Any one know this camgirls

Any one know this camgirls
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Marjorie 2 This is a continuation of one story, you really will need to read this from the beginning. I stewed over my discovery for the next few days, I was torn between wanting to fantasize and wanting to "find out" what it was really like. Obviously my forced celibacy won out as I started thinking about how Luxor used to live here first anyway.


Who knows? He may have been doing his first owner in this house as well?. I guess part of my decision was made for me just because it was just gonna be so dam easy to pull off. All I had to do was either wait for Luxor to dig his way back into our back yard and let him in the house. Or I could do some digging for him to make it happen faster. Well my husband helped me with the decision, he got assigned to hauling a load up to Canada through Michigan and the delay at customs was gonna make sure that he was gone for at least a day and a half if not more, depending on how long it took at the border.


The money is just too good on these runs to ever say no. The night before he was to leave he hit the sack early for his early start and I was left up alone. I knew that one of those two next door worked nights, nice young couple. Ha, nice till you know what dog fuckers they are. Well ok I was going to be too before this time tomorrow. I turned the tv on low and went out just after dark. The hubby likes the background noise.

This time I got out my old faded jeans and a t shirt.

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I went naked under the jeans and snugged them up real good just to show off my cleft between my legs to the empty back yard. And I went braless in the t shirt which I tucked in tightly to show off my breasts in the most obscene way possible. Then armed with a plastic garbage can, garden trowel and a fresh bottle of wine I went to spy on the neighbors.

I knew that I had to wait until after they let the dog out and back in before digging out the hole so I settled down to wait. My god these were some horny neighbors we had, I had no idea from meeting her that Michelle could be such a submissive slut either!

This time I got to watch both Bob and Michelle scan the back window to see if anyone was watching. Not likely, neighbors on either side have a privacy fence and their own garage covers the back behind their laundry room.

So I figured they were up to something by the way they both looked. Then Bob turned to his wife and she just looked down. They were talking but I couldn't hear a thing. She shook her head no and he yanked her shirt open. She did nothing as he started taking it down.

They were still in the kitchen with the lights on and I watched as bit by bit he stripped her naked. I soon saw that she was shaved bare between her legs. That much I kinda figured, they're in their early 30's and she's a submissive slut.

Then out he came with a collar from behind their fridge. He put it on her and she then knelt down. Now he stripped naked and proceeded to fuck her mouth just for a little bit. As they walked towards the laundry room door I could hear Luxor barking. God that sounded familiar all the sudden. One of those things that you hear every night, so commonplace and now it meant something totally different.

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This had to be an almost nightly thing for them. Luxor was barking an excited bark, he knew that he was about to get to breed his bitch. I saw Bob lead his wife in to the laundry room. Luxor was jumping all over, he mounted Michelle's head, I could see Bob pause and look down.

Oh my god, I think she was servicing the dog with her mouth! It didn't happen for long, the dog started to slide to one side and Bob tugged on his wife's leash. I watched as she lowered her head in submission and Luxor ran around to mount her from the rear.

This time he jumped up on her and appeared to be dancing wildly at her backside. She shifted, I realized that she was reaching between her legs to guide his cock. At the same time almost Bob knelt down to help. One of them must have got it right because suddenly Michelle's head flew up and her mouth was open and Luxor was jack hammering into her hips. My god there is nothing subtle about a dog rutting himself inside of you. Michelle crawled forward as if to get away but clearly this was something she was enjoying.

As she crawled she was looking down, trying to see. Tonight she crawled right to the window and up on the frame. I could now see her breasts wobbling from the assault she was receiving from Luxors cock. She held herself up with one hand and attempted to wrap her other arm around the dog behind her.

She was definitely not trying to push him off! I now made out a little bit of her voice as she let out a strangled groan as their dog continued to have his way with her. My god what could they be thinking! They're doing this in the back of their house.

No lock on their yard gate and part of the backyard only had an ancient chain link fence on it. It was like they were tempting fate to see if someone would walk up and find them!

Again their night finished with Bob rutting himself off into his wife's throat, I had to smile, maybe this was their birth control? While totally naked, Bob let Luxor out to do his business. Luxor ran like a shot to me at the fence. I knew my time with him was coming soon, I got up and pressed my ass to the fence knowing they could see nothing.


After a bit Michelle came to the door to call for Luxor. She actually opened the door and stepped half way out while naked!.

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Their porch light unfortunately lit up her side opposite of me or I bet I'd have been able to see the doggy sperm sliding down her legs. Luxor ran back in after digging a little, then I dug putting the dirt in my garbage container till I was sure he could get through. God that dirt was heavy, I had to drag it to get it by the house.

By the time I got back in the house I could actually see a dark wet spot where I had soaked right into my jeans! After a quick wash of my hands I got myself off just squeezing my nipples and frigging my pussy right through my jeans. Then a more leisurely fingering after I had stripped naked. I couldn't believe myself, I was really going through with this!

The wine helped but I still didn't sleep much, the hubby was up before dawn and off. When I became aware of daylight I knew that I didn't want to miss my chance. I was partially hung over which almost made it seem like going to work. But the butterfly's in my stomach told me that there wasn't any work involving walking around naked and getting the business put to you by your neighbors dog.

Before I was ready, only half way through my cup of coffee I heard a bark. I heard a voice and saw my neighbors dog crawling under the fence. He's been in my back yard for half an hour at a time in the past with no one seeming he wiser so I figured that I had plenty of time.

But then again, no time like the present right? I went over to the door and let him in.

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He was all happy to be "home" again and danced around me, all the way into the kitchen where I promptly got on my hands and knees. He took no time at all figuring out what this meant, he started to mount my face but I turned away, really not ready for that.

Then he immediately ran around to my backside. I started to reach back to try to guide him in but he found my hole and started raping me. That's the best way to describe it. He was in and pounding the moment he was in. I was feeling cock inside of me in places that had never been touched before and I just lost myself. I started saying every nasty slutty thing I could think of, with him just pounding me without regard.

Rather quickly I started feeling something else, like a soft fist pressing against my opening. It was like I started hearing things. His knot was banging against me, my heart was pounding in my chest my ears were throbbing and my head was spinning. I thought I heard a voice, couldn't be.

Maybe the neighbor was calling his dog. Oh god the knot was in me now and swelling.

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I was getting filled in a way no man could ever provide for. My voice came back to me, I was telling Luxor to fuck my pussy good, fill me like he does his bitch at home. I was coming, oh god, I was looking at a pair of legs, human legs. I was coming with a dog in my slit and the next door neighbor was now standing in front of me. I was tied to his dog that was still squirting the largest load of sperm my pussy has ever felt and he was talking to me. "I see you found my dog" all I could do was make some sort of gurgling noise, I needed to find a way to die soon here.

A heart attack would be nice right now, then I wouldn't have to. Aaaahhhh, I screamed, I had no choice, Luxor had just started to pull me across the floor by his cock. Bob stepped in, he took Luxor by the collar and started talking again.

"I'll hold him, but that means he will stay tied with you longer" like a good neighbor, Bob is there, I gurgled some more I think. Bob continued with "I saw him go under the fence, when I went out to check I saw a drag mark going away from the fence, I thought you killed him and drug him away. Till I jumped up and looked into your kitchen." Shit!, he saw the drag mark from where I drug the dirt away last night, that means I was busted within seconds of having his dogs cock in me and didn't even know it.

Luxor was whining and still squirting inside of me and I was really at a loss for words. How do you explain yourself in a situation like this? I was brought out of my thoughts by Bobs other hand. The one that made the zipping sound as he undid his pants. I was out of my mind with shame, fear, anguish, no real clue what to say or do.

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So I blurted out the worst possible thing that I possibly could have said. I said "I can't take the whole thing in my throat like your wife does" oh shit, shit shit, did I just admit to spying on them as well as fucking their dog? Oh why yes I just did.

Just shut the fuck up Marjorie, that is what I am telling myself, just shut the fuck up and suck the nice mans cock. I was besides myself, I really am no fan of sucking cock but I couldn't say no in a situation like this. I started thinking desperately, just don't tell my husband, god I'll do anything, just don't tell. Bob didn't miss a beat." I won't tell your husband, but I am going to have to tell my wife. We have a deal, and this is going outside of that deal. But I think that this counts as an emergency".

Oh my god, he heard that? Was I thinking out loud? Did I just beg him? Now I knew for sure that it was time to shut up and open wide. As Bob began to thrust his cock into my now open mouth he said "you saw that? Now I really don't have to feel bad for what I'm going to do, open up" Oh god this means his cock and my tonsils are going to have a meeting, I was terrified, I had never even dreamt of taking a man down that far and now I didn't have any choice.

I was too out of my mind to think or look. I could still feel Luxors knot inside me, it felt like it was turning or something. I think the or something was, he was spurting doggie sperm deeper into me then any man had ever done. Oh shit, now a mans cock is now going into my mouth as well, I was so terrified of what was going to happen next that I already started to gag. It wasn't even in far enough to do that. He was pushing in, I felt the tickle of his pubic hair on my face and nose.

I was gagging and felt it pushing back against the start of my throat.

Bob laughed and pulled back out talking obscenely to me. Telling me to go ahead and gag on it, this happened as I was realizing that he must have put it almost all the way in already and it didn't go down my throat.

I got a quick look at his gland as he thrust back towards my open mouth. Oh my god, it was little! I suppressed a sigh and a smile at the same time.

I was gonna be able to do this after all. Bob was in his glory telling me "go ahead and gag on it bitch" well I couldn't deny him that. His dog had just given me a toe curling orgasm so I could play along with this.

I forced another gag out as he pressed his pubic hair into my nose and he pulled out. He was still talking dirty but at the same time he was showing he would respect some limits.

This made me relax a whole lot more and really get into this, as Bob thrust his little member back into my mouth he was saying "go on suck it bitch" only now I was ready to play. He was certainly in to this, I managed to hold myself up with one hand, the other I brought up to his ball sack. I gently cupped his ball sack while he thrust into my mouth and immediately felt him stiffen, his balls pulled up tighter against him and I felt his cock go even more rigid in my mouth.

Hey when you have a husband with E.D. You'll learn a trick or two to try to get him going and I was barely starting. Bob here was obviously done. He grunted out a surprised "you!" and proceeded to unload in my mouth.

I had to shut the back of my throat, I was in no way ready to swallow sperm, also about that time Luxor had finally deflated enough that he popped or slopped out. I say slopped because of the amount of doggy sperm that came falling out of my well expanded pussy hole. Bobs cock fell out of my mouth and I couldn't close my mouth, it was like my jaw had locked into the cock sucking position because of all the adrenaline that I had running through me.

Well that and I had to let his load out onto the floor because I wasn't swallowing. Bob immediately commented "god you've got it coming out both ends" That broke my mouth loose, I actually had to smile.

I looked down between my legs and could see a thin stream of dog sperm still drooling to the floor from my now sopping wet pussy hair. Bob helped me up off the floor, he asked for my cell phone number and said that he was serious about telling his wife. That he wasn't sure what she would say but that he was sure that they would work things out at his end no problem. Bob took his dog and left while I staggered back into the kitchen and nuked my half a cup of coffee back to life.