Young darling is pleasuring two wild and rough schlongs

Young darling is pleasuring two wild and rough schlongs
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part of the story picking up where part 2 left off and yes these are all factual accounts to the best of my knowledge of my sexual experience with a guy in the summer of my 14th birthday when i lost my anal virginity.

continuing from part two =================================================================================== I awoke from my nap in the bathtub, and looked over at the time on the clock radio.

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I had been in here for almost two hours rubbing and stuffing my butt hole. Thats way too long to be in here before someone wondered why I was spending so much time in the bathroom and having my brothers or parents walking in on me is not the embarassment i need in my life so I quickly rinsed off and climbed out of the bathtub.


I just hope no one downstairs had heard me because I had been a very loud little boy. I reached over and grabbed the folded up towel off the toilet set. Looking in the mirror, i was admiring my thick body while drying myself off. Snow white hairless skin, thick lips, pink nipples, super small cock with even smaller pathetic balls, long meaty legs, wide girlish hips with an even more girly-ish round fat plump butt.

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That was the part of my body I was the most proud of. Serouisly, from the side, back and waist down I looked like a thick white girl. My body is so feminine, i'm surprised i was not born a girl and i'm even more surprised I cant find a cock that likes my body as much as i do.

How I would give anything to have a big fat hard meaty throbbing cock that wants nothing more then to thrust its lusty self deep into my young 14 year old greedy eager tight fat hole. One day, i thought to myself. I put on a clean pair of boxer briefs and looked back in the mirror.

With a sly grin a mile wide, i grabbed the sides of my underwear and pulled them all the way up until the back disappeared up my round white ass cheeks and turned into a thong.

"much better," i said looking in the mirror as i twitched my butt in the makeshift thong. I love doing that, i feel so naughty and girly.


Then I put some shorts and socks on and a plain blue t-shirt. i was about to head out the bathroom door but i nearly had a mild heart attack realizing i didnt shut the door all the way, it was definitly cracked.


God i hope no one saw me.i walked across the hail and then went down the stairs. There were voices coming from the kitchen but it was way past midnight.

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I heard an unfamiliar voice amongst the rest of them, who the hell was my dad talking to this late at night?

I turned the corner and walked into the kitchen and thats when it happened. Immediately from across the kitchen, I was staring at the largest blackest man i had ever seen in my whole life, This guy was huge and blacker than coal. He looked like one of those big wrestlers you would see on TV but he was much much more intimidating. i scanned his whole body from head to toe.

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He had a big powerful chest that you could see through his shirt and his huge bulging biceps and wide shoulders, he could toss someone around especially a five foot boy weighing a mere 150 pounds like a ragdoll like myself with ease. Then my eyes connected to his. right there at that very moment we both introduction to eachother.without even speaking one word from our mouths to eachother.we both knew.his strong big black cock was going to find its way up into my round butt and deep into my body, he was going to breed me.and i was going to let him because i want it, i needed it, i was craving his sticky black sperm planted in my big butt.

This was really happening, I thought to myself I finally found my male, just like in nature when the young lustful submissive mare in heat finds her mighty alpha buck to mate with and fertilize her. This was nature, it was fate and there was nothing that was going to stop this.

He grinned wide showing his white teeth and his eyes stared feircly, dominatingly through my weak eyes into my submissive soul. I blushed and my heart started pounding in my little chest. My hole was twitching and throbbing harder then it had ever in my whole life, I could not believe it. My butt could sense his black cock and it was aching for it like i hadnt stuffed it in years.

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"Bout time you got out of dat bathroom boy! I figured you'd drown, was bout to go up der and kick the damn door down!" my dad said but my eyes never unlocked with this sexy black hunk of a male specimen that was standing in the kitchen.

"s-s-sorry dad, i kinda dozed off in the bathtub." I started stammering like an idiot, barely able to form words with my dry cottonmouth, dazed in lust. My dad stared at me with a confused look on his face and said "well good thing you woke up, your just in time to meet my most trusted ranch hand and friend, Leroy." Leroy.

My black stallion's name is Leroy.

Its a perfect name and all of a sudden i was madly in love. Leroy stuck out his big veiny black hand and said "so this is the oldest son from the city huh? nice to meet you boy, i'm Leroy." Looking into his eyes super innocently, and then back at his big black hand, i said "n-n-nice to meet you too. Leroy." i was doing my best to say his name in a quiet and super soft lusty tone but i was panting so hard i could barely breathe as the words escaped my mouth.

I stuck my soft little hand inside his. Our skin met and it sent tingles throughout my entire young body, I thought I was gonna cum all over myself right there in the kitchen from it.

His large strong black hand completely covered mine, i was submerged in his hand. I wish i couldve stayed deep in Leroy's control for the rest of my life but unfortunately my eye fuck fest was rudely interrupted and cut short by my dad, "well, its time for bed boy. the room yer stayin in is back up the stairs next to the bathroom you were in.

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Anyway, Leroy and me need to go over what needs to be worked on and fixed for the ranch over the next month so i'll see ya in the mornin kiddo." Leroy released his grip from my hand and i intsantly felt empty.

"Goodnight little boy," Leroy said in a degrading way that only i could pick up but it didnt matter because i was loving it.

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"Goodnight big Leroy" i said in the girliest tone i could without raising eyebrows because my dad was still standing there. Just before I turned to walk away, I looked down at his crouch and saw a massive bulge. My god, he was super huge I thought to myself. I uncontrollably licked my lips and then continued walking.

I shook and twitched my big fat butt on purpose as i walked away, knowing full well Leroys eyes were locked on it like a lion stares at its prey. I stopped in the doorway and turned to look at Leroy. His eyes were glued to my big ass and then he looked up at me, i intentionally looked down at his bulge so he noticed me looking at it. He gave me a grin and I grinned back and walked out of the kitchen.Now its just a matter of time.