Best teen cameltoe and ass exposure in public yoga pants

Best teen cameltoe and ass exposure in public yoga pants
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A Night to Remember with Brandy The thunderous sound of my Mustang rumbling down the highway, I couldn't go fast enough, weaving in and out of cars, downshifting into 4th passing Porsches and Lambos on cruises around town to show off their trophy wives or girlfriends, or both.


I had the chance for a night with my long time crush. A once in a life time chance. The speed signs were to slow, the tires squealed as I down shifted and slid through the turns and stop signs. I looked down at my phone from the picture she sent me almost begging me to go faster.

She was in a black tank top that hugged her every curve in those skin tight jeans that flared out the bottom like bell bottoms. Her hair laid gently down as she twirled her fingers in her soft hair looking at me through the picture.

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I could always tell something was up with her at work. She had those eyes that could read your every move 2 or 3 steps ahead of you… She could tell I wanted her, she could tell I had that lust deep inside. She called me out on it and had me come over after my shift. I powerslid into my spot in her apartment complex, I ascended the stair well and stopped at her door.

I was in my best black button up, I rolled the cuffs twice, had a black shirt underneath on and my lucky jeans, custom faded from years of wear.

I was looking as good as I could. I rang her door bell. I heard the unlocking of her door and there she stood. Just like in her picture, her eyes shimmered with some glitter around them. Her lips glimmered in the fading light, her black top curved in all the right places, her jeans clinging tight to her prefect form. She was all ready, to get taken out.

The rumble of my Mustang roared back up and the rumble of the bass shook the car as we drove off into the night out on the town. We went from walking around the local mall to a dinner hotspot. Wound up at a Dance place where she taught me how to grind and dance, it didn't go so well. She smiled and laughed a lot the whole time we were together, she held my hand or clung to an arm, almost as if she was showing me off instead.

Something interesting happened as the last Dubstep song played on. In the flickering lights and the glittery skyline of lasers that cut through the black lit room, her eyes never left my gaze. She stared deep into my eyes' as the lasers cut across my face. Her body grinded and jived next to me. When she turned around she looked back at me as she began using me as her pole.

Her hands came to my neck and held on to me.

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He body moved up and down left and right. Using her beautiful ass to turn me on. It was working, I know she could feel her job well done growing against her as she worked me.

I could see that look in her eyes, I was her prey and she had just tagged me for the kill, she spun around and I felt myself pull her into me. She closed her eyes as our lips touched, as we moved we kissed, in the middle of the crowd we were alone.

Our lips parted and the kiss deepened as we passionately got into it.

I weaved us through the crowd to the door, to my car. I was slammed against the hood of the Mustang as she jumped on me and kissed me.

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I'm not sure how we made it to her door or even in her house, it was all a blur, she had me on her couch, straddling me, holding me down. I could dominate her anytime, but she had this power over me that I couldn't explain. She grinded on my jeans as my 'tent' was shown, her kisses a venom that addicted you to it like a drug. Her beautiful eyes, entranced you. Her body begged you to touch and caress her every inch. Her hands wrapped around my neck, soon slipped under my shirt and tore them off.

Tossed them to the ground. I ripped her shirt off and with a flick of my wrist her bra dropped to the floor. I couldn't help myself but lick and suck on her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were so erect and hard, I couldn't help myself but lick and nibble. Her soft purrs and her nails digging into me told me she liked it. She would even jump a little but when I switched to the other.

My right hand slid up her thigh. I felt a thing thong, as I brushed the string aside I could feel an intense heat coming from her wet pussy.

She was so wet, I slipped right inside her. I turned my hand palm up as I slipped one finger deep inside her.

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I felt her warm breathe as I kissed up to her neck as my finger slipped inside and I supported her with my left. Her moan flooded down to me as I used the 'come here' technique, curling my finger back gliding it on the top of her hitting that g-spot. She began purring and moaning louder and louder. I could feel her body wiggle and almost jive against me as I played with her. I could feel I had her in my control finally.

I took advantage as I sat her on the couch. Tore off her jeans and pulled her thong to the side. My finger went back inside her as I kissed up her leg to her clit. She moan 'Jethro, stop being evil'. I responded by nibbling on her clit.

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I let my tongue swirl around her clit a few times before I sucked her lips and clit in. She arched her back and she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in closer as my tongue flickered he clit as I let go and continued to hit that g-spot on her. Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation, almost slowly squirting as it just seemed to get wetter and wetter as I played with her. Soon her moans started to peak as he pussy started to spasm and tighten as I could feel and hear her orgasm coming on.

I felt her whole body just get evolve into the orgasm, she jived and moaned, as she pulled me against her pussy. My finger went as fast as I could, I swirled flickered and lapped as hard as I could to get her off. She screamed louder than before. I couldn't believe how hard she came just off of my fingers, and tongue. She pulled me up and licked my lips, before kissing me.

She pulled me by the hand to her room and laid down on her bed. She took off her thong, the only remaining piece of clothing she had left.

Grabbing me by my belt and taking it out of my jeans she used her mouth to unzip my pants. She rubbed my boxers where my obvious hard on was. It was rock solid. I wish I could control him, I thought as she slipped him through the whole in my boxers and kissed the tip. Her tongue flickered the tip and then swirled around him. She started kissing up and down my shaft slowly stroking him.

She was teasing the hell out of me and driving me nuts. I almost didn't want her to give me head, I just wanted to enter her tight wet pussy. I couldn't believe how tight she was… Her tongue then wrapped around my head and she took me all in her mouth. I almost couldn't stay standing. She made me shudder in pleasure.

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She was amazing, "Oh god Brandy I moaned, I couldn't believe it. Her mouth was warm, it was soft and oh so wet, she found every spot I had in seconds. She hit behind my head and felt how I reacted.

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She ran with it. She knew it was a sensitive spot and she apparently wanted me to cum. That's when I got the feeling, my shaft got super hot, my pre-cum started running out, she stroked harder flickering the tip 'Jethro, come for me, cover my chest in your hot cum' she moaned as I saw her hand go in-between her legs and covered her hand in her self and used it to lube my cock, I came almost instantly. She thrust her chest forward and let me cum all over her perfect breast. I covered her chest.

God it felt amazing. She kissed him while slowly stroking him in thanks. She took him all in one last time and turned around on her bed, laying down legs spread wide open, looking at me, as she cleaned her chest off… 'You over here now… give me what I want' she demanded. I had a better Idea. I reached into my back pocket as I took off my boxers and jeans she left on me and pulled out some hand cuffs.

I cuffed her to her bed post. I climbed cuffed her so she couldn't escape. I laid in-between her legs and teased her with the tip of my cock swirling it around her clit and lips. She loved the playfulness. Until I slowly edged him in her soft gentle moans turned into a deep inhale as I slide deep inside her.


I let her catch her breathe, she was so wet but tight as ever. 'Oh my god your thick' she moaned trying to breathe as I slowly grinded into her, sending him in deep then pulling him out again.

She purred like a jaguar, her moans, were a turn on. I couldn't believe how hot she was getting and how she just was loving the slow stuff. I heard her pulling on her cuffs as I slowly kissed her chest.

I loved how perfect her breasts were, how perfect her nipples were. I caressed each with my tongue. I couldn't help but try and give her more pleasure by playing with them. She started moaning again like she did before, she pulled as hard as she could against her cuffs, but couldn't grab me. She could only moan and jive against my shaft as I slid it deep and then back out. I continued the deep slow thrusts as she began to peak and clenched around my whole cock as I was deep inside her as she came.

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I felt an explosion of cum erupt against my cock, her pussy was dripping wet with juices, her breathing was rapid, she was loving it she had almost squirted. I let her out of the cuffs, and immediately she dug her nails into my back and grabbed a hold of me as tight as she could. She wouldn't let go. I was forced to kiss her neck and nibble her ear as we made love, her moans and warm breathe cascaded across my shoulder back and chest as she moaned almost nonstop she loved each inch ever slow deep thrust.

I was enjoying hearing her moan in my ear, her voice was amazing, so beautiful so sexy. Her nails dug deeper and harder into my back as I pushed forward, she had no idea how much I loved it. It was amazing feeling her pussy constrict on my cock, then to hear her cum time and time again.

It was like no other… I felt the urge approaching as she decided she wanted to start another orgasm, 'Brandy, I'm going to cum soon babe' I said, 'Cum with me she moaned'. Our rhythms were in sync with each other, the air around us stood still, her moans grew louder and hotter as my cock got hotter and pulsed in her trying to hold off till she started screaming, her moans got loud all of a sudden, her nails dug in a scratched deep and hard down my back, I felt the urge to explode. 'Oh Lacy' I moaned as I came deep inside of her, she felt me explode deep inside her.

It sent her over the edge as she arched into me and moaned my name 'Jethro! OHHHhhhh goddddd babe! Oh goooood god!' she moaned as I flooded her with my cum her tight pussy made little room for it all.

It was amazing it was a moment of pure romance as we lay in bed, our eyes locked, our breathing heavy and fast. Neither of use moved, I leaned in to kiss her… We couldn't stop kissing in the shower, we stayed naked, and she tucked her body deep into my body as we laid in bed she wrapped my arms around her and held them closer to her chest as we drift off into a deep sleep&hellip.