Enjoyable busty lady cant live without lechery

Enjoyable busty lady cant live without lechery
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This is a work of fiction and is a sexual fantasy. A fantasy is something we construct within our own minds. I am trying to avoid giving specific ages here as this could create a legal objection.

Normally thought crimes are only found within dictatorships and religious teachings but our society can still create a few of its own. You just create what age you would like here, where you would like it. My name is Kelly-Marie, apparently my parents couldn't agree on Kelly or Marie so I became a hyphenated child. About myself, I am rather large breasted, I will be covering their size later in this story. I married my high school sweetheart, football jock and current husband of some 300 plus pounds.

Being large breasted I have not kept the figure that I had in school either, but no way have I allowed myself to go the way my husband has. Oh yes, this story is also about my son Jarred whom I have become quite intimate with, and how it got that way. This all happened as a result of my husbands wishes, more or less.

Well actually his desires. Well however it happened it happened like this. I was not in any way denying my husband "satisfaction" I'll be honest, it just wasn't fun like it used to be before.

Like before he became so big. I was still quite young, well ok I wasn't quite young, my son was. I was still young enough that I wasn't ready to give up on sex. My son on the other hand, he was how old?, well lets just say he was 20, that way no one will be able to complain about his age any. Besides my son really did act quite a bit older for his age anyway. He and I got along very well and we were able to talk quite fluently about a great number of topics. Sex however was not one of them, well not until my husband dropped this on me.

My husband decided that we should become swingers! Oh my god, I never saw that one coming at all. I was stunned, it was so out of the question that I never gave it any serious thought. So far out of my realm of reality that I even blurted it out to our son. I was just that incredulous over his suggestion. My son, bless him, actually thought about it for me. He was turning in to such a gentleman. He waited a bit then quietly suggested that it might not really be such a bad idea after all.

Again I was stunned speechless. Which my son used to his full advantage. He shocked me further by telling me that I was really an attractive woman. Politely commenting on my breast size by mentioning that I had some "considerable assets" that would definitely attract men. He continued on by saying that he doubted that any woman in any swinger group would have any much interest in fooling around with someone who has gotten so big.

That if we did try something like that out that it would probably only last for the first night. This would be a green card for me to have some fun with someone my own size and that dad could have no legitimate gripe about it.


That if he totally struck out, this could force him to acknowledge the obvious weight problem that he was ignoring. This idea utterly shocked me into further silence. But the idea immediately took hold of my imagination.

The kind of shock that registered on my face I immediately realized was showing my son my interest in his idea. That his mother liked the idea of having sex with other men. This led to an immediate blushing on my part that only made my obvious interest even more plain.

I think I pretty much ran from the room blushing. My son at that point started becoming a man, this I guess I can tell only in hind sight. He did not let up on me, nor did he press me, he flirted. My own son was flirting with me! And not to his own benefit at all!

He would only on occasion make some small comment asking if I had accepted dads invitation yet. Two different times I saw him intentionally eyeing me up and down. He deliberately focused on my breasts, when I turned away to shield them from his eyes (fully clothed mind you) he then unabashedly stared at my ass.

As soon as I turned to scold him he darted away having made his point. I really could do nothing more than smile. At the same time his attentions woke lecherous passions in me. He was appreciating me as an attractive woman, in doing this he was reminding me of my own sexual desires.

That and the possibility of my being able to explore other men, even if only for one night. Someone other than over growing knight in shining armor, who apparently wanted me to do this.

Then the hurt set in, my son was showing direct appreciation for what I looked like. Now I had to realize that my husband was saying that he wanted other women, someone other than me, at his size? This went on for almost two weeks with my desires growing daily, I was becoming distracted at work wondering about things that I had not thought of since high school. The possible size and shape of other mens cocks, what they would be like. What they would want to do with me, what I might do with them, Then my husband brought it up again in the kitchen after dinner, with Jarred right around the corner in the living room!

My god the nerve! I couldn't believe the naughty sexual thrill I felt when I blushed, looked down and quietly said yes! I really hadn't thought about the actual process of finding a swinging group, I guess a part of me might have thought that my husband already had something in mind. I was kind of shocked when he asked me to SET IT UP! Oh my god, of all the nerve! He wants to swing and I have to, whatever, yes. Yes I agreed I would "arrange it" Off to the internet, I was stunned at being able to find various "alternative" living groups in our area.

I did actually find a group of "middle aged" swingers. I first made internet contact which netted a phone number and a request to have the wife make contact. Well that made sense I guess, they would have no shortage of men trying to join one of these things I guess. So I called, a man answered the phone but he quickly had me hold for his wife.

I don't know why but that really did feel like a relief of sorts. Well I spoke with Melissa, she asked me questions like, did I feel comfortable with the idea?

Did I think that it would lead to our divorce? She explained that things like this can really create an impact on some people. It was really kind of reassuring in a way, it seemed like she was almost trying to talk me out of it.

Eventually she got to the part about our physical appearance. I told her about me having a 48" E cup, that gave her pause. She admitted that there weren't any women in their group with my kind of size so she warned me that I would get "a lot of attention" I ended up coming clean with her about everything. I told her my husbands size, that it was his idea. She laughed at that saying it is always the mans idea, just that some of the girls end up liking it as well.

Then I told her that I figured that it may be only a one night thing, that if my husband went and was ignored, that it might spur him into losing some of his weight. She was stunned speechless when I blurted out that our son encourage me to say yes. Not one person in the group that had kids had ever let their children in on their secret.

I could tell she was warming up to me personally a lot after she learned that I had told my son the idea and he was positive about it. I could tell that she really did want to meet me. She did comment that there were some men in the group who's wives participated in part just to keep their husbands fit and trim.

I hung up the phone with a much better feeling about it then when I started, for starters they weren't going to give us any address to where they meet till after we had downloaded printed and signed a consent form.

Then we had to come up with health certificates to show we were disease free, that actually made me feel better and better about this all along. This put me in a terribly awkward position with my son, he continued his flirting and suggestions for about a minute. The look on my face gave it away, oh my god he knew what slut I was going to become! I was desperate to defend my actions even before they had begun.

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I was apologizing by saying how it was his fathers idea. He kept agreeing with me all along. I said that no one had done anything yet because we had to prove that we were disease free. He was nodding in approval but at the same time I could sense his own unease. I did use this waiting time however to make sure that I was on the pill and ready for any "accidents" Which by now I was completely looking forward to happening.

My god I was getting randy for the idea of a man besides my husband just letting loose inside of me. To this day I have no idea how the little flirt did it, Jarred never, I mean never brings in the mail. Then one day out of the blue, he brought the mail in to me. He put a letter on top quietly saying "your test results are in" Again he shocked me into silence, I think my face went purple. I looked at him as he walked out of the room.

The cheeky brat slowly slid his hand across his own bottom as he walked out of the kitchen! I was in contact with Melissa almost immediately, they were excited to "meet" new people and set up a meeting at her house for that coming weekend. She again commented on how stunned she was that I had let my son know. I let her know that my husband was blissfully unaware of what our son knew. But I also told her about what my son did with his hand as he walked out of the kitchen. She squealed with delight.

Now we had an address. That weekend my husband was less than tactful. He told our son that we were going out to a "movie" Jarred knew the truth and didn't press the issue.

Then Daniel (my husband) said we were going to see Transformers, my son, knowing the truth did not point out that Transformers has not been in theaters for almost a year now.

When we got there Melissa met us at the door wearing a sheer see through nightie, behind her were other guests some naked, some near naked some still dressed. She explained the "rules"to us. We were to remain fully clothed until invited to undress by another person at the gathering. That this invite also meant that they did have some interest in you.

We were very warmly greeted however most of the attention, as Melissa had predicted, was focused on me and my breasts. Both men and women were inviting me to "get more comfortable" or "loosen that top" I smiled, looked at Daniel and walked inside. It really did not take long for me to end up naked. The only unusual thing for me was it seemed the women wanted to get me alone to talk about our son, and what he knew.

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The men wanted "other" attention. Oh my god the things that I did that night. I sucked on 2 or 3 different cocks, nothing to completion, not in my mouth anyway. Three different men did manage to empty themselves inside my eager and rather wet vagina. My husband (and a couple of other men) walked around ill at ease without shedding any clothing.


One by one various women took pity and asked them to strip, I think only to keep them interested in coming back for more. By the end of the night my husband (possibly due to a little mutual planning?) Was the only man left wearing his suit. One of the only regrets that I had in the whole evening was when someone openly asked how old our son was. My husband blurted out an absurd number and I quickly "corrected" him by saying that Jarred was in fact 20.

There was only a little awkward silence before Melissa began commenting on my breasts again. Men and women alike seemed to take interest in suckling or handling my big floppy tits. The evening ended all too soon for me but home we did go, my husband went quiet, angry and drunk. Myself, a very, very satisfied and well fucked woman. My husband only asked one time how many men I had sex with that night.

It was right after we got in the car. I replied "more than I ever dreamed possible" Needless to say before we got home he announced that we were never going back. That week Jarred was HORRIBLE! He continuously pestered me for details. He made the requests seem as innocent as possible. How did it go? Was it like he had predicted (I answered yes) That in and of itself was probably one of my "bad" choices. By answering his question that left open the possibility for further discussion.

The dilemma that I was in was making it even more and more difficult. I really did have no one to talk to about this. My husband was livid, I certainly couldn't tell any of my friends. I really did have a fantastic time and needed to talk. So I called Melissa, she was excited to hear from me and we really did have a good talk. But she was more interested in hearing what Jarred had thought. I had told her that the hubby had said any return trips were out of the question.

Which she acknowledged, she felt disappointed as we really had been getting along quite well, sex aside. But as a friend, a rather devious, devious friend. She ended our conversation by begging me to fill Jarred in with more details, maybe not everything. But more at least, and then to call her back to fill her in on his reactions. Jarred asked me again when we were in the kitchen and Daniel was in the living room sulking and ignoring me.

I started answering his whispered questions with answers loud enough for my husband to hear, so he wouldn't think that I was whispering.

And non specific enough that he couldn't make out what I was talking about. Easy for him to ignore. "Pretty much as predicted" "Oh that was nice" only I said that in a way that sounded like I was answering a different kind of question.

Jarred whispered "how many men?" God help me, I was starting to get into this, I held up 3 fingers. Jarred rocked his hand like he was at a concert, he was (very quietly) cheering me on! He was acting like such a friend that I ended up confessing more to him than I really should have.

(Yes I really did enjoy it, if I could yes I would go back for more) I finally forced my self to stop incriminating myself and ended the conversation. Jarred at least, seemed rather pleased with himself. From what I found for laundry the next morning, he must have really, really enjoyed it. He must have soaked 3 different socks along with his shorts. I realized that my little boy had shot off probably 4 different times to the story I had told him.

Well, I did end up on the phone with Melissa the next day, which was Friday. I am not sure but she may have actually started masturbating while talking to me. She denied doing that (I couldn't believe that I had the nerve to ask her if that is what she was doing) Being the flirt that she was she kiddingly suggested that if Daniel wouldn't come then maybe I could bring Jarred to their next meeting, after all, I said he was 20.

Oh she knew, I know that she knew. Well later that night the phone rang, it was Melissa. She was saying that everyone had so much fun last week that they were getting together again tomorrow night, would we like to come? Daniel heard me on the phone and he went beyond rude yelling and screaming in the back ground. Melissa giggled and said sorry to me, but that they always offer, even if they know the answer.

Well Saturday night came and Daniel got dressed. Never said a word to me at first, then he just blew up at me. Said that he was owed his due, and he was going out tonight to get his turn. That I could damn well spend the night with Jarred. Oh my god! He was going out to find a hooker!

I had never denied him sex, he was the one that wanted the stupid swinging idea and now this? I was both furious and devastated, worse than that, Jarred heard the whole blowout. I was both laughing and crying at the same time, and Jarred was right there with me. I was so livid that I was almost babbling.

I admitted that I had been invited back, at one point I laughed and blurted out that I had been invited to bring him instead of his dad. Jarred took my hands and got my attention "they invited you and me?" Oh god, did I just say that? I tried talking it away with "well you know sweetie, she was flirting and just being kind" Jarred played dirty, he pointed out that dad was out looking for a hooker.

Then he pointed out that even Dad had said that the two of us should spend the night together, but he didn't say where. I called Melissa, she screamed like a kid at Christmas, then she promised me that we could keep my "20" year old son and I separate, in different rooms. A that point I was thinking of divorce anyway so I decided what the hell.

Melissa got her answer by the look I gave my son, his background whoop and scream of "awesome" got her to screaming again. I yelled at my son to put on a suit and tie as I hung up the phone. I could not believe the nervous jitters that I was experiencing. It felt like I was being led up to the gallows to win the lotto.

My hands were shaking and I was starting to sweat a little, but oh my god my horny level was through the roof! There was no point in panties under my skirt, I was going to soak them anyway. I was getting so wet between my legs that I took a t shirt and stuck it between my legs while driving there.

Jarred looked at me and I was embarrassed but felt the need to explain. I was so horny that I was afraid I was going to soak my skirt. His face kind of glassed over and he leaned back in his seat to accommodate his erection in his suit pants. Our evening did not go as planned, the women flocked to the door. Some naked, some asking my son if he would like for them to get naked, for him.

People were definitely commenting on his age. The women all spoke up in his defense saying "his mother said he is 20" (obviously not) and here is where it got ugly.

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The men had no problem sticking their dicks into me last weekend and leaving my husband out, but now with a younger man there attracting all the women they couldn't see clear to play the night out. Several of the wives were pointing out to their husbands "you had last week" part of the problem was 2 of the 3 men that I sucked cock on, were also the men that emptied their balls into me.

I did not have enough votes to let my son in the group. Melissa's husband pointed out that their group rules said husbands and wives, Melissa shushed him.

He took a different approach, he smiled broadly and said "well they have to be willing to have sex together" all the sudden you could hear a pin drop. I was stunned just like everyone else but just as I was about to start talking my son Jarred stepped in front of me.

Jarred, in very plain English said "if that's what you want I'll do it, I'll have sex with my mom" Now I know it was his hormones talking, that and this was the first time he had ever seen a naked woman before. Right now there were several in front of him, that clearly wanted him. But it didn't matter. Melissa's husband pointed out that the group rules said husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends.

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The group did not permit married people to bring their lovers. The women looked down at hearing that, that was their rule that the guys just used against them! Even Melissa looked pained when she heard her husband say that, she looked down too and said she was sorry, that we couldn't stay. Melissa knew the story, my husband was looking for a hooker, she knew this was going to be their only night, just like last night was for the guys, but they had to follow the group rules.

Well leaving was certainly awkward, once in the car on the way home Jarred broke the ice. "God this is going to be the worse case of blue balls I will have in my life!" I kind of laughed and told him that it wasn't easy for women either. He just looked at me, I said that we have a hard time too if we get all worked up with no finish line to cross. He suggested that we stop to eat somewhere. I had to tell him that was not possible, I was wearing a short skirt, with nothing underneath.

He got really quiet, awkward quiet, I started talking. Not enough thought time went into what I said next. I swear to this day I was not saying what I said. I was looking for a topic, any topic, just to start a conversation to take it out of this horribly weird position that we were currently in. The only problem was the thought topic that popped into my mouth before my brain kicked in was "you said you would have sex with me?" Now I know for a fact that I was just looking to talk, I was not actually trying to lead anything where it should not go.

I just was not putting two and two together at that moment. We had just left a house of naked people, we had gone there to have sex. We had both just expressed our frustrations at not getting to have sex, I asked my son "you said you would have sex with me?" I know exactly what my son meant when he answered, almost instantly after I had foolishly spoken. He said "mom I swear to god I will never tell dad" I know exactly what he meant by that.

Now this was where I needed to point out what I had really meant when I has asked that, I needed to point out that I had not really intended him to take my statement the way that he had taken it.

This story is not about what a good mom I am, this is not about me winning any PTA award. I listened to his answer, I was terribly horny, pissed at my husband, sitting next to my handsome young man who was wearing a very fine fitting suit. It was nighttime, we were coming up on a car dealership. I remained quiet for a bit and pulled into the car dealer ship.

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I went in about 3 or 4 rows and found a spot. I parked perfectly in line and our car vanished into the long rows of parked cars in this very well lit lot. I quietly told my son that there was no steering wheel on his side of the car.

As I stood up getting out of the car I said "get your pants down" His pants were on the floor when I got to his door, he was pulling his shirt tails aside to expose his rather rigid member.

I opened the door and hiked up my skirt. I only briefly exposed my bare bottom to the parking lot lights, as I slid in I said "mommy is going to sit on your lap now" My slit was sopping wet, he slid in without hesitation. As I was pressing my bare bottom down into his naked lap I felt his cock start to spurt. I thought to myself, at his age this should still be no problem. My little Jarred was trying to keep his noise down so I said "that's ok, you can grunt out loud when you cum in mommy" now his grunting got louder as I felt him jet off squirt after squirt into my already sloppy wet hole.

After he had finished I started sliding my hips back and forth some feeling this huge load of sperm start to slop out of me. It was starting to lubricate our lap where we had contact and I really didn't care. I told my son that if he can keep it hard then he can keep fucking mommy for a while now if he would like.

He might have started to get a little soft, but not for long. My Jarred managed to put a total of 3 loads of cum up inside me sitting right there in the well lit parking lot. After he got hard from his first squirt I took his hands and guided them up to my breasts. I told him that since we were doing this that if he'd like he could also play with mommies tits. "Would Jarred like to play with his mommies tits?" he groaned out a throaty yes mom, oh god yes. He squirted off his second load like that, me sliding around some on his lap while he played with my big hanging breasts.

After he came the second time he actually fell out of my slit, I twisted around as best I could and offered him a nipple while fondling his slippery wet cock. He suckled and groaned and in only a few minutes was hard enough again to penetrate me. For our third round I leaned forward more up on the dash board. Looking down I could see my heavy breasts swinging back and forth while my son braced his hands against the seat and started thrusting his cock into me from behind.

I commented on this while he was fucking me, how he was making his mothers heavy breasts swing and slap back and forth. I asked him if he liked fucking his mother from behind in the car lot. (He grunted yes) I started babbling a bit and did some grunting and pushing back of my own as I finally got off. The knowledge of how many things wrong were with this just blew my mind.

I was functionally naked in a car lot, lit up so well that everything was visible. My whole backside was splattered with my sons sperm which was dripping down onto the car seat.

My breasts were on display slapping back and forth while both me and my son were grunting like animals and fucking like I was his bitch in heat.

Once we finished what we had done kind of started to dawn on us. I had sperm splatter on my ass and dress. As hard as I could try it was going to be obvious. We smelled of sex, his pants were wrinkled, when he pulled them up the sperm splatter on the seat smeared on them.

Yes they were dark and the sperm was very, very obvious. My dress was black, most of his sperm was on the inside but enough glopped out of me when I sat back down in the drivers seat that I felt it squish out and into my skirt. I just soaked my skirt with my sons sperm, all I could say was "lets hope we get home before he does" That was not a problem, at home the phone was flashing for a missed call.

I played the message Daniel was calling from booking, he had gotten arrested. He was saying that it didn't matter what he got arrested for but we needed $1000 to get him out.

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I looked at the number and called it back. The phone was a direct line to the booking room at the county jail, someone was picked up for arguing over price with a hooker. Both of them got arrested, apparently he got mad that the hooker was going to charge extra for doing it with a "fattie" and he objected, loudly enough that the police were called. I asked what it would cost if I just picked up the car, the deputy laughed and said that this was not uncommon. That the vehicle would be forfeited unless a spouse needed it to get to work.

And that spouse also had to come up with $500 bucks. So it was going to cost $500, not a thousand, but my ATM limit was $300 so the car had to wait till morning. I looked right at my son and said Jarred sweetie, there's no need to clean up just yet, you're spending the night with me, and we're not done till you are.