Gay blowjob blboys Hot new model Leo Quin returns this week in a

Gay blowjob blboys Hot new model Leo Quin returns this week in a
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As I watched my aunt leave I fell back on the sofa spent and drifted off to sleep. I woke up as I felt my mom nudging me, "wake up honey" I lazily yawed and stretched my arms and looked at the clock it was 4:30 in the evening, I had slept for almost 6 hours and I had missed lunch, I was kind of hungry.

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I looked at my mom who was still in her bathrobe "why didn't you wake me up for lunch mom?", she smiled and replied., "well you were exhausted from the events of this morning I thought you needed the sleep, your lunch is in the oven, have it and come to my room&hellip.we will have a wash together" as she got up and walked up the stairs to her room.

I slowly got up still stark naked with dried pussy juice on my cock and settled down on the dining table and peacefully ate my lunch. After that I put the dish into the dish washer and made my way to mom's room.

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She was still in her robe and was lying in the bed reading a book, she looked up at me and said "go ahead I'll join you in a minute"I nodded as I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower to slightly warm, and stood under the warms spray with closed eyes feeling the warm water run down my body, I was facing away from the shower and facing the door of our shower cubicle, I heard my mother come in and then she said "don't open your eyes" obeying her I I simply nodded and waited.

I felt her step inside the shower wrapping her arms around me and then locking her lips with mine. No words were exchanged but the kiss went on for a long time before she slowly pulled away and I opened my eyes.


Before I could speak she said "Brian, I want you to know that I'm no longer on birth control, so every time we make love there is a possibility you could knock me up, are you okay with that? "she was looking at me with those big blue eyes unsure of what my answer will be, I responded with slipping my hands under my mother's bum and lifting her up and pinning her against the wall&hellip.she was looking down at me with a confused look on her face till I pointed my rock hard cock upwards and lowered her as my cock head spilt her now very wet pussy lips&hellip.and kept going till I was buried to the hilt.

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As the slow and steady love making started to turn into a raw animalistic fuck session as my mother wrapped her legs around my hips and started clawing my back with her nails, and broke the kiss screaming "fuck yes baby!!!! Fuck mommy's cunt, knock mommy up with your cum!!!!" I grabbed her by her firmly…and slammed her into the wall with each thrust as she took that chance to kiss, lick and bite my neck and rocking her hips to match my rhythm.


I felt her body quiver as she was about to orgasm, as I started to piston in and out of her like a pile driver, as she and I both was about to cum she screamed so loud that the whole block could have heard us "off baby fuck mommy with that big cock and fill mommy's cunt with your cum!!!!Mommy is your whore!!! Knock mommy up baby&hellip." I smiled as I kept assaulting her pussy relentlessly, not long after she screamed "ohhhh Brian!!!!" as I felt her pussy muscles clenching around my cock,I drove into her hard and held it there until I felt her come down from her orgasm.

She instinctively wrapped her arms and legs around me and started to give soft kisses onto my neck&hellip.i slowly closed the shower and carried her to the bed room.

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I laid her down on the floor both of us still dripping with water…and I slowly started to move my cock in and out of her now very sensitive pussy in very slow sensual rhythm. "So you want me to give you a baby?" My mother smiled "no honey &hellip.

I want to give you a daughter".

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I smile and lowered my face to her as we locked our lips and kissed passionately for a very long time as the passion got stronger so did my thrust and before long I was holding on to her massive tits using as leverage to pile drive my cock as deep as it goes in to her pussy, and before long I was close to Cumming. I brought for my lips to her ears and whispered… "I will fuck you like a whore day and night till you are carrying my baby" as I leaned back ad grabbed my mom by her throat and started to drive in and out of her pussy mercilessly and finally emptied my balls into her pussy, I fell on top of her exhausted, and she slowly started stroking my hair "I'm your whore from now on honey fuck me, rape me whenever you please don't stop till you put a baby inside me." I grinned as I got up slowly pulling out of my mother.

i walked over to the dresser and pulled out a towel and dried myself off before going towards mommy pulling her up on her feet and taking my time drying her…&hellip.i made sure to reach every spot in her body.

After I was done I threw the towel away, my mother was still panting as I got between her legs and kept my hardening cock on her pussy, As I plunged my cock back into my mommy's pussy for the 3rd time in the last 24 hours…we fuck 2 more times that night and eventually fell asleep We woke up in the morning to someone knocking our door, we both got up putting our robes on and headed downstairs, as we opened the door there we faced smiling brightly at us, my 2 cousin sisters Allison and Kelly who were twins and my aunt Emily who said through a grinning smile, "I hope we didn't barge in on anything:.