Filling her pussy with my big cock

Filling her pussy with my big cock
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Aunt May stood there smiling at both of us, Becky and I sitting there naked on opposite couches facing each other. My erection showed no signs of fading, standing straight up between my thighs seemingly reaching for my abdomen.

Mom told Aunt May, "I'll be right back. I'm going to get us some iced tea," as she turned and left the den, the sound of her footsteps on the treads of the stair following her up to the kitchen. Aunt May looked at each of us and said, "Here, stand up. Let me get a good look at you. I haven't seen you naked like this since you used to play in the back yard wading pool." Becky and I stood and met each other in the middle of the room, standing there on display for Aunt May.

"Well, you've both definitely grown up since then. Becky, you look like you really take after your Mom - you're about the same size and shape as she was when she was your age. And Joe, you look like a typical seventeen year old with a perpetual boner." "He's like that a lot," Becky snickered.

"That's pretty normal, I guess," Aunt May replied. Stepping within arm's reach, May reached out with her left hand and cupped Becky's left tit, lifting it gently. "Yes, a lot like your mother's at your age," she said before reaching out with her right hand to grasp my penis, pushing it down against its desire to stand up near my abdomen. With her touch I felt more hot blood rush into my already fully erected penis as she said, "And a very firm erection, Joey," before letting go of each of us and turning around to go upstairs.

As she left, Becky and I sat back down, side by side this time, on one of the couches. "That was weird," I told Becky. "Like nothing was out of the ordinary." We sat there silently for a few minutes until Becky picked up the TV remote and turned it on to begin flipping through the channels.

As she flipped, I glanced down at my still erect penis then at her tits before leaning over, turning my head, and sucking her right nipple into my mouth.

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Sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as I could I began to chase laps around it in my mouth with my tongue. Becky continued to flip the channels for a few more moments before putting the remote down and reaching for my penis.

"Let's go in my room," I said, dropping her tit from my mouth. Without another word, we both got up and walked out of the den and into my room, Becky leading me by her firm grip on my erection.

I shoved my door closed as we headed to my bed. I pushed her onto the bedspread covered mattress before diving onto her full length and kissing her deeply, our tongues chasing each other in our open mouths. Sliding down her length, I raised a tit to my mouth to suck on and kiss momentarily before tracing a path down to her neatly trimmed 'V' of pubic hair with my tongue and lips. Me between her legs, she swung them up to rest her thighs on my shoulders as I dove face first into her pussy and began to tongue her lips from front to back, probing a little deeper with each pass of my tongue.

Beginning to squirm, Becky was using the leverage of her thighs on my shoulders to thrust her pussy into my mouth as I reached around her legs to fondle a tit in each hand. My erection was rubbing on my bed as I moved to meet her thrusts and I felt myself getting more and more aroused, but Becky beat me to the punch, groaning then stiffening and shaking through her orgasm.

I couldn't wait any longer and as soon as she finished shaking I jumped out from between her legs and began to mount her.

She grabbed my penis, aiming it into her pussy as I dove onto her and buried myself to the hilt in her hot wetness. "Oh damn," I groaned as I felt her heat envelope me, her pussy squeezing and releasing on my penis.

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Raising up on my hands and knees, I started thrusting, hammering her with abandon, my animal lust driving me toward release. With her legs wrapped around my hips she was urging me on, pulling herself to meet my every thrust as I hit her like a pile driver out of control.

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Damn, I felt like I was about to explode then lost my rhythm and began to thrust erratically as I burst over the top and began to cum. Stopping I buried myself as deeply as I could feeling myself pumping my load into the center of her being.

As I collapsed onto her she began to cum again under my head to toe embrace, shaking me on top of her with her tremors. We were locked in deep, probing kiss as we coasted down from our mutual pleasure when we heard Aunt May, "I'm thinking this isn't the first time you two have done this.

Am I right?" I instantly rolled off Becky to see our aunt standing in the open doorway of my bedroom. "How long have you been standing there?" Beccky demanded. "Long enough to watch you both have a hell of a time," she replied softly. "Does your mother know about this?" "Know about it? Hell, she's been fucking little Joey herself," Becky replied with a fair amount of sarcasm in her tone.


"Hey, no need to get nasty with me. I wasn't criticizing, just asking," Aunt May shot back. "If you guys want to fuck each other's eyeballs out, it's not my business." By this time, Becky and I were both sitting on the side of my bed until I stood up and approached Aunt May. "So you've got no problem with our fucking each other whenever we feel like it?" I asked her.

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Looking back at Becky sitting there on the side of the bed, I saw my cum beginning to leak out of her onto the bedspread, which we hadn't bothered to pull down as we chased and satisfied our lust. When I'd gotten within reach of Aunt May, she reached out and grasped my sloppy semi-erect penis and looking me straight in the eye said, "No, no problem. If I was younger I'd probably fuck you myself, Joe." I heard Becky behind me say, "You're not too old, May.

You want to fuck your little nephew, Joey? Go ahead, Aunt May. You might enjoy it." "Why you're a nasty little girl, aren't you Becky?" Aunt May asked over my shoulder.


"Probably no nastier than you," I heard Becky say as her voice got nearer to me. I looked over my shoulder and saw her approaching behind me.


"Come on, May. You must've been enjoying it if you stood there watching us that long.

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Did you enjoy watching, May? Would you rather watch us fuck or get fucked yourself, May?" Becky harangued. May released her grasp on my penis and backed up a step as Becky reached behind her and quietly shut my bedroom door.

"Come on, May. How long has it been since you've been layed, fucked real good? You saw Joey in action. He put a real good fuck on me, didn't he? You want some of that for yourself?" Looking at Becky I could see cum running down the inside of her thigh and fire in her eyes.

Aunt May looked back and forth between Becky and me. When she looked at me I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders at her. Becky continued, "Well come on, Aunt May. If nothing else, just get naked with us. You'll enjoy it. Get naked and relax. It's nice, you'll see. You ever been naked with other people?" "In a sauna a couple of times," Aunt May replied. "It was nice." "Sure it was nice. This isn't any different," Becky drove on.

"Joey and I will just go watch TV and you join us when you're ready, but the new rule is 'No Clothes in the Den,' okay? Come on, Joey." I followed Becky across the hall to the bathroom where she began to wipe the cum off of her thighs. "Are you nuts?" I asked. "You watch. I bet she's a horny old bitch.

She'll be sitting down there naked with us in no time at all. You just watch," Becky responded as she threw her third wad of toilet tissue into the bowl and hit the flush handle. Later we all ate dinner together, Becky and me sitting at the table naked, Mom and Aunt May ignoring the fact we were naked. Afterwards, Becky and I helped Mom clean up the kitchen as Aunt May said, "I'm tired. I think I'll go get a shower and get to bed." Finished in the kitchen, I headed downstairs to get myself a shower as Becky headed upstairs.

Shower finished, I was sitting in the den when Becky bounced in, naked save for towel wrapped around her head. She sat down next to me, pulled the towel off letting her wet hair cascade down, then began to brush it out. As she moved her arms, held up over her shoulders it made her tits bob and weave in time with her shoulder movements. I couldn't help but reach out and fondle them one at a time with my left hand. "You guys just can't keep your hands off a girl's titties, can you?" she asked me playfully.

"Not when they're this cute," I replied. Television droning in the background, Becky was still brushing her hair and I was still lightly fondling her tits when Aunt May walked into the den. I stopped my tittie play, Becky stopped brushing her hair, and we both turned to look at her.

She had a kimono robe on, a red pattered, satin like kimono, tied at the waist, gaping partially open on top exposing a great deal of cleavage. The thin smooth material of the kimono did little to conceal her shape.

Struggling to cover her ample hips it gaped open at the bottom like the top, showing the insides of her thighs.

I could see the outline of her hanging tits and that coupled with the show of cleavage left very little to the imagination at all. Looking me right in the eye, May untied the waist belt of the kimono and slowly opened the robe. As she did, her full, untrimmed bush of dark brown pubic hair came into view followed by her tits as she let the robe slide off her shoulders. She dropped the robe on the chair and stood there, hands on her hips. "Is this what you meant by 'no clothes in the den'?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied as I took in the view of her body.

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She was overweight but retained a female shape and I couldn't take my eyes off those tits. They looked huge to me. Sitting down on the couch opposite Becky and me, May let her legs relax, thighs apart, shining that bush at me as she sat back against the back cushion. Her tits sagged slightly to each side and I felt my penis begin to engorge. "Isn't being naked great, Aunt May?" Becky asked. "Not a care in the world. Besides, look what you're doing to Joey." "That hadn't escaped me, Becky.

Does my old cow like body do that to you, Joey?" she asked me. "I guess it does, huh?" I replied. "I like your tits." "Aren't mine good enough for you anymore, Joey?" Becky teased. "No, I mean, I like them, too.

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I guess I like all tits," I stammered back. "Typical male," Aunt May said. "If you like them so much, do you want to see what they feel like, Joey?" No answer necessary, I quickly got up off the couch and stepped over to Aunt May. Stooping down in front of her I reached out with my right hand and slipped it up under her left tit, lifting it gently. It was heavy, real heavy, and the nipple, looking down slightly where the tit hung naturally was in my palm as I juggled the funbag in my fingertips and hand.

I could feel an erection building quickly between my thighs. I wanted to suck that big nipple and without hesitating I leaned forward which rolled me onto my knees and pulled it to my face. Sucking as much of that brown, dimpled areola into my mouth as I could I rolled the nipple around with my tongue as I sucked gently. I heard Becky behind me, "I think he likes that, Aunt May." May's only response was a soft "um hum" as I continued to suckle her tit.

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Spreading her thighs, she began to shove my head down, down past her bulge of a belly, down until my face was in her large bush of pubic hair. Scooting herself toward the edge of the couch she presented herself to me and I readily dove in, tongue searching for her pussy lips as my nose rooted around in her thick dark hair.

There was a scent of bath powder in my nostrils as I my tongue found its target and began to lightly lick her lips from front to back. I felt her hands on my head as she urged me on, pulling my mouth more tightly to her pussy and I took the hint by beginning to probe with my tongue, deeper and deeper reaching hot wetness as I tongued as deeply as I could.

Searching forward I found her clit and after tonguing it wrapped my lips around it and began to suckle on it. I felt May begin to rotate on the couch to lie down and began to turn with her to maintain my liplock on her clit but soon felt her hands on me, guiding me onto her on the couch in a sixty-nine position.

Following her lead I soon had my head down between her thighs, sucking on her clit again as I felt her hands on my penis, stroking, fondling my testicles. Continuing to suck her clit I reached around her thighs and began to finger her pussy, first two fingers of each hand gently teasing, probing as I felt her mouth on my penis.

Her hands on my ass she pulled me toward her face as she rapidly stroked my penis with her mouth and tongue. Oh man, I was about to cum, rising quickly, then there, feeling myself pulse in her mouth, feeling like I set loose a large load of semen in several strong pulses of my aroused penis.

I could hear May swallowing as I finished my orgasm and continued to suck on her clit and finger her pussy. She was lightly sucking on my penis, milking it dry as she began to tremble and shake under me.

With a muted groan, muted my my penis still in her mouth, she rattled through an orgasm that seemed to last forever before calming down. I stopped sucking on her clit and just laid there with my fingers still in her very wet pussy as May pulled my penis out of her mouth saying, "Damn, that felt good." Glancing over at Becky I saw that she was feverously masturbating as she watched me and Aunt May.