Cheerleader Teen Tommie Ryden Craves BBC

Cheerleader Teen Tommie Ryden Craves BBC
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Sorry, if my English is bad, not a native language Marlene was a princess of the 9thB class in her school in little town of the northern country. She was an excellent student and also beauty long blonde hair, pretty face and model-like legs.

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She was aware of her charm, but she wanted more. She tried to figure out, how to impress stronger. Marlene was ready to show up naked in front of the boys, but she wanted to find a good reason, which does not seem too easy. Suddenly she found a way it must be an extreme nakedness like naked in winter. That was really a good idea! 15-year old beauty started to get used to the cold. In winter break she often spend some time naked in countryside outside, but weather was in this time not too harsh, even above zero temperatures and not much snow.

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Marlene used quickly and was sure, that she can promise such kind of adventure also for the class's winter outing, which was scheduled for the first weekend of February visiting of the national park and get a look to the winter scenery. And Marlene announced to the whole class: „Do not be harsh on me, but I have decided after long hesitation, that I will attend a national park winter walk naked.

That will be maybe interesting for you and a big challenge for me." Surprisely class teacher also approved a decision of the girl and even praised: „It may seem weird, but Marlene's naked walk will prove her good health and mental strength, if she completes her 3-hour hike in winter forest.

I also don't see a big deal, that she is naked we all know each other very well and nakedness is not a shame." In the middle of the week before winter outing weather suddenly turned colder.

Temperature dropped dramatically and reached to -25C (-13 F) at Thursday.

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Class teacher even discussed with parents, is it wise to abandon a visit to the National Park. Mostly parents found, that they will decide, if they daughter or son will participate or not.

„This kind of weather does not oblige the children to take part, but do not dismiss the idea," was their conclusion. Marlene said to her mother, that she will go despite of weather. „Our winter outing has always been exciting and everybody can dress according to weather," said she. Only she didn't say that for her „according to weather" don't mean wearing warm clothes. Saturday was even colder. Freezing weather had invaded to the country, in the morning temperatures dropped to -30C (-22 F) and in a noon, when bus to the National Park left from school, there was 22 degrees below zero.

Only 17 of the 28 students participated in the trip.

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Boys were mostly present, because they wanted to see their femal classmate's brave act. Although they were not sure, Marlene will do this, because weather prediction for Sunday morning was even more harsh. They arrived to the park, but in the first day they were not spending much time outside. The most important was 3-hour walk, which was due to start at 8.30 in Sunday. „Marlene, you have definitely rethinked and not will go tomorrow naked, I hope," said class teacher.

„Nothing will change, I am ready," said girl. „Don't kidding me, tomorrow will be as cold as today, you can't withstand." „I keep a promise," said Marlene. „It will be even more interesting in colder weather." In next morning all students woke up early and began to dress closely.

Most of them wore two pair of socks and sweater and jacket under fur coat. National Park guide arrived 5 minutes before start and saw boys and girls mostly ready for a walk, only one girl surprisingly standing naked among them. „I see, somebody is not ready here," said guide and turned politely his look off from naked girl.

„She is coming naked! She promised! She is our hero! Marlene, the snow princess!" shouted other children, mainly boys. „I see," said guide. „But I must warn: today is extremely cold weather. Just minutes ago I measured a temperature outside and it was -33C (-27F). This hiking trip will take place at your own risk. I am not responsible for your clothing and will appreciate everybody's choice," said guide and then turned to Marlene: „Young lady, are you really so brave?" „Yes," said Marlene.

„OK, then let's go!" The group of 18 warmly clothed people and one naked girl came out of the house. The sun had just risen, the snow shimmered in cold weather. Winter nature was beautiful. „We will walk 3 kilometres through forest, in some places the snow is thick.

Then we will continue along the path to the marsh and will arrive to the forest cottage, where we will cook sausages on fire. We will come back other way and the whole walk takes approximately three hours," explained guide. Marlene felt the cold air even scraped her body. Immediately her body turned red, but she was not scared. She had a sensational feeling excitement was so strong, that she was happy. „Wow! What a pleasure!" she thought.

She stepped into the thick snow as others did, but bare feet started to feel pain.

Marlene continued bravely, she talked with others, as nothing special happened. When 5 minutes walk had passed, guide again asked Marlene: „You're not giving up, don't you?" „Of course," said Marlene.

„Are you sure, you feel comfortable?" „Pretty much," said Marlene. „I will give you a reward. There is a beautiful winter source near cottage.There is open water every time despite of weather. At the same time, when others will cook sausages and eating in cottage, we will go to this place and you can see beauty of winter nature," said guide.

„Why me?" asked Marlene. „Because you don't need a warming on fire and inside. If you would have needed warming, then you would not have come naked," explained guide. „I'm just afraid that others are freezing." Marlene felt more self-confidence at this moment. She realized, that guide took her approach normally „You are not surprised, that I am walking here naked?" she asked.

„At first I was," said guide. „Then I realized, that if you want to feel extreme cold naked, then it is your choice.

Everyone knows how it is more convenient." Boys were looking at naked Marlene with interest and admiration. Girl was really a hero, they thought. Time went quickly, but temperature rose slowly.

Sometimes Marlene felt extreme cold at same time being proud of herself.

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Hour was now passed. There was no way back. When a group reached to the cottage, teacher was happy, that finally Marlene can warm herself a little bit on fire. Then guide said: „Sausages are in the cottage.

Make them ready also for us, because we are going to the source with her." Teacher was astonished: „Are you really going?" she asked Marlene. „Yes, it will be interesting," said a girl. All boys and girls ran into the cottage, only Marlene staying outside. She waited, until the guide explained to children their duty and then they walked away. Marlene felt herself privileged. She was chosen and not anybody else. Because she was naked and she knew a reason. Marlene honestly didn't think about warming at fire and eating in cottage.

„Harder is even better," she said to herself. Also guide was some minutes inside the cottage and Marlene waited him patiently. It was a really strange situation, that naked girl was the only one staying at freezing weather.

All others, warmly clothed, were inside a cottage. Then guide finally came and said to Marlene: „Weather is still extremely cold, today is here the coldest day of the winter in present century!

You imagine, only 25 year ago here was last time colder day! But you seems not to care about!" Marlene only smiled. „I put on special winter boots and a thick scarf," continued guide. „There is quite tough road to the sources. Perhaps you have even more pleasant feeling you have not to worry, that snow will sink into boots or fall from the trees inside jacket!" Both were laughing loudly.

They left from the trail into forest. In some places snow was really thick, Marlene stumbled and fell several times into snow. „Road is tough, but a pituresque sources are worth of our suffering," said guide. After twenty minutes walking they approached to the meadow, where sun was now more heating.

„Now you can relax a little bit. We will arrive soon to the sources," said guide and touched Marlene's body. He also gently touched girl's buttocks and breasts.

„Your skin is quite cold," said guide. „Are you really not freezing?" „Not much," said Marlene.

She noticed, that about 30-year old man was sexually interested in her. This was surprise for Marlene, because she thought, that adult men are not looking schoolgirls. Marlene and her two classmates were crushed to the physical education teacher, who also was 30-year old, but he didn't even look such young girls. And therefore Marlene concluded, that she haven't any chance being loved by older man, what she have dreamed about.

„Am I attractive?" asked Marlene. „Of course! Your naked body in snow is the most beautiful look!" said man. Marlene blushed. She wanted to try a man's cock. But here was snow and cold weather.


Guide would have to take off most of his clothes and he was maybe not ready. „You are also handsome," said Marlene in any case. Guide understand the hint. He touched girl again and kissed her. „Want to get warmer?" he asked. „Yes," said Marlene. Guide took his jacket off and put it on the snow. He only pulled off her warm trousers, sweatpants and underpants and Marlene saw his huge cock hard.

He was ready for sex. Marlene was excited. Sex on the snow was like a dream came true. Man groaned loudly. In cold conditions it was difficult to cum. Marlene totally enjoyed and thought, it was much-much better than sex with some boys, what she have had before. Boys were not experienced, now she felt a real cock. Marlene already sweated, but guide felt more cold.

Poor man risked to freeze. He made a frantic effort and finally was ready to cum. „Oh, yeah! Beauty, you are the best!" shouted man and cum. Marlene felt an extraordinary satisfaction. She was now also warmed up. Guide quickly pulled all his pants and trousers on, but despite of having recently sex he was shivering. At the same time Marlene's skin was again red and body all sweaty. She began to throw snow on herself, but then found a better way Marlene threw herself into the snow and quickly covered whole body.

Only her head was now visible. Marlene laughed at guide, who jumped and tried to rubbing the body to warm up. Seeing his disgraceful look, she started to laugh out loudly. Marlene was still lying in the snow and had a total fun. Finally she stand up, wiped herself clean from snow and asked: „Are we continue trip to the sources?" Guide tried to not show his chills and said: „Yes, wait a moment.

You were great!" The more Marlene saw guide shivering, the better she felt. She was really proud of itself. She was already been hour and 40 minutes outside naked at the coldest day of the last 25 years, but she didn't want to stop yet. She entirely felt her dominance and it gave to her overwhelming mood. „If I had a warm piece of clothing, then I would give it to you," laughed Marlene.

They reached at sources after 10 minutes and steamy open water in the background of sunny blue sky and crystal sparkling snow was really beautiful. „Water comes up here from 20 metres deep, where the cold does not affect," explained guide. „Even the coldest day as today can't freeze the water.

View is only more beautiful, if weather is extremely cold." „Yes, it can't be more beautiful. Thank you inviting me here," said Marlene. „Uhhhh," sighed a man. „It was tough. But you still are not freezing, you look so healthy. How you can do it?" „I am prepared," said Marlene.

„I used to the being outside in cold weather during the winter break. This was not so cold than today. The most important thing is confidence.


You have something decided, then it must be done. I was not scared, when forecast promised harsh cold. Instead I convinced myself: this is even better opportunity to show, how tough I can be. Now I am happy, that I didn't go inside cottage with others.

A person could get used to everything, if he is sure of herself." Soon they started to walk back towards the cottage, where others were nervously waiting them.

Boys were angry, that Marlene left and they have less possibility to see her beautiful naked body. At the same time all were concerned, because they thought, maybe something horrible has happened. And they were all happy, when finally saw naked girl and warmly dressed man coming towards cottage, being away almost hour and 20 minutes. Guide checked the temperature and now, at 10.50 a.m. it was -27C, six degrees warmer than in morning.

He and Marlene were given some sausages and a hot tea. Guide went inside the cottage toe at, but Marlene sat on the wooden bench in the western side of the cottage, where sun was not shining. Teacher was stunned, asking girl: „Are you really mad? Why you are sitting here, we all are warmed up, but you?" „I am also," said Marlene, but obviously didn't mentioned a sex. Boys were asking Marlene, where they have been and girl described vividly a beauty of the sources.

„You have really been able to spend more than two hours naked in this cold.

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I honestly did not believe this," said Martin, one of the boys. „I already said to guide: if to believe itself, everything is possible," said Marlene.

„You see, I am not going inside and this is not some kind of bravery test. I simply feel better here." They started to way back at 11 a. m. Now weather warmed more quickly and even other children were feeling better and started to enjoy winter nature. Shortly before arriving at the National Park guesthouse boys started to snowball fight and later girls, also Marlene were involved.

3,5-hour trip was now over, but most of the children stayed playing. „We have yet enough time. Bus is leaving to city at 5. p.m. Lunch is at 3.30, but now you have a free time," said teacher. Before entering to his room, guide took a full bowl of hot water from sauna, and then he sat on the bed, putting feet on the water. „Ohhh! Good!

Finally I am warming up," he sighed. Soon he noticed from the window, that Marlene is still outside. Even 3,5 hours was not enough for her. Some boys found an ancient sledge from the shed. Shrove Tuesday was coming soon and that was exciting to test a tobogganing from the near hill.

Marlene went with boys and they did a first try. To drive a sledge was not easy. The first descent ended in failure. All children dropped to the snow. But it was fun. Boys were now completely used to Marlene nakedness. Nobody even asked her, why she is still outside. She was only one naked, but also only one, who has been now 4 hours outside without a break. They tried sledging again and second attempt was better. They run back on the hill and Marlene was sweating again.

The temperature had now risen to minus 20. Teacher also saw Marlene enjoying on the hill. She was not concerned anymore. If she didn't come to the house, it meant, she had delightful time. Marlene didn't even feel how time passed quickly. When they sometimes fell from the sledge, she felt, how some boys touched her naked body.

They were doing this like accidentally, but Marlene knew, they did it on purpose. She was not angry, because nakedness was her own choice. One by one children returned to the house before lunchtime.

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Marlene suddenly find herself alone in the snow. She realized, that she have been outside almost 7 hours and last three hours had completely forgot about this. She had fun like others, although without clothes in winter. One more time she jumped into snow and covered herself. She was lying quietly in the snow, when teacher came. „Marlene, we have lunch ready.

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But if you are enjoying more here, then it is not necessary to come. We can bring your portion and you can eat later on the bus." said teacher. Marlene stand up and said: „OK, I will walk here a bit. Very beautiful day." „You have forgot about being naked?" „Yes! How did you knew this?" „It was easy to understand," laughed teacher.

„By the way, you lied in the snow almost 15 minutes." „Really? I completely missed something," laughed now Marlene. Marlene walked and now she knew it will be 8,5 hours naked without a break in the most colder day of the last 25 years.

And this was not even tough!