Girl performs oral job to other guy before her boyfriend

Girl performs oral job to other guy before her boyfriend
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They turned around to look at me and with their eyes misted over, got up, walked over to me and started to tear off my clothes. The girls had removed all of my clothes in mere seconds and as they both got onto their knees, I was in bliss. I closed my eyes and stood there; buck naked and enjoying life to its fullest extent as Lauren and Lavender began massaging my balls and rubbing my cock to full hardness.

'Mmmm… Danny… Your cock tastes sooooo gooooood!' moaned Lauren, as she began sucking on my tip. Lavender moaned in approval, as her tongue explored my balls.

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I murmured in agreement; unable to form coherent sentences with two sexy teen girls sucking and licking my shaft and balls. Lavender stopped licking my balls just long enough for her to stand up and give me a long hard kiss before getting back on her knees and rejoining her sexy friend.

Me, enjoying myself so immensely, almost forgot about helping my two special friends with taking off their clothes. I quickly reached down and tried to pull off Lauren's tight dress but had little luck. As her head bobbed back and forth over my cock, I tugged and tugged at the annoying dress, but it just wouldn't budge.


'Fuck Danny… Just rip it off me!' moaned Lauren, as she lifted her head from my cock for a few seconds. I followed Lauren's instructions in quick order, tearing her expensive little dress off without hesitation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lauren's tanned brown skin made her body look all the more appealing, as I got a great look at her small but firm teen tits, her nice ass and her trimmed pussy. Her black pubic hair was trimmed into a tiny triangle over her pussy.

I bent over and gave her ass a quick squeeze and slap, and I could see Lavender looking slightly jealous. I amended that by turning my attention over to her and taking hold of her dress like I had done with Lauren.

And just like with Lauren, I tore the dress right off of her and exposed her beautiful body. Lavender had very fair skin, slightly reddish-brown hair and a beautiful well-developed set of tits, capped off with tiny pink nipples. Lavender's pussy was completely shaved and her ass a little juicier than Lauren, but all and all, I was mightily impressed.

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'Okay… Let's fuck!' Lauren said before I could take in the complete beauty I saw before me. I was glad to receive a small break from the intense cock sucking I was getting in order to recuperate a little before the main course.

Lauren moved over to one of the longer couches and laid down on her back, waiting patiently for me to follow and slam my cock into her waiting pussy. I needed little encouragement as I was led by Lavender over to the exotic little slut and guided on top of her, where she took hold of my hard seven inch cock and placed it into Lauren's wet pussy.

Lavender watched with a smile on her face as I slowly eased himself into her best friend. 'Mmmm… That looks good Lauren' Lavender cooed into Lauren's ear. Lauren had a look of pain mixed with pleasure on her face, as I inched more and more of my cock into her until I was completely submerged. 'Ahhh… That's much better… I love being filled by cock!' groaned Lauren, clearly happy about having my cock stuffed in her tight teen pussy. Lavender, not wanting to be left out any longer; got up onto the couch as well and sat directly onto Lauren's face.

I could just make out Lauren's tongue moving in and out of Lavender's bald little pussy. Seconds later Lavender laid down on Lauren and used her tongue to lick both Lauren's pussy and my cock as I rammed it into her back and forth. It felt great to have Lavender's long wet tongue add to the pleasure of fucking Lauren's tight hole. With every thrust, Lavender provided more and more lubrication for my cock and as the minutes passed, it got easier and easier to slide my shaft in and out of Lauren's love tunnel.

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'YESSSS!' groaned Lauren, a minute later, as she went through a powerful orgasm. A small trickle of her juices started to run out of her pussy, as I continued to fuck her.


Lavender took the opportunity to lick up the excess juices, running her tongue along Lauren's inner thigh and my shaft. 'My Turn Lauren!' whined a horny Lavender.

Instead of switching spots however, she turned around so she was laying directly on top of Lauren, looking directly into her eyes. Now I was looking down at two gorgeous pussies, with a choice of fucking either one of them. I decided it would be best for Lavender to have a turn, seeing that I had just given Lauren a nice orgasm.

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I slowly pulled out of Lauren and placed the tip of my cock into Lavender's quivering pussy. Lavender was just as tight as Lauren, but because my cock was doused in Lauren's warm juices, it was far easier to ram my entire seven inches into her hole. 'God… Your cock does feel good Danny!' Lavender responded to my slow thrusting.

Lauren and Lavender began to make out as I picked up my pace and started thrusting into Lavender with more and more force, until I could hear her squealing in pleasure. Lauren had warmed her up fairly well by eating out her pussy, making it easy for me to push Lavender over the edge and into an orgasm in only minutes. 'Ooooooohhhhh' moaned Lavender into Lauren's mouth, as I continued to thrust into her. I could feel her juices run down my cock as I continued to thrust into her.

I was reaching my end as well, but before I did, he decided to try something different. I pulled my cock out of Lavender and placed it back into Lauren, and with each thrust, I switched between the two pussies until my shaft began to throb.

'I'm fucking cumming! UNGHHHHH… UNGHHHHH!' I grunted, pulling out of Lavender in the nick of time and blasting a warm serving of gooey cum all over both Lavender and Lauren's wet pussies.

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Both girls moaned in satisfaction as they felt my hot sticky cum plaster their satisfied love tunnels. I fired off five thick loads before stopping and proceeded to watch it drip down both girls' cunts and down their thighs.