Fulo de la caja de ahorro siendo cogido a pelo por capitalino pty

Fulo de la caja de ahorro siendo cogido a pelo por capitalino pty
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"Charmander, we need you!" The white light flashed from the pokéball in Ash's hand and the fire lizard Pokémon appeared in front of him. Ash didn't like using his Charmander, but Brock insisted on trying out a new recipe and they were out of matches. The Pokémon didn't mind at all. He enjoyed being out of his Pokéball. He enjoyed it so much that Ash let out the others as well. The six Pokémon were thrilled. "Alright, don't go too far, and be back before those storm clouds get here!

Charmander, don't let your flame start any forest fires, okay? Be careful!" Each of them ran off into the woods and Ash smiled. They were a good team. The smell of sizzling peppers and stew drew Ash back to the fire and his friends.

He eyed Misty as he sat down. They had walked a fair ways from the Pokémon center over the course of the morning, and the road led through a forest. They wouldn't see anyone else, probably, for days. Misty had pretended as though nothing had happened. She still called him and idiot and yelled at him a lot. But Ash felt her bump into him from time to time, once she had even pretended to trip while looking back and talking to Brock.

Ash had been forced to catch her, grabbing her arm and placing a hand directly on her chest. He had felt her nipple poking through her shirt at him. That wasn't just coincidence. He knew she was doing something, maybe trying to get his attention or something. She looked up at him and smiled as he sat down, ignorant of his staring. "Hey Ash, How long do you think it'll take us to get through the forest?" He eyed her suspiciously.

Misty never asked him that question. "Probably a few days. I hear it's pretty big, but the next gym is on the other side, so we've got no choice. I'm looking forward to it, honestly. We've been going through a lot of towns lately." And it'll give you and I time to figure this out. Misty smiled at him.

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"You won't miss sleeping in a warm bed? I know how much you love the Pokémon centers." "I like sleeping outside more." Brock announced lunch and they ate, all eyeing the storm on the horizon.

It came closer and closer as they ate. Brock had seen Misty 'trip' and fall. He had even seen the awkward way Ash had been forced to catch her.

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He had been wondering when the two would figure it out, but then he thought them both too stupid to know anything of human anatomy. HE cooked lunch, chased hot girls and learned how to breed Pokémon. That was his job. These two were his friends, not his charges. If they wanted to try something, that was fine with him.

But Brock knew they wouldn't. Ash was too dumb; hell, he needed everything explained to him in terms Pikachu understood. And Misty seemed like she hated him.

She still nagged him about the bike every once in a while, but Brock knew that Ash had already paid it off.

At least he hoped so. Bikes could be fairly expensive… Misty eyed the storm with glee. It was perfect, a chance to be alone in Ash's tent all evening.

Brock never shared a tent with them if he didn't have to. Ash usually slept in a sleeping bag outside, and the others followed his example sometimes, But Misty already had an idea of how it would all pan out. And the clouds grew closer and closer… When the storm hit, the seven Pokémon were safe in their pokéballs and in Ash's bag.

Even Pikachu had gone inside willingly. The three companions rushed under a small rock outcrop and began to pitch tents. Three of them were set up, all so small that they could barely fit two people. One was the recommended size of course, but Ash had a feeling, from the way Misty bounced around, that he wouldn't be alone tonight. Finally they were all inside safely. Ash took off his vest, gloves, jeans and shirt; they had all been soaked setting up his tent.

The tarp overhead would offer some protection but not much. Ash had set his tent up closer to the storm on purpose; Brock didn't like the rain and Misty could stay dry if she decided against her plots and plans. He didn't mind, and the tent would stay mostly dry. He lied down and shut his eyes. It felt like a minute, maybe two. Lightning broke and the thunder rumbled a bit, and the rain pelted the side of the tent.

Ash heard the sound of rustling in one of the other tents. After a few seconds Misty opened the flap of his tent. Ash smiled inside and looked oblivious on the surface. The sleeping bag he was in could fit two people, if they were close; there was no room for anything else but clothing and stray items.

Misty was stuck with him. "Ash? This storm is kind of freaking me out… I don't know why, but I…" For a second Ash believed her.

She looked so innocent, so trustworthy. She was dressed in wet clothes and looked miserable, tired too. Then Ash remembered the night before and laughed in his chest. Misty heard him gulp before answering. "Yeah sure. There isn't much room though, and you'll have to get out of those clothes… mine were pretty wet too." Misty crawled inside and undid the suspenders on her denim shorts.

"Thanks Ash. I think I can stand a night cuddling with you. Can I just crawl into your sleeping bag? There should be enough room…" "Yeah sure. We've got to stay dry and warm." Ash watched her pull her yellow shirt over her head and gazed at her light blue bra.

It wasn't hiding much, seeing as Misty wasn't exactly a busty lady, but she had decent breasts. The she sat down and pulled off her shorts before turning around and crawling toward Ash and the opening to the sleeping bag.

The memory of Misty crawling toward him in her underwear was seared into Ash's memory forever. Misty slid into the bag next to him, touching quite a bit of skin as she did so. She smiled at him and snuggled up close. Ash put an arm around her, trying to make it seem somewhat real. "It's a lot warmer with someone else in here… thanks Ash." Misty looked up at him with those big green eyes sparkle up at him.

Ash was mesmerized by them. "No problem Misty, it's like I said…" Ash didn't finish the sentence. Looking into Misty's eyes then, he couldn't help himself.

He leaned in and kissed her. She returned the kiss eagerly. She even rolled on top of him and put one hand in his black hair. Ash wrapped his hands around Misty's waist, feeling the bare skin and light fabric under his touch. He was surprised at how naturally kissing Misty was. He had never kissed a girl before, not once. But now here they were. Ash pulled away slowly and Misty looked down at him with a look of a disappointment.

"Why'd you stop? It was so…" "Misty, I think you're beautiful and I want to kiss you and touch you and so much more, but I just have to let you know: I was awake last night." Misty looked at him in shock. Then in fear. Then in anger. Finally in disbelief. She leaned down and pecked him on the lips once, the same way she had the night before. But she couldn't pull back before Ash grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lips to his again, kissing her tenderly. His hands stayed where they were, one in her hair and the other on her waist.

It was exactly the way she wanted it.


He kissed her a little harder and she threw herself at him; all of her passion was pushed into the one kiss. Ash felt her tongue touch his lips and opened his mouth. The kiss became more and more passionate, more violent and desperate. Finally Ash slid his hand up and gripped at the hasp of her bra. It was a simple catch mechanism. Misty yelped in surprise when she felt he bra leave her back.

She pulled back and gasped for air as Ash threw the bra onto the pile of wet clothing. He admired her small breasts and their pink nipples. He wanted to feel them, know them, taste them even.


Then Misty kissed him again and Ash forgot about her breasts for a moment. He slid the hand that had undone her bra down her back and pressed it under her underwear, cupping her ass in his palm as he slid down further between her legs. Misty purred when she felt his hand on her lips.

Ash could hear the rumble in her throat and feel the vibration in his mouth, dancing on lips and making his tongue shiver.

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He was harder than he had ever been before and Misty could feel it pressing into her thighs as she writhed against him in the sleeping bag. Ash pulled away from her kiss and rolled her over so that he was on top of her. He kissed the nape of her neck and suckled at the pale flesh, enjoying the way Misty moaned.

The he slid down to her breasts. They were petite, little mounds rising from the surface of her chest with bright pick nipples standing up in the middle. They were warm, soft, and beautiful. Ash kissed around her nipple and finally kissed the nipple itself. Misty pushed her breast further into his mouth as she felt him please her. She had never let anyone else touch her before, and Ash was so gentle… "Ooooh! Ash, yes!" His finger probed deeper into her vagina, stroking her tight insides, as she grew wetter and wetter.

Finally Ash unzipped the bag and threw it open, sliding back up to Misty and planting a kiss on her lips as he removed his underwear. She grabbed his head and pulled him down to her lips fiercely, refusing to let him go. He found her entrance and pushed, causing Misty to squeal and finally let him up for air. She looked uncomfortable with his length and girth.


"Misty are you ok? Should I sto…" "No! Please I just… I just need you to go slowly. It's bigger… bigger than I thought…" Misty grimaced at the tiny needles of pain and clenched her teeth. "Keep… keep going!" Ash pushed again, slowly, and Misty groaned. Sweat beaded up on her forehead.

Her muscles tightened around him and Ash grunted himself at the unexpected pressure. He wanted just to push it all inside of her, to feel it.

He wanted to cum inside of her, to feel her around him. Ash had never thought that a woman could be so tight. He pushed a little farther and Misty squeaked.

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Finally Ash couldn't take it; he had to relieve her of this pain. He knew once she was open the pain would be gone, after a while, and they could just enjoy it.

"Misty, I'm sorry!" "Wha…?

Ash?. wait!" Misty felt him kiss her, plant his lips firmly on hers and push his tongue in her mouth. She started to kiss him back, until she felt him pull back and surge forward.

She screamed underneath him and pushed against his body, trying to hurt him back for the intense agony in her loins. Ash kept his mouth planted on hers and didn't move inside of her, just stayed still. She wriggled underneath him and moaned in pain as her crotch throbbed. Ash tried hard not to cum and spray inside of her. She was so hot, wet, tight… Ash wanted so badly just to cum inside of her.

But he couldn't do that. Finally she stopped moving under him. He pulled his lips away from hers for a second and was rewarded with a slap across the face. "Hey!" He didn't get a chance to say anything else.

Misty grabbed his head and yanked him roughly back down to her lips. Ash pushed deeper to see if it hurt her, nearly jumping for joy when he heard her moan and felt her pull her legs up into the air to give him more room. Her tongue roughly shoved into his mouth and Ash pushed back just as hard. He pulled out of her and pushed back in quickly, moaning with her as they made love.

Finally she dropped her head down onto the padded pillow built into the sleeping bag. "Oooooh… Fuck yes, Ash! Fuck me!" Ash kneeled and pulled out again, ramming back into her hard and pressing against her clitoris. She cried out, a high-pitched little cry like she had been nipped by a Pokémon. Ash loved that sound; he wanted to make her fell even better, but he knew he wouldn't last long inside of her.

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"Shit… Misty, I'm going to cum!" "Just… a little… longer… ungh FUCK!" Misty's voice gave out as she came and tried to scream. Ash felt her start to cum and realized what was happening just as he was pushed over the edge. He shot his seed into her belly just as she recovered from her orgasm. She grunted and came a second time as he kept pushing into her pussy and filling it with his cum.

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She grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, straining to stay awake as her two most intense orgasms ever in her life rippled through her limbs. Ash pulled out and kissed her mound, just above her clit, then kissed her lower stomach and continued kissing his way up, brushing a finger around her belly button before dipping his fingers to her inner thighs. He carefully avoided her snatch as he kissed her breasts, forcing her to relax and breath.

Finally he kissed her lips with as much love as he could. They rolled onto their sides and Misty draped her leg over Ash's waist, letting his cum slowly dribble out of her pussy onto her leg. They stopped kissing and Misty nuzzled her head into Ash's chest as he wrapped her in a hug. "I'm so sorry, Misty. I didn't want to hurt you, I promise.

I just wanted you to enjoy it…" "Ash, it's alright…" Misty looked into Ash's eyes and planted one soft kiss on his lips before settling her head against his chest once more. "I know. And I probably deserved it… I haven't been very nice to you up until now." "Misty… are we going to keep doing this?" "I hope so…" They fell asleep in each others' arms, letting the rain fall on the tent and leave them to themselves.