Trailer Baiser au Soleil Beijos Pecaminosos)

Trailer Baiser au Soleil Beijos Pecaminosos)
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Hey my name is Ryan, I'm a 16 year old sophmore getting ready to be a junior. It was the middle of summer break, at my part time job at the store as a cashier. I was earning extra money to buy a new movie, but enough of that. I was bored, and there were barely any customers.

Sure a few people would come in to browse, ask directions, or take a dump. I looked at the time which was 3:35, twenty-five more minutes, then I'm free. After a few more customers, I've began to get impatient when my friend Fred showed up. "Hey man what's up," he asked before adding sarcastically "man this place looks packed," "Packed with everthing but customers you mean." "Yeah, oh hey man can I get some condoms?" he asked quietly for an elderly woman was passing by.

"Wha- your parents sent on some errands," I asked dumbfounded. "Nah man, this babe told me she won't do unless it's protective," he told me, "anyway ya got some or what man." After rummaging around the shelfs, I found a pack of them, handing them to him. He paid the price and left saying, "thanks man, SHE'S TOTALLY WORTH PROTECTION." Ignoring this statement, I glanced back at the time which was close to 4 o clock.


Just before I could start cleaning up, a girl came in. She was just as tall as me (5,11) with a slim body, and silky brown hair which reached her neck, clear skin, and green eyes. It looked like she had real perky breasts that were c-cups, with a nice ass.

I couldn't help but stare, cause I was positive I've seen her before. When I noticed that she wore an expressionless face, I realized that she was in my class at school, and if I remembered right her name was Gabriel Esqueza. I had always thought Gabriel was pretty cute, but she had always worn thick clothings, and was so emotionless that she never seemed attractive. But now seeing her like this gave me a hard on.

As she walked in I noticed she was a wearing a plain teal tee shirt with a blue skirt that reached her knees. I've watched her browse the shop, picking up the small shopping basket along the way, she picked up tape, construction paper, a drink, and some AA batteries pack.

I'd looked away before right before she handed me the items. After telling her the price, I watched her rummage through her purse well mostly her breast. "Hey what are you staring at," She suddenly exclaimed. "Wah oops sorry," I murmured bobbing my head up and handing out the items.

She took the items without saying another word. At the end of my shift, I walked home with a hard on thinking of Gabriel's breasts in my hand and licking her tight ass. When I got home, my mom was dancing around decorating the entire house singing to herself while my father just stood there staring at her shaking his head.

"Hey Dad, what's up with Mom," I asked him. "Oh Ryan, your mother's decorating the house for her best friend from college that she hadn't heard from- "7 long years," Mom interrupted gleefully.

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"Really," I asked. "Yes," Mom exclaimed and once again returned to her job. An hour later, the house was looking brilliant, which was indeed a great accomplished for it had seen some bitter days, and not a moment too soon the door bell rang.

Mom raced to get it open, I watched the door opened and saw mom embraced with another woman in a hug. "Oh Janet," my mom said happily. "Oh Mary," Janet said respond just as happy.

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My father came downstairs and I watched him give Janet a hug, as well as Janet's husband. "Ryan," my mother said looking at me, "this is Janet Esqueza." "Ah Ryan," Mrs. Esqueza exclaimed, "Mary told me you were quite a looker. I blushed at this remark, but this went away as soon as saw who else entered, a total babe taller than me (6,1), with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, huge perky d-cups, a luscious tight ass with cheeks that practically begged to be squeezed, behind her (to my surprise and horror) came Gabriel, I've noticed she was wearing a shorter skirt.


After more exchanges of hugs and handshakes, we went to the kitchen to eat. "Oh Mary, we appreciate what you've done for us." Mrs.

Esqueza said as we ate. "Don't worry about that, but remember it's your house next time," Mom responded. They both laughed, within minutes the food was gone. When it was time for dessert, Mom and Dad went looking for the ice cream and chocolate cake leaving me alone with the Esquezas.

Minutes that seemed like hours passed until Mrs. Esqueza broke the ice, "So Ryan, what grade are you in?" "Well I'm going to be a junior for the next school year." I told her. "Really, Gabi is as well," Mr. Esqueza said enthusiastically, "Have you two had any classes together." "Yeah a few," I answered meekly.

Before anyone else could pipe, my parents returned looking sour and hissing at each other. "What's wrong," Mr. Esqueza asked looking concern. "Well Carl, I accidentally forgot to pick up the ice cream from the store," Dad said.

"No John, not accidentally, I had specifically told last night to pick it up." mother hissed furiously, "and the store is closed." "Oh mom the store isn't closed yet," I told her looking at the time revealing 5:45. "There's fifteen more minutes." Mom's face relaxed, "oh but the car's-," "We can go get the ice cream," volunteered Mr.

Esqueza already getting up from his chair. "No I'll go," I said, when eyes were drawn to me I added, "I need the exercise anyway." So off I went to the store, halfway there I saw someone running towards me and realized it was Gabriel so I waited for her to catch up and continued to the store.

It was a quiet walk, it wasn't until we got there when Gabriel finally spoke, "Don't get it wrong, my parents told me to go and help you out." "Oh ok," I said as we entered, at the cashier was Fred. "Wow, hey man how's it going?" Fred asked as Gabriel left to fetch the ice cream. "Huh it's good, came here to get some ice cream," I said plainly Fred leaned forward and whispered, "not you, the chick." When I didn't answer, he asked, "ya tapped that huh?" "WHA, no that's Gabriel Esqueza," I told him, "from school." Fred eyes nearly popped out, "wait really man, she's a babe, should've tapped that myself." he said before making a cat growl.

"Hey," I said pointing jokingly at him, "Back off bud, she's mine." "Alright, sure man I respect that." he said having his hands in the air as if told to freeze by a police office. It at this moment that Gabriel returned, "hey where's the ice cream?" She asked Fred.

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"Huh let me check," He said and left. Within a moment he was back shaking his head, "sorry guys none." When he saw my tearful face, he said, "alright lemm'e checked back with the boss ok." So we've waited awhile for him to come back but no sign. "What's taking him so long," Gabriel asked.

"Dunno," I answered. After long minutes, she asked, "hey Ryan, do you have any hobbies," "What, oh um… let me think, uh I guess I can say sports and reading, how about you?" I responded. "The same, I'm on the swim team every year," she told. The thought of her in the schools revealing swimming suits gave a hard on. Unfortunately Gabriel noticed, "Is this how you felt when you stared at my breast earlier today." I stared at her in horror, but to my surprise instead of being annoyed, Gabriel had a sexy smile on her face.

Before I could apologize, she grabbed me by the hand and led to the girls restroom. Once in there, she knelt in front of me and proceeded to take my shorts off revealing my stiff cock. "Wow," she said poking it, "I've never seen one except in my sis magazines, it's pretty big" I didn't know how to answer to this but I did feel proud of this compliment.

"Maybe we shoul-", but before I could do finish.


She had placed it her mouth, all seven inch and began giving me a blowjob. This was so pleasurable that I could barely stand.

"Ohh God," was all I could say. Her warm mouth engulfed my cock licking its head and the shaft at the same time. I felt her delicate fingers touch my balls and jiggled them at the same time. The other hand was supporting her as she sucked me off.

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My balls felt begin to feel funny and I knew what was about to happen. However so did Gabriel, because she gripped my cock. "Not yet," She told me and took her clothes off. Man I thought I was going to cum for sure staring at her perky breast with pink erected nipples, and her tight ass.

"Please eat my pussy?" She asked. Luckily I had a good share of porn videos and magazines, from Fred, my older brother off to college, and my Dad (to help me learn he told me). Because Gabriel was moaning her body frequently shaking as I licked her pussy.

I began to plow her pussy with my fingers, man she was really wet. I went back to licking her pussy again tasting the flavor of both her juice and pussy, it was delightful.

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Finally after multiple hard whips from tongue, she began to scream as her body shook and shudder uncontrollably. A rush of pussy juice flooded onto my tongue and face.


"Oh my god," She said breathing hard, "that was the hardest cum I've ever had," I was exhausted, but before I could suggest leaving, she grabbed my fully erected cock and led to on of the bathroom sinks, she bent over holding onto the sink and position my cock at her pussy entrance. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes, I need this now," she pleaded.

With that any doubt was replaced with lust and desire, and I began to push my way in. "Man this is tight," I said to myself. Porn videos always made it seem so easy.

After I got an inch in, I decided to force it in, but what about Gabriel, was she alright with it. "Do it." She said as if reading my mind. That was all it took for me to gain the strength to push myself in all the way breaking her wall. Gabriel let out a scream, before she muffled it with her hand.

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I kept pushing in and out, we were both moaning and covered in sweat. I leaned and grabbed her tits and played with nipples pulling and rolling them around. I kept pushing my cock into her deeper and faster. My right hand left her breast and went to her pussy which I pulled of and began to finger like crazy.

"Uhh, oh my god," she moaned as soon pushed my cock back in her fucking her as hard as I could. I could hear our bodies smacking against each other, my balls against her clit.

"Oh man, your so tight," I moaned feeling the same pressure in my balls. After what seemed like forever of fucking when I could no longer hold back the urge to cum. "Ah Gabr- I'm about t." "Wait Ryan, I'm about to also, but not inside ok." She said. "Fine," I grunted and slamed all my cock in at once causing Gabriel to cum, her pussy gripping around my cock, squirting all over it.

She then slid off and began jerking me off finally giving a blowjob her tongue licking my cock as her hands squeezed and jiggled my balls. "Ah," I grunted pulling her hair, and releasing my cum in her mouth. With every flick her tongue inflicted erupted more cum into her mouth, finally the stream began to get weaker and weaker and finally came to a stop.

"Oh god," I said sitting beside worn out. "You can say again," Gabriel laugh swallowing the cum. We got dressed and left the bathroom and saw Fred waiting for us with a grin. "Hey man, at least leave a note, lucky I put it back into the freezer." He laughed. We laughed as well and left thanking Fred (He didn't even charge). Our walk home was more comfortable and easy.

"Oh, what should we tell them?" She asked worry. "I'm sure we'll think of something." I reassured her. Part 2 next.