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Bangladeshi homemade girl pussy fuck
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Derek then walked out of the bathroom and leaped back onto the bed. "Don't look so afraid," he said to me as he could see a look of apprehension across my face. "Does it hurt" I asked, afraid of the response I would receive. "To be honest, it does a bit, but it's such a little amount of pain compared to the amount of pleasure you get.

Anyway you promised to return the favour, so come on and suck my cock." At this point a million thoughts were rushing through my head but at the same time I knew that it would just be better if I got it over and done with, for better or worse. So I leaned my head towards, Derek's already rock hard cock and began to suck, first licking the head with light flicks and then lowering my head down his length until I came to the base, then removing it and started the whole process again.

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Then as I was doing this Derek repositioned himself so we were in a 69, then he began to lick my arse hole, which was one of the most exciting and enjoyable things that I had experienced in my life, leading me to think that if anal was anything like this, then it may not be that bad, in the end. But, no sooner had I finished that trail of thought, that Derek flipped me over onto my back and his cock from my mouth. He then repositioned himself so that he was lying between my legs with his face level with mine.

He then moved his cock so it was touching my ass and began to move it in a circular motion whilst slowly pushing into me, then without warning he gave a hard push and I felt his cock move about 2 inches into me, causing me to moan in pain, but Derek disregarded this and continued to push in inch by inch until he had his whole cock filling my arse.

As time passed, the pain subsided and my arse began to adjust to his cock filling me.

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Derek then began to slowly pull out and then thrust back in, with every thrust picking up in pace, until he found a good rhythm. Then with each thrust I felt a new kind of pleasure begin to engulf me. "Derek you were so right, it may be painful to start, but this feels so good." "I told you." Derek grunted. Derek then grabbed my cock, which had stiffened up as I was being fucked and began to jerk it. This was amazing, as I now had to different pleasures traveling through me.


Then after a few minutes I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me, as my cock swell and my hot salty spunk land on my belly and my ass tighten around Derek's cock, sending him over the edge, it was then I felt the weirdest sensation as he shot load after load of his cum into my arse. He then pulled out of me and threw himself next to me on the bed. I then remembered how Derek had licked the cum off my cock when I had cum in him and because of a strange curiosity, i leaned over and took his cock in my mouth again and slurped up every last drop of his cooling salty cum, which tasted strange but at the same time nice.


I then proceeded to get off the bed and get rid of Derek's cum that I could feel swishing around in my arse, but before I could get fully off the bed I heard Derek say, "why waste that good cum, when you could let me have some." I then got back onto the bed and squatted over his face and with his mouth open, I let my muscles in my arse release, causing Derek's cum dribble into his mouth. Once the last of it had trickled out, Derek moved his head up licked the last remaining strands from my hole and sat up next to me.

"So," I asked nervously, "how did you taste?" "Not as good as you, but your arse adds an extra kick." Derek responded. "Thanks I guess, so what do we do now?" I asked. "We'll I don't know about you, but I need a good shower and something to eat.


As good as your cum is, fucking really makes you hungry." So, with that me and Derek proceeded into the shower and began to take turns washing each other. Then we walked down stairs to go and get something to eat.

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As we sat down to eat I asked Derek, "so where does this leave us, are we gay or what." "Well I don't know about you, but I don't feel gay, I still like girls. However after the amount of pleasure you get from fucking, I would still like to continue doing it with you. What about you?" Taking a moment to think, I said, "I think I feel the same way but I would still want to have sex with you so why not keep this as a casual thing that we do.

However no one must know about this, it stay between you and me.

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"Ok," Derek said, "I think I'm up for that." After we finished our meal, me and Derek washed up and went to my bedroom to go to bed. The next thing I know it is 7:30 the next morning and Derek is already up and getting dressed for school.

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After we had a quick breakfast we walked to school and arrived just in time for class. When we got into registration we sat next to one of our best friends Tim, as I sat down Tim asked, "what did you guys get up to last night? I called about twice and you didn't answer." After a short pause, my phone bleeped, I then excused myself to read it. It said, "we should tell him." I then quickly repied, "come out here so we can discuss this." A few seconds later Derek came out into the corridor and said, "what is there to discuss, as fun as it was last night, it will be to difficult to keep this from Tim, especially if you freeze up every time he asks yo a difficult question and any ways there is only so much us two can do, but think of the possibilities if Tim got involved." "Look I'm just not ready to tell tim that we are fucking each other." Just as I said that I saw Tim's head poke around the corner and with a look of horror on his face said, " you're doing what?" To be continued