Big ass Sexy Cd get fucked

Big ass Sexy Cd get fucked
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Andrea Sweet Andrea After my wife left me and ran off with my best friend I turned all of my attention toward my daughter. Andrea was only thirteen years old at the time but she sure knew what was going on.

Her mother had given her the choice of going with her or staying with me. She stayed with me. It was Andrea that told me that her mother had left us, not just me but us. She ran off with Fred my best friend and went clear across the country someplace.

They wanted to get as far away from me as they could. I hope they were both scared that I would kill them. They needed to keep looking over their shoulders just for what they did to Andrea and I.

All my wife took were her clothes and personal stuff…nothing else.

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She didn't close out our bank accounts or even take her car…she just plain left. I immediately filed for a divorce stating that she had abandoned us and probably could not be found to sign any papers. It took a year and some special judge to finalize it but at least it was over.

The funny thing was that my ex-wife did not even know that she was free to marry Fred if she wanted too. Andrea was fourteen at that time so I took her out on a date to celebrate. I bought her a nice new dress including bra, panties, pantyhose, and shoes. I had her get her fingernails done and her hair fixed. Then I got her a lesson in applying her makeup. At fourteen Andrea was becoming quite the little lady.

We went to a very nice restaurant. I had a medium rare steak, a lobster tail, and a shrimp cocktail. I finished it off with a cherry cheesecake and three beers. I had given my farewell dinner a lot of thought. I wanted to remember it for a very long time. Andrea ordered the lobster tail and a shrimp cocktail. We enjoyed our date together and celebrated our divorce. A year later Andrea turned fifteen years old and wanted another date with daddy.

So once again we bought a nice dress but this one was strapless with a V-neckline and it was kind of short. She looked at strapless bras but didn't want one.

That was something new. The panties that she picked out were now G-string panties they had even less material than a thong, if that was possible. Then she picked out a sexy pair of nylons and a sexy garter belt to match her panties.

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I suggested that she get the matching bra even if she wasn't going to wear it with her new dress. I was surprised when she picked up a 32-C. I had no idea that she needed bigger bras already let alone a C-cup so I let her buy four more.

Then it came to a pair of shoes. I couldn't believe it when Andrea picked up a pair of six-inch stilettos. She was maturing before my very eyes. She walked very well in them too and confessed that she and one of her friends have tried on her mother's high heels and practiced…a lot. Andrea wanted to get her hair and nails done again but said that she could do her own makeup this time. That Friday evening I had reservations at our favorite restaurant. Andrea got all dolled up.

Again I ordered a medium rare steak, a lobster tail, and a shrimp cocktail finished off with a cherry cheesecake and three beers. Andrea ordered four shrimp cocktails and a cherry cheesecake.

I drank three beers and she had Pepsi. We had a great date and agreed that maybe we should do this one a month instead of once a year.

On the way home Andrea asked me to get her a bottle of Champaign. She wanted to taste it. So while I was there I bought myself a bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve Canadian Whiskey for fifty dollars. I had a bottle, years ago and it was the best sipping whiskey I had ever tasted. When the salesman said that it had a rich, mellow, woody, full-bodied flavor and that it was smooth I could almost taste it. I had to buy a bottle. So when Andrea requested a bottle of Wild Cherry Flavored Brandy I just automatically said yes.

At home we opened the Champaign and each had a glass but my taste buds were only interested in the Crown Royal. Instead of using a shot glass I got out two small brandy snifters.

I poured about two ounces in my glass and let Andrea pour her brandy into hers. I showed her how to warm it slightly with a lighter, swirl it around in the glass, and take a whiff of it's aroma before taking a sip and swirling it around in her mouth and swallowing.

I had to chuckle to myself as I watched her.

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That was exactly what her mother used to do after giving me a blowjob, well not the part about the lighter and glass but she sure loved the aroma, swirling it around in her mouth, and swallowing it.

So as I sipped my Crown Royal Andrea drank the rest of the bottle of Champaign along with some of her brandy. She went up to change into something more comfortable. When she came back downstairs she seemed a little tipsy but so was I.

My jaw dropped open as I got my first glimpse of her. She had taken off her dress and shoes but put on her bra that matched her G-string panties and garter belt. God did she ever look good! She lifted her hands above her head and did a slow twirl for me. That allowed me an almost unobstructed view of her fine ass. Andrea asked, "Was mom a virgin when you first made love?" I answered, "Well she said that she was but you really can't tell unless she still has her hymen intact!" Andrea said, "Oh!

I suppose my dildo broke that!" I asked, "You have a dildo!" Andrea said, "Yes daddy! Don't have a cow! I've had one for over a year now! Sometimes I even fall asleep with it in me!" I had to ask, "Are you a virgin?" Andrea said, "Yes daddy! I have not had a cock in my pussy, ass, or in my mouth. At least not yet! However I am on the pill and the school nurse gave me some condoms too!" I said, "So you're thinking seriously about sex!" Andrea said, "Yes I have!

I've even picked out the perfect boy! He's tall, dark, and handsome. He's smart, has a good job, and I know that I love him!" I asked, "Who is this boy?" Andrea laughed and said, "Why you daddy!" I asked, "You are thinking about having sex with me?" Andrea said, "Oh yes!

It's just taken me two years to get up the nerve to ask you! I like Champaign and brandy! They make life much easier!" I had to admit that the beer and the Crown Royal had almost the same effect on me. Andrea asked, "So when was the last time you had sex with a woman, not your hand?" I was shocked that my daughter would ask me such a question.

I had always answered her truthfully so I said; "The night before your mother left us!" Andrea said, "So she fucked you one last time knowing that she was leaving you the next morning!" I said, "Yes! I suppose so!" Andrea said, "Pour daddy! You really need to get laid!" I said, "Yes, I suppose I do! But I don't even have a girlfriend!" Andrea said, "You've always had me!" I said, "But you're my daughter!" Andrea said, "And you're my father!

So what! I'm a girl and you are the boy that I am in love with!" Andrea poured us both another drink. When she returned to hand me my drink her bra was missing. I sipped my drink as we talked and stared at her perfect nipples. I knew that they had never been sucked by another boy. My drink disappeared! Andrea went to get me another one. This time when she returned she had removed her G-string panties.

She stood before me in just her stockings and garter belt. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! Andrea looked like her mother only prettier, sexier, and more willing.

Hell she wasn't anything like her mother, she was special! She held out my glass but my hand went right to her pussy. She had that nice gap between her legs that allows a man to slip his hand in there. I rubbed my thumb into her pussy lips then my fingers. I went down to her dripping wet hole and up to her swollen clitoris.

When I hit it Andrea jumped. Suddenly she got on her back on the floor and poured my Crown Royal into her open pussy hole. Andrea said, "Do you still want your drink?" I said, "Yes sweetheart!" Then I got between her legs and tried my best to get every drop from her.

As I licked and swallowed Andrea kept having orgasms and loving it. She grabbed the back of my head and held me to her crotch. Finally she pulled me up to her breast. She had put some Wild Cherry Brandy on her nipples and told me to clean it off. As I cleaned one and went to other Andrea reapplied the brandy to the clean nipple.

I hadn't noticed that she had unbuckled my pants, pulled them down to my knees and gotten my cock out.


Then she pulled me up to her lips for a kiss. It was the best kiss that I had ever had. While I was tongue wrestling with her I noticed that my hips were thrusting.

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I felt wonderful for the first time in a long time. I was fucking, I was fucking a woman, I was fucking my own daughter, and I loved it! My thoughts went from kissing my daughter to fucking my daughter. Soon it was all I could think about. I had to shove my cock into her pussy and pull it almost all the way out, then shove it back in again.

Over and over I fucked into her forever. At long last I had my climax. I pumped cum into her pussy forever too.

That was all I remembered until I woke up on the living room floor the next day covered with a blanket. I got up but had a hangover. Eventually I got to my feet and up the stairs to the bathroom. I sort of stumbled in and peed like a racehorse. I had to hold myself up but managed to finish and flush. Just as I turned to go to my bedroom Andrea said, "Hi daddy! Did you have a good nights sleep?" There was my daughter Andrea lying in the bathtub naked.

Of course she was naked, no one ever took a bath dressed before, at least not on purpose. She was smiling at me as if nothing had happened. I was shocked to see her naked, then thoughts of last night started creeping into my head. I remembered drinking Crown Royal from her pussy, licking her delicious nipples, and fucking her.

Fucking her hardly described the intense pleasure that she gave my cock last night. In my mind it was the most fabulous pussy that I had ever had. It was warm, wet, willing, and it wouldn't stop sucking my cock back into it. Her pussy was a magnet and it was attracting my cock as I stood there looking at my naked daughter in the tub.

Andrea said, "Daddy are you okay? Do you want my water? I'm getting out now anyway!" Then Andrea stood up and grabbed a towel. I watched her dry off. She was a very sexy young lady and I truly loved her. I watched her dry her breasts lifting them one at a time. She dried her arms, shoulders, and belly working her way to her pussy, ass, and legs.

When she dried her feet she wrapped the towel around her wet hair. Andrea reached out and started undressing me. I just stood there and let her. My shirt came off, my undershirt, and then my pants. Finally Andrea grabbed the waistband of my jockey shorts and pulled them down to my ankles so that I could step out of them and my pants too.

She looked up and kissed the head of my cock. It was already hard. Andrea asked, "Would you like me to wash you? You are kind of crusty from last night! I kind of made you that messy the least I can do is clean it up!" Andrea then helped me into the tub and into a lying position.

The water was just right. It felt so good. I imagined myself a baby lying in the womb. It was very comfortable. My daughter added some more hot water and swirled it around with her hand, she lathered up a washcloth, and started washing my chest. She didn't take very long to get to my crotch. She washed my stiff shaft, my balls, and went back to my shaft.

She used her hand directly on my stiff cock. She dripped some shampoo onto the head and started stroking. Soon I was cumming. My daughter had jerked me off. The first gob hit my chin then each gob fell closer and closer to her hand until my cum just dribbled on it.

Andrea finished washing me off, shampooed my hair, and got me up to my feet. She even dried me off and led me to my bedroom.

Andrea pulled my covers back and put me in bed, then she got in too. We cuddled and I fell asleep. This time when I woke up my hand was holding Andrea's breast and my cock was pressed into her ass. As I moved Andrea said, "Good afternoon sleepy head!" I could only squeeze her breast and thrust my cock into her ass crack.

It took me a moment to answer her with my own good morning. Andrea asked, "Will you fix us breakfast or should we just wait and go out to dinner again?" I looked over at my alarm clock. It read three-thirty. Oh my God, I had slept all that time. I felt rested though. I asked, "What would you like to do? I feel I owe you for last night!" Andrea said, "Daddy you gave me as much pleasure as I gave you so I'd say we were even!

What if I get dressed kind of sexy and we go to a nice Italian Restaurant tonight?" I asked, "Weren't you kind of sexy last night?" Andrea said, "Not as sexy as I can be? How about a see-through blouse, no bra, a micro miniskirt, no panties, and those stiletto heels?" I asked, "You would go out dressed like that?" Andrea said, "Why not!

The only one I have to worry about is you!" I asked, "Me! Why?" Andrea said, "I'll only have to worry about weather you are going to fuck me in the restaurant washroom, in the back seat of your car, on the front porch because you can't wait long enough to do me into your bed!" I said, "Well we are already in my bed!" Andrea said, "Then do me now!" She rolled onto her back and started stroking my cock.

I went down to her pussy and kissed it and licked it until I was so hard that it hurt. I kissed my way up her belly, over her breasts, and to her mouth. Andrea was guiding my cock into her pussy as she kissed me.

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Unlike last night I was stone cold sober and fucking my fifteen-year-old daughter. We both wanted it, needed it, and were definitely enjoying it. As I got closer to my climax Andrea got closer to her orgasm. We both erupted together in a mutual display of sexual satisfaction. Andrea said 'Oh God" over and over. I just grunted a lot. Then I rolled off of her and kissed her.

Andrea said, "I think we need a shower this time!" I replied, "Save water, shower with a friend!" We showered together then got dressed. When Andrea said sexy she really meant it. That blouse hardly covered anything. I could easily see her nipples, areolas, and the shape of her breasts.

She tied the shirttails in the front into a knot, which showed off her belly perfectly. Her skirt in those high heels allowed me to just barely see the bottom curvature of her buttocks. From the front I could almost see her fur covered pussy. She was extremely sexy. I said to myself, "If you have it, flaunt it!" She told me to put on a T-shirt and jeans after I shaved. As we entered the restaurant everybody stopped talking and started staring at us. Well, not us but at Andrea. A waitress came over, grabbed two menus, and led us to a booth in the corner.

As I watched Andrea slip into her seat her skirt rode up above her ass and she had to lift herself up to move over because she couldn't slide. I was sure that I saw a slime trail from her drooling pussy as she moved over. Then I sat down and stared at her almost naked breasts.

The waitress took our order and soon was bringing us our dinners. My daughter was sucking a bread stick like it was a cock. I wasn't the only one that noticed either. Andrea had an audience. She liked it. She smiled and excused herself to go to the lady's room. All eyes watched her walk to the bathroom and then back to her seat. She told me that she had just masturbated herself to two orgasms and came back.

She then put two of her fingers up to my lips. They were covered with her cum and smelled wonderful. When the waitress presented me with the bill I gave her a big tip.

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When I got up I watched as Andrea got up. Her skirt rode up exposing her crotch to the entire restaurant then she opened up her knees. I took her arm and we walked out together.

Everyone could see her ass since she didn't pull her skirt back down.


Everyone could see a huge lump in my jeans too. As Andrea suspected I made love to her in the back seat of the car right there in the parking lot of that Italian Restaurant. Right now I'm driving us home to do it again in my bed. I know that our lives have changed forever. The End Andrea Sweet Andrea 45