the hooks to an eye-bolt in the floor of the van, right next to Heather's left hip.


Running the strap across her, he connected the other hook to an eye-bolt right next to Heather's right hip. Taking the loose end of the strap, he pulled it tight, pinning her hips to the floor of the van. He returned to the cargo box and withdrew what looked to Heather like leather cuffs. Moving to her right leg, he buckled one of the cuffs around her ankle, then released the restraint that held her leg immobile. She had been pinned down like this for so long that her legs had gone to sleep, and she couldn't strike out at him.

He quickly pulled her right leg over next to her left and buckled the other cuff around that ankle, then released the original restraint of that leg as well. "Almost ready, my dear. You're going to like this, Heather.


It's something I developed all on my own." He was standing next to her. The van had a raised custom roof that allowed him to stand without stooping. She noticed that he was holding something between his hands.

Something that was connected to the roof. She heard a whirring sound in the darkness. She saw something lowering towards her. Something thin that swung back and forth just above her stomach. Slyguy123 stepped back and the whirring stopped. Kneeling down next to her, he put an arm under her legs and raised them into the air. With the other hand, he took the thin cable that was suspended from the roof and hooked it to the metal ring between the two leather cuffs that bound her ankles together.

He let her legs drop, but the cable snapped taut before her feet contacted the floor. Once more standing over her, he reached up to the device in the roof. The device that Heather now realized was a small electric winch. She heard the whirring start again and felt her legs being raised into the air. The whirring continued until the cable pulled snuggly at Heather's legs and only the leather strap across her midsection kept her hips pressed to the floor. Her legs formed the vertical section of a capital "L", while her torso formed the horizontal portion.

Heather whimpered into her gag and shook her head from side to side as she watched Slyguy123 remove his clothing. He moved around so he was standing behind her legs, then he knelt down.

Heather could see his shoulders and arms on either side of her upraised legs, but his face was hidden from her. He moved forward so that one of his legs was on either side of her. She felt him rubbing the head of his cock between her pussy lips. "MMMMRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" she screwed up her forehead and screamed into the gag as he brutally jammed his length into her body. Every muscle in her went taut with the pain of the sudden invasion. He was fucking her viciously, driving into her with all the force he could muster.

"Oh Heather. Oh Heather, you have such a great pussy. You really do. And you're getting just what you always wanted, aren't you? You're getting raped. Brutally. Viciously. Just like you always hoped for." Sobs wracked her body as he violated her both physically and verbally.

"And you're getting more, Heather. You're getting so much more. Look at where you're getting raped, Heather. In the middle of downtown. Look at the people, Heather. Look at the people walking on the sidewalk to our right and the people driving past on our left.

So close, Heather. So close. Did you ever imagine getting raped with all of these people nearly within reach?" Heather tried screaming, but nobody heard. So close. So very close. The frustration was colossal. "Look at how you're getting raped, Heather. Look at how. In a position that even you never thought of. In a position that allows me to drive all the way to your cervix." Heather screamed in pain as he slammed into her depths. She had never felt such pain in her life.

Her body quivered as the assault progressed. She felt his chest pressing against the backs of the thighs and calves as he wrapped his arms around her legs. He hugged her legs to him as he drove into her with long, hard strokes. She felt his teeth nibbling on her legs, his lips kissing her legs, his hands rubbing her legs. And all the while, the rock hard cock pounding into her, over and over.

The minutes crawled by slowly for Heather. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. She cried out with every thrust of his hips. Pounding, pounding, pounding, deep into her body. Pain traveling through her to the very center of her soul. Terror. Frustration. Shame. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks. "Do you know what the best thing is about this position, Heather?

Do you?" She felt him slow down and then stop.

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Slowly, he withdrew his cock from her. "The best thing about this position, Heather, is that there's more exposed to me that just your pussy." Heather felt the panic rush through her as he pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. NO! she screamed in her mind. OH GOD NO! NOT THERE!

PLEASE NOT THERE! Her eyes bulged and she screamed uselessly into the gag as he forced her open, forced the head of his cock into her ass. She screamed repeatedly as he fucked his way deeper and deeper into her bowels. Every thrust of his hips drove his cock farther into her. She tried to squirm away from him, but the leather strap held her firm.

"Oh, shit! You've got a really tight asshole, Heather. Ohhhhh. It feels … it feels so good!" he moaned as her fucked his way deeper into her. The pain was overwhelming. She fought futilely against her restraints. She saw the people passing by on the sidewalk. Couldn't they tell what was happening? Couldn't they tell something was wrong? And then, with a final, brutal thrust, he buried his cock completely in her bowels.

Heather snapped taut and arched her back against the tremendous pain. This couldn't be happening to her! It just couldn't be! But it was. The pain was real. The shame was real. The swollen piece of meat jammed inside her was real. He was driving viciously into her. The position she was in allowed him to penetrate her to an incredible depth, and her body jerked in agony each time he impaled her.

Her head was snapping from side to side, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her brow furrowed. She felt as if her insides were being ripped apart as he fucked her with long, powerful strokes. "Oh, God, Heather. I love hearing you scream. I love hearing you scream every time I jam myself into you. It just drives me crazy! Oh, God!" His pace increased as he became more and more aroused. He became ferocious in his actions. She screamed repeatedly into the gag as the pain tore through her.

She felt him throbbing inside of her. "Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus! Oh! Oh! Ooooohhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu!" Heather felt the fluids shooting from him, filling her bowels with their warmth. She felt sick to her stomach as he pumped more and more of his filth into her.

She trembled with the revulsion that washed over her. "God, Heather, that was tremendous. I loved it. And you loved it, too, didn't you? That was just what you wanted, wasn't it? Yeah, just what you wanted." She wanted this? He thought she wanted this? What Heather wanted was to kill Slyguy123.

She wanted to torture and kill him.

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She wanted to have him tied down and helpless while she slowly dismembered and disemboweled him with a dull knife. She wanted him to feel the agony and the terror that she felt. She wanted him to cry and scream the way she had. She wanted him to die screaming. Slyguy123 dressed and lit a cigarette. Sucking the smoke appreciatively into his lungs, he held it for a moment before letting it slowly trickle out of his nostrils.

Heather's red, teary eyes stared at him with undisguised hatred. He smiled down at her. "I know, Heather, I know. Right now you think you hate me, but that will change. You'll see. The more I rape you, the more I give you what you want, the more you'll come around. Eventually, you won't want to ever leave me." He was insane. Heather had no doubt about that now. She was in the hands of a true madman. She had to think. If she was going to survive, she would have to calm down and think.

That was the important thing. Survive. Survive to go home to her husband and daughter. Somehow, someway, she had to survive.

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Slyguy123 let his eyes travel over Heather's nearly naked body as he slowly smoked his cigarette. She saw the madness in his eyes and felt as if she were being raped yet again. What was he thinking? What was he planning? What was in that diseased mind? Stubbing his cigarette out in an ashtray mounted to the wall of the van, Slyguy123 stood up and activated the winch, lowering Heather's legs back to the floor of the van.

Heather sighed as he removed the leather cuffs and tied her legs back in the spread-eagled position. It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as it had been in the "L" position. Standing up, he moved to the front of the van.

Heather heard the engine start and felt the van begin to move. Where was he going now? And what would he do to Heather when he got there?

******************** Slyguy123 pulled into the parking lot of a bar and grill and parked the van. Sliding out of the seat, he came into the rear of the van and looked down at Heather. "I'm going in for a bite to eat, Heather. But don't worry. You won't be bored while I'm gone." Turning, he stepped to the cargo box and rummaged in it. Heather saw him lift something from the box and turn towards her. He was holding an object that was long and cylindrical. It was 14 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

Straps hung down from it. Heather felt the fear and revulsion wash through her. Slyguy123 knelt between Heather's legs and smiled. "Have you ever seen one of these, Heather?

Watch." He held it by the bottom, where the straps were, and flipped a switch in the base. She heard a low buzzing sound coming from the vibrator. But there was more. It was moving. The damned thing was moving. It was a twisting, turning motion that reminded her of a corkscrew. She felt the panic rising in her. Slyguy123 turned the unit off and moved towards her. Her eyes bulged and she shook her head "no" rapidly. High, quick whimpers came from around the gag.

He placed the head of the huge vibrator against her vagina and slowly pushed it up inside her. Heather was screaming and jerking against her bonds as he shoved it farther and farther into her.

When the entire unit was inside her, he wrapped the straps around her upper thighs and fastened them snuggly, insuring that the monstrous vibrator would stay in place. It filled her completely, stretching the internal walls of her vagina.

"This will keep you company while I'm gone, Heather. It will take good care of you." Heather screamed and jerked her body when Slyguy123 flipped the switch and activated the unit. The rapid, high frequency vibration coupled with the corkscrew motion of the huge vibrator sliced through her to the center of her being. She had never felt anything like this in her life. She screamed and looked into his face, her eyes pleading with him.

He couldn't leave her here like this, not with this monster moving and whirring inside of her. Her body was jerking and twisting uncontrollably in revolt against this … this … INVADER!

Don't leave me like this! Oh, PLEASE don't leave me like this! her eyes pleaded with him. He smiled, climbed out of the van, closed and locked the door. Heather strained and pulled against the restraints that held her down. She cried and screamed as the mechanical unit ravished her untiringly. She constricted her muscles, trying to force the vibrator out of her, but the straps around her thighs held it firmly in place.

She couldn't STAND this! It was driving her CRAZY! Heather beat the back of her head on the floor of the van in abject frustration. Sweat beading on her face and body. Her body, twitching, quivering, shivering.

Screaming into the gag until she was hoarse. Beating her head on the floor so the pain would mask the feeling of what was going on inside of her. Jerking uncontrollably against her bonds. Her heart pounding, her pulse racing. Oh, God! Oh, God! She was losing her mind. Where was he? How long was he going to be gone? Oh God, please come back! Please come back and stop this thing! The feelings that swept through her were indescribable. The vibrations transmitted to the inner walls of her vagina, and on through her entire being.

The twisting, turning motion of the hideous thing that was buried inside her was tearing at her body and her mind. She had no control over her body.

The jerking, the twitching, the quivering. All uncontrolled as the mechanical rapist ravaged her. Heather lost track of time. Lost track of everything. Her head spun, sickness washed over her. Hours past. Days past. Weeks. Months. How long? How long? She didn't know. She didn't care. She just wanted it to stop. Please, please someone make it STOP! It was nearly three hours before Slyguy123 returned to the van. He had enjoyed a cheeseburger and fries, along with four ice cold beers.

He had also shot three games of pool with a retired gentleman he met in the bar. Slyguy123 was relaxed and happy. Now he was anxious to see how Heather and his 'friend' were getting along. He unlocked the door and climbed into the van. He heard a pathetic whimpering coming from the rear. Moving back, he saw Heather fastened to the floor.

Her trembling body was covered in sweat. Her hair was damp and matted. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her eyes held a vacant stare. Her head rolled slowly from side to side. Her face reflected the horrors of the last three hours. "Well, well, well. Are you two playing nice?" he said as he grinned down at Heather. She whimpered, her eyes pleading with him. Kneeling down, he untied the bandana, removed it and pulled the rag from her mouth. "P-please … t-take it out!

… nuuhhh … nuuhhh … Oh please … take it … take it … oohhhh … out … out of me! … I can't … can't … ooohhhhhh …" Her voice was barely a whisper as she begged for mercy.

Slyguy123 smiled down at her. "Not just yet, sweetheart. Not just yet. You know, it occurs to me that I've eaten, but you haven't. Would you like something to eat, Heather?" She felt sick as she saw him removing his pants. She knew just what he had in mind, but she was so exhausted by the mechanical thing inside of her that she knew she wouldn't be able to put up even a token resistance.

She whimpered as he knelt down over her face. "T-take it … take it … out … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … p-please … take …take it … out … ooohhhh … I … can't … can't stand … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … any-anymore … oh, God … please!" "But you really love it, Heather, and I love the way it makes you tremble!" "No … d-don't" she pleaded as he rubbed the head of his cock across her lips.

"Don't … don't do … do this! … I don't want &hellip. want … uuuurrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!" Heather gagged as Slyguy123 rammed his cock back into her throat.

He held her by the hair on either side of her head, forcing her forward and back, moving her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. "Rrrrgggg … mmmuupphhhh … rrrrr … rrrrr … uurrkkkkk …" Choking, gagging sounds came from around Slyguy123's cock as he fucked Heather in the mouth.

Her body was still twitching and jerking from the effects of the twisting, squirming vibrator buried inside of her. "Oh yeah, Heather. Oh yeah. Oooooooo.

I always knew you'd have a really good mouth. Always knew it would feel … ooooooo … great!" he moaned as he continued forcing her mouth to slide up and down his cock. She choked every time he forced his way into her throat. Between the cock in her mouth and the insidious device in her vagina, Heather was being pushed to the edge of insanity. She never realized that such brutality could really exist. He had her face pulled tight against his stomach, now, her nose buried in his pubic hair.

His hips were thrusting, driving his member repeatedly into her throat. Twitching. Jerking. Gagging. Everything Heather was doing was reflex, beyond her control. Everything was the result of the two invaders that were impaling her from either end. Faster and faster he drove into her mouth. She could hear him moaning deep in his throat. She could feel his meat swelling even more. She felt him start to throb and twitch.

"RRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!" Heather retched as he shot a stream of thick, hot cum into her throat. She choked and coughed, blowing some of the cum out of her mouth. She felt it running down her chin as he pumped more of his foul liquids into her. Her throat was filling with his cum, preventing her from breathing. She felt as if she were drowning.

Steeling herself, she swallowed the load of cum. Slowly, gradually, he quit humping her face. He sat on her chest for awhile, listening to her whimper and feeling her twitching under him as he softened inside her.

Finally, he stood up, pulling out of her mouth as he did. He saw the cum on her chin and both cheeks and smiled.

"P-please … please … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … t-take it … take it … out…" Her voice was barely discernable.

The look on her face was one of near shock. The stare in her eyes was vacant. "Please … t-take … take it … o-out." Slyguy123 grinned and knelt between her legs. Reaching to her crotch, he flipped the switch and deactivated the vibrator. Heather whimpered and went limp on the floor, her breathing ragged, her eyes blank, focused on nothing.

He noticed that her body continued trembling. Undoing the straps from around her thighs, he pulled the huge sex toy out of her. Heather moaned, shivered, and passed out. ******************** Somewhere in the back of her consciousness, it registered that a cool breeze was touching her body. Slowly, ever so slowly, she started to wake up.

Light. She registered dim light through her eyelids. She moaned low in her throat as her eyes finally opened. She was laying on her side in the back of the van. The side door was open and she dimly saw trees and bushes outside. She was no longer tied down to the floor, but she realized that her hands were tied behind her back.

Something else was different, too. She realized she was wearing something silky. Glancing down at herself, she saw she was wearing a black silk teddy. Her thigh-hi stockings were gone, leaving her legs and feet bare. Somehow, this seemed familiar, but she couldn't say why. Glancing out the door again, Heather realized that it was getting lighter outside.

Streaks of red and gold colored the dawn horizon. With a shock, Heather realized that it was morning. She had been with this maniac all night. "Good morning, Heather." he said as he stepped into view. "Sleep well, I trust?" Heather's blood ran cold as the memories of the previous night flooded over her. Her heart was racing as he reached in and grabbed her ankles.

He dragged her to the door and pulled her to a sitting position, her legs dangling out the door. "Please." she pleaded with him. "Please let me go. I won't tell. I promise I won't." "Heather, Heather. We haven't finished with our fantasies yet. There's still one more to go. The most important one. I planned it very carefully, Heather, so that it would be just right.

It's my present to you. My eternal gift." "I … I don't understand. I just … I just want to go home." "Oh, no, Heather. We can't have that. I've gone to so much trouble to make everything just so. I even bought you that teddy. Don't you remember, Heather? Don't you remember?" There was something in the back of her mind, something that she should remember, but she didn't.

What was it? What was she forgetting? "Ah, well. It doesn't matter. I'll take you again, here in the grass, and after that, everything will be clear to you." He took her by the shoulders and pulled her from the van, pulling her to him.

"Oh, no, not again! Please not again!" she pleaded as he buried his face in her neck. One hand was groping her ass while the other abused her breasts.

Her hands tied, she was helpless to even try and resist. Twisting her and pushing at the same time, he threw her to her back in the grass. "Leave me alone! Oh, God, PLEASE leave me alone! You've hurt me … enough! STOP IT!" she screamed in pain as he jammed his fingers up inside her.

She was extremely sore from the abuse inflicted on her by the mechanical vibrator last night, and the merest touch was now painful. Slyguy123 didn't care about her pain. He only cared about his own perverse desires. Pulling his cock out, he rolled on top of Heather.

She cried and begged as he pushed the crotch of her teddy aside and began forcing his way into her. "No … no more! …nuuhhh … nuuhhh … Please, PLEASE no more! Oooohhhhh! It … it HURTS! … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … Oh, Godit hurts so BAD!" Tears traced paths down Heather's cheeks as Slyguy123 fucked his way completely into her. He pounded into her battered body with vicious glee.

Her screams and cries of agony were turn ons to him. He loved it. "Oh, Heather! You feel so good! Being inside you feels so good!" he moaned in her ear. "Nuuhhh … nuuhhh … no … more … no … more … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … p-please … st-stop … nnnaaaaaaahhhh … get … get …out of … me … oooohhhh … y-your hurting … hurting me … nuuhhh … please st-stop &hellip." Her cries and pleading were more than he could stand.

He increased the ferocity of the rape, driving into her brutally. He felt the tingling in the head of his cock, felt the tightening of his balls. "Oh, God! … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … nuuhhh … Oh, God! … nnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuu!" Heather groaned as she felt him once more depositing his load inside her. She felt the heat spreading through her as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. Gradually, his pace slowed until he lay still on top of her.

His breathing was hot in her ear. "Mmmmm." he moaned in pleasure as he got to his knees, pulling out of Heather as he did so. "You are so good. So damned good." He stood up and fastened his clothing. Looking down at the helpless young woman lying in the grass, he smiled. He had done what he promised her. He had given her the fantasies she had dreamed.

Now, for the greatest fantasy of all. Leaning over, he took her under the arms and lifted her to her feet. "Come with me, dearest. I have a marvelous surprise for you." He led her around the front of the van. Heather came to a dead stop, her eyes bulging. Now she remembered. She remembered the black teddy and why it had seemed familiar. The fictional Heather had been dressed in nothing but a black silk teddy in "The Return of the Vile Gamer" when … when … "GOD NO!" she screamed.

Underneath the trees stood a short, three foot tall step ladder. Hanging over it, suspended from a tree limb, was a rope. Fashioned at the end of the rope was a hangman's noose. His intent was clear. "DON'T!" she screamed as he began dragging her towards the rope and ladder.

She tried to hold back, tried to dig in her heels, but it was useless. "Oh God, PLEASE don't kill me! PLEASE! I have a little girl! A daughter! She NEEDS me!" "Come on, Heather. This is what you want. Don't you remember when you were hung before?" "That was a STORY! It wasn't REAL! That Heather never EXISTED! God, don't DO this to me!" He had her next to the ladder now, holding her by one arm while he pulled the noose towards her.

"Don't be silly, Heather. We both know you want this. That's why you did it before, because this is how you want to die. But somebody interfered that time, saved you. No one will interfere this time, though. I promise, my love." "That didn't HAPPEN! It was FICTION, for God's sake! I don't WANT to die! I don't WANT to! Oh, God PLEASE let me go!" She tried kicking him, tried to break away, but nothing seemed to work.

He got the noose around Heather's neck and pulled the knot tight. Once it was in place, he let go of her.

She couldn't get away, now. Grabbing the other end of the rope, he started pulling on it, taking up the slack and making the rope tight between Heather and the tree limb above her. She had to stand on her toes to keep from strangling. "Climb the ladder, Heather." "NO! I won't. Please, PLEASE leave me alone! I don't want to DIE! Oh God I don't want to die!" "Climb the ladder, Heather, or I'll just hoist you into the air." With that, he pulled on the rope, tightening the noose around Heather's neck.

"Climb the ladder, Heather." She fought down the panic she felt rising in her. If she panicked, she would die for sure. She had to keep her composure and try to buy some time while she talked her way out of this. Trembling, she put her right foot on the bottom step of the ladder. "That's it, Heather.

Climb the ladder. You know you want this." Slowly, one step at a time, she climbed the ladder until she was standing precariously on the top platform. Slyguy123 had the rope pulled snug, just starting to put pressure on Heather's throat as she stood on tiptoes. "Y-you don't want to … to do this.

Not … not yet." she said as he approached her with a short piece of rope in his hands. He looped the rope around her ankles and tied them together. "But I have to, Heather. This is my present to you." "But we … we haven't done … all of my fantasies yet. You … you said that you would … fulfill them all … for me. Remember?" She could see he was thinking about it. Come on! Come on! Buy it, you psycho!

Give me enough time to escape. "But we pretty much did everything already, Heather. I took you in the ass, in the mouth, in the snatch. I took you in places that would be humiliating. I took you in positions that would make you feel helpless. I had my mechanical friend take you for hours." "But … there's other … other things I've fantasized about.

Other things that we could … do. You … you promised me. Are you going to … break your promise?" Heather fought to stay calm. The ladder beneath her was unsteady, wobbly. She concentrated on keeping her balance. "But they would just be variations on what we've already done.

They wouldn't really be new." he said thoughtfully. "N-no," Heather said "it … it wouldn't be a variation. It would be … new. It would be something … something we haven't done." "What would that be?" he asked, a look of interest on her face.

Think, Heather, think! Make this good. Make this real good. Your life depends on it. "I've … I've always fantasized about … about having … two guys at the same time.

Having them … use me … simultaneously. Maybe … maybe one in my … my cunt and the other … in my mouth.

And … and other things … too. Wouldn't you … like that?" Slyguy123 was stroking his chin.

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Thinking about it. Heather silently prayed that he would make up his mind quickly. Her legs were getting tired from standing on her toes, and it was becoming harder to keep her balance on the unstable ladder. She felt sweat beading on her forehead in spite of the cool breeze that was blowing. "It sounds like fun. But who could we get to be the other guy?" Alright!

Heather thought. He's going for it. Now, careful, girl, careful. "Maybe … maybe one of your friends? You must know … someone who would … want to do it." "I don't have many friends." he replied. "I spend most of my time on the computer. The few friends I do have aren't into this kind of thing." "Then maybe … I mean, I know a guy who would …" "Oh, no.

Forget it! You think I'm stupid? That I'm going to trust someone you know?" He looked angry as he moved towards the ladder. She may have pushed too quickly.

"THE INTETNET!" she yelled, bringing him to a stop. "What?" He looked confused. "The … the internet. We could … could find somebody on the internet. You could … screen them. Make sure that … that they're like … us.

Make sure that they're … into this kind of thing. We could … really have a … party then." Slyguy123 was thinking. She saw the tip of his tongue lick his lips. There was a bulge forming in the crotch of his jeans.

The idea was turning him on. He was going for it. He looked up at Heather with pure lust in his eyes. "It would take too long." he said as he kicked the ladder out from under Heather. Her stomach went into her throat as she dropped two inches and then hit the end of the rope. The noose jerked tight around her throat, strangling her. Slyguy123 watched fascinated as Heather bounced and twisted in the air.

Her feet, bound together at the ankles, kicked uselessly in the air. Her eyes bulged and her face showed a look of pure terror. Heather's lungs were beginning to burn. Her brain screamed for oxygen. In a panic, she kicked uselessly as her body jerked and twisted. Slyguy123 saw her turning blue, heard her gagging and choking.

God! This was so exciting! He felt a stirring in his loins, and then, without warning, he had an orgasm, dumping his load in his pants. Heather's movements were becoming less violent. Her body was jerking and trembling. She heard the blood pounding in her ears. Her lungs were on fire. Her head was splitting. Tiny little flash bulbs began popping in front of her eyes. More and more of them were popping.

They grew in size, filling Heather's vision. And then, between the flashes, blackness. Small patches of blackness between the flashes of light. The blackness grew. It slowly overwhelmed the flashes of light, slowly replaced them.

The darkness grew until it was all that was left. Darkness. Pure blackness. And silence. Total, complete silence. ******************** She was enveloped in blackness. Soft. Velvety. She was floating in it. Floating free. Blackness. Silence. So peaceful. So very, very peaceful. No pain, no fear. Just peace. She was at peace. At peace with herself and with the universe.

She noticed something. Something in the blackness. Light. Just the smallest pinpoint of light. So tiny she almost failed to notice it. It was in the far distance, well beyond her reach.

But it seemed to be changing. Yes, it was growing. Slowly, so slowly, the spot of light in the distance grew. She had read about this. People who had near death experiences talked about this, about the tunnel of light and voices calling to them, guiding them to the other side.

She understood it and wasn't afraid. The tunnel grew. A voice. She heard a voice, calling to her from the far distance. It was calling her name. Was it God? Was God guiding her home? Or Saint Peter. Wasn't Saint Peter supposed to greet new arrivals to heaven? The light grew in her vision, took on shape. It looked familiar. She should recognize it. Of course. It was a star, just like the star that guided the three wise men. Was this the guide to heaven?

Did they still use the star? The star took on clarity, it's form crystallizing before her eyes. Eight points. The star had eight points. It was so clear. Her vision widened. The star was surrounded by tan. Tan? Was heaven tan? Her vision cleared further, her mind cleared, and she jumped. "Easy, mam, easy. You're safe now." the deputy sheriff kneeling over her as she laid in the grass had a soft voice. A kind voice. Heather was confused.

"What … how …" "An early morning bird watcher. He saw what was happening down here through his binoculars and called us on his cell phone. We didn't get here any too soon, either. Took CPR and mouth-to-mouth to bring you around again.

You're going to be alright, though." "What about … about … did you catch …" "You don't have to worry about him, mam. When we got here, he tried pulling a gun. Stupid. He won't be hurting anybody ever again." Heather started to cry softly, the tears tracing paths down her cheeks. Tears of relief. Tears of joy.