Perky tits teen Sydney Cole pussy banged by monstercock

Perky tits teen Sydney Cole pussy banged by monstercock
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Fbailey story number 312 Mom In A T-shirt And Panties Almost every day of my life I have seen my mother in just a T-shirt and her panties during breakfast before I went to school. She is an executive and doesn't want her clothes wrinkled.

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So she never sits down at work, she puts on a wrap around dress at the very last minute, and doesn't put on her blouse and skirt until after she actually gets to work.

She has a big van with dark windows to change in. She has the back converted into a dressing area complete with makeup table and extra outfits just in cast. In fact she buys two of everything so that she can change and no one is the wiser.

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She is a fanatic about wrinkles…at least on herself. So anyway I have seen my mother in every pair of panties that she has ever owned. I have seen her in full white panties, colorful bikini panties, skimpy string panties, and even transparent panties.


The older I got the sexier she got and the more erections I got. Then one day when I was fourteen I overheard a conversation that Mom and Dad were having in the kitchen.

Dad said, "God woman, why do you even bother wearing those panties and that T-shirt at all?" Mom replied, "It makes me feel sexy." Dad said, "Yes, but it drives your son and your husband crazy." Mom replied, "I know that.

I like driving my men crazy." Dad said, "Yeah but I get to fuck you and your son has to walk around all day long with a constant hard-on." Mom laughed and replied, "No he doesn't.

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He goes up to his room and jerks off every morning before he goes to school." Dad asked, "How do you know that?" Mom giggled like a little schoolgirl and answered, "Because I stand outside his door and listen to him jerking off while I finger myself. We both enjoy ourselves, we both get off, and no one gets hurt." Dad said, "So you're a cock tease to you own son and proud of it. Why don't you let him see your tits then?" Mom laughed and said, "Okay." I waited another minute and then I walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

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I stopped dead in my tracks. Mom was standing near the table and she was not wearing her usual T-shirt. I could see her great tits. They were uncovered and they were everything that I had thought that they would be. I knew from checking the labels in her bras that she was a 34-D but I really didn't know what that meant.

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They were huge to say the least. I only knew of one teacher at school with a set like that. Mom's skin was perfect, her nipples were swollen and erect, and her dark areolas were outstanding. I couldn't move or talk. I was completely paralyzed. Mom walked over to me, hugged me tightly, and said, "It's okay honey. You can stare at them all you want too from now on.

I don't mind and it was your father's suggestion, so I know he doesn't mind either." Then she backed up just enough so that I could continue to stare at her prefect breasts. Dad said, "You can touch them to if you like and as often as you want too. I don't mind.


I've been doing it for years." Mom said, "Sometimes he refers to them as fun bags." Then Mom lifted my hands up to her large breasts and held them there until I came out of my trance. Dad got behind Mom and lowered her skimpy panties to her ankles, telling her that she didn't need them either in front of me anymore. Then Dad kissed Mom on the cheek and went to work.

Mom asked, "Do you want breakfast or should we just go up to your bedroom and masturbate together?" I managed to say, "Upstairs" before Mom took my hand and led me in that direction.

I just stared at the gap between her legs just under her pussy. I smiled as I remembered a boy the day before at school pointing out a girl just like that in her jeans and he called her a gapper. My Mom was a gapper.

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In my bedroom Mom said, "We can do ourselves or we can do each other if you like." I managed to say, "What." Mom laughed and said, "Tell you what.

I'll make you cum, and then you can make me cum. It'll be all right. I'll talk you through it. What do say if we both play hooky today and stay home together? I can call in for us both and we can stay naked all day long.

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What do you say?" Again I just barely managed to say, Okay." Mom placed the phone calls while she stroked my cock. It felt so much better than my own hand that I shot my sticky white cum all over her hand way too quickly. I didn't want it to end that soon. Mom just smiled up at me and started licking her fingers clean one by one. It was every sexy and it made me half-hard in no time.

Mom smiled and told me that it was my turn to masturbate her. She lay back on my pillow and opened her knees up for me. She had me lay on my bed next to her.

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Then she placed my hand on her pussy mound. She told me to soak my fingers in her vagina and then massage her clitoris. Once I was well under way Mom asked me to suck on her nipples but not too gently, she liked it a little harder than most girls my age would. Wow! So I sucked on her nipples and fingered her clit until she begged me to stop. Then she told me not to stop. I was confused but I tried to do as she asked. After a lot of orgasms she begged me to stop for real. Mom then explained to me that she likes to be forced a little bit too and that I would soon learn that when she begs me to stop that she really doesn't mean it.

It was my turn again so Mom introduced me to oral sex and gave me a blowjob. Then it was my turn to give her oral sex. I liked it and according to Mom I was good at it too. She said that the girls my age would love to have me between their legs someday. After I made her orgasm again Mom just slipped my cock into her as if it were no big deal.

It was like the greatest thing that had ever happened to me…I lost my virginity that day to my own mother. I knew that I would never forget something like that in my entire life.

Then I smiled thinking about my first blowjob, sucking my first boob, and eating my first pussy too. Hell, Mom was all of my firsts. That day before Dad got home I had tried anal sex, fisting, tit fucking, and sixty-nine with my beautiful mother. We had watched the other pee and had taken a bath and a shower together too.

Mom told me about her and her sister having sex together when they were teenagers and letting their family dog fuck them too. Mom then suggested that we arrange for a couple of threesomes with my father and then with her sister. Then of course a foursome came to mind too. After that day Mom never again wore her T-shirt and panties to breakfast. The End Mom In A T-shirt And Panties 312