Hot gay hunk sex in underwear Shane amp_ Tristan Smokesex

Hot gay hunk sex in underwear Shane amp_ Tristan Smokesex
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The Pool Party 1 It's finished Kathy it's finished Ginger yelled into the phone, they are filling it up right now. I can't believe it is finally finished. On the other end of the line, Kathy was almost as excited as her friend; Ginger had a new pool being installed at her house.

The girls had been impatiently waiting for the contractors to get it finished so they could have a party there. So when are we having a party Kathy asked, I got a new swimsuit already to wear. This weekend we should be able to use it; they want the filters to run and then check it out. The landscaping is going in today and as long as we stay off the sod we can use the pool as soon as they check out the filters and clean it.

They are supposed to be able to finish that by Friday. I just got a new bikini too, just for this special occasion. I have wanted my own pool forever. We can contact the girls and get it set up; I hope everyone is available on this short notice. 2 A few hours later, a slightly less exuberant Ginger called Kathy back.

I called everyone, and they all had plans except Jill, so I guess it will be the three of us the first time, and then we can all get together the next weekend and really break the pool in.

That's OK Ginger, we will still have fun and get to relax and lay in the sun for the weekend. We can rub it in all week how nice it was and make the rest of them jealous they missed it. We can wear our new bikinis, lie in the sun, sip drinks and enjoy ourselves.

I will call Jill and we can start celebrating Saturday morning, is 11 good for you? Sure, we can get started and make a day of it, Jill and I will see you then. Chapter 3 Ginger was pacing around the living room when she saw Kathy and Jill pull into the driveway.

She wasn't happy, and her face showed it. Kathy and Jill walked through the door and they knew from the look on Gingers face that something was definitely amiss in paradise. The pool guys did not show up yesterday Ginger said and they promised they would be here first thing this morning. It's almost 11 and they still aren't here.

Jill smiled and said no problem, the sun is hot and hopefully the beer is cold so let's get started. The three very sexy ladies headed out the back doors to the pool. It's beautiful Kathy and Jill exclaimed together, taking in the pool and the landscaping that had been done in Gingers back yard.

Kathy walked to the ice chest by the lounges that Ginger had sat up for them and got three ice cold beers out and handed one to Jill and Ginger. Popping off the cap Kathy held up her bottle to the other two ladies and said "Here is to a warm pool, a hot sun, cold beer, and good friends.

After a long cold swallow she took off the wrap she had worn over her tiny blue bikini and sat down and began to apply suntan lotion to her body. Jill and Ginger quickly followed suit and there were three beautiful, sexy women sunning themselves by the new swimming pool. Ginger had on a new pink bikini, and Jill had one that was pale green, none of them was even close to covering all the sexy charms of the three buxom blondes wearing them.

One hour later or 3 beers depending on how you wanted to tell time, there was a knock on the gate to the back yard. Ginger got up from the lounge and walked over opening the gate. Two young men stood there holding a myriad of pool equipment in their hands.

I am Joe, and this is Jim and we are from Softwater Pools, we are supposed to check out the filter and make sure it is operating right and do a quick final cleaning of the pool. Ginger stepped back and motioned them into the yard. How long will this take she asked? We should be done in about a half hour or so Jim answered, taking time to get a good look at Ginger and her long lean body and large mostly exposed tits.

Joe was taking advantage of this time to ogle Jill and Kathy lying beside the pool, nice legs, great asses and big tits. I am going to enjoy this job was running through his mind behind the broad smile on his face. Ginger showed them where the filters were, and she could feel both of them watching her ass as she led them to it, She couldn't help but put a little wiggle in her hips as she walked giving them a little show with her slender hips shifting side to side in the tiny triangle of cloth that struggled to stay out of the crack of her toned ass.

Jim and Joe both stood by the filter, watching Ginger walk back to the lounger she had been lying on. Both of them smiling as her slender hips swished back and forth, the tiny triangle of cloth finally giving up and slowly sliding in between the tanned half-moons of her ass showing just how firm it was. Jim slapped Joe on the shoulder and said "man, I would love to get my hands on that; I would wear that sexy ass out." Joe laughed and said I would love to get hold of any of them, and let them wear me out.

Ginger sat on the lounger, reached for the cooler and got another beer out for each of them. Kathy and Jill had been watching the pool guys also, Kathy was the first one that spoke up, Those guys look pretty good, wouldn't mind seeing them in a speedo. Jill laughed and said, wouldn't mind seeing them out of a speedo either, causing all three of them to crack up laughing.

Kathy just smiled and reached behind her neck untying her bikini top before lying back down and dropping the little piece of blue cloth beside the lounge. Ginger and Jill just smiled and drank their beers before lying back down.

Jim watched Kathy's actions from the filter room, Joe, look at the knockers on that blonde out there, she has to know that we will see her lying there like that. Apparently she doesn't care or just wants to tease the pool guys. I wonder what she would do if the pool guys teased back, or maybe that is what she wants. Are you about done there? I would have been done sooner if you had done anything except drool over some blonde pussy teasing you that you will never even get a taste of, let alone get to stuff your cock up that big ass of hers.

Joe picked up the tool box up and stood up. OK Romeo let's get out there and check the filter pickups and get the pool cleaned so those sexy ladies can get their bikini's wet.

Jim about ran Joe over getting out to poolside, he laid the tools down and loudly told Joe he was going to have to reach into the pickup to make sure it was clear. Sitting on his heels, Jim slowly stood and looking at Kathy's big tits, pulled his shirt off letting the girls catch a glimpse of his muscular arms and the six pack abs that he kept looking good for times like this by spending time in the gym every night after work.

Kathy had watched Jim from behind her sunglasses and reached over and poked Jill in the ribs that in turn poked Ginger in the ribs so that all three got to watch the show he was putting on for them. Jim noticed this and winked at Joe as he bent over the edge of the pool and stuck his arm into the pickup to check that it was clear and the flow seemed to be good. Joe who was in as at least as good a shape as Jim decided that maybe Jim finally had had a good idea.

He stood and also took off his shirt to check out the return on his side of the pool. Ginger almost laughed out loud as she watched Jill carefully untying her top while she was lying face down on the lounge. Then rolled over to sun her front, pretending that she forgot her top was untied. Then acting like so what.

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Ginger thought that the two of them might just as well have had a sign saying come fuck me from the way they were acting. Joe caught Jim's eye and tipped his head towards the lounge chairs, and Jim was stunned at the amount of tit flesh that he was seeing, the lady in the middle had almost as nice a pair of tits as the first one that put them on display.

She had large dark aureoles with nice big nipples poking towards the sky on twin mounds of soft flesh. Both had nice wide asses to go along with the big tits. The third blonde he noticed still lay face down on the lounge with a smile on her face, she had a nice toned ass, and he had seen a great set of tits when she had first let them in to do their work.

This might turn out to be a better Saturday than he had thought it would be when they were told they had to do this job today. Ginger saw the two pool guys starting to gather their tools up and got up and walked over to Joe. Ma'm Joe said we are all done here, everything looks good to go and we hope you enjoy your pool.

That's great, we are really looking forward to using it, Thanks a lot for coming out on a Saturday and finishing it up for us. Joe turned to go and Kathy yelled across the pool do you guys have another job to get to Kathy asked?

Joe said no, we are done for the day now. Well put your tools in the truck, and come back in the least we can do is give you guys a couple of beers to cool down some. Jim was smiling ear to ear as he and Joe put the tools in the truck. Did you see the tits on that broad Joe? She wants more than to give us a couple of beers, I bet I get some of that before we leave, she is horny and good old Jim here is just what she needs to fix her problem.

Joe just shook his head, he figured 2 beers and they would be out the gate, these women didn't need the pool boys to fix their problems. Chapter 4 Ginger walked back over by Kathy and looked down at her. Are you crazy, asking them to stick around for a couple beers?

Jill was cracking up, then Ginger started laughing too, they had all started drinking early and were definitely feeling their beers too. Jim and Joe walked back through the gate and neither had bothered putting their shirts back on.


Both also happily noticed that Jill and Kathy had not bothered to put their tops back on either. Kathy sat up as Jim and Joe walked over to them; I am Kathy and this is Jill, and that's Ginger she said by way of introduction.

Jim said I'm Jim and this is Joe, nice to meet you ladies. Jim's eyes kept drifting back to Kathy's large tits hanging in plain view as they talked, and Joe got his first good look at Jill's large bare tits also.

Kathy swung her legs over the side of the lounge and leaned over and grabbed a few beers out of the cooler. She handed one to Jim and one to Joe and then Jill before reaching back into the cooler and grabbing another one for her and Ginger.

Jim could feel his cock stirring as he watched Kathy lean over the cooler, her big tits swinging as she did so, and when she leaned over the second time, he could swear he saw her shake them a little bit while looking at him as she leaned over. Jill sat up when Kathy handed her the beer, and Joe got a good look at her swinging tits also. He licked his lips and like Jim never thought about the beers they had in their hands until Jill laughingly asked if they needed one of them to open the bottles for them.

Jim said yes and sat down right next to Kathy, Kathy laughed and took Jim's beer and twisted the lid off of the bottle handing it back to him. Jim looked at her and said nice wrist action there.

Jill looked at Joe and said might as well give it here, or it will be warm before you drink any of it. Joe laughed and walked over to sit beside Jill and started talking to her. Joe's eyes kept bouncing between Jill's eyes and her heavy hanging tits.

He loved the way they jiggled as Jill grabbed his beer from his hands and opened it before handing it back. Ginger feeling like a third wheel at this point, chugged her beer and putting the bottle in the trash and turned and jumped in the pool. She yelled as she hit the water and Kathy and Jill seeing what Ginger had done finished their beers and followed her in.

Jim and Joe watched them and chugging their beers down, threw the bottles in the trash and pulled off their jeans and boots then jumped into the pool with the women. Jim came up for air and Kathy splashed him and the battle started Jim splashed her and when she jumped he grabbed her and pulled her to him. Kathy started fighting him laughing all the time and he spun her around pulling her towards him backwards. With Kathy being wet and slippery, Jim was trying to keep hold of her and in doing so ended up with a big handful of soft pliable tit flesh.

Finally getting Kathy against him, he felt her full ass against his growing erection. Kathy feeling the hand on her tit and a growing cock against her ass did not struggle quite as hard as she could have.

Joe getting in the mood, splashed Jill and Ginger with water, and both of them ganged up on him, splashing and dunking him. They both tried to corner him and in pushing Ginger away from him, he pulled the string on her top which came off and she didn't even notice at first. Joe grabbed it and threw it up on the lounges. Jill renewed the attack and laughed as Joe grabbed Ginger and pulled her in front of him, using her as a shield.

Jill pushed her attack and Joe caught her arms and pulled her towards him. Jill gasped as she felt her swollen nipples brushing against Gingers also swollen nipples. Chapter 5 Kathy had hooked her feet between Jim's ankles, and as he fondled her tits and tweaked and rolled her nipples, she ground her ass back against his rapidly growing erection. She was no longer trying to get away, just the opposite, she reached between their bodies and her hand worked its way into Jim's shorts, and finally found her prize.

Jim leaned back against the wall as Kathy wrapped her hand around his swollen cock; she started slowly pumping it while leaning her head back against his chest. Kathy gasped as Jim slid one hand inside her tiny bikini bottoms and cupped her throbbing mound. Ginger was caught between Joe and Jill with nowhere to go, she could feel Joe's cock swelling against her ass, and her large bare tits were smashed up against Jill's big bare tits and she could feel a tingling in her dampening pussy as Joe and Jill still laughing and tussling with each other ground their tits and pussies together.

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Jill was still laughing as both of Joe's hands slid inside her bikini bottoms, and he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand pulling both girls tight against him.

Ginger could feel her bottoms slide in between her ass cheeks, and Joes cock was following right behind it getting lodged tightly against her little pink rosebud.

Kathy could not believe the size of Jims cock, it had to be at least seven inches long and her fingers would not quite touch when wrapped around it. Kathy was thinking how it would stretch her pussy if he shoved it inside her. She knew her pussy was getting wet, and she was hot.

Jim playing with her tits and her pussy was not helping her any at all. Jim slid a finger in between Kathy's swelling lips, and worked it deeper inside her hot pussy. Jim could feel Kathy's heat and wetness even in the pool; he could feel her body twitch every time he moved his finger inside her. Jim slid a second finger inside Kathy and she dropped his cock and wrapped both hands backwards around Jim's neck. Holding her up by one hand, Jim pushed Kathy's bottoms out of the way, and shoved his shorts down enough to free his straining cock.

Pulling his probing fingers out of Kathy's pussy, Jim slid his cock between her legs and pushed the head in between her swollen lips. Kathy arched her back and Jim thrust forward getting the head and first two inches of his cock inside her stretching pussy. Jim thrust once again and Kathy let out a low scream as she felt like Jim was tearing her apart as his cock forced its way completely inside her.

Jill turned her head as Kathy screamed and realized that Jim wasn't hurting her other than the way she could see his cock stretching Kathy's pussy. Joe turned a little so they could see what was going on, but never turned loose of Jill's ass.

Ginger had her hands on Jill's waist, and as they stood watching Jim working in and out of Kathy's pussy with his huge cock, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She could also feel Joe's cock jamming between her ass cheeks. Joe shifted his hips back just for a second and pulled Ginger's bottoms off to the side, and shoved his cock between her legs. Ginger watching Kathy getting fucked by Jim started working her hips slowly back and forth, Jacking Joes cock with her pussy lips and thighs.

Jill looked back when she felt Ginger moving and smiled as she saw Joes cock sliding between her thighs. Joe kept hold of her ass and she could feel his fingers spreading her ass cheeks and jumped as a finger grazed her puckered asshole. Kathy could not believe how full she felt, she was not sure that Jim had not torn something with the fat cock he had stuffed in her pussy. Kathy started moaning as Jim found a rhythm comfortable for them both, every time he thrust his cock back inside Kathy, she moaned and her body jerked.

Jim reached down to Kathy's pussy and started stroking her clit. Kathy saw stars every time he strummed her clit and she pushed back onto his cock in response. Kathy could feel her pussy throbbing and knew she was close to cumming. Jim felt Kathy's pussy trying to clamp onto his cock and he started thrusting into her faster and harder. He could feel his balls churning as he kept pounding her pussy, and her rising gasps and moans signaled she was as close as he was.

Ginger was humping Joes cock faster and faster as she watched Jim pound his cock into Kathy's stretched pussy. It seemed the more Kathy moaned the wetter she got, and if that wasn't enough, Jill's body was still crushed against hers.


Joe was timing Gingers thrusts, and had decided that it was time to have some fun of his own. The next time Ginger started to rock back against him he shifted his hips and his cock slammed into Gingers slim body balls deep in one quick thrust. Ginger instinctively tightened her grip on Jill and pulled her tight against her as Joe plunged deep inside her. Jill misreading what was going on kissed Ginger hot and hard as their bodies ground together. Ginger was shocked at first, but with Joes cock plunging in and out of her quickly got into the hot kiss and was soon playing tongue hockey with Jill.

Jim stood up straight, picking up Kathy still impaled on his cock and made his way to the shallow end of the pool. He walked up the steps, and stooping down he placed Kathy's knees on the end of the lounge she had been lying on. He pushed her forward and Kathy rested her face on her hands. Her impaled pussy was now at a proper level for Jim to hammer into while hanging onto Kathy's ample hips. Jim started working his huge cock in and out of Kathy's pussy watching the pink flesh tightly stretched slide back and forth on his glistening pole.

Kathy's moans were coming faster and at a higher pitch as Jim rammed his cock even deeper inside her. Jim was bouncing off of Kathy's cervix with every stroke, and Kathy's ass shook and jiggled every time Jim's hips slammed into the generous cheeks.

Kathy started to moan louder and faster and Jill had to turn in Joes grip to see what Jim was doing to her which got no complaint from Joe as he got to Fondle and tease Jill's big soft tits that way. Ginger was moaning almost continuously as Joe kept pounding her pussy.

Ginger still had her arms around Jill and as Jill turned, Ginger's arms slid a little lower and she felt the hair on Gingers pussy brush against her fingers.

Ginger let her hand drop and she felt Jill's sharp intake of air as her fingers brushed her clit as they found their way into Jill's wet pussy.

Ginger felt Jill's full hips push into her stomach as she plunged two fingers inside her friend and start working them in and out in time with Joe's strokes into her own pussy.

Jill was surprised when Ginger stuck her fingers into her pussy and started fingering her, but she sure wasn't going to complain, she could feel Joe's every thrust deep into Ginger, because he was pounding her hard enough her pelvis and tits were being slammed into her. Joe was grabbing and playing with her tits and nipples and had her pussy throbbing. Add to that, watching Kathy get her well used pussy used and abused by Jim's oversized hard cock had her almost ready to finger herself and use her clit to get off.

Ginger was doing a good job for her and now had three fingers working her pussy and clit and Jill could feel the warmth spreading inside her pussy. Kathy could feel her orgasm rising from deep inside her belly, she had never been stretched as much or filled as deep as what Jim had been doing to her, she had tried to suppress it but there was no stopping it now. Letting out a loud Oh my God I'm cumming, she felt her pussy trying to clamp down on Jim's cock but that only made the feeling more intense as she could not squeeze it the way her pussy was stretched.

Jim could feel her muscles barely rippling on his cock and kept pumping as Kathy was groaning face down on the lounge. Kathy looked back at him as he kept thrusting deep inside her please stop she begged him, I can't take any more, please, please stop. Jim looked at Kathy's face as she pleaded with him; I am almost there baby just hang in there. Pumping faster Jim felt Kathy's pussy milking his cock again as another small orgasm swept through her, and this was enough to put him over the edge.

Kathy yelled as Jim grabbed her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her and holding her big ass tight to him, he started pumping what seemed like a gallon of hot cum deep in Kathy's womb filling her with his baby juice.

Jim held Kathy to him for a minute or two then let her slide slowly off his cock, smiling as she slumped forward and lay on the lounge her ass still up in the air and some of his cum slowly leaking out of her gaping pussy. Joe who had his cock buried in Gingers sweet pussy had picked up speed as he watched Jim hammering in and out of Kathy, He had released his grip on Gingers big tits and was totally concentrating on Ginger's, tits and pussy.

He knew he wouldn't last a whole lot longer as Ginger was squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles, and milking him on every stroke.

The way she was bouncing her cute ass on his cock, he figured she must be getting close also. Ginger could feel the heat in her pussy increasing, and she was starting to get that fluttery feeling she always did before having a great orgasm.

She didn't know Joe, all she knew was that he had a nice cock and knew how to use it when it counted. Ginger felt Joe slightly change the angle in her pussy and increase his speed, and was definitely hitting some spots he had not yet hit. Joe Grabbed her hips and slammed deep into her tight pussy, Ginger felt his hot cum splashing on the walls of her tight pussy and that was all it took to push her over the edge into her own orgasm.

Moaning Ginger kept grinding her hips into Joe's groin as she slowly came down from her orgasm and felt her feet firmly on the bottom of the pool once again. Joe kept lightly toying with her nipples as they both leaned back against the pool wall until they regained their strength. Jill was feeling a little left out, Ginger had fingered her pussy but with only two men she had come up short.

She had not noticed that Jim was in the pool and making his way towards her. Jim reached her and turned her around facing him.

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Bending down, Jim kissed Jill and slid his tongue between her lips quickly finding Jill's willing mouth and tongue. After a minute or two, Jim looked at Jill and asked you didn't think I would forget your sexy body did you?

Quickly slipping his hands up her body to take one of Jill's large tits in each hand and then lean down and start sucking one of her swollen nipples. Between Joe and Ginger, Jill's pussy was already wet and throbbing and ready to be filled. Jill had seen how much Jim had stretched Kathy and was a little worried about what his cock would do to her pussy.

Jill reached down between them and was pleasantly surprised to find that even though Jim had seemed to pump a gallon of his cum into Kathy, he was already well on his way to another hard on.

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Jill worked her magic, and a few quick pulls on his cock, he was ready to go. Jim picked Jill up by her waist and moved her pussy over his swollen cock. Jill reached down and guided the large swollen head towards her hot waiting pussy.

Jill locked her legs around Jim's waist, and still gasped as she felt the head of Jim's cock spreading her swollen lips and start forcing its way into her waiting pussy.

It felt like Jim was forcing a small log into her cunt, and hot and wet as she was, it was still taking time for her body to allow itself to stretch to accommodate him. Please go slow Jim Jill said, I don't need anything torn inside me.

Jim smiled and nodded, slowly pulling her hips down and inch by thick inch he worked his cock deep into Jill. Jill felt Jim's swollen cock sliding past her tightly stretched lips, filling her as full as she could ever remember being. That still did not stop the fantastic feeling of being impaled on his cock, and the way her body reacted as she felt it sliding along her clit and seeming to strum every nerve fiber contained in it.

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Jill had a small orgasm even before Jim's cock bottomed out, she felt her pussy clenching Jim's cock and her full ass vibrate and could not wait for Jim to finally be completely inside her. Chapter 6 Joe Looked at Jim stuffing Ginger's pussy with his cock and then looked over at the lounge where Kathy was still semi coherent her ass still up in the air. Between the two views his cock was stirring and stiffening.

Joe walked past the cooler and grabbed another beer on the way to the lounger where Kathy was laying. Stepping over the lounge so he was straddling it right behind Kathy's upturned ass, Joe tipped the bottle and dribbled some beer between Kathy's ass cheeks. Joe pulled his cock out of the leg of his shorts and moved it between Kathy ample ass cheeks.

Kathy's eyes opened as she felt Joes cock spreading her cheeks. Joe heard her moan as he slid his beer slickened cock against the puckered entrance to her ass. Kathy tried to move away from the stiff invading cock but still didn't have the energy to do so. Kathy groaned louder as Joe's cock head spread her ass and popped inside. Ginger was sitting in the lounger watching her friends getting their bodies used and it was a very exciting sight, Kathy was definitely getting her fill of cock tonight in more ways than one, and she could see that Jill was definitely enjoying Jim's hard cock.

Ginger could see the satisfied smile on her face as she worked her way up and down on it. Ginger had been filled with Joe's cock, there was no way that Jim was going to shove that thing up her pussy, it did not matter how wet she was at the moment. Ginger slid two fingers inside her bikini bottom as she watched Joe push his cock slowly inside Kathy's ass, and start thrusting it slowly in and out.

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Kathy seemed to be re-energizing as if Joe's cock was pumping life back into her through her large ass. Ginger could actually see Kathy making short thrusts back towards Joe as he pushed into her. Kathy gripped the edges of the lounge and was actually enjoying Joe's cock. Joe started thrusting harder and faster as he felt Kathy responding to his cock. Her ass was hot and tight, much tighter he was sure than her pussy was right now and her ass cheeks sure felt good as he pounded against them with his pelvis.

Jill was in sexual heaven, Jim's cock was huge and had her stretched to the limit, and it felt like it was going to go into her throat every time it was thrust into her hot wet pussy. Jill could feel her orgasm building with each thrust, the thickness of his cock kept it in contact with Jill's swollen clit almost constantly and was keeping her body in a pre-orgasmic frenzy. Jill looked over and saw Joe standing behind Kathy and it took a minute for her to realize what she was seeing.

She could see a satisfied smile on Kathy's face and she realized that Joe was fucking Kathy's upturned ass and Kathy was pushing back against Joe on every thrust. Glancing at the next lounger Jill saw Ginger watching Joe and Kathy; fingers buried hand deep in her pussy, and the other hand squeezing and tweaking her own breasts. This was all it took to push Jill over the edge. She screamed and tightened her legs around Jim's waist as her orgasm washed over her.

Jim could feel Jill's tight pussy massaging and milking his swollen cock, but was not even close to cumming yet. He felt Jill slump against his chest, and smiled as a thought passed through his mind. He carried Jill to the lounger next to Ginger, and set her down on it.

Jill groaned as Jim slid his still hard cock out of her well stretched pussy, with a soft plopping sound as the head finally popped free. Jim just stepped sideways and admired Gingers large tits and nice tight and toned body, enjoying the sight of the pretty blonde fingering herself while watching Joe ass fuck her friend.

Jim stood behind her and slid his hands down, moving her hand that had been playing with her nipple and replacing it with his. Jim took one of her large tits in each hand massaging them as she continued fingering her sweet pussy. Rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and index finger, he continued teasing and playing with her tits as Ginger moaned with the attention her body was getting from both Jim and her. Kathy was definitely enjoying the feeling of Joe fucking her ass, especially after having Jim's huge cock ravage her pussy.

Joe was just the right size for pleasure and she was definitely feeling that as he kept pumping her large ass with regular strokes, and she was responding to him with her own thrusts back onto his cock.

Kathy had already had several small orgasms and she knew she was building up to a whopper if Joe held out long enough. Kathy's pussy was already sore from the abuse it had been given by Jim, but she had enjoyed every minute of the fucking she had gotten.

Ginger could feel Jim's cock rubbing against her back as he played with her tits, he leaned a little closer and asked her to stand up for him. Ginger started laughing and told him he wasn't sticking that thing inside her! She did take hold of it and slowly stroked it keeping it hard.

I have an idea she said looking at Jim. Ginger turned around and got on her knees on the lounger in front of him. Taking one of her heavy tits in each hand, she wrapped her warm tits around Jim's big cock and started moving her tits up and down, keeping his cock wrapped warmly in tit flesh.

Jim could feel Gingers stiff nipples rubbing on his stomach as Ginger bobbed up and down on his cock. Jim slid his cock out from between Gingers soft tits and pushed her gently down on the lounger, and straddling her stomach he slid his cock between them again, this time he smiled as he poured some beer on his cock and between Ginger's tits, making them slide much smoother, and also it would result in Ginger having a very interesting taste in her mouth when Jim came.

Ginger used her tongue on the head of Jims cock every time he slid it up between her tits. Jim reached behind him and down between Ginger's legs, finding her wet pussy and sliding his finger along her slit and started rubbing circles around her already swollen clit. Kathy could feel the explosion starting deep inside her body, fueled by Joe's use of her ample ass so soon after Jim had used and abused her sore pussy.

When Joe thrust his cock into her ass this time, Kathy grabbed his hands that had been holding her hips and held him deeply inside her as all the muscles in the lower part of her body started to spasm. Joe felt Kathy's ass gripping and milking his cock and started shooting jets of hot cum deep inside her bowels Kathy was riding high on the crest of her second huge orgasm of the afternoon, she was seeing fireworks exploding in front of her closed eyes as she felt Joe's hot cum splashing inside her.

Kathy leaned forward and heard Joe groan lightly as his now softening cock slipped from inside her hot ass. Kathy made sure this time that she slowly slid completely down on the lounger and turned on her back so no temptation would exist again for either of the men.

Jill had recovered from Jim's cock and was sitting on the side of the pool with her feet hanging in the water. Joe walked over and sat down beside her, bringing two fresh beers with him. Handing one to Ginger he sat down beside her. Are all the pool parties you guys have like this one he asked smiling? Sitting beside Jill, he had a good view of the large tits carried by her small frame, the dark aureoles and nipples capping the soft mounds.

He knew they felt wonderful from the groping he had done while she was standing in front of Ginger when he was filling her pussy in the pool.

Jill smiled and told him she didn't know, this was their first one. Jim could feel his balls starting to churn; he could only take so much of the blonde beauty in front of him working his cock with her tits, watching her soft flesh bounce as he thrust through it. Ginger had laughed as she had poured more beer between the mounds of flesh.

The additional lubrication did nothing to lessen Jim's feeling an impending explosion from his cock; in fact the laughter in some strange way seemed to spur it on.

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I'm cumming he gasped. Ginger looked up at him and opened her mouth. Jim thrust forward and his first stream of cum landed in her mouth, however the rest of his cum sprayed all over her face, coating the beautiful blondes face with strings of cum running in small rivulets down her face and dripping on her big full tits. Jill leaned forward and slid into the pool, she turned around towards Joe and smiled, she ran her hands over his thighs and found Joe's stiffening cock. What is going on here she asked?

You are Joe told her you are a very attractive and sexy lady. Jill looked at Joe for a second and leaned forward and slid the head of his cock into her hot mouth.

Joe moaned a little and leaned back on his hands as Jill and her talented mouth worked on his rapidly hardening cock. Jill went clear down Joe's shaft and as she came back up, tickled his swollen vein on the bottom of his cock with her tongue clear back up to the head.

Once there, Jill swirled her tongue around the head and ran the tip of her tongue across the hole in the end. Jill had Joe squirming and gasping on the edge of the pool every time she reached that point. Jill slid her hand up inside her shorts and grabbed his balls, massaging them as she continued sucking and tonguing his swollen cock.

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Joe couldn't believe she almost had him to the point of cumming after he had already cum twice that day already. Suddenly Jill pushed her mouth down where Joe's cock had hit the back of her throat and held it there while she started humming and pulled it back off slowly.

The humming brought Joe to the edge and just before he exploded, he pushed Jill's mouth down the length of his cock feeling the head hit the entrance of her throat as he shot the first blast of cum directly down Jill's throat to her stomach. Jill pulled back up off Joes cock gasping for air and Joe continued shooting several more strings of hot cum on her tits, and as he slumped back on his elbows, he smiled at the cum dripping from her swollen nipples.

Jill leaned back of floated out into the middle of the pool. Standing up she looked at the rest of the people standing and sitting around the pool. I thought this was a pool party she shouted at them, and slowly they all made their way into the pool and started laughing and splashing each other. Ginger at the edge of the pool looked around at everyone and thought to herself that it seemed the pool party had indeed been a success.