Cock loving college babe pounded from behind

Cock loving college babe pounded from behind
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Oops that's not sugar Daddy!! My mom really tore into me last night after she caught me in my bedroom giving a blowjob to my boyfriend Justin. I really couldn't sleep after what mom said to me. I really take what she says to heart.

So, I got up early Saturday morning to work out.

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Daddy doesn't come home until around six in the morning now because he works the third shift at the factory. I don't know what the big deal is he only makes an extra $5.00 per hour. What I am really nervous about is whether or not mommy told daddy about what I was doing in my bedroom last night. To be honest, I'm not really sure why she was so upset? She knows that for last couple of years I have been providing blowjobs for all of my boyfriends; hell it was my mom's idea in the first place.

She told me that it's better to take a load in the mouth and spit it out rather than a load in my pussy and taking a chance at getting pregnant. Lately I've been catching my dad sneaking peeks at my ass and tits whenever he gets a chance. Can't say that I blame him it isn't really his fault, I purposely wear skimpy clothes around him. I've noticed if I wear no bra and skimpy skirts and shorts I pretty much get anything that I want from my daddy. So, this morning I was going to have to take it up a notch and work it to my advantage just in case he knows about all the boys I've been blowin' over the past two years.

Now, I don't want to say that I am a slut or anything but I've only been with three boys and that includes Justin. I'm only sixteen and my first serious boyfriend who got more than a kiss from me was when I turned fourteen.

Over the past year and a half I have slowly but surely letting the boys do more to me until Topher took my virginity about a year ago. So I can honestly say that with the boys I've been with they really don't know what they are doing sexually. It's kinda like their just happy to see me naked and the fact that I'm willing to touch and suck their cocks.

I have to take some blame on that end too as I don't have a lot of experience with the cock but I am willing to learn from a good teacher. Where the hell is he? Today is my yoga work out day.


That means no bras, no panties and the best opportunity to get out of trouble if daddy already knows about me and Justin. Before I went down I made sure that I wore my t-shirt that barley covered the bottoms of my B-cup breasts and spandex shorts with no panties so that would assure a true camel toe would be displayed for my father's enjoyment.

I made sure that the TV was a little louder than usual on that Saturday morning trying to wake my dad. All it really did was get my mom out of the house faster. She just so happens to be a supervisor at the same plant that my father works.

It really didn't take much to get dad out of bed with the Namaste soothing music playing very loudly from the surround sound.

It took about fifteen minutes into the work out I was hot and sweaty so as to enhance the wet t-shirt look and make the spandex cling to my ass and my pussy. When he finally came down the steps he hadn't even noticed me as I lie on the floor with my legs spread open and my shirt up over my head that exposed my tits. He just patted me on the head with his eyes half closed as he walked by me and said, "Mornin' Pumpkin don't stop because of me I just need coffee." Well that's a good sign usually if I'm in trouble he just starts right off with me.

Dad didn't quite make it to the kitchen as he stopped in the bathroom for his morning, well you guys know. I quickly moved into the kitchen to make him his cup of coffee to try and sweeten him up even if doesn't know now he will soon enough. When my dad walked into the kitchen I tried to look my best for him. I slouched down in the chair crossed my leg over the other and I even ran my finger between my outer pussy lips to ensure a very nice camel toe for him.

I even pulled the shirt up ever so slightly to make it look like I had just leaned back on the chair as to advertise my tits for my father. I heard my father flush the toilet and make his way down the hallway into the kitchen when I leaned all the way back and stretched to put all my goods on display just one more time for him.

I yawned as I stretched in the chair and said, "I am so tired that workout kicked my butt." He definitely noticed me this time, "Hey honey, good mornin' hey could you cover up there just a little all of your stuff is like just hanging out." I looked back at him with the best puppy eyes and said, "Hey Daddy!!!!!

How did you sleep last night?" He walked over to the chair where I was sitting and pulled me out, "Pretty well. How's my favorite daughter?" I immediately took the lead. I stood up to greet him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him right on the mouth, "Oh Daddy, you're so sweet.

I'm your only daughter." Then I slipped my tongue between his lips. My dad pulled back away from me ever so slightly even though he had wrapped his arms around my sweaty back, "Hey, I told you before that you shouldn't kiss me like that honey." I smiled back at my father, "Well you know I am sixteen and practically an adult and I should be able to do adult things like French kissing. Besides I need the practice for my future boyfriends and husband.

Who better to practice on than my daddy, right?" He just smiled at me, "All you girls today are in such a hurry to grow up. You know it is okay to remain my Pumpkin for at least a couple more years." His nose went up in the air and began to sniff the air like a dog and said, "Coffee, coffee my wonderful daughter made her father coffee.

I love you so much." Then he proceeded to embrace me again. Then for the first time he grabbed my tight ass with his massive hands and squeezed my ass cheeks ever so gently. I backed away from his embrace throwing two very powerful weapons at him, my tits, and said, "I'll get you a cup don't worry daddy everything is under control. He chuckled at me and said, "Well, there are several things that I see that are out of control.

How many times do I have to tell you to wear a bra honey? Even if it's a sports bra especially if you are going to work out!" Then he pointed with his finger at my crotch and said, "The other thing is your pretty little princess is trying to burst out of your spandex.

Will you at least adjust your shorts? How many times do I have to tell you to be a little more lady like?" I didn't answer him and went to the cupboard to look for some sugar for his coffee and noticed that it was empty, "Oh shit daddy, there's no sugar!!! I wonder if Mommy knows where there is more sugar.

Daddy have a seat and I'll call mommy." My dad sat there as I picked up the phone and I completely ignored his instructions about covering anything up or adjusting anything. My appearance was working beautifully as his eyes never left my teenage body. They were scanning upwards and downwards over me and a small smirk crept up on his lips.

Right there I knew I had him. Just then my mom answered her line at work.

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"Hey mommy, do you know where the sugar is?" She said, "There should be a new jar in the cupboard honey, check again okay." I went back to the same cupboard and turned my head ever so slightly as my daddy was watching my perfect sixteen-year-old cheerleading ass. I decided to take it a step further and leaned over the counter top and spread my legs ever so slightly revealing my tear shaped pussy bursting out of my very tight spandex. I giggled to myself as I found the other container and said to my mommy, "Oh, I think I found it!" My mom said, "Okay good, have a good day and make sure that you clean up after your father I swear to God Georgina sometimes you father can be a real pig." "Sure mommy I'm on the case for you I promise." I looked at the contents of the brown jar and thought to myself well brown sugar is sugar or I think that this stuff is sugar.

Oh well Daddy won't notice anything." My dad had his eyes closed and then slowly opened them as the aroma of the coffee hit his nose. He immediately perked up and as I sat across from him at our glass kitchen table he asked, "Thanks for the coffee honey you're a freakin' lifesaver you know that?

So what are you planning to do today, Pumpkin?" I spread my legs open again as my father's eyes trailed down from my face then they cascaded over my perky tits down to my puffy but tiny camel toe and said, "You're welcome daddy.

You know I would do anything for you, you know that right?" We sat together for several minutes as I flipped through the latest Cosmo and daddy flipped through the morning mail that my mom must have brought inside. Then I saw my dad push himself away from the table and spread his legs. Looking down at his crotch my father was now sporting this huge boner.

His pajama bottoms looked like a small mountain standing proudly within my father's lap and I said, "Daddy, what is going on over there?" He smiled as he looked down at his penis he wasn't embarrassed by it he was actually proud of his standing upright pole and said, "Holy shit I haven't had mornin' wood like this in years! Usually it doesn't come back after I hit the bathroom in the morning though. This is pretty impressive I feel like I'm a teenager all over again. Damn would you look at this thing it truly has a mind of its own.

I think my cock is swelling up from the sugar you put in my coffee honey." Looking down at his enormous morning wood that he was sporting I began to giggle and put my hand over my mouth as my eyes were being hypnotized by my daddy's trouser snake.

The head of his cock actually was poking out of the top of his pajama bottoms and came to rest on his belly button and I said, "Daddy, it has to be that sugar I gave you or I think it's sugar I wasn't really sure. Mommy said it was. That's why I put it in your coffee I wonder what it could be?" My dad stood up from the table with his cock still making itself known to me and my father pulled me out of my chair.

He sat my ass down on the end of the table and smiled at me and said, "Don't know what it is honey but I think it's more than the sugar or whatever it is. I think it also has to do with the way you have been parading around me this morning. The way you've had all of your goodies on display. You have been turning me on all morning and now I want you badly.

Just remember one thing honey if you get a man to stand at attention it is your job to help him take a seat again, if you know what I mean?" My dad stroked his hand through my hair and grabbed my ass tight up against his body and I could feel my father's manhood press up against my sixteen-year-old mound and I said, "Oh wow I never knew you felt this way about me daddy." He smiled at me with his big brown eyes grabbed my hips and put me on the end of the kitchen table.

My knees were split open by his legs as he moved in with his hands and began to massage my breasts. Smiling at me knowing there was no resistance on my part he leaned his mouth to my ear as he was dry humping my pussy with his massive cock as my shorts and his pajama bottoms still kept us from the ecstasy of his penetration and he said, "You have had your breasts on display for me so often I've always fantasized what these perky breasts would feel like as they sat in the palms of my hands." Looking up at my father all I could think was, 'finally a mature man, someone with an age that didn't have a teen at the end of their number.

Someone who knew what they were doing. Someone who knew what it took to satisfy a woman even if that was his teenage daughter. I am going to allow daddy to become my sex educator.' I looked at him with loving eyes as his hands were like magic touching my breasts making my pussy so wet.

For the first time in my life my pussy juice began to flow out of my love canal and stained my spandex shorts. I pulled his head to my lips and whispered back into his ear, "Do you like them Daddy? I have been working so hard to try to get you to notice them and realize that I'm a real woman now." This time when he moved his lips to mine it was my father's tongue that slipped into my mouth.

His tongue darted inside of my mouth as I tried my best to meet his tongue with my own. His kisses were so sweet that it made my head spin as his hands pleasured my firm teenage tits. I slipped off of the table and onto the floor. I reached my hand to my father to pull me up but my hand had a mind of its own as it took a detour right to my father's pajama bottoms. My fingers slipped into the little opening and I for the first time felt the penis that made me. It was long, smooth and fully erect and I became memorized by it.

I wanted my father's trouser snake in my mouth. My father took my other hand and helped me from the floor. As I was bent over the kitchen table now my father smacked my cheerleader ass and then caressed both cheeks with his big wonderful hands.

My father's knees began to quake as I continued my assault and stroked his penis and he said, "You have one gorgeous ass Georgina. I love the way the spandex just hugs your every curve honey. I love it when you work out and wear your tight outfits.

I've always wondered what it would be like to get my hands on you. I always fantasized what I would actually do to you honey." I pushed my ass up against his crotch and began to grind on my father's penis.

"You're making me blush Daddy." Just then as always the phone rang. I hoped that it wouldn't deter my father from stopping what he was doing. "Daddy wait I second I have to get the phone." My father pushed my stomach down on the table as his right hand found my firm ass. His long fingers began to caress the inner part of my ass crack. His two fingers felt awesome as they traversed from my asshole down under to my clit.

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I knew at that point that he knew way more than any of the other boys who tried to finger me before. His fingers never penetrated my cunt but the way they slid over the outer lips of my pussy kept the juices flow and you could actually hear how wet I was with every stroke of his hand.

I gathered myself and tried to concentrate the best I could and I said, "Hellllloooo." It was my mother calling back. All I could think that this was it.

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My father finally was having his way with me and now my mom is on the phone this is definitely going to kill the mood. My mom asked, "Hey Georgina which cupboard did you get the sugar from?" Before I could answer my father whispered in my ear, "Put it down honey, let's have some fun. I want to fuck you honey." I couldn't believe my ears and I quickly answered her to get her off of the phone and make sure she didn't get suspicious that daddy was groping my dripping wet pussy, "Mommy?

What do you mean which cupboard did I go into?" My dad spun me around not to be deterred even knowing that mommy was on the phone with me. He fell to the kitchen floor on his knees spread my legs open with his massive hands and then I watched his 36-year-old tongue begin to lap at my exposed camel toe.

His tongue pushed my sweaty spandex shorts between my outer puss lips as he began to dig with the tip of his tongue searching for my clit. My mom said, "Was it the cupboard above the dishwasher?" I lifted my shirt and my eyes rolled up into my head.

My hand wanted to go to my father's head but my hand made its way instinctively to my breast and I tried to control my speech as my whole body for the first time was coming alive. "uhh, uhh, the one by the stove, mommy." My father continued on his quest to find my love button and with his tongue working its charms on my vagina under his breath I heard him say, "Mmmm, I vant to tdaste ohhh baaaddllyy." My father's aggressiveness took over his mind.

As he began to stand his hands pushed his pajama bottoms down around his ankles. I put my hand over my mouth and my eyes actually began to bulge as for the first time since I was a little girl did I catch just a small glimpse of my father peeing. He was limp and even then I thought as a six-year-old girl that my daddy had a large pee-pee.

Now to view the instrument that brought me life all I could do was gaze at it in the fluorescent light coming from the kitchen light above us. The shaft was long and smooth and my father was circumcised that revealed a beautiful mushroom shaped head.

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Once again my father with his big hands spun me around so that his manhood poked between my legs and the head of his penis pushed through my legs revealing his head on the other side. For the first time in my life I got to see what it would look like if I were to have a penis. Daddy pushed my down on my stomach on top of the kitchen table. My legs were spread open as my father stood between my legs and he began to pull the spandex shorts down over the hump of my ass. I was so turned on that I couldn't concentrate on the conversation with my mother and I told her, "Okay mommy, gotta go now.

I'll talk to you later." As my hand swung backwards I could hear my mother saying, "Wait!!! Did you give your father?" Beep and that was the last I heard from her. My father was now single of purpose as he smiled at me when I turned and looked at him. "Let's see if we can get these shorts off of you honey." He pushed forward and the head of his penis glided up my ass cheek under my spandex. I could feel my father's head spread my cheeks open and the shaft of his manhood slowly crept up my inner pussy lips.

I pushed back as we writhed together with my father's shaft massaging my pussy lips. When my father could take no more he pulled out of the crack of my ass along with my spandex shorts. Looking back at my father who looked like a man possessed I said, "Daddy if are going to fuck me I want to watch your six inch penis penetrate me missionary style okay?" I sat back on the kitchen table and spread my legs open.

The fluorescent light was illuminating my very small pink pussy to my father he said, "Honey you are a little off it's not six inches but a full nine inches of grade 'A' American beef honey." "Whatever Daddy Just give that big thick monster of a cock, okay?" My father moved between my legs and aligned his big mushroom head which happened to be bigger than my tiny 16-year-old slit.

Daddy began to push forward but was unable to slip inside and he fell on top of me and as we were laughing together he said, "I don't know if it'll fit in that tight hole." He then grabbed my ankles and spread my legs open as far as his arms could push then he finally infiltrated my outer lips as my pussy juice coated the tip of my father's manhood.

Finally he was able to crown his penis inside of my vagina. Now, I am not a virgin but I only have done it with two other boys before this. My daddy smiled at me as he pushed deeper and deeper inside of me causing my pussy to expand further apart than it had ever gone before.

"That's a good girl. Take every inch of daddy's cock. As I felt my father's girth begin to open my pussy wider than the other boys ever had it began to hurt just a little.

I was trying to squirm away from that monster of a cock my father's but he pulled me back towards him as he still had my ankles in his hands.

I rolled to one side on the phone. It hurt like hell so not wanting to do that again I picked it up and held it in my hand. As my father was penetrating areas of my pussy that had never been conquered before I looked up at my father with as much love as I could muster and said, "Shove it all the way in daddy. I want to feel your balls slap up against my asshole as you fuck your dirty little slut of a daughter." After several minutes of my father pounding me I could only take so much of his thick cock stretching me open.

He was hurting me but I did not want him to be disappointed that I could not handle what he was dishing out so I asked, "Daddy can we switch positions?" I figured if I was in control that after this was all over I would be able to walk when I was finished. When my father pulled out there was the loudest fart that I had ever heard, "Daddy that's disgusting."My father was laughing at me and said, "That wasn't me that was all the air trapped in that little hole of yours.

That my dear is called a pussy fart, perhaps when we are alone that can be your nickname, pussyfart." "Daddy that's not nice. It's kinda embarrassing." My daddy's knees began to quake and he began to fall it was incredible how his cock sped out of my tight little hole. All I know is that my daddy felt great inside of me and I hadn't had an orgasm and I sure wanted one.

I slipped off of the table and right on my daddy's lap. I rose up and straddled my father's cock once again and plunged it deep inside of me. "You like the way I ride you, Daddy?" My father grabbed my hips and pushed me up so the tip of his cock was about to slip out of my hole and then jerked my ass fast and hard down on him and said, "Yes, my, my beautiful daughter! You're perfect.


I love the way your tits bounce up and down on my face honey." Then he moved his tongue out of his mouth and alternated licking each nipple as it passed over his mouth. I guess I bounced down too far to the left because we both fell down to the kitchen floor and to both of our amazement my father's nine inch cock was still very much lodged inside of me. My father was behind me on the floor he grabbed my thighs and lifted it upwards.

Once again my father sank his cock back inside of me. As my father looked down on me "I've never seen a dick so hard before!" "Me neither. And I'm glad I'm fucking you with it." Then after several hard strokes "Honey my leg is cramping again would you get back on top of me and fuck your daddy's cock again?" He rolled onto his back and I once again took my father to a deeper region inside of my love canal and he said, "I can watch those perky teen boobs bounce up and down all day long as you ride my cock, honey." My dad was turning me on telling me how much he liked my body I told him, "Keep talking dirty to me daddy.

It's going to make me climax." "So you're going to climax? Then I want to feel it cover me from the head of my cock and drip down to my balls." My father rolled me over so I was on my knees and he readjusted himself and began pounding me from behind doggy style now. "How about now you like the way I'm slamming your young cunt from behind?" I was doing everything I could to keep my pussy still so my father could slam me fast and hard, "Yes, give it to me daddy.

Don't stop yet I wanna cum." My father was relentless as he continued to inject me with all nine inches of his manhood. "You like the way I manhandle you baby?" His penis was deep inside of me and I pushed my ass back against his pelvis and began to grind as his cock was like a drinking straw inside of me stirring my pussy juice, "Don't stop! Oh god!!!! It's never felt like this daddy. I've never felt so good with a cock inside of me." My father pushed me on the floor and I turned over to face him and my father had his penis in his hand and was spanking it senseless and he said, "I'm cumming for you baby." "Shoot it on my face daddy!!!!

I want to feel it all over me please daddy give it to me." Then there was blast after blast of his warm jism hitting my eyes, nose and lips. I lay on the kitchen floor with my father kneeling over my face and his body was trembling as his sperm continued to ooze out of his penis hole. I moved up and sucked every last drop from his manhood. I smiled at my father as we just shared something that most fathers and daughters never get to share.

As I felt my father's jizz oozing down my face onto my t-shirt I said, "I'm going to clean up real quick daddy. If you think you can get that hot pole of yours back up again maybe we could go for round two." My father smiled at me as he fell back against the floor cupboards and said, "Okay!!!

I'll see you in the living room in fifteen minutes." I went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower and cleaned myself. I couldn't believe how wet my pussy was from cumming so much.

When I looked in the mirror I looked like one of those bukkake girls on the internet. I took a quick shower excited to get back to my father.

Sex with him was absolutely wonderful I couldn't wait to see if he could get his cock back up and fuck me again.

In nothing flat I dried myself and I heard the water running in my parents' bedroom. I quickly took toweled off and looked at my body in the mirror. Once I felt ready I went to look for my father.

I ran to the kitchen but he wasn't there and then I made my way to the family room and there was my hot sexy daddy lying on the couch with his amazing nine inch cock in his hand. I sat in the chair facing my father and I leaned back with my tits standing at attention just like my father's cock.

He spread his legs exposing his entire manhood to me. I spread my legs open so that my knees were resting on the arms of the chair. I then moved my hand down to my vagina and spread it open for my father to view. The silence was broken as my father smiled at me and said, "I can't believe how wonderful that was honey." "And I can't believe you're still hard!!

You're amazing daddy!! Most guys after I've fucked them, as good as I just fucked you, usually don't get back up again for round two. That must be some really special sugar mommy bought for you." I got to my knees on the chair and I swung my right foot to the floor and I grabbed my pussy and began to jerk off in front of my father.

It was the first time that I allowed anyone watch me pleasure myself and I said,"Daddy can I have some more please?" I stared at my father's cock as it stood straight up as his head was staring at the ceiling and daddy said, "More? You never have to ask for that. Go ahead do whatever you want to me honey. This is your cock now and you can play with it anytime you desire, just as long as mommy never finds out." I moved over to the couch and lay down on my back leaning my head up against the arm of the couch.

Then I opened my legs and let my fingers walk down to my vagina and spread the pink lips open for my father. Daddy did the same for me at the other end of the couch. We began stroking ourselves it was awesome to see how my father gripping his cock and slowly maneuvered his hand from his balls all the way to the top of the head of his penis. We stared at each other as we pleasured ourselves and I said, "See how wet I am for you daddy? You really turn me on so much. For a guy who's in his mid-thirties you really know how to turn on this teenage girl." My father smiled and said, "Truthfully honey I've never been this hard for your mother before." My father moved over to me and pulled me up from the arm of the couch.

He moved over to me and sat to left of me as his fingers began to explore my nether regions. My father had a look of love on his face and he looked deep into my blue eyes and said, "My you are wet sweetie." I looked back and tried to return the look of love for him and pursed my lips and kissed my father on the lips and then whispered, "Watching you stroke your cock turned me on so much that was the hottest thing that I have seen.

You made me so wet for you, daddy. Your fingers can slide right in." My daddy fingered me until I felt the rush of my juice push down the walls of my pussy out onto his fingers. It took several minutes for me to recover after he had given me my third orgasm in a row and I said, "I want to take care of you for the rest of my life daddy." My dad smiled at me and fell back against the arm rest of the couch and pushed his cock up towards my face, "Come on honey do you think you would like to kiss daddy's cock for the first time?" I lay on my stomach between my dad's legs.

He moved his hand down to my head and ran his fingers through my hair and smiled with anticipation as he waited for my warm moist mouth to wrap itself around his cock.

I looked up at my father and stuck my tongue out and began licking him from the bottom of his huge balls all the way to the tip of his head. By the time I got half way up his cock my tongue was dry. I drooled my spit on the head of his cock and used my hand to oil up his manhood. I then went back to licking my father's manhood and gazing up into his wanting eyes and said, "Mmm, it's like a big, hard lollipop daddy." He smiled as he looked down at my little smirk that I had on my face and said, "That's what I thought of whenever I saw you as a little girl with your 'all day suckers.' Honey move down to the floor on your knees sweetie." I moved to the floor as he requested but this time he used both of his huge hands the enveloped my head as my mouth opened wide to allow his head to pass through my thin lips.

I wanted to go slower by my father's anticipation overtook him as his penis quickly filled my mouth and his head was knocking on the entrance to my throat. "Be careful honey it's so big right now!" I was gagging on his cock as he forced into my throat.

When my father released me from this hold I looked up at him and said, "Let me take it all daddy. I really want to try and put all of you inside of me." It took me several minutes of trying but eventually I was able to hold my breath and force his nine inches down my throat. It took many attempts as each time I felt like I was going to throw up but eventually got used to him inside of my throat. We took a small break as my father fell back on the couch on his back.

His cock was still hard as ever. I moved over to my father and grasped him one more time and said, "Now, this cock belongs to me now. You understand me daddy? Whenever I want it I get it right? It's all mine" My father smiled at me and said, "It is sweetheart, every last inch. Your mother could never keep me as hard as you are doing right now my sweet daughter.

You know something honey you always liked it when I picked you up and held you in my arms." My father stood up from the couch and grabbed my hips and flipped me upside down.

As my ass was now in my father's face his tongue began to smoothly run over my outer pussy lips to my asshole. As my head dangled between my daddy's legs his penis hit me in the eye. I figured while I'm down here I might as well suck him off and I said, "Oh Daddy!!!!

This is so much fun!!! I never knew you could have sex this way. I want you to teach me everything about sex daddy I want you to be my teacher!!

Having you holding me in your arms this way is so exciting!!!!" I didn't realize it at first why his tongue was making the trip all the way to my asshole as he was giving me exquisite pleasure as it glided over my pussy. When he finally released me I climbed onto the couch and positioned myself on my knees on the couch and my arms over the back of the couch.

My ass was completely exposed to my father for him to do whatever he wanted. I imagined myself as a blank canvas for my father to paint anything he wanted then he said, "How about I put my fingers inside your asshole this time honey?" I felt his one finger maneuver inside of me.

It actually wasn't as bad as I thought and after a few minutes of pleasuring my asshole I felt his second finger glide inside of me. His fingers were expanding my asshole wider than it had ever been before.

I peeked back at my father's face, he couldn't believe that I was taking everything he was dishing out and I said, "Ooh, you are one naughty old man." I pushed forward and hopped over the back of the couch and smiled at my father as I was ready to bolt out of the room and said, "Okay daddy game on!

You gotta catch me first. If you catch me then you can fuck my ass!" My father jumped up from his knees spry like a cat and smiled back at me ready to pounce on me and said, "So you like to play games, huh?

Okay, I'm gonna getcha just like I did when you were a little girl." We spent the next few minutes running around the house. I wasn't going to make it easy on him. I mean I never have been fucked in the ass before.

As always I made a mistake and made it back to the family room couch and my father got the very tip of my foot and I fell face first into the couch and my cheerleader ass stuck up in the air and my father gloated by saying, "Huh, I got you now honey." I smiled as I looked back at my father and his very hard penis.

"Heh, you're too fast for me Daddy!" My father fell to his knees behind me and said, "Now you are mine. You have to do whatever I want you understand me little girl? I'll lick it first to make it as wet as I can before I put myself inside of you." My father was true to his word he spit on my pucker hole and began eating my asshole like it was his favorite piece of cherry pie.

I wanted him to tongue fuck me first and his tongue felt much better than I thought it would as he worked on my pucker hole I said, "Mmm, stick your tongue into your dirty little girls asshole." My father upped the ante as he was tongue fucking my asshole he once again put a finger back in my tiny slit of a pussy and said, "The more I lick, the wetter you get!" I could hardly breathe his tongue and fingers felt so good inside of me.

I've always heard the other girls at school say that older guys were better at sex but older guys my father age are perfection for young teenage girls like me. With my face buried in the pillow I did the best I could to tell my father how good of a job he was doing, "That's so good!! How could Mom ever be mad at you is beyond me?" After five minutes of working on my virgin asshole with my father's massive fingers I felt I was finally ready to have my cherry popped even if it was by my father.

My father was so considerate as he said, "Okay, are you ready for my dick in your ass?" I bit the bottom of my lip and closed my eyes and said, "I'm ready!!! Push it inside of me. Take my ass daddy fuck it good." I could feel my father push his cock between my ass cheeks searching for the smallest opening I'm sure he had ever seen. He slowly crowned inside my asshole. He had oiled it up with his spit so much that it just slipped in and he was so gentle and caring I said, "I never expected it to feel so good!

You can fuck me harder, Daddy you can fuck me harder and deeper!!!" My father was so proud of himself and said, "See! Your father always does things right." My dad pushed real hard and very fast but I fell off to the side. I guess I was tighter than I thought as my daddy's cock stayed inside of me. I lay on my side on the couch and my father followed me down to his side.

Once he realized that he did not have to re-enter me he slowly pushed deeper inside of me and said, "I can't believe how tight you are back here." I smiled at my father and said, "Gee's daddy don't be so mean. I mean it's my first time taking a cock in my asshole but I'm glad it's with you." After several minutes I began to feel uncomfortable in this position and then I had an idea. I smiled at my dad and kissed him on the lips and said, "Want to see these boobs bounce again?" We then pushed up with our arms and now I was sitting on top of his cock in the reverse cowboy position.

I put my arm around his neck exposing my breasts so he could suck on them and just the head of his cock remained inside of me and he kissed my tit and said, "You know how much I love this, honey. Make those titties bounce for me as your ass bounces up and down on my huge cock. Honey sit all the way down on it sweetheart. Then all the way up until the tip is ready to fall out ride the whole cock honey.

Oh god I want this never to stop." I closed my eyes and did as I was told, "Mmm, I like it this way it's so much deeper inside of me daddy." My daddy grabbed my hips and controlled the pace of my up and down motions and how deep and how high I came off of his cock. The feeling was incredible and I never thought that I would ever cum with a cock in my asshole but I never experienced anything like this before. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming daddy!!!

I'm cumming with your cock so deep in my asshole daddy. Please don't stop my fuck boy." My daddy whispered in my ear, "I want to finish honey, let me take you from behind I want to see that beautiful tight ass as I fuck you." I slowly slipped off of my dad's cock and when I stood up my inner thighs were wet because my pussy juice that had oozed out of my baby canal. I moved over to the chair and once again I was on all fours awaiting my father to penetrate me.

"I wish your mom was this submissive!!!" I looked back at my lover and said, "Fuck me from behind!!! I love being overpowered by you daddy" It didn't take much for my father to fuck me from behind as I was now used to the depth and girth of his cock inside of my asshole and he slapped my ass and said, "On your knees bitch." I slipped down on to my knees and jerked him off all over my face.

"Daddy there is so much. I can't believe how much cum you have stored in those big egg sized balls of yours." My dad put his hand over mine and helped me jerk off over my face and said, "I'll always have cum for you baby." I stood up and looked back at my father and said, "Two in a row! How is mommy ever mad at you I'll never know?" My father fell back down on the couch and looked at me and said, "Who knows? But now I can fuck you all the time!" I looked over and saw the phone and went to put it back on the charger.

When I looked at the on/off button I saw the time still running and my heart moved up to my throat. I put the phone up to my ear and heard my mother crying on the other end of the line and I said, "Shit!!! Daddy!!! Mommy heard everything on the phone!" My daddy's face became contorted and said, "Oh shit!! She's going to kill us both." I looked at my daddy, "It's okay daddy I love you and my body belongs to you now.

By the way last night I gave Justin a blowjob." My father looked back at me. "Yeah so what! Your mother told me before she left for work. It doesn't bother me if you explore your sexuality. Now you can explore it with me if you want. I will be glad to be your sexual teacher." Oops that's not sugar Daddy!

The end