Mulher do casada me manda isso

Mulher do casada me manda isso
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"Are you sure this looks okay?" Alice blushed as she presented herself in front of her speachless boyfriend, Damien. She bit her bottom lip and looked up at him from behind her red curls, which came up and over her shoulders. Mostly covering her round, plump breasts.

She had her arms wrapped around her curvy waist. Alice hated her "big" figure, which made her so much more shy. However, the shyness made it all the better for Damien. "Are you gonna say something?" Alice stammered, she fiddled with orange cat ears that sat atop her head. "Yeah, don't mess with those.

You're going to ruin the utter perfection," Damien responded in a husky tone, crawling across the bed to get to her. He placed his arms around her, she stuck her tongue out at him and went to playing with the tail instead. Swishing it around and around in her hand, back and forth. She looked up at Damined with her hazel eyes and smiled slyly. "What?" Damien looked at her body licking his lips. Alice then pushed him lightly on to his back, she crawled on top of him and mounted.

"Meow," Alice nuzzled up against Damien's cheek and wiggled her butt from side to side. He grabbed onto her hips, letting out a slight groan. "God, could you be any sexier? You have no idea how badly I want you, my cute, sexy kitten," the bell on Alice's collar jingled as she started to kiss him, first his mouth, then heading south.

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His cock was already hard as a rock as Alice looked at it with desire in her eyes. She took his cock into her hand, and started to move her hand in an up down motion. Slowly at first, the getting faster, and faster. Just as he was about to cum she stopped. "Oh, you're such a naughty kitty," Damien's breathing was rapid.

Alice quirked her head to the side as if she was confused, looked up at him with innocent eyes, then mewed at him softly. She then bent her head down and licked his throbbing cock, from the base to the tip.

Very slowly, making Damien's legs quiver in anticipation. Alice then started to lightly suck on just the head. Damien moaned lightly and grabbed some of her red curls into a firm grip. Alice took him to the back of her throat over and over, and just when she thought she coudln't go any longer he finally came, she took every bit of cum into her mouth gladly. Alice's breast heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, they were pushed together by her arms resting on eithe side.

Her hands in between her legs as she sat on her knees. Damien knew that she must be soaking wet, and wanting his thick cock inside her. After a moments rest he placed his hand around his cock in an attemtpt to make it hard again. "Play with yourself my kitten," Alice leaned up against the wall and parted her legs.

She played with her big tits first, rubbing them and slightly tugging on the nipples. She hesitated when her hand headed towards her wetness. Damien groaned "Come on baby, for me," he looked at her pleadingly. Alice slid a finger in very slowly, then slid it back out. In, out, in, out, as slowly as she could.

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Oh so teasingly, for herself, and for Damien. Alice could feel her cheeks go red from shyness, and pleasure, but she kept going. Using the other hand to play with her clit. Shoud moaned loudly and could feel Damien's hot gaze on her full naked body. She arched her back a little, getting more into it. Moveing her finger in and out more rapidly, playing with her clit a little more furiously. Just as she was about to cum, she felt hands around her wrists, and Damien was on top of her and pinn her into the bed in an instant."Mmm, you don't get to cum just yet," he plunged his cock into her, making he gasp.

Damien came all the way out, and plunged into her yet again. He did this again, and again, until he had her screaming. Damien stopped abruptly, "Get on all fours like you be my kitty," she got onto her hands and knees, he pushed her face into the pillows making her nice round ass go up in the air. Damiend shifted the tail so it wasn't in his way, then eased his way into Alice's tight wet pussy.

All the way to the base of his cock They both moaned as he filled her. He grabbed onto her waisted and pulled himself away from her, then thrusted inside her. Alice moaned into the pillows as Damien gained speed. Her tits jiggling around, the bell dancing around making a tinkling noise with every thrust.

All of a sudden they heard thier door creaking open. They didn't pay any mind to it though, it was probably nothing. "Hey, I heard a. Oh my," Elly, Alice's roomate walked in. Damien looked over his shoulder and grunted as he thrusted into Alice again, and again. "Well you two certainly have no modesty, whatsoever," however, she didn't leave.

"You can either join, or close the god-damned door," Damien growled at her. He finally pulled out of Alice. She covered herself up wit hthe blanket, where as Damien just laid there for everyone to see. Alice was embarrased, but way too turned on. Damien knew she'd contemplated having a three way with Elly, and Damien never disagreed.

"Well?" Elly looked at Alice, she nodded in compliance, her bell jingling. Elly shrugged "Sure, why not?" she stripped out of her white dress, wearing nothing underneath, then crawled onto the bed. Her straight black hair covering half her face. "Wow, you're crazy sexy," Elly shrugged off the compliment and started to kiss Alice. Alice was taken by surprise but then finally kissed back letting the blanket slip from her finger tips.

Elly straddled Alice and started to grope her breasts, slipping her tongue into Alice's mouth. Alice moaned, and so did Elly, for Damien got behind Elly and slowly made his way into her pussy. "Jesus, you have a big cock. It feels so goood," she moaned, Alice wiggled beneath Elly, biting her lower lip.


Elly looked so lovely in pure ecstacy, having her boyfriends cock inside Elly made her hormones go crazy. Alice started to suck on Ellys nipples, flicking her tongue over it and making it harden. She started to squeeze them she felt Damien's cock inside her. She gasped loudly. "Wow, you do make a very sexy kitten," Elly whispered into her ear. Damien went back and forth, from one wet pussy to the other. Then he finally pulled away from both and they sat on their knees before him as he laid back.

Elly grabbed his cock in her hand and sucked on the tip, Alice started to finger Elly, making her moan with Damien's cock in her mouth. Alice went to Daminen's cock just as Elly pulled away and started licking every inch, Elly joined her. Their tongues intertwining as they met at the tip.

Damien groaned loudly as the girls started getting more into it. Damien sat up on his knees and flipped Alice onto her tummy and plunged into her, "God you both feel so good," he pounded into Alice over and over making her scream. "Now be a good kitty and eat what you're given," Alice looked up at Elly, who was in front of her playing with herself watching Alice get fucked.

Elly scooted forward, and Alice did as she was told. Moaning as she licked Elly's clit. Damien watched Elly's face, her mouth forming the "O" shape as she came, this made him pound into Alice even harder. Alice tightned around Damien's cock, then he pulled out, turned Alice back around and came all over her pussy, tummy, and tits. He looked at Elly. "You think you could be a doll and help clean that up," Elly grinned at him.

"With pleasure," she bent down over Alice licking every inch of cum off of Alice's body, starting at the breasts, licking it off the nipples, and the tummy.

Then going lower, and licking it off of Alice's pussy, lightly going of the clit, making Alice cum one last time. They all sat there in silence. None of them had expected that to happen. Not that Damien exactly cared at all. However, Alice did, her face was flushed crimson and she hid her face from the other two.

"Well that was exciting," Elly said getting up from the bed. "I'm going to go take a shower," she looked at Alice. "You got rather dirty, and unfortunately I couldn't clean it all. So, umm. Would you like to join me? If Damien wouldn't mind of course," Damien shrugged his shoulder. "Alright, but I can't be blamed for what may or may not happen in there.

I have a huge sex drive." She held out her hand to help Alice up. "That's okay, so does Alice, maybe you can sate her," he winked at her as Alice took Elly's hand, they both stuck their tongues out at him.


Damien chuckled, watching as they left, Elly smacking Alice's ass right as the door closed. ~~~~~ Alice was shaking as they walked to the bathroom. It was just a few feet away from her room but it felt like a lifetime til they entered.

As her feet touched the cold floor goosebumps popped up, her nipples hardening. Elly started the water and peered over at Alice, smiling lightly. "I knew under all those baggy close you wore you were simply gorgeous," Alice blushed as Elly walked closer to her. Alice just realised that her chunky body was completely and utterly exposed to Elly, she tried covering everything up, however, Elly had came up to her and grabbed her arms.

"Don't hide from me, you're so beautiful," She whispered into Alice's ear. Elly took the cat ears off Alice's head and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She leaned in for a kiss, but Alice pulled away her breathing speratic. She was beyond nervous. She'd only ever been with Damien. Other, then what just happened.

Obviously he had given Elly permision to do whatever she wanted to do. But it still felt wrong. "He won't be mad you know," Alice looked back up at her and smiled slightly. "Here, turn around and let me help you with that," Alice did as she was told. Elly gently pulled out Alice's tail and threw it in the sink.

"That feels so much better," Alice let out a sigh of relief. Elly giggled at her, Alice couldn't help but watch as Elly's tits jiggled as she laughed. She blushed when Elly quirked an eyebrow at her. "Sorry, they're just really nice," Elly shrugged, pushing back the curtain and getting into the shower, Alice followed after taking off her collar.

Alice watched as the warm water rolled down Elly's body, without thinking she picked up the soap and squirted some into her hands. "Want some help?" Alice asked biting her lower lip, her heart practically leaping out of her chest. Elly smiled at her suductively and nodded. She lathered up the soap in her palms and then started rubbing it on Elly's body.

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First starting at the shoulders. Elly tilted her head back some so that she could get her neck as well. Alice lightly started to rub the soap over Elly's breasts, playing with the nipples and gropping them a little. Elly moaned lightly, she continued to play with her breasts pinching the nipples.

Alice then went down on to her knees, she squirted more soap into her hands, and rubbed it onto Elly's flat tummy. Elly looked down at her, shuddering from the anticipation. Alice looked back up with her famous innocent look, and started soaping up Elly's legs, first the left then the right.

Slowly climbing up the insides of her thighs. She washed the soap from her hands, she made the climb back up Elly's thighs as the water came cascading down her body. Elly couldn't keep her self up, so she leaned agaisnt the wall. Alice slid in one finger into Elly's tight, wet pussy.

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Pumping in and out, and then she slid in another. Elly moaned, loudly. Alice bit her bottom lip hard, and continued sliding her fingers in and out of her.

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"Oh my god. You do this so well," Elly said breathlessly. "I only try," Alice replied she kept pumping her fingers in and out and until Elly let out a cry of pure ecstacy and came.

After a moments composure, Elly smiled at Alice. "Now it's your turn, hot stuff,"Alice tried to shake her head, but Elly would have none of that. She pushed Alice up against one of the walls, making sure neither one of them lost their balance. She kissed Alice passionately. Slipping her tongue into Alice's mouth. Alice moaned as Elly grabbed her huge tit, rubbing her thumb against the nipple. Elly kissed down her cheek and to the neck. She started sucking on her neck and rubbed her hand down to Alice's pussy.

Elly rubbed her clit and Alice started to moan louder. Elly then took Alice's nipple into her mouth and started sucking again.

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Alice was so close, and Elly knew it. "Come on pretty girl, cum for me," she slid two of her fingers into Alice's pussy slowly at first, then gaining speed. Alice was trying so hard not to scream, then she came hard. Elly smiled and kissed Alice one last time before grabbing the soap. "It's okay, I'll do it myself," Alice grabbed the bottle and Elly shrugged, getting out.

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Alice took a long, deep breath. Then washed herself. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to bed," Elly said grabbing her robe off the back of the door and leaving Alice by herself. She smiled as she rinsed her body off.

'Boy, did this day turn out weird," and giggled as she got out.