Shyla Stylez doing her thing

Shyla Stylez doing her thing
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Angie Taylor thought of herself as a good Mother, but being a single parenthood came with many challenges. Her seventeen year old daughter Cassie was respectful, responsible, an 'A' student and she was growing more beautiful and sexy with each passing day. Like Angie, Cassie was tall and slim, both were red heads. Sometimes Angie marveled at how much Cassie's body reminded her of herself when she was in her late teens.


Cassie, had a perfect bubble butt and moved with such sexual grace, heads of both men and women turned when she walked into a room. Her breasts were already larger than Angie's, and it seemed she was outgrowing her bra size every three months. Angie and Cassie had always been informal at home.

Nudity or partial nudity was a daily occurrence in their home. This was becoming an issue for Angie. She found herself looking at her daughter differently.

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While she tried to keep sexual thoughts about her daughter at bay, when Cassie would hug her, wearing only a bra and panties, pressing her firm breasts into hers she would be overcome with thoughts of stroking her daughter's shoulder-length ginger hair, looking into her green eyes, and french kissing her hard on her full soft lips. The reason Angie had parted ways with Cassie's father was because she had discovered early into their marriage that she was a lesbian. As a single mom she made the conscious choice not to tell Cassie about her sexual preference and to refrain from having girlfriends publicly until Cassie was old enough to understand and accept it.

Angie was beginning to realize that her silence had not been a good strategy. Her incestuous fantasies were fueled by the knowledge that Cassie was fucking her friend Jenna.

The two girls did their best to keep it from her, but Angie heard the tell-tale moans and slippery slapping sounds of fingers in pussies on each night that Jenna had slept over.

Angie was a surgery nurse and restricted her sexual activity to four times a year when she attended professional development weekends. There was another nurse, Sandra, Angie's long-distant lover who also attended these sessions.

They would share a room and each evening together was filled with non-stop love-making. The next day they put on the guise of being nothing more than colleagues.


Sandra was married, with two teen daughters of her own: Catherine who was 18 and Stephanie who was 16. Although, Sandra's marriage was listless in terms of sex, she felt the marriage provided the stability for both her and the girls. Sandra and Angie kept in touch through e-mail. They refrained from Skype or making phone calls even though there were times when Angie longed to hear Janet's laughter, as it was so light and bubbly. Sandra was always so open and relaxed about sex, of course the sex was amazing, but with Sandra also made sex fun.

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Thinking of Sandra's laughter always made Angie smile, it also sent a shiver through her pussy. One summer day Angie opened an e-mail from Janet and noticed there was an attachment. She felt a warm tingle in her pussy as she figured Janet had attached a few juicy pictures of herself.

Since Janet and her family were nudists, Janet was always sending a few pictures of herself, and her lovely body. When Angie opened the file she was surprised to see that there were several pictures. She peered at the thumbs and noticed that there were three figures in the images. She opened the images on slide show and clicked the full-screen option.

The first image was of Janet, nude, sitting between her equally nude daughters on a couch. Angie paused the screen and felt her nipples harden in a flash.

Janet had sent her pictures at Christmas of the family at Christmas, the girls were always dressed in sweaters and respectable skirts, but suddenly here they were, the three of them smiling into the camera, without a stitch on.

Angie's beautiful lover and her two teenaged daughters, looking relaxed and composed. Angie's eyes took in Cate's full rounded breasts and long pink nipples, and Stephanie was blessed with smaller but beautifully formed tits with small areolas and puffy nipples. Angie was thankful that Cassie was at the beach with friends for the day. Angie was wearing white short shorts and a baby blue bikini top. She looked down and noticed how hard her nipples had become. Angie freed one of her tits and scraped her long finger-nails over the thick nipple and pinched the nipple hard between the sharp edges of two nails.

Angie groaned and looked back at the picture. She hadn't noticed Janet's hands at her first pass of the image. The long slender fingers on each of Janet's hands firmly squeezed tight inner thigh of each girl, Angie gasped when she noticed how close Janet's fingers were to her daughter's pussies. It was no wonder that the girl's nipples looked so stiff.

Angie released her other breast and squeezed them both together pinching the nipples.

Then with a trembling hand she clicked the mouse. Angie moaned as the next picture came into view.

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Janet's legs were now flung over her daughter's laps, and it was obvious to Angie that her lover was laughing. Angie moaned as she noticed that Cate and Steph each had their fingers delicately placed on the lips of their mother's pussy, folding them back to reveal Janet's cunt and clit.

The girls were smiling at the camera, and the tip of Cate's tongue was visible at the corner of her sexy mouth. Angie slapped her right hand down on the crotch of her shorts and began furiously rubbing her slit through the shorts.

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Her mind was reeling, here was her lover's pussy, a pussy she adored, being opened for her by Janet's two lovely daughters. Angie moaned and ripped off her bikini top and forced her shorts and thong down and off her legs. She spread her legs and gave her shaved pussy a sharp slap as she hissed to herself, "Oh fuck Janet, you are going to make me cum so fucking good," she groaned as she clicked the image forward. Angie moaned as she pushed two fingers into her foaming cunt and took in the lustful image that filled her computer screen.

Cate and Steph were between their mother's legs, splaying her cunt lips with her fingers and each girl extended their tongue so that they converged at Janet's enlarged, pink clit.


How many times had Angie felt her tongue play on Janet's slick and responsive clit, and here before her was an image of her lover's daughters joy the feel and pulse of their mother's engorged clit. In the next image Steph continued to lick her mother's clit while Cate was poised to plunge her tongue into Janet's gaping cunt. Angie paused to take the scene in and realized that this was a gift from her lover, then it dawned on her that it may also be a message With wet fingers Angie clicked to the next image needing to see.

"Oh, fuck that is so fucking hot, " she yelped as she witnessed Cate's tongue was now deep in her mother's cunt and Steph was sucking hard on Janet's clit.

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Angie fucked herself with three fingers as she took in how wet Janet's cunt was, recalling how much she loved tongue fucking her lover and sucking up every drop of her juices. The next image was wider, taking in all of Janet's body and her beautiful face.

Angie had seen that that look on her lover's face so many times. Janet was smiling, yes, but it was an ecstatic smile, as she looked straight at the camera, with a look of utter lust as she pulled on her nipples.

In the next image Cate was fucking her mother with three fingers and French kissing her sister Steph with their mother's clit caught in the cross fire of their tongues. Angie hissed at the screen and grabbed her own clit between her thumb and the knuckle of her forefinger and pulled it hard grinding her knuckle hard into the stiff flesh. In the next image both Cate and Steph both have two fingers deep inside their mother's pussy stretching it apart as they continued to kiss and tongue each other's mouth's over top of their mother's blood pink clit.

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Angie plunged three fingers in and out of her cunt and moaned continuously. Her daughter Cassie flashed through her mind. As she continued to tweak her clit she imagined Cassie moaning as she fingered her and flicked her tongue mercilessly over her daughter's clit. These pictures were driving her mad, but they were also clearing her head.

The time for silence was over, she would tell her lovely daughter everything, after she fucked the hell out of her. Angie was so close, and she knew there were only a few images remaining. She clicked the mouse and returned her fingers to her clit. She flashed her fingers back and forth over her fingers and came hard as she took in the image.

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Cum spewed from Janet's cunt, as both of her lovely daughters, who had removed their fingers now opened their mouth's and were capturing their mother's precious nectar on their faces and tongues. It was all too much for Angie she arched her ass off her chair and sprayed her own creamy cum all over the desk and keyboard. When Angie's amazing climax subsided she clicked to the final image on the file. Angie groaned once more when she saw Janet, again between her two lovely daughters on the couch.

In this picture the girls had their legs spread wide and Janet's graceful fingers deftly parted the slick pink lips of her daughter's pussies. Angie smiled and felt her clit tremble one more time. Below the amazing photo was a short message for Angie. "Lover it's time for you to join in on the fun and fuck Cassie!"