Fucking my butch lesbian friend

Fucking my butch lesbian friend
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Hey guys, time for another part :). I realize I'm gaining popularity in comments so I must keep writing. If you are new please read Part 1 from my very first series and so on or none of this will make sense. Thanks. By the way, I dislike posting asking to swap pics with emails posted. I can't delete comments so just don't do it.

Stick to PMs for that stuff. Thanks. I decided today would be the day they get their Christmas tree!


Santas coming to town =D STORY TIME. I woke up with Alex's face on top of mine, like last night. His dick was being sandwhiched between me and his body, haha.

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I started kissing Alex awake and he said "Morning!" He got up with me still half asleep and started fucking my ass. "Alex it's too early dude. I can barely even feel it because I'm half asleep." I said. "I don't care this is gonna get rid of our morning woods in a more fun way." I agreed. His cock wasn't totally hard, as I suspected, instead just 8 inches.

My ass wasn't getting torn apart but I was still getting a huge beating. His cock felt like a key and my ass was the lock. "Shit yeah keep going Alex." I said. He quickened the pace and his balls tightened and released what his cocks morning wood had. "Wow haha that worked! And now I'm hungry for a full breakfast!" he said. "Got one right here" I said as I put his hand on my cock.

"Yeah I mean real food silly." he said, dissapointing me a bit. We made our own breakfasts, I wanted cereal he wanted a sandwhich. "Alex we still need our tree haha." I said. He said we should go buy one so we went to Walmart and got a huge tree with a lot of leaves, and some awesome ornaments for the tree.

We tied the tree up and brought it home. "Alex I'll do the lights If you can do the ornaments." "I have a better idea John, I'll get on your shoulders and you hold the box of ornaments and I'll set them up as you set the lights. Just dont bend over too much or I'll fall." "Sounds kinky let's do it." He got on my shoulders and crossed his legs with his feet just infront of my face. I'll bite. I have a fetish for licking shaven feet too. If that disgusts you sorry.

His feet smelled like sweat. It smelled perfect. I started licking his feet and it tasted great. "Woah John that feels good keep going!" Alex said. He fidgeted his seating so the front of his foot was within range.

I leaned and started sucking on his toes and licking the underside, swapping occasionally. This was our first time doing it and we liked it.


He told me to stop goofing off and get started. I started Handing him ornaments and moving when he told me to. Only a couple ornaments fell but thankfully they aren't glass so they didn't shatter. After the ornaments were up I got on Alex's shoulders to put the star up. "I wonder what this tastes like." "I donno I saw it in a porn and wanted to try it haha." he started licking my feet like I did.

"Feels funny. Fun experience but never again." he said. "Agreed." I put the star up and hung up the lights. I took the camera on the tripod and took pictures of us in different poses infront of the trees.

We put eachothers presents under the tree and looked at the clock. 2:37. "Wow we sure had a busy day haha. Time flies when you have fun?" I jokingly said. Alex giggled and we decided to take a shower together to clean off the leaves and stuff. As soon as we got in and adjusted the water I decended onto Alex's behemoth and started licking his huge balls. His bald were the size of my fist! I sucked on them for a bit before moving onto the main course. I immediately began to deepthroat all 9 inches.

He thrusted like it was my ass and I could barely breathe. I loved blowing him because his behemoth taught me how to breathe better haha. Also because it's yummy as hell but yeah. "John wanna try something new? I saw it on a gay shower porn vid. I swing my legs behind your head with my cock in your mouth while stretching far enough down to blow you too.

I call it a 'Walking 69, haha." I took his dick out and stood up.

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He climbed onto my back and swung his legs over. His cock fit perfectly in my mouth and he was just big enough to get mine too. Holy shit this felt amazing!" "Mmmh mh mmfm!" was all that came out of my stuffed mouth.

What I said was "this is badass!" Overcome with excitement and giddy, I came into Alexs upside down mouth. Not long after, so did he. He tasted great, as usual. We continued to wash eachother like a normal shower and got out and dried off.

2:50 PM. "I'm bored John what do you wanna do?" Alex said. "you have a car and can drive. Let's get in and take me wherever you want." I suggested. "Alright get my keys." he said. We went out to the car and pulled out of the complex. We decided to just drive around town so we could learn what's there.

We went to the same school as before we moved, but lived in the other side of the very large district. We've never been here so we checked the shops. I saw a bar with a rainbow bracelet on it's logo and winked at Alex. We both laughed. There was also the Subway we mapquested before with Joe and.mmm.Jace. Jace was a lot like an older version of Jake. As we started the way back I got horny and started giving Alex road head.

"Geez dude you blow me ALMOST too often. It feels like my dick is always in or on you!" Alex said. He laughed as I kept going and swallowing his load when it came. Soon we arrived back at home. 5:00 PM. Getting close to dinner. We decided to eat healthy tonight and made Steak salad for ourselves. It tasted wonderful. At 6, the doorbell rang. I went and checked the peep hole.

Jake! I opened the door and let him in. "Sup dude!" I said. He started crying in my shoulder. "Dude what's wrong come sit down." We put clothes on to make him more comfortable. "Me and Kevin had a fight and he broke up with me!" he sobbingly said.

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Oh my god. That emo jerk.

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"Don't cry Jake its ok." I said. Me and Alex hugged helped calm him down while I hugged him. "It'll be okay. You can stay here overnight if you want. Theres salad in the fridge and steak for it. Pop it in the microwave." I told him. He started to stop his tears and made himself a plate. I whispered to Alex, "can we? Please? Having both of you could cure every need I've ever wanted." "Fine. Just dont take him over me like with Sara." he said. "fuck no haha." I went up to talk to Jake.

"Jake, you're welcome to stay as long as you want. You are with friends here. We love you more then Kevin could. I'll pull out the couch for you so it's a bed." "Alright thanks." he kissed me on the cheek. Drama drama drama, I thought to myself. We popped in Elf because you can't let a Christmas go by without watching it atleast once. Or else! I was in the middle of them both with an arm around each shoulder. They both were snuggling very closely next to me so I laid my head on Jake's shoulder.

He looked over and kissed me on the cheek again and looked at the movie. I had two of the hottest men in my life. Perfect. "Alex can I sleep with Jake tonight to make him feel welcome?" He nodded. "Just don't have too much fun without me. I'm only doing this because of Jakes situation." he responded.

I nodded and when the movie ended I kissed Alex and he went to bed. I popped the couch out into it's bed form and turned the lights off. "Jake, just know anything Kevin gave you I can do too. The worst thing to do is want him back. Hes a great friend but just that." "Yeah I hear you John. Thanks for taking me in." "It's no problem. Say, how about I cheer you up? " I said. "How?" he asked. I pulled his sweatpants down and his boxers too, revealing his dick. I started licking his balls.

"John isn't this cheating?" "No silly. We want you with us. You can move in. Free of charge." "I'll do it!" he excitingly said.

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"Great." I responded. I went back down on his blonde cock. His cock was pale white like his skin. His dick was 8 inches and tasted divine. I hadn't tasted a different dick in months.

Its true when they say each one tastes differently. He started to tighten and I stopped. "Not yet you don't." I said.

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I wanted to fuck him but because of the situation he might not have felt comfortable. "Go ahead and fuck me, you blond!" he laughed and I got on all fours. He gave me a rim job. He had Alex beat on rims. Jakes tongue was absolute magic. Once he thought I was lubed enough he slipped into my ass. Because it wasnt Alex's dick I was a bit looser but barely. He found a good rhythm and started thrusting. "Jake you're so fucking cute go harder." I commanded. He doubled his speed and thrusted to my prostate each thrust.

He was jacking me off also so my mind was stunned in utter joy. "Aww duds Jake yes more!" I started riding him. The pain from riding felt amazing. I felt his balls tighten. "Oh god John I'm gonna cum." I had him pull out and got to my knees and started blowing his orgasm out of him. His cum tasted sweet in a different way then Alexs but equally delicious. Jake got down on me to finish it off. His lips felt as soft as Alex's and I just thrusted like a madman, shooting my load down his throat.

"That was awesome Jake thank you for fucking my ass." I told him. "No problem. Thank you for the new home." he responded. We fell asleep cuddling eachother, nude of course.