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Stripper Bach Gibt Privaten
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Sherrie and I had known each other since we were little kids. Being two and a half years older I had always looked at Sherrie as just a little girl who lived next door. For some reason as a kid she never had that much attraction.

When she turned thirteen that all changed. I seemed to notice some subtle changes. She was beginning to take shape. There were these bulges beginning to appear on her chest. She was now a bit taller and didn't have that baby face.

Her long blond hair seem to befit her gorgeous facial features. The sexy clothing she would wear got my attention as well. Short skirts and short shorts were the majority of her wardrobe. Occasionally either by accident or intentionally I would get a little shot of her panties. Seeing those panties gave me a whole new mind set about the little kid next door.


It was also about this same time that physical changes were taking place in my body. The hormones were ragging and for some reason my penis was continually hard. I had learn the art of masturbation two yeas before and I was perfecting to the limit. Often I would jack off two or three times a day.

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My record was four. Having seen Sherrie voyeuristically naked numerous times from about age 10 on, I often fantasized of her while stroking to an orgasm. Living next door to each other, it was convenient for me to gaze into her bedroom window from mine. Night after night I would wait in the dark starring at her window in hopes I would get a glimpse of her taking off her clothes. On many occasions my long hours of waiting would be rewarded.

I always thought she was very careless, leaving the window shades open and the lights on. I later learn that she suspected I was probably watching and decided to put on a show for my pleasure. She would make sure all of her lights were on and then slowly take off her top exposing her bra.

Next she would remove her skirt, shorts or slacks and casually walk around for a few minutes.

All of the time I had my cock in hand. She seemed to have every color of panties and matching bras imaginable. The bright red and black lacy ones seem to get me most aroused. Eventually she would unsnap her bra and let it slowly drop from her shoulders.

For a few minutes more she would walk about, but slide her bikini panties down on her hips. Occasionally putting her hand into the crotch. She would eventually turn and face the window as her panties fell to the floor.

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A 5' 1", 90 pound petite figure stood before me fully exposed. Her hand moved casually to her pussy. Finally she would flip her long hair over her shoulders, lift her head and arch her back to accentuate her sweet 32B breasts. My left hand would be on my binoculars to get a closer look while my right hand remained firmly around my stiff cock. Buy this time I would max out and have an intense orgasm. My cum exploding from my cock.

I decided it was time to know better the little girl who lived next door. Being good friends as we were, I began to talk to her regularly.

Casually, I would bring sex in to our conversation. She seemed very interested, sharing with me everything she knew about the subject. We chatted about, blow jobs, hand jobs, oral, positions, and about everything else that would get my cock so stiff I though it would snap off. My underwear was always soaked with pre cum. I asked how do you know so much? She said, " I look up everything I can find about sex and masturbating on the internet." "The internet is a really cool source." "I get so wet looking at the pictures." "I sometimes sit at the computer looking at naked guys and finger myself till I get off." She question me as to how many times a week I jacked off.

I told her that I loved it and would jack off at least once a day. I inquired as to her rituals of self gratification. Without hesitation she said; "I love to finger myself. I started when I was eight. Although I can remember it felt good, it was only later I learned the full effects.

When I started my period I found my G-spot one day while I was inserting a tampon. From then on it has become a really cool habit. I do it just about every night when I get in bed, but I usually look at some porn on the net first, just to get more in the mood.

Mom doesn't know it but I have a small vibrator that I keep hidden. I sometime stick the vibe up my rectum and rub my clit. Other times I insert in my vagina. I usually get off about three times in a row when I do either of those ways." Our little chats became more frequent and each time I would have to excuse myself to go home and jerk off.

Sherrie latter confessed she would do the same thing. Our little preparatory meetings to masturbation became more frequent. Both enjoying the same indulgence it was concluded we should try mutual masturbation. Hand in hand we went off to the guest house down by the lake.

It was very private and secluded. We weren't inside the door more than thirty seconds when she pulled down her size 0 pink short shorts and then lacy hot pink sheer bikini panties. I became stiff.

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I instantaneously dropped my jeans and low rise briefs. My cock standing erect was throbbing as I looked at her perfectly smooth pussy and alluring pubic peach fuzz. My God she looked so good. She then stepped out of her shorts and panties completely, only keeping on her very thin sexy blue and white midriff blouse with a low cut neckline. She wasn't wearing a bra as I could see her mouth watering tits Asking she did, "Can I touch your cock?

Please, please" I nodded my acceptance. I became further excited. She gently put her tender hand around the shaft of my erect penis and massaged my balls with her other hand. It was obvious she was enjoying what might be called foreplay.

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"Your balls are so smooth and you cock so hard," she exclaimed. "I shave my balls and shaft. I like the look " I said. She asked me if I wanted her to shave her pussy. I told her no for two reasons. First she didn't have that much and I loved her peach fuzz. I told her she looked so good when she took her panties off I wanted to go down on her so bad.


"Do you want to now" Not this time lets save that for the next time. I winked at pretty little Sherrie. "I'd like that" She grinned. "Do you think we might try that some time?" "I'd suck you if you would run your tongue across my clitoris." She was getting me so turned on I could hardly contain the fluids in my scrotum.

I said, "be careful as I might cum." Ecstatically she said "Oh could I please jack you off. Please" My response was positive.

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We slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and tenderly kissed a couple of times. Tongue to tongue, the feeling was awesome. That being the first time I had ever kissed her. Without asking I slid my hand between her legs. She spread them slightly so as to better receive my fingers.

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The silky pubic hair on her pussy only served to further arouse me. I softly put my other arm around her and ran my hand under her blouse rubbing the little mounds on her chest. I could feel her nipples getting stiff and her vagina moist. We were virtually in each others arms. I leaned over, gave her a kiss on the ear and nibbled on her neck.

She moaned. "Oh this feels so good," she said. "Keep going, keep going. Oh I'm so hot and it feels so good. Keep going" Likewise I expressed to her how good she was making me feel. By this time my cock was wet with pre cum and her pussy flowing with juices.

Sherrie was getting so aroused and said, "Oh let it cum and keep fingering my hot pussy." Surprisingly, I was able to hold back and not shoot off. She kept gently pumping in synchronization to my rubbing of her now creamy clitoris. As I would rub faster so she would stroke. Once agin I gently kissed her ear and whispered, "I can't hold it any longer." With the pulsing of my cock came streams of white creamy liquid. The site and feel of my cum brought Sherrie to an orgasm.

I could feel the spasms in her pussy. Screaming and moaning saying, "Wow that is so cool and feels so good." "Lets do it again" We enjoyed encounters many times there after.