Naughty Lesbians Pleasuring Each Other Pussy on Cam

Naughty Lesbians Pleasuring Each Other Pussy on Cam
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"Your baby bump is getting bumpier, pretty soon you are going to have to buy pregnant lady clothes." My sister Paula smiled broadly "Already have, I'm almost five months gone now and none of my regular clothes fit me. My boobs are bigger, my ass is spreading and my tummy is inflating like a fucking balloon." "God, that must suck." Paula showed even more teeth as she gushed "No Way, this is so cool, I'm having Tad's baby.

I thought having a kid would be torture but I like what is going on, I like being pregnant." "Too bad he isn't here to share your enthusiasm, when does he get back?" "What is today, April 20th? He is supposed to rotate back to the States in mid August, around the time I'm due. I hope the little Gonzo can wait that long." "Gonzo? You're gonna scribe Gonzo on his birth certificate?" She sat on my easy chair, "No, we have four names picked out but we want to see what he looks like before we put one on him.

It would be weird having a blonde haired, blue eyed baby with the name Alejandro or something." "So Tad knows the kid is a boy?" "I told him last week, after the ultrasound." Paula left for her own home leaving me to get back to being a live alone bachelor.

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I used to be married but that ended when my ex decided she didn't like playing in my sand box any more. Since the divorce eight months earlier I've dated three women but none have made me want to date them longer than a few times. They were okay, but we couldn't start a fire together. My sister's husband was off in a desert shooting at desert animals, the two legged kind. Before he left he knocked Paula up and hopefully he'd be back before the fruits of his labor were borne.

Since my sister and I were for the time both single, we spent a lot of time together. In fact I had a dinner date with my older sibling later that same day. "I can't drink alcohol, if the baby got drunk it would kick the piss out of my bladder." "Then I'll have two, one for you and one for me." As the dinner progressed past the appetizer my sister asked me about my latest attempt to find a girlfriend.

I told her about the most recent failed date and that I'd pretty much given up on looking for a steady partner in sports bars. "You should try libraries, you know, where brainy young women driven to research and abstinence hang out" she joked.

"It's not the abstinence part I'd be interested in, I have enough of that myself." Paula s eyes locked on mine for a brief second, "Yeah, I'm not interested in that either but with Tad gone, it's forced on me." When I dropped her off at her house Paula leaned to me and kissed my cheek then asked "What are you doing for the rest of the night?" "There's a rerun of Armageddon on TV, it's a great movie." About an hour after I got home, just about the time Bruce Willis was trying to shoot Ben Affleck my cell chirped, Paula had sent a text.


What wnt 2 get laid? Always cm hre u have a frnd 4 me? Wait, u'll C. Door is unlocked. An invite from my sister to come to her place in the late night was unusual but not worrisome. Since she hinted she might have a friend she wanted me to meet (wnt 2 get laid?) I cleaned up, brushed my teeth then split for Paula's house. She'd set me up with her friends before so I was mildly intrigued as I drove to her home.

Paula left her door unlocked so I didn't bother knocking or ringing when I got there. I stepped into the front room but she wasn't there. "Paula?" "Back here." I found my way past the kitchen to the rear of her house, only one door was open, my sister's bedroom. I paused at the jamb "Hey, you in here?" "Yeah, come on in." She was sitting on her bed, her back resting on two of four pillows wearing a thigh length night gown. Her fingers were laced over the swell of her stomach as if she were feeling the baby.

She had pulled her long blonde hair into a pony tail which fell across her shoulder, the end of it covering her right breast. Her stomach may have been distended but the legs protruding from the hem of the gown were not only bare, but very shapely. She looked firm and trim from thigh to toes.

"Are you alone?" "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" "Well I thought you might have a friend here to meet me." My sister cocked her head to one side, studied me briefly then grinned "Oh, you think that I invited you over to meet a girl? No, I asked you to come over because I'm horny and want to have sex." I stopped in mid step. I heard the words, I understood the words, but I couldn't get my mind to accept the words.

"You want me to screw you?" Paula smiled prettily, blue eyes sparked mischievously, "Yes, I want you to screw me; lay me, fuck me, and when you get done doing all that, I'm going to abuse you for my own pleasure." "Hey, if you are so fucking hard up to fuck, go find a boyfriend, I won't rat you out to Tad." She shook her head then patted the bed beside her, "Sit, let me tell you why we are going to have sex." I wasn't afraid of my sister, not physically at least but her intentions were making me wary.

I sat next to her, tentative. "You're my brother, that works to my advantage for several reasons. First, you are available and convenient. Second, I know that you are not some rapist or serial killer so I'm safe. Third, you don't have any deadly STDs.

Fourth, if you have sex with me I know I won't be the latest breaking news at your work. And last, you are not getting any right now so you must have a good deal of sexual energy to work off and I intend on working it off you.

"I have no intention of going out and finding someone to love or replace Tad and I don't' want some needy bastard clinging to me after I fuck him a few times.

You and I can bounce all over our beds until he comes home and I won't feel guilty or be afraid that some guy is going to call me and Tad answers the phone. I'm already pregnant so that's not a problem and you won't have to use condoms. If you're like other men you view them only as necessary to get a girl's permission but I am freely offering so you can enjoy me without them." "You've been thinking about this how long?" "Oh, maybe a week.

Last Saturday when we were grilling steaks I saw you posed in a way that made my pussy twitch. I'd felt it with other guys but never with you. The feeling surprised me, shocked me and made me embarrassed for my own thoughts but the longer I watched you as a man, not as a brother, the more I twitched. I even got a little miffed at Marilyn when she was flirting with you.

By the time everybody left I was thinking about you sexually. Tonight at dinner I made up my mind. Get undressed." "Don't I get a say in this?" Paula reached for my shirt buttons and levered open the top one as she said with the assurance of a ten year old girl who knew she was in charge of the playground, "No, I'm the big sister, you're the little brother, you do what I say and I say are going to screw me." What she said, what she was doing made me shiver with uncertainty, I was not convinced I could fuck my own sister so I had to object "You're pregnant, won't sex hurt the baby?" Paula looked at me with growing frustration in her eyes "No, being pregnant is making me so goddamn horny; I'm so hard up I could fuck a fence post right now but I'm tired of doing everything myself while thinking about what a good hard-on can do for me.

My dildo doesn't hurt the kid so your hard prick won't either." By then my shirt was open and her hands were working on my belt. I stood off the bed and finished the job of undressing while Paula watched with wide glittering eyes.

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Even though I was still apprehensive my cock didn't have any reservations, as my clothes came off, my prick was swelling, growing into what my sister needed.

She slid down from her sitting position to flat on her back and waited. Wearing just my bulging underwear I went to bed with my pregnant older sister. She flipped to her side threw a leg over my thigh and sent her fingers into my boxers to her goal. Paula gripped my erection and started pulling on it while snuggling even closer to put her lips on my neck.

There was no hesitation, no second thoughts or moments of indecision. Paula needed to fuck and she was ready to take on her own family. With her help I pulled my underwear over my hard-on and down my legs. I reached under the gown to pull her panties off and found only Paula, my fingers discovered warm soft skin unfettered by cloth.

I pushed her to her back then moved up and over her, my knees between her legs, my hands next to her shoulders to keep my stomach from mashing the baby then on an unspoken cue she raised her hips, I lowered mine then the head of my cock split my sisters cunt. She was ready, wet, warm and swollen open so I slid easily into her until my nuts pressed on the lips of her sex. Paula gasped a breath then held it while looking up at me, her mouth turned up at the corners then she sighed out "Oh my god that feels good Ryan, I need this so much." I penetrated her as far as I could but she didn't move until she locked her arms around my neck.

She pulled me down so our cheeks were sliding against the other, I had to bow over her stomach to keep from squashing her unborn child. She bit my shoulder, her breath felt like a desert wind, she started to rock her hips, moving her pussy on my cock. She started slow and I reacted to her by thrusting against her.

In moments her movements became more urgent, more wonton, as her body reacted to sex for the first time since she got knocked up. She loosened her grasp on my neck and spread her legs wider across the bed.


I pushed up on my arms to take the pressure off my nephew and started to fuck her. I was pumping her cunt while she thrust against me in a rhythm as old as time.

I couldn't imagine how needy she was until only a couple of minutes after we began she slammed her eyes shut, threw her arms and legs around me and began to vibrate. All rhythm was gone; she humped against me as the orgasm rampaged through her, I could only hang on to Paula as she bounced.

Gradually her orgasm subsided and she relaxed back onto the bed and lay still. I was still rock hard inside her so I stroked her a few more times to see how she would react.


She reached up with her hands and pulled me to my side then rolled me to my back, rolling with me to keep my hard-on in her then rested her head on my chest. I looked at the red band holding the pony tail, "You've been thinking about this for more than a week haven't you?" She lifted her face to look at me and admitted "Yeah, but only about getting some, not about you" then began to move again.

She pushed up and rocked on me, never taking her eyes off mine. We began to fuck again, this time she had less urgency but still a strong carnal hunger. I looked up at her and realized I was fucking my sister, I had never seen her naked so I paused screwing her to pull on the hem of her night gown.

She let me pull it up and off then after it hit the floor I took my time to look at her. As we resumed our slow fuck I reached up and touched her breasts which looked swollen, the aureola were stretched tight and the nipples full and erect.

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I started to massage them with both hands, she closed her eyes, stretched her head back and leaned into me a little. As I played with her sensitive tits her hips started moving a little faster so I started rocking on my ass to penetrate deeper and harder. In a few moments there was no more polite quiet fucking as we both climbed toward the peak of our need.

She lifted off me slightly so I had more room to stroke her. I put my hands on her hips and lifted her higher each time I drove up into her then pulled her down on me again. As I screwed Paula I could feel my balls growing tense and I knew I couldn't last much longer. I whispered a warning to her so she grabbed my shoulders and started whipping her cunt back and forth on my cock. I lost all control, fluids shot out of me and deep into her as my erection throbbed and pulsed with the orgasm.

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She was already pregnant so my clones were sent on a delightful but useless journey through her womb. Paula reacted to my climax and began to shiver as she huffed rapidly for air, her eyes were wide open, looking at nothing when she began to voice the bursts of passion shocking her body. We fell apart silent except for the harsh rasping for cool air. After a few seconds she flopped her head toward me, the smile on her face lit up the Universe, "I never in my life even imagined you could do that for me.

I just got awesomely fucked, and boy, did I need it." I put a hand over her the roundness of her stomach and caressed her son as I asked "Is that it, is that all you needed?" She rolled to her side facing me, her stomach pressed against mine. She lifted her leg and laid it across my hip then put a hand on my cheek, "No," she murmured, "stay with me tonight.

Please?" It was the "Please?" that made me realize that my sister wasn't just horny, she was lonely. She needed someone in her life, not just for sex but to stave off the feeling of isolation, of not having Tad with her. In a burst of intuition I knew Paula needed to share her joy at being pregnant and if her husband couldn't be there, I was her choice.

I reached for my sister and pulled her close to me then hugged her intimately. She huffed her relief that I wasn't going to reject because of her behavior. The tender sibling bond between us quickly rekindled to a hot passionate union of two lovers. She moved her head back until she was looking into my eyes "Do you think we can kiss, is that okay?" I pressed my lips against hers and was surprised that the kiss felt as natural and normal as if I were kissing a girlfriend.

We broke the kiss then smiled at each other.

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She reached between my legs then began to encourage my semi hard cock to become completely hard again. I'd never been to bed with a pregnant girl before so I wasn't sure what I could or should do to make her happy without stressing out the Gonzo, I mean I didn't want her to go into labor or anything. Because I was unsure I asked her "What do you want me to do Paula, I don't want to hurt you or the kid." She focused on my eyes "Do anything you want, do everything you want, I'm not so far along that my stomach or the baby will be in the way." She paused, grinned easily, squeezed my erection then added again as the ten year old in charge, "Just make sure I enjoy it too." I pushed her to her side so I was behind her.

As my hands clutched her rounded stomach my cock slipped between her legs. Paula lifted her top leg and laid it over my thigh as I penetrated her once more. The load of cum I'd given her before made my entry into her an easy sensual beginning to a second heated session of slapping bodies, gasping, moaning and heightening passion. My sister was getting something she had missed out on for months and she was letting the night know how good it felt to get laid again.

I wanted to roll her to her stomach but the baby was in the way so I easily persuaded her to her hands and knees so I could take her from behind. I held her widened hips while she rolled her back in rhythm with my strokes. My sister and I fucked like that until she began to quake and cry out a series of strong orgasms. Her arms collapsed, her head dropped to a pillow while I held her ass off the bed. The string of convulsions racking her body caused her to yelp with delight and sob with effort at the same time.

Lust was flowing from her cunt, soaking my balls as they finally relented and gave Paula what she craved. I crashed to the bed heaving for air, sweating like I'd run a marathon, Paula opened her eyes, her smile was a yard wide "Oh-my-gawd Ryan, if we keep that up I'll divorce my husband and marry you.

Holy shit that felt good." We spent the next half hour or so relaxing, regaining energy. Paula got us some cool water to drink then we sat cross legged on her bed and talked. Since we were naked I was focused on her distended bellybutton when she suddenly sat upright and laughed sharply. "What, what is it?" "The baby moved, he's moving around, here, give me your hand." Paula pulled my right arm to her by the wrist then placed my hand on her tummy.

I didn't feel anything but warm skin so she moved it for me until I felt a lump. The lump moved, she twittered again. As I sat facing my older sister with her baby moving under my hand my cock began to reform as an erection. I reached for Paula then we started another intimate introduction to my nephew.